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Japan and South Korea have reached a historic deal to settle the issue of ;comfort women; forced to work in Japanese brothels during World War Two. Japan offered an apology and will pay 1bn yen (8.3m USD, 5.6m Pound) to a South Korean-administered fund for victims.日韩两国日前就被迫在二战期间务于日本军队妓院的“慰安妇”问题达成了历史性的协议。日本致歉并出资10亿日元(约合830万美元,560万英镑)帮助韩国政府建立慰安妇援助基金。The issue has long strained ties, with South Korea demanding stronger apologies and compensation for victims. The agreement represents the first deal on the issue since 1965 and comes after both sides agreed to speed up talks.因韩国强烈要求道歉以及对受害人的补偿,“慰安妇”问题致使两国关系长期以来保持紧张。在双方都同意加快谈判进程的情况下,该协议的达成,标志着965年以来两国签署的第一份协议。The announcement comes after Japans foreign minister Fumio Kishida arrived in Seoul for discussions with his counterpart Yun Byung-se.日本外相岸田文雄和韩国外交部长官尹炳世在首尔会谈后达成了此项协议。After the meeting Mr Kishida told reporters that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe offered a heartfelt apology. ;Abe, as the prime minister of Japan, offers from his heart an apology and reflection for everyone who suffered lots of pain and received scars that are difficult to heal physically and mentally,; he said.日本外相岸田文雄在会后告诉记者,日本首相安倍晋三表示了诚挚的道歉。他说,“日本首相安倍晋三以内阁总理大臣的名义,向每一个饱受重创、身心创伤难以愈合的人们表示诚挚的道歉和反省。”Japan-South Koreas comfort women deal日韩就“慰安妇问题”达成的协议如下.Japan will give 1bn yen to a fund for the elderly comfort women, which the South Korean government will administer1.日本出资10亿日元,帮助韩国政府建立慰安妇援助基金.The money also comes with an apology by Japans Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the acceptance of ;deep responsibility; for the issue2.与此同时,日本首相安倍晋三要向韩国道歉,并承认在慰安妇问题上负有“深刻责任”.South Korea says it will consider the matter resolved ;finally and irreversibly; if Japan fulfills its promises3.韩国表示,如果日本履行承诺,慰安妇的问题将得到“最终且不可逆的解决”.South Korea will also look into removing a statue symbolising comfort women, which activists erected outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul in 20114.韩国还将考虑移除011年起就竖立在首尔的日本驻韩大使馆前的慰安妇受害者纪念铜像.Both sides have agreed to refrain from criticising each other on this issue in the international community5.双方都同意停止在国际社会上就此问题批评对方。来 /201512/419068Greece’s premier accused European leaders of attempting to “blackmailGreek voters, just hours after apparently holding out an olive branch to the country’s creditors by accepting most of the terms of the economic reform plan they had tabled last weekend.希腊总理指责欧洲领导人试图“要挟”希腊选民,而在那几小时前,这位希腊领导人貌似向该国的债权人伸出了橄榄枝,接受了后者在上周末拿出的经济改革计划的大部分条款。Eurozone officials said they were baffled by the mixed messages from Athens, which this week missed a 1.5bn payment to the International Monetary Fund and was forced to impose capital controls to avert a financial meltdown.欧元区官员们表示,他们对雅典方面发出的混杂信息感到困惑。本周希腊未能如期向国际货币基金组织(IMF)偿还15亿欧元,还被迫实行资本管制以避免金融瘫痪。In a televised address, Alexis Tsipras urged his countrymen to vote No in a referendum on whether they should accept tough terms for bailout aid, and accused EU leaders of threatening to drive Greece out of the euro. He called EU leaders “extremist conservative forceswho had forced the shutdown of Greece’s banks “because the government decided to give people a say亚历克西#8226;齐普拉斯(Alexis Tsipras,见上图)发表电视讲话,敦促国民在针对应不应该接受严苛条件以换取纾困援助的全民公投中投出反对票,并指责欧盟领导人威胁要把希腊赶出欧元区。