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2015 General Aviation Expo held in north China#39;s Shijiazhuang2015石家庄通用航空展盛大开幕The 2015 General Aviation Expo-held in north China#39;s city of Shijiazhuang-has brought together more than 100 air vehicles from 60 international aviation companies.来自60家国际航空公司的100多架飞机齐聚石家庄市举行的2015年通用航空展。Top pilots from America, Lithuania, and Sweden displayed synchronous somersaults, stall turns and unbelieveable feats of bravery.美国、立陶宛和瑞典的顶尖飞行员展示了同步翻、悬停及令人难以置信的特技飞行。Visitors were given a chance to experience flight simulators, interact with aviation entertainment facilities, and ride in hot-air balloons.游客们也能参与其中体验飞行模拟装置,同航空设施进行互动,乘坐热气球。The three-day exhibition began on Friday, is aimed at showcasing and promoting the culture of aviation, whilst letting ordinary people learn more about the industry.本周五开始为期3天的这次展览旨在展现及促进航空文化,同时加深普通市民对这个行业的认知。a 译文属 Article/201509/400391Extend the life of your cowboy boots by keeping them clean, conditioned, polished, and protected.保持清洁,护理,抛光,并提供适当的保护,延长牛仔靴的寿命。You Will Need你需要Cowboy boots牛仔靴Damp cloth湿布Brush刷子Water水White vinegar白醋Pencil eraser橡皮擦Leather conditioner皮革护理剂Boot cream鞋油Soft cloths软布Boot dryer靴子烘干机Boot tree鞋楦Steps步骤STEP 1 Remove dirt1.清除污垢Remove dirt from your cowboy boots with a damp cloth, followed by a good brushing.用湿布擦掉牛仔靴上的污垢,随后用质量比较好的刷子刷一下。Never use harsh chemicals that can discolor the boot.千万不要使用强效化学物质,以免靴子褪色。STEP 2 Get rid of stubborn stains2.清除顽固污渍Get rid of stubborn sticky stains, such as alcohol or dried soda, by using a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar.清除顽固棘手的污渍,比如酒精和干了的汽水,可以用等量水和白醋的混合溶液来清除。STEP 3 Remove scuffs and marks3.清除磨损和刮痕Remove small scuffs and marks with a pencil eraser.用橡皮擦清除较小的磨损和刮痕。STEP 4 Apply a leather conditioner4.使用皮革护理剂Apply leather conditioner to prevent the boot from drying out and to prevent water from being absorbed into the leather.使用皮革护理剂来防止靴子变干,防止水分被皮革吸收。STEP 5 Keep boots shiny5.保持光泽Keep your boots shiny by applying boot cream, and buff the boots with a soft cloth.刷点鞋油,保持靴子光泽,用软布抛光。Don#39;t forget to condition the soles of the boots.不要忘记保养靴子底部。STEP 6 Allow boots to dry6.让靴子晾干Allow your boots to dry at room temperature or dry them in a boot dryer.让靴子在室温下晾干,或者用靴子烘干机。STEP 7 Use a boot tree7.使用鞋楦Prolong the life of your boots and help maintain their original shape by using a boot tree when you#39;re not wearing them. Do it right or get off the horse.不穿的时候,用鞋楦来保持靴子原本的形状,并延长靴子的寿命。采用正确的方法,否则你就会失败。;My Old Kentucky Home; is the song played when the horses step on the track at the Kentucky Derby.《我的故乡肯塔基》是马走上德比赛马会时播放的歌曲。 Article/201411/342257

Going to California, the happiest day of my life.去加州真是我一生中最快乐的一天Joseph had promised me that one day we would go to California.约瑟夫早就答应过我 有天要带我们去加州l#39;d tell him, #39;No, #39; l said, #39;Your promise came true,我告诉他 不 你的承诺是兑现了#39;but you didn#39;t bring me there, the children did. #39;但不是你带我来的 是孩子们Berry Gordy was having a party for Diana Ross.贝瑞·戈迪正在为黛安娜·罗丝办派对lt was her birthday.刚好是她生日so he asked us to perform at this party for Diana,他要我们在黛安娜的生日会上演出and of course we did.我们当然答应了And at that party was, like, the Temptations, Smokey, the VandeIIas,派对宴客有诱惑合唱团 史基 范达拉the supremes, Four Tops.至上女声三重唱 四顶尖And here we are performing their songs to them.我们却在场唱他们的歌 给他们听so we was quite nervous.非常的紧张l first met Michael, he was, l think he was 10 years old.我第一次遇到迈克尔时 他应该才十岁吧He was flown out with his brothers跟他的兄长一起飞来to sing for Berry Gordy, Jr.为小贝瑞·戈迪演出Berry had invited a bunch of people up to his home.贝瑞请了许多人来家里This little bitry thing came in and he sat down next to me这小不点跑来坐在我旁边and he looked at me and he says, #39;And who are you? #39;看着我问 你是谁啊?l said, ;l#39;m Dionne Warwick. Who are you?;我回 我是狄昂·华薇克 那你又是谁啊?;l#39;m Michael Jackson.;我是迈克尔·杰克逊l said, #39;Nice to know you, Michael Jackson.我说 迈克尔·杰克逊 幸会And what do you do, Michael Jackson? #39;你是做什么的 迈克尔·杰克逊?He says, #39;Oh, l sing. #39;他说 噢 我唱歌啊l said, #39;You sing? Can you sing? #39;我问 唱歌? 你会唱歌吗?He said, #39;Yes, l can sing. #39;他回我 会 我会唱歌l mean, little feisty, beautiful young boy.一个有冲劲又漂亮的小男孩l said, #39;Well, that#39;s what we#39;re here for.我说 我们就是为了这个来的We#39;re gonna see if you can sing. #39;我们来看你们会不会唱歌 Article/201508/394609

