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Sorry, ignoring them won#39;t make them disappear.抱歉,忽视这些坏习惯并不会让它们消失不见。Your body#39;s got your back. Whenever something isn#39;t quite right wellness-wise, your body will often try to send you a signal that a health hazard may be brewing beneath the surface. The problem? For starters, according to a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, women (ahem) report that they skip out on going to the doctor because they#39;re too busy or can#39;t get the day off work. And, honestly, sometimes it feels easier to ignore whatever is going on.你的身体撑着你。只要有些东西不是那么健康,你的身体通常都会试着给你发出信号:看似健康的表面下可能潜伏着危险。问题是?从头说起,凯瑟家族基金会的一项调查显示:女性往往因为自己太忙或请不了假而不去看医生。说实话,有时候忽视一些小毛病似乎更容易些。But remember: ;It#39;s important to diagnose things early before they have the potential to cause more serious, and sometimes irreversible, effects,; says Margarita Rohr, M.D., a clinical instructor of internal medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City. ;When something unusual happens, consider it an alert that something isn#39;t right and get it addressed.; Here, some signs it#39;s time for you to get to the doctor.但请记住:;在小毛病可能造成更严重、不可逆转的影响之前,去医生那边进行诊断是很重要的,; 玛格丽塔·罗尔医生说道,她是纽约市纽约大学兰贡医学中心的内科临床讲师。;当不寻常的迹象发生时,你的身体可能出问题了、或是问题没有得到解决。;下列这些迹象表明你需要去看医生了!1. Cravings for Ice1. 想吃冰If you#39;re always heading for the freezer and bypassing the cookie dough or frozen yogurt - for, uh, ice - that may mean you have an iron deficiency, Rohr says. Why? People who suffer from a serious lack of iron often experience pica - a disorder that causes you to crave things with no nutritional value, specifically ice (although sometimes people reach for non-food items, like dirt or paper).如果你总是打开冰箱而且还不拿饼干甜甜圈或冷冻酸奶--而是去找冰--那这表明你可能缺铁,罗尔说。为什么?因为严重缺铁的人通常会有异食癖--这种症状会让你想吃没有营养价值的东西,尤其是冰(虽然有时人们会吃土或纸等非食物)。Your doc will have the best course of treatment, but adding iron-rich foods (red meat, leafy greens, iron-fortified cereals) into your diet will help, along with Vitamin C, which allows your body to better absorb the iron.你的医生对此会有最佳解决方法,但在食物中添加富含铁元素的食物(红肉、绿叶蔬菜、富含铁元素的谷物)并搭配维生素C一起吃也能有所效果,因为维生素C能帮助身体更好的吸收铁元素。2. Wrinkles In Weird Places2. 皱纹长在了不该长的地方。It#39;s true: Beauty is only skin deep. But sometimes, what#39;s going outside your body could actually be an indicator of what#39;s going inside of it. Honestly, most wrinkles are likely just a sign of aging (womp), but one study published in The Journals of Gerontology found a different reason: high blood pressure. The research found that women with wrinkles in places typically not exposed to the sun, like the upper arms, tended to have hypertension. If that#39;s the case, it may be time to talk to your doctor about cutting back on the cocktails and salt.美丽只是表面,这话千真万确。但有时候,身体的外部状况真的能提醒你身体的内部状况。说实话,大多数的皱纹都可能只是衰老的迹象,但发表在《老年学》杂志上的一项研究发现了一个不同的原因:高血压。研究发现,对于女性而言,如果晒不到太阳的身体部位长了皱纹,比如上半截胳膊,那她们往往会患高血压。如果是这样,也许是时候和自己的医生聊一聊减少鸡尾酒和盐的摄入量了。译文属 /201706/515458

Best explosives-sniffing dog最好的爆炸物嗅探犬Best tracking dog最好的追踪犬Best drug dog最好的缉毒犬(独它形态猥琐,难道是接触毒品太多而……而且它也没有戴奖牌)At the Police Awards在警官授奖仪式上警犬的状态 /201705/511597

I will return.我会回来的I will come back to the USA.我会返回美国的I#39;m not looking forward to getting shot or killed.我不会让自己被子弹或敌人夺去性命I#39;m looking forward to going home.我期待着回家的那一天More than 70,000 American troops are about to invade German-held France.超过七万名美国士兵将参与进攻德国占领下的法国Over 1,000 will die on the first day:第一天有超过1000人死亡June 6, 1944. D-Day.1944年6月6日 诺曼底登陆日Over 5,000 ships and 10,000 aircraft are involved in the first wave alone.逾五千艘舰艇和一万架飞机在第一波攻击中投入使用Five beaches will be stormed.有五处海滩被列为攻占目标The most infamous is code-named ;Omaha Beach;,最让人难以释怀的是代号为奥马哈的海滩Think about Omaha Beach from the standpoint of the young men.想象一下士兵们面临的奥马哈海滩The ramp is about to drop and the sights and the sounds all around登陆艇舱门即将打开,周围都是惨烈的景象和声音provide the context of hell.犹如地狱一般The first troops on Omaha Beach meet ferocious German resistance.首奥马哈登陆部队遇到了德军猛烈抵抗Rocket launchers, mortars and 85 machine-gun nests tear into the Americans.火箭炮、迫击炮以及85个机点朝美军密集开火There are meant to be 32 tanks with them, but 27 sink.计划登陆的32辆坦克中 27辆已经沉没The men are left with virtually no cover on the beach.抢滩战士们几乎没有任何掩护Go!冲啊William Dabney is totally exposed.威廉·达布尼已经完全暴露Tethered to his barrage balloon, he#39;s defenseless.被防空气球缠住的他无法施展有效防卫When it#39;s shot down, he has his chance.气球被击落了 他生还的机会大了起来Like every other soldier on Omaha Beach,同奥马哈海滩上肤色各异的其他战友一样black or white, Dabney#39;s mission now is to survive.达布尼现在唯一的任务是设法求生There wasn#39;t any segregation there.种族之间的对立此时不复存在Harold Baumgarten is thrown straight into the carnage.哈罗德·鲍姆加滕一登陆就置身于这场大杀戮中 /201303/227889

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