他把欧盟领导人称为“极端保守势力”,正是他们迫使希腊的关门,“就因为政府决定让人民有一个表态机会”。“The sirens of destruction are blackmailing you to say Yes to everything without any prospect of exiting the crisis,Mr Tsipras said.“诱人走向毁灭的海妖们在要挟你们,要你们在毫无希望摆脱危机的情况下接受一切,”齐普拉斯表示。The prime minister’s hardline speech, which some eurozone officials saw as a declaration of impending Grexit, came despite a major climbdown just hours earlier. In a letter sent to Greece’s creditors he accepted most of the terms of the earlier bailout.希腊总理措辞强硬的讲话被某些欧元区官员视为该国即将退出欧元区的宣告,而就在几小时前,齐普拉斯曾摆出明显退让的姿态。他致函希腊的债权人,接受了早前纾困方案的大部分条款。But the letter was given short shrift by eurozone officials. They said that the remaining concessions that Mr Tsipras was seeking were “not a handful of minor changes and the letter could not form the basis of the new 29.1bn bailout programme Athens now seeks.但这封信遭到欧元区官员的冷落。他们说,齐普拉斯所寻求的其余让步“并不是少量小改动”,这封信也不能构成雅典方面现在寻求91亿欧元新纾困计划的基础。The divergent views from Athens come just as policy makers at the European Central Bank gathered to consider whether to raise the heat on Greece and its banks by restricting their access to emergency loans.雅典方面发表矛盾言论之际,欧洲央行(ECB)的政策制定者正开会讨论要不要对希腊及该国加大压力,限制它们获取紧急贷款的能力。Because Greece’s bailout has expired, Athens must now negotiate a new programme with its creditors, which officials said made Mr Tsiprasnew concessions part of a process that may now take weeks. “This is certainly a more complicated situation to resolve than it would have been if we had reached agreement on the previous programme,said Valdis Dombrovskis, the European Commission vice-president in charge of eurozone issues.由于希腊原有的纾困计划已经期满,雅典方面现在必须与债权人谈判达成一个新纾困计划。官员们表示,这使齐普拉斯提出的新让步构成一个可能持续数周的过程的一部分。“相比我们就原计划达成协议,这肯定是一个更加复杂的情形,不容易解决,”欧盟委员会(European Commission)负责欧元区政策的副主席瓦尔蒂#8226;东布罗夫斯基Valdis Dombrovskis)表示。After a teleconference of eurozone finance ministers to discuss Mr Tsiprasnew proposals, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the eurogroup chair, said creditors would cut off talks at all levels until after the referendum.欧元区各国财长召开电话会议讨论齐普拉斯的新提议之后,欧元集团主席杰#8226;迪塞尔布洛姆(Jeroen Dijsselbloem)表示,债权人将中断各级谈判,等到公投之后再说。Even if Mr Tsipras makes further concessions, his advocacy for a No vote and the belittling of Greece’s creditors has caused significant bad blood that many believe cannot now be overcome.即使齐普拉斯做出进一步的让步,但他呼吁希腊选民在公投中投出反对票,还对希腊的债权人出言不逊,这些举动都引发了严重反感,很多人相信,这种反感现在无法消除。Despite the confusion, markets were relatively upbeat. The FTSE Eurofirst 300 was up 1.6 per cent after falling 4.1 per cent over the previous two days, and Germany’s Dax jumped 2.2 per cent.尽管形势混乱,但市场相对乐观。富时Eurofirst 300(FTSE Eurofirst 300)在前两日下跌4.1%之后,昨日上.6%,德国DAX指数跃升2.2%。来 /201507/383930

