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关键词:put your foot in your mouth 在某个场合说错了话;无意中说错了话而伤害了别人短语释义:今天我们要学习的习语是:put my foot in my mouth,字面意思是把脚放进嘴巴里。想一下都会觉得这是个尴尬可笑的场面,具体是什么意思呢?有时候你和好朋友们正在谈论别人,想不到一回头,那个人就在他们身后,这时候你意识到”I put my foot in my mouth;,意思是我说错话了。当你说了不该说的话时, 突然发觉你说错话了就可以这么说——I put my foot in my mouth. 注意两点,一是无论在何种情况下,这个短语里的foot用的是单数,而且其中的两个my可以根据具体情况换成your, their,his or her;第二,千万不要说错了,说成put my mouth in my foot,这样就笑上加笑了,嘴巴怎么能放到脚里面去呢?正确的说法是put my foot in my mouth,这个短语字面意思是把脚放进嘴巴里,实际含义是你在某个场合说错了话,搞的自己或别人很尴尬;也就是无意中说错了话而伤害了别人。情景领悟:1. Lets all be very careful about what we say at the meeting tomorrow. I dont want anyone putting their foot in their mouth.我们都要对明天会议上要说的话谨慎小心,我不希望有任何人说错话。2. When Sally told that silly joke about the sailor with one leg, she really put her foot in her mouth. Sally拿一个只有一条腿的水手开愚蠢的玩笑,她确实说错话了。本节目属 /201306/245900。

  • 嘿,最近忙什么呢?哎呀,别提了,最近忙得我不可开交。大家好,欢迎收听《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师,最近是在忙着跟我学英语吧。如果是否定的,别忘了忙里偷闲也来学学英语。Mad adj. 疯了的,发疯的,神经错乱的;恼火的,发怒的;狂热的;着迷的;愚蠢的Terry ran like mad to catch the bus. 特里跑得飞快,去赶公共汽车。Loneliness almost drives her mad. 孤独几乎使她发疯了。go mad, get mad 发疯,大怒She was certain that the young man had gone mad. 她确信那个年轻人已经发疯。He got mad and pitched into Waller with both fists. 他大怒,挥起双拳向沃勒打去。Madly adv. 发疯似地;非常My father is madly in love with you. 我爸爸爱你爱得发狂。Now Im madly in love with money. 现在我疯狂地是爱上了金钱。She rushed madly out of the room. 她发疯似地冲出房间。He raced madly up the stairs. 他发疯似地向楼上跑去。Im madly busy getting y to go to the ed States. 我忙得不可开交准备去美国的事。Im madly busy with my online teaching, what are you madly busy with? 我忙这个在线教学忙得不可开交,你疯狂地忙着做什么呢? /201202/172676。
  • 耍赖英语九句 游戏时耍赖:Thatdoesnt count.那不算! Wewerent playing for real.我们不是玩真的。 欠钱时耍赖:Moneyhas been really tight lately...最近手头有点紧…… Ive hadso many other expenses...我有太多其他的费用要付…… 犯错时耍赖:Its notmy fault.那不是我的错。 He/Shemade me do it.他(她)要我做的。 交通违规时耍赖:I didntsee the sign.我没有看到标记。 规避责任时耍赖:Its notmy turn to...这次不是轮到我……I didnt know anything about it...我对此事一无所知…… /201212/212342。
  • 特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。迷你对话A: I feel that Bob’s father-in-law is a hard nut to crack.我觉得鲍勃的岳父是个难对付的家伙。B: You have taken words out of my mouth. He is a tough customer.你说出了我要说的话。他是个倔强的家伙。A: But his daughter is a very nice girl.可是他的女儿是个不过的女孩。对话精讲第一、地道表达【核心短语】a tough customer【解词释义】tough的意思是“倔强的”,customer是“顾客”或“主顾”的意思,用于口语表示“家伙”。这两个词连起来构成的短语a tough customer的意思是“难对付的人”,“性格倔强的人”或“难斗的家伙”。Their new sales manager is a tough customer, so I was particularly pleased to negotiate such a favorable price.他们新来的销售经理是个难打交道的人,因此能谈妥这样一个优惠价,我特别高兴。She is also a tough customer while showing.购物的时候,她也是个难伺候的顾客。第二 词海拾贝a hard nut:难对付的人;难解之事;不易亲近或了解的人I never know Bill very well.He was not very communicative and always seemed to me a hard nut to crack. 我从来就不太了解比尔,他不太爱说话,我总觉得他这个人很难对付。 The third question in the examination is a hard nut to crack. 考试的第三道题真是够难的。 My manager is a hard nut to crack. He always shouts at me about what I have done. 经理是个很难对付的人,他总是对我做的事大吼大叫。 Mind you, she is a hard nut to crack. 小心,这是个难对付的女人。 take words out of one’s mouth:抢先说出某人要说的话 Great! You take the words out of my mouth——I have set my mind to buy a new computer. 太好了,这正是我想说的,我决定买一台新电脑。 /201308/250651。