The educational materials教育材料presented here were developed by students是由爱荷华州立大学食品科学和人类营养系的and faculty of the department of food science全体教员和学生开发出来and human nutrition at Iowa State University.并呈现在这里的Funding for this project was provided by grants这个项目的资金from the American Cancer Society Midwest是由美国中西部癌症协会和and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.兰斯阿姆斯特朗基金会拨款的The materials are intended for educational use这些材料是供教育使用的and are not meant to provide medical advice.并不提供医疗建议We welcome your feedback about these materials;我们也欢迎你们对这些材料提供反馈please use the evaluation survey link on the请使用我们主页上的评估调查连接home page to provide your comments and suggestions.提供你们的和建议This presentation will examine这项陈述将the prevalence and implications of malnutrition研究营养不良in children afflicted with cancer as well as在患癌儿童中的患病率和对他们的影响intervention methods for health professionals.以及健康专业人士对该病的干预措施There are few things in life that are as tragic生活中很少有事情像and heart breaking as a child diagnosed with a life一个孩子被诊断得了绝症那样让人悲痛和心碎threatening illness. In the ed States alone2007年仅在美国approximately 10400 children under the age of 15就有将近10400个15岁以下的儿童were diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and approximately被诊断为患有癌症1545 of these children passed away from their disease.其中约有1545个孩子因这种疾病死亡Although this makes cancer the leading cause of death尽管在孩子中by disease among children advances in medical therapy癌症已经成为药物治疗疾病中的头号杀手and disease management have made long term survival但是疾病管理已经much more achievable. The overall cure rate for使长期存活成为可能childhood cancer now exceeds 70% and is projected to现在儿童患癌的整体治愈率已经超过70%soon reach 85% in industrialized nations; therefore预计在工业化的国家将很快达到85%因此major attention is being placed on reducing the现在主要精力将集中在降低治疗引起的副作用side effects of therapy such as malnutrition.例如,营养不良Studies actually suggest that up to 46% of children with实际上,调查显示高达46%的患癌儿童cancer experience malnutrition. Malnutrition is患有营养不良characterized by either a deficiency or an excess of营养不良的特征是能量缺乏或者能量过剩energy with measurable adverse effects on clinical这会对临床结果产生严重的副作用outcome. It’s also really important to point out需要指出的是,能量,that energy, meaning calories, is the key component of即卡路里是产生营养不良主要的原因malnutrition, vitamin and mineral deficiencies also维生素和矿物质缺乏也对greatly contribute to overall malnutrition and health.整体营养不良和健康有很大的影响Children with cancer are particularly vulnerable to患癌儿童尤其容易患营养不良malnutrition because they require additional nutrients因为患儿为了正常成长发育in order to obtain proper growth and development and以及与疾病抗争to fight off their disease.需要额外的营养物质Before we take a look at the causes of malnutrition我认为在检查儿童癌症期during childhood cancer and the corresponding side导致营养不良的原因及其副作用之前effects I think it is important to understand how to重要的是要懂得如何评估孩子的营养状况assess the nutritional status of a child. There is目前,我们对如何界定儿童营养不良一事currently no consensus on how to define malnutrition尚未达成共识in children but the most common practices involved但最常见的做法就是plotting weight to height ratios. Weight and height绘制体重身高比例图are usually plotted on standardized growth charts.标准生长曲线图上常常包括体重和身高Once a child’s placement has been determined on the一旦一个儿童在生长曲线图上的位置被确定growth chart this number can be converted to what is此数字就可以转换成所谓Zknown as a Z score. A Z score is a numerical summary一个Z就是一个数字摘要of each child’s placement relative to a reference它总结了每个儿童相对于参考人口的定位population and are used to compare and assess data可以用来比较和评估不同年龄不同性别between different ages and genders. Once a Z score之间的数据 一旦Z确定了is determined a child can be placed on what is儿童就可定位在known as a standard, normal distribution graph.一个标准的正态分布图上This graph puts the average variable that is being这个图表的中心是被测量的平均变量measured in the centre of a chart, any child任何身高或体重Z 超过2个标准差的儿童whose height or weight Z score is more than 2无论其Z值是高于平均值standard deviations greater or less than the mean is或者低于平均值considered to have significant growth abnormalities.均被视为明显的异常生长Thus is the child fell 2 standard deviations below the这就是为什么Z低于平均值的2个标准差mean he or she would be considered to be malnourished.的儿童会被视为营养不良However, studies have shown that simple weight,然而研究表明 简单的体重和身高测量height measurements are often inaccurate depending往往是不准确的其数据也要取决于on the type of tumor such as large solid tumors.肿瘤类型,比如大型实体肿瘤Other practices include tracking voluntary food intake其他做法有跟踪采食量and comparing intake to the required or将其摄入量与所需或推荐准则相比较recommended guidelines. If the child was eating如果儿童摄入的能量低于其预计能量less than 70% of his or her estimated energy需求的70%那么requirements then he or she would be considered将被视为营养不良malnourished. Another way is to take anthropometric另一种方法是对肱三头肌皮褶厚度measures of the tricep skin fold thickness to进行人体测量,以确定人体内脂肪determine adipose or fat energy reserves.或脂肪的能量储备If less than the 5th percentile for age and测量值不足其年龄和性别水平sex the patient would be considered malnourished.所需脂肪的百分之五的患者 将被视为营养不良 Article/201412/350966

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