A court in the Chinese capital Beijing has commuted the suspended death sentence of Gu Kailai, wife of disgraced former Politburo member Bo Xilai, to life in prison. The court said Gu showed repentance and ;did not commit any crimes; in jail.中国北京市最高法院依法作出裁定,将罪犯薄谷开来(名誉扫地的前政治局委员薄熙来的妻子)死刑缓期二年执行的刑罚减为无期徒刑。该法院表示,谷开来在死刑缓期二年刑期间,有悔改表现,并“无任何故意犯罪记录。”Gu was sentenced in 2012 for murdering British businessman Neil Heywood. Her husband was jailed for life in 2013 for corruption and abuse of power. The cases were Chinas biggest political scandal in years.谷开来因谋杀英国商人尼尔·伍德012年被判处死刑。她的丈夫因腐败和滥用职权,2013年被判入狱。薄熙来的案件是中国多年来最大的政治丑闻。The statement was dated 11 December but released only on Monday. It added that she had ;obeyed discipline;, and ;completed labour tasks in a timely manner;. As a result she was ;eligible for the legal conditions for a commutation;.121日北京市高级人民法院已经作出了裁定,但直到周一24日)才对外宣布。在公示中还说,谷开来“遵守纪律”,并“按时完成劳动任务”。所以她“有资格获得减刑的法律条件”。Gus case sparked the series of events which brought down her high-flying husband. Bo Xilai was removed as Communist Party boss of the important metropolis of Chongqing in south-western China, and from the Politburo, which makes key party decisions, in 2012.谷开来的案件像一个导火线,引起了一系列事件,并把她青云直上的丈夫薄熙来拉下了马012年,薄熙来被免去中国西南部重要中心城市重庆市市委书记的职务,并停止担任制定党的重要决策的中央政治局委员。来 /201512/416458

A Russian military aircraft is shot down by a missile fired from a Turkish aircraft. Representatives of Nato members gather for an “extraordinary meetingto discuss the incident. It feels like the 1950s, cold war and all but appearances are deceiving.一架俄罗斯战机被土耳其战机发射的导弹击萀?北Nato)成员国代表召开“特别会议”讨论这起事件。这让人感觉像是上世0年代、冷战之类——但表象是误导人的。This is not yet a crisis, and if what took place is allowed to fester or worse yet escalate, Isis will be the big winner. Turkey is unlikely to fall out with Russia, on which it depends for gas. But this distraction might sidetrack the effort to build a better international response to Isis in the wake of the Paris attacks.这件事还未演化成一场危机,但如果让已经发生的情况继续恶化甚至升级,那么“伊斯兰国ISIS)将成为。依靠俄罗斯提供天然气的土耳其不太可能与之闹僵。但这件分散注意力的事可能会使巴黎恐袭发生后构建打击ISIS更强有力国际阵线的努力偏离轨道。Today’s Russia is half the size of the Soviet Union. It has a shrinking economy dependent on oil exports, and is motivated not by an ideology with global pretensions but by nationalism fused with the persona of President Vladimir Putin. Nothing links its aggression in Crimea and eastern Ukraine with what is happening in the Middle East other than Mr Putin’s search for a bigger role for his country, which plays well at home. Perspective is called for. Russia is not a superpower. The threat it poses at times to western interests should be dealt with but not exaggerated.如今的俄罗斯只有苏联版图的一半大小。依赖石油出口的该国经济正在萎缩,其外交政策的驱动力不再来自具有全球野心的意识形态,而是来自民族主义与总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)的形象的融合。俄罗斯对克里米亚及乌克兰东部的入侵行为与中东正在发生的事情并无关联,但贯穿这一切的主线是普京为他的国家寻觅更大角色,这在国内很好使。我们需要客观。俄罗斯不再是超级大囀?它对西方利益不时构成的威胁应当得到应对,但不应被夸大。Nor is Turkey the stalwart Nato partner it once was. Today’s Turkey is more an ally in name than in fact. It is hard to escape the irony that Turkey’s president shares many of the same illiberal tendencies as his Russian counterpart. More important, Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey does not share US and western objectives in the Middle East. Yes, Turkey has allowed US aircraft to use its air base at Incirlik to attack Isis, but taking on Isis is hardly its priority. Its government is opposed to Kurdish nationalism and is doing what it can to weaken the Kurds the closest the US and its allies have to a military partner on the ground in Iraq and Syria against Isis. Turkey has done little to stanch the flow of foreign recruits to Isis, who cross its territory en route to Syria.