  • 迷你对话:A: Can you imagine a boat letting in the river?你能想象一只船沉入水里吗?B: That would be terrible.那太糟了。A: Sure thing. I have an experience like that.的确,我曾经又一次这样的经历。B: Oh, how were you saved finally?哦,最后是怎么得救的?A: I was in such a panic at that time. Fortunately another boat came along and I was saved from drowning.当时我给吓了一跳,幸好一只船驶过来,我才没被淹死。地道表达:let in解词释义:let sb or sth in表示“允许进入,漏水,使陷入”。此语也用于表示是光,水,空气等进入某地。有时候此语用于表达“某人陷入困境,遭受损失”。拓展讲解:由let in搭配的一个习语为let sb. in on意思是“让某人得知秘密”等。持范例:(1)使光,空气,水进入Better open the window and let in some fresh air. 最好开窗放点新鲜空气进来。 These shoes let in water;please repair them for me. 这些鞋进水请给我修补一下。 (2)陷入困境,遭受损失He is let in , but it served him right.他吃了亏,但这是罪有应得。 Her loose conduct let in a host of troubles.她的放荡行为招致了许许多多的麻烦。 词海拾贝:1. have an experience:有经历I have never had such an experience in my born days. 我这一生还不曾有过这种经历。2. like that:这样的I dont like people who go around bleating out things like that. 我不喜欢跑来跑去讲那种蠢话的人。 Be nicer to him. You shouldnt mess around with him like that. 对他好些, 你不该对他那么随便。I wish those boys wouldnt carry on like that, its very annoying. 我希望那些孩子不要如此胡闹,真是太讨厌了。 Its very enterprising of them to start up a business like that. 他们那样去开创生意是很有魄力的。 3. sure thing:肯定会发生的事情It is no fun betting on a sure thing. 对必然要发生的事打赌是毫无意义的。Sure thing. I will start cooking now. 没问题。我现在就开始做。 Its sure thing that hell succeed at what he chooses to do because hes so talented. 因为他那样有才干,他选定的事必将成功,这是无可置疑的。Sure thing. I am looking forward to working with you. 当然啦!我很希望能和你一起工作。 4. in a panic:惊恐地,惊慌地The crowd in a panic fled in all directions. 仓皇的人群向四面逃去。 Parents are in a panic because they know its a tough world out there. 父母很恐慌,因为他们知道现实生活是很残酷的。 When he arrived home, he found his wife in a panic and his son missing. 他回到家却发现妻子惊慌失措,儿子也失踪了。He got in a panic that he would forget his lines on stage.他慌张起来,怕自己到了台上会忘记台词。5. at that time:在当时At that time it was believed that its appearance foretold disaster. 当时人们还曾迷信地认为,它的一出现就会有天灾。 She was so frigid at that time that she almost committed suicide. 当时她非常心灰意冷,差点自杀。 At that time they showed great concern for the future of their country. 那时他们对国家的前途深表担忧. At that time the department store was in its earliest form of successful operation.那时候,百货商店刚在蓬勃兴起。 6. come along:出现You should be y to solve any problem that may come along. 你应该随时准备解决可能出现的问题。Come along and see me some time. 有空请过来看我。 7. save from:挽救......免于......Lord, save me from my fear. 上帝,救我于惊恐之中吧! You must save him from making the same error. 你必须避免他再犯同样的错误。 Are you trying to save him from being punished? 你想袒护他,让他不受处分吗? He grab at the boy, but can not save him from falling. 他想抓住那男孩儿,然而那孩子还是跌倒了。 /201212/212729。
  • 网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。 本期节目的topic:挺你的英文表达 南方的冬天终于还是来了。今天有点冷,但是如果在这样冷的天气里可以听到一些温暖人心的话,估计这个冬天也不会很难熬。1. I will support you.  我会持你的。  2. Ill back you up.  我会挺你的。  3. Im on your side.  我站在你这边。  4. You can count on me.  你可以依靠我。  5. You can rely on me.  你可以依赖我。  6. You can trust in me.  你可以信赖我。  7. Ill be available if you need me.  你需要帮助时,我就有空。  8. Ill be there if you need a hand.  你需要帮助时,我就会出现。  9. Im a phone call away.  我随call随到。  10. Im with you all the way.  我一路上陪着你。 /201212/211771。
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