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忻州市纹绣半永久化妆纹绣培训学校淳化最好的纹绣培训The World Health Organisation has for the first time expressed “cautious optimismthat the growth in new Ebola cases in west Africa may be slowing down.世界卫生组织(WHO)首次对西非埃拉(Ebola)疫情表达了“谨慎的乐观”,称该地区新病例增速或许正在放缓。Bruce Aylward, who is in charge of the WHO response to Ebola, said in Geneva he was particularly encouraged by evidence of a downward trend in Liberia, one of the three worst-affected countries.世卫组织埃拉应对行动的负责人布鲁斯#8226;艾尔沃德(Bruce Aylward)在日内瓦表示,他尤其对利比里亚新病例增速的下行趋势感到鼓舞。利比里亚是埃拉疫情最严重的三个国家之一。The WHO’s official total number of Ebola cases has reached 13,703 a big jump from the 10,141 cases it reported four days ago. But Dr Aylward said that was mainly the result of the data being updated with old cases, rather than new cases arising.世卫组织官方公布的埃拉病例总数已达13703例,天前公布0141例相比出现了大幅增长。但艾尔沃德表示,这主要是因为更新了一些旧病例的数据,而不是新病例增加的结果。“Do we feel confident that the response is now getting an upper hand on the virus? Yes, we are seeing a slowing rate of new cases, very definitely,Dr Aylward said.“我们是否确信抗击病毒的行动正在占据上风?是的,我们观察到新病例增长速率正在放缓,非常肯定,”艾尔沃德表示。However, Dr Aylward also urged people not to celebrate prematurely over any apparent downturn in the epidemic. “I’m terrified that the information will be misinterpreted and people will think Ebola is under control,he said.然而,艾尔沃德敦促人们不要过早地庆祝任何疫情蔓延放缓的迹象。“我很害怕信息遭到误读,人们会认为埃拉已经得到控制,”他说。Any let-up in the battle against the virus might lead to “an oscillating pattern where the disease moves up and down在对抗埃拉的战斗中,任何放松攻势的行为都可能导致“疫情出现起伏波动”。The improvement in Liberia seems to be due to a combination of more treatment facilities, better contact tracing and safer burial practices, together leading to fewer new infections from Ebola patients.利比里亚的疫情得到改善,似乎是增加治疗设备、更好地追踪接触者以及遵循更安全的埋葬方法的共同作用,这使因接触埃拉病患而感染的新病例减少了。In Sierra Leone the number of cases continues to increase in some areas. “We’re still seeing this thing burning quite hot in parts of Sierra Leone,Dr Aylward said在塞拉利昂,某些地区的病例数量持续上升。“我们观察到,埃拉仍然在塞拉利昂的部分地区肆虐,”艾尔沃德说。Tracing the progress of individual patients, the WHO estimates an overall mortality rate of 70 per cent, though people who receive treatment in a well-equipped clinic are slightly less likely to die. The WHO plans to set up 56 Ebola clinics with 4,700 beds in west Africa. Of these 15 clinics with 1,050 beds are aly operational and another 22 #173;clinics are expected to open during November.通过追踪病患的情况,世卫组织估测,感染埃拉病患的总体死亡率为70%,不过在设施完备的诊所接受治疗的患者死亡率稍低。世卫组织计划在西非设立56家埃拉诊所,总共配备4700个床位。其中,配备050个床位的15家诊所已经开始运营,另有22家诊所有望1月投入使用。Meanwhile, two former Nato secretaries-general and dozens of leading European politicians have urged the alliance to dispatch troops, aircraft and ships to west Africa to help contain the Ebola crisis.与此同时,两位北Nato)前秘书长和几十名欧洲政治领袖已经敦促北约向西非派遣军队、飞机和舰船以帮助遏制埃拉危机。来 /201411/339492乌兰浩特纹绣半永久化妆纹绣培训学校 闽侯纹绣视频教程大全初学纹绣视频教程

宁津学习韩式半永久化妆宜昌市纹绣半永久培训课程报名地址官网在哪里 Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, on Monday launched his 2016 presidential campaign, making formal what has been assumed for months as he criss-crossed America raising millions of dollars for what is expected to become the most expensive White House race in history.周一,美国佛罗里达州前州长杰#8226;布什(Jeb Bush)启动了他016年总统竞选活动,实了几个月以来外界的猜测。过去几个月,他走遍全美国,筹集了数百万美元资金,用于一场预计将是史上“最贵”的白宫角逐赛。“We will take command of our future once again,said the latest Republican candidate, according to his prepared remarks. “We will lift our sights again, make opportunity common again, get events in the world moving our way again.”“我们将再次掌控自己的未来,”这位最新的共和党竞选人根据事先准备的讲稿说。“我们将再一次提升视野,再次让大家共享机遇,再次让世界局势朝着有利于我们的方向运行。”In language that seemed designed to counter criticism that he and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, are vestiges of the past, he said his message would be an “optimisticone. “I am certain that we can make the decades just ahead in America the greatest time ever to be alive in this world.”他说,他传达出的将是“乐观的”消息。“我确信,我们能让美国未来的几十年变成人们在这个世界上所能经历的最伟大时代。”此言似乎意在回击有关他和民主党领跑者希拉里#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)都是历史遗痕的批评。Mr Bush is the 11th Republican to join the ballooning number of Republican presidential contenders.杰布#8226;布什是第11位宣布竞选总统的共和党人,这一数字还在持续膨胀。Mr Bush was touted as the Republican frontrunner by the party’s establishment when he revealed last year that he was considering following the path of his brother and father by running for president. However, despite what is expected to be a hugely successful fundraising campaign, Mr Bush has struggled to pull ahead of his rivals in opinion polls.在杰#8226;布什去年透露其正考虑追随兄长及父亲的脚步竞选美国总统时,他被共和党当权派吹捧为该党的领跑者。然而,尽管其筹款活动预计将取得巨大成功,但杰布#8226;布什之前一直难以在民调中领先其竞争对手。来 /201506/381113宝山学韩式半永久化妆多少钱

湖州市半永久培训费用7 new MERS cases in S.Korea韩国再增七名MERS病例Seven new cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, have been confirmed in South Korea, taking the total to 145, the countrys Ministry of Health and Welfare said Sunday.韩国保健福祉4日表示,韩国新增7例中东呼吸综合征(MERS)病例,确诊患者增45人。Fifteen people died from the virus so far, 10 have recovered after being infected and 120 are under treatment, the ministry said.截至目前,有15人死亡,10人痊愈,120人正在接受治疗。The Samsung Medical Center, a prominent hospital in Seoul, suspended most services on Sunday to focus on stopping MERS after being identified as the epicenter of the sp of MERS.首尔一家著名医院——三星首尔医院被发现已成为MERS疫情扩散的集中源头4日,该医院叫停了大部分务,希望能阻止疫情发展。The outbreak has sparked international concern, shuttered more than 3,000 schools and stalled the countrys economy.这场全球关注的疫情使得韩国超千所学校关闭,经济陷于停滞状态。来 /201506/380687 宣汉半永久化妆培训班鹿泉半永久培训机构




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