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这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:急跳墙,兔子急了咬人,可真要把人逼急了,那人可是无所不能,无所不为的……不过,我们的克莱尔,毕竟杀伤力有限,还是相当无害的!译者:koogle /201306/243455

Over the last two decades models have gone from the catwalk to the front pages of glossy magazines. Some of the most well-known models live a jet-set lifestyle – they fly from country to country, from fashion show to photo shoot. And in the process they can earn millions of dollars. Brazilian beauty, Gisele earned .5 million dollars in 2001 – a world record!这20年来,模特已经从天桥走上休闲杂志的封面。个别有名的模特已经过着奢华的生活方式。她们飞遍各国,参加时装秀,拍摄封面照,轻松拿下几百万美元的钞票。来自巴西的名模吉赛尔2011年赚了一千两百五十万美金——打破模特界的世界纪录。Fashion designers demand the most beautiful and high-profile models to show off their latest creations. Frequently the‘haute couture’ clothes and accessories that the models wear are so outrageous that to wear them in normal life would be inappropriate.时尚设计师需要最美丽,知名度最高的模特们来展示她们的最新产品。通常模特身上的那些高级时装和配饰非常名贵,平时基本不适合穿戴。However, newspapers and magazines often devote whole sections of their publications to photographs of fashion shows. This means that the designers, such as Dolce Gabbana and Yves Saint Laurent achieve worldwide publicity.然而,报纸杂志还是把发行的重头放在时尚秀的摄影上。这样那些诸如杜嘉班纳,伊夫·圣·洛朗等著名的设计师才能把牌子在全世界宣传。So if you are more than 1.8metres tall, have perfect skin and are devastatingly beautiful, then build up your portfolio. Who knows – maybe you could be the next supermodel!因此,你如果是个身高1.8米以上,肤质好,模样靓的姑娘,制作一个自己的影集。说不定,你就是下一个超模! /201211/209248

A 39-year-old American living in China for 15 years has it all: Plenty of acting roles for an laowai who speaks Chinese, a Chinese wife and two daughters, and a life in the country he loves.一个在中国生活了15年的39岁美国人拥有一切:大量会讲中文的老外角色,一个中国妻子和两个女儿,在他所热爱的国家的生活。Jonathan Kos-Read frequently appears on TV and cinema screens across China. The enthusiastic photographer and doting father could be a script writer or a DJ, but he has chosen to be a full-time actor.乔纳森#8226;科斯瑞德经常出现在中国各地的电视节目和电影屏幕上。这位狂热的摄影师和溺爱孩子的父亲可以成为一个剧作家或一个DJ,但他选择了做一个全职演员。The 39-year-old Los Angeles native has been living in China for 15 years, seeking a romantic adventure after learning Chinese language and history while studying acting at New York University.这位39岁的洛杉矶人已经在中国生活了15年,在纽约大学学习表演也学习中文和历史后开始了一段浪漫的冒险。;Usually when you learn history, you learn the history of your own country first, and then you sort of sp out to the countries around your country,; he says. ;But why don#39;t I do it the opposite way,; he asked himself at the time. ;Why don#39;t I, on a lark, start with China, and then go in reverse?;“通常你学历史,你首先学的是自己国家的历史,然后你你再扩展到周边的国家,”他说。“但我为什么不以相反的方式进行呢,”他那时问自己。“为什么我不,闹着玩似的,从中国开始,然后再反过来呢?”In his first two years in Beijing, life was not easy. He tried his hand at many jobs before finally landing in the job held by so many other foreigners here: teaching English.在他刚来北京的两年,生活不容易。他尝试过许多工作,最终在一份很多其他外国人也从事的工作中定下来:教英语。;It was so boring that I would fall asleep when I was the teacher. Students had to hit me in the shoulder. It was just boring and boring,; Kos-Read complains.“在我当老师时太无聊以至于我就睡着了。学生们不得不拍打我肩膀。这只是无聊且乏味,”科斯瑞德抱怨道。One day, while on a walk with his Chinese girlfriend, he spotted an ad for a white actor for a movie. After talking with the director for two hours, he was given the part.有一天当他与中国女友一起散步时,他发现了一个为电影招募白人演员的广告。在跟导演谈了两个小时之后,他获得了那个角色。In his first Chinese movie, ;A Dream of Youth,; Kos-Read played a documentary filmmaker. Imbued with a sense of confidence after his first movie role, he started getting more roles and now he#39;s a fixture on Chinese screens - the go-to guy for roles that require a white face coupled with flawless Chinese.在他的第一部中国电影中,“一个年轻人的梦想,”科斯瑞德扮演了一个纪录片制片人。在他第一个电影角色之后他信心满满,他开始得到更多的角色,现在他中国屏幕上的熟面孔——那些完美中国人当中需要白人面孔的关键角色。Although he has won some fame, as well as his own talk show in Beijing, there was a time when he panicked about losing his acting career.尽管他已经赢得了一些名气,以及他拥有了自己在北京的脱口秀节目,有一段时间对失去他的演艺事业他曾感到恐慌。His appearances and roles in TV shows and movies aly seem countless. In his latest TV show he played Joe Stilwell, a 60-year-old American general who led multinational forces during World War II, in a role that proved to be a challenge for him.他在电影电视中的角色看起来已经数不清。在他最新的电视节目中他扮演乔#8226;史迪威,一个在二战期间领导多国部队的60岁美国将军,这个角色被明是对他的一个挑战。;I have to endure three hours of makeup every day for five months and besides, the lines are really hard. There are sometimes two-page-long lines of military jargon for me to say,; he explains.“我不得不忍受5个月每天三个小时的化妆,此外,台词真的很难。有时候有长达两页的行军事术语要我说,”他解释道。Kos-Read says he doesn#39;t plan to leave China.科斯瑞德说他不打算离开中国。;There are guys who speak better Chinese than I do, and there are lots of guys who are better-looking than me, guys who are better actors than me. What#39;s really hard to have is this whole package,; he says. ;I fill a niche here.;“有很多人中文说的比我好,很多人长得比我好看,很多人是比我更好的演员。真正难拥有的是这全部,”他说。“这里我填补了空白。”Kos-Read doesn#39;t feel much different from locals now that he#39;s lived and worked here for over 15 years. He haggles with people selling things at local markets, jokes with taxi drivers and captures the beauty of Beijing#39;s Temple of Heaven with his camera. The young American is happy with his life in China and, more importantly, he has a family here.在这里生活和工作了15年之后现在科斯瑞德感觉自己和当地人没什么不同。他和在当地市场卖东西的人讨价还价,和出租车司机开玩笑,用他的相机捕获北京天坛的美景。这位年轻的美国人对自己在中国的生活很满意,更重要的是,他在这有一个自己的家庭。He married his Chinese wife Li in 2001, and they now have two daughters, one of whom is just a few months old.在2001年他娶了中国妻子李,他们现在有两个女儿,其中一个只有几个月大。;Being someone who makes a pretty okay living and doing something I always wanted to do, I feel very lucky. Besides, I am doing it here, in China, in this place growing, thriving and changing, so everyday life is interesting,; he says.“成为一个生活得相当不错的人以及做一些我一直想做的事,我觉得非常幸运。此外,我现在正在做,在中国,在这个发展、繁荣和变化的地方,所以日常生活很有趣,”他说。 /201211/210478

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