土耳其也不再是以前那个坚定的北约伙伴了。如今的土耳其在更大程度上是名义上的盟囀?难以回避的讽刺意味在于,土耳其总统与普京有很多共同的反自由主义倾向。更重要的是,雷杰普吠伊普埃尔多Recep Tayyip Erdogan)领导下的土耳其并不认可美国及西方在中东的目标。没错,土耳其允许美国飞机使用位于因切利克(Incirlik)的空军基地打击ISIS,但对抗ISIS并非安卡拉的政策重点。土耳其政府反对库尔德民族主义,正在尽一切可能削弱库尔德人,而后者是美国及其盟友在伊拉克和叙利亚打击ISIS的作战中最近似于第一线军事伙伴的力量。土耳其并未采取措施阻止ISIS招募的外国新兵经由该国前往叙利亚。So what should the US and European Nato members do? It would help not to overreact to what has taken place or to treat Russia as an implacable foe. There is much about Russian policy in Syria that deserves criticism, from its apparently uncritical support of President Bashar al-Assad to attacks on regime opponents other than Isis. But Russian efforts to shore up the regime are not entirely counterproductive. It is not in the west’s interest to see the regime ousted before a viable alternative is y to step in. Isis, which so much on perceptions of its momentum and inevitability, is not in a position to gain control over Damascus and declare a caliphate in reality as well as name.那么美国和欧洲的北约成员国该做些什么呢?有益的做法是避免对已经发生的事反应过度,也不要将俄罗斯当成不共戴天的敌人。俄罗斯对叙利亚的许多政策都值得批评,包括它对叙利亚总统巴沙尔·阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad)显然不加批判地持,以及打击阿萨德政权的反对者而不是ISIS。但俄罗斯努力撑阿萨德政权并不是完全帮倒忙。在一个可行的替代政权准备好执政之前就推翻阿萨德政权,并不符合西方的利益。ISIS在很大程度上依赖于人们对其气势和不可阻挡的观感,它还没有能力掌控大马士革,它自封的“哈里发”只是名义上的,而不是现实的。There is also the prospect that Russian policy might evolve. Mr Putin and Russia paid a price for supporting Mr Assad when an Isis bomb brought down a Russian civilian airliner over Egypt. It is probably only a matter of time before something akin to what happened in Paris happens in Moscow. This would be intolerable for Mr Putin, who might want to redirect his country’s policy.而且俄罗斯的政策还有演变的可胀?当ISIS的炸弹在埃及上空导致俄罗斯一架民航客机坠毁时,普京和俄罗斯为持阿萨德付出了代价。莫斯科遭遇类似于巴黎的恐怖袭击可能只是时间问题。这对普京将是无法忍受的,他有可能会改变国家政策方向。The conclusion is that the US, Europe and the Arab countries opposing Isis should use this incident as an opportunity to further influence what Russia does, not to isolate or humiliate it. Two issues should take precedence. First, there should be intensified talks with Russia on co-ordinating what various militaries are doing. The focus must be on weakening Isis. If this means making Russia a de facto member of the coalition of the willing that French President Hollande is assembling, so be it. It is not necessary to agree on everything in order to agree on some things.这一切的结论是,美国、欧洲和反对ISIS的阿拉伯国家应利用此次事件作为契机,进一步影响俄罗斯的政策,而不是孤立或羞辱它。有两个问题应该优先考虑。首先,应该与俄罗斯加强商谈,协调各国军队的行动。重点必须是削弱ISIS。如果这意味着俄罗斯成为法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗 Hollande)正在打造的自愿联盟的一员,那也没什么不奀?为了在某些事情上达成一致,没必要同意一切。Second, diplomacy should focus on a plan for a new government in Damascus. It is possible to pursue an anti-Isis strategy with Mr Assad in power, but his being there is a major liability, one that precludes military co-operation with the government and helps Isis to recruit. A diplomatic effort with Russia in a central role would be worth supporting if it led to Mr Assad taking up residence in a dacha outside Moscow.其次,外交活动应当聚焦于在大马士革建立一个新政府的计划。在阿萨德继续掌权的情况下推行一项打击ISIS的战略是可行的,但他在台上是一个很大的不利因素,使西方不可能与叙利亚政府进行军事合作,还帮助ISIS招募新兵。如果俄罗斯能让阿萨德自愿住到莫斯科郊外的别墅里,那么让俄罗斯扮演中心角色的外交努力就是值得持的。来 /201511/412465

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