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China media watchdog said it has ordered Internet celebrity ;Papi Jiang; to take her s offline on last Sunday due to her use of ;swear words and insulting language; in the show.上周日,中国媒体监督机构表示,因存在粗口表述、侮辱性语言问题,网红“Papi酱”的视频已被勒令下线The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) has required the show to remove the foul language and vulgar content bee it could go back online. The SAPPRFT said the move against ;Papi Jiang; followed ;reports from the public and expert evaluations;.国家新闻出版广电总局要求该节目在去除违规言语、低俗内容后,才能重新上线广电总局称,针对“Papi酱”的这一举动是依据群众举报和专家评审结果;Papi Jiang; is the nickname of a graduate from the Central Academy of Drama, who began cracking jokes in homemade s on social networks in August . She now has more than m followers on Sina Weibo and has raised RMBm from investors a share of her brand.“Papi酱”是中央戏剧学院某研究生的昵称,年8月,她开始在社交网络发布自制搞笑视频她目前在新浪微拥有超过00万的粉丝,“Papi酱”品牌从投资者那里筹集了00万元的股份融资The blogger has responded on Weibo that she accepts the criticism and will revise the s. Yang Ming, the CEO of Papi Jiang team behind the viral s, also said that they have been made aware of their shortcomings and will heed the authorities call revision.“Papi酱”在微中对此事作出回应称,她接受批评,将会修改视频内容“Papi酱”团队的领导者杨明也表示,他们已经意识到自己的缺点,将会听从广电总局的建议修改视频It is reported that the verbal order is not directed against Papi Jiang only, as many other websites are asked to revise their s.据广电总局表示,这项勒令并不只是针对“Papi酱”的,因为很多其他视频网站也被要求修改他们的视频 38891。

The popular Chinese animation TV series Calabash Brothers (Hulu Xiongdi) is set to become alive-action film, announced Shanghai Film Group Corporation and Edko Films at a joint pressconference in Shanghai on February 9.月9日,上海电影集团与安乐电影公司在上海联合宣布,深受欢迎的国产系列动画片《葫芦兄弟即将推出真人版电影Known as ;Húluwá; among its many Chinese fans, the original -episode series was firstbroadcast in 1986 and follows the adventures of seven boys with super powers fighting two demonic spirits.《葫芦兄弟是上海电影集团于1986年推出的集动画片,讲述了七个“葫芦娃”兄弟大战两个妖怪的故事,深受中国观众的喜爱The animation is part of the collective memory of many fans who were born in the 1970s and 80sand they are both excited and anxious at the news.《葫芦兄弟是中国“70后”、“80后”们的集体童年回忆的一部分在听到了这一消息后,他们表示即兴奋又担忧;No matter how terrible the movie gonna be, Im definitely going to watch it,; said BanbiTyphoon on the Twitter-like social media Sina Weibo. Another, Duoduo, worried whether ;the director could find seven identical brothers filming.;新浪微用户(相当于中国版本的Twitter)BanbiTyphoo 表示,“不管这部电影被改成了什么样,我一定会去看看”另一位名叫“多多”的网友则对此表示担心:“导演是否能找到7个一样的兄弟来演葫芦娃”At the press conference, Bill Kong, president of Hong Kong-based Edko Films, promised that the remake had been decided upon after careful deliberation. He added that they have opted live-action rather than high-tech CG animation as part of their efts to respect the roots of the classic animation.在新闻发布会上,香港安乐影业总裁江志强表示,启动拍摄真人版《葫芦兄弟是经过了慎重的考虑之后做出的决定他补充说,他们选择了真人版电影而不是高科技电脑动画版,并会尽最大努力在银幕上重塑经典A calabash is a light-green vine fruit, also known as opo squash or long melon. In the series,seven different-coloured calabashes fall from their stems and magically transm into the brothers.葫芦是一种藤状植物的草绿色果实,又被称为瓠子或者长瓜在《葫芦兄弟系列中,七种不同颜色的葫芦从蒂部落下之后,神奇地变成了葫芦兄弟So far, the animation series has been translated into seven languages.迄今为止,这部动画片已经被译成了7种语言 00。

While New York University professor of photography plans the camera to be attached to the back of his head, maybe it's time students to beware when passing notes or yawning in class.  纽约大学摄影学教授近日正打算给自己的后脑勺安装一个摄像头,那么学生们在传纸条、打哈欠时可得小心又小心了  As professor Wafaa Bilal's brainchild, the camera can take still pictures at one-minute intervals. All of Bilal's students have been inmed about the plan, but the university is still figuring out ground rules the sake of student privacy.  瓦法阿-比埃尔教授所设想的这个摄像头可以一分钟间隔拍摄静态照据悉,比埃尔教授的学生们都已知道该计划,而纽约大学方面出于对学生隐私的考虑正筹划相关运作程序  Other individuals have also experimented with transming themselves into bionic beings. A filmmaker who lacks vision in one eye created a small "EyeBorg" camera that could provide a surreal documentary-style experience viewers.  此前已有人利用仿生学武装自己某电影制片人单眼失明,但他发明了一个名为“眼”的摄像头,可为使用者提供逼真的视觉效果 The latest example of installing a camera on the back of someone's head may sound extreme, but it could perhaps spark some discussion about the privacy issue in a society where cameras are everywhere.  这个在人类后脑勺上安装摄像头的想法听起来可能有些极端,但在这个遍布摄像头的社会里,该想法或许能激发人们关于隐私问题的大讨论 8550。

在印度拉贾斯坦邦,才貌双全的男人也未必能讨到老婆,除非他有一个    Long, twirling moustaches and bejewelled daggers are no longer enough a man seeking to marry in India's desert state of Rajasthan.But if he is lucky enough to have a sister, he can relax, a newspaper report said Sunday以印度拉贾斯坦邦为例,即使男方才貌双全,有女儿的人家也不会轻易将女儿嫁出,除非男方家还有一个待字闺中的女儿可以嫁给女方家尚未娶亲的儿子拉贾斯坦邦的Shekhawati地区一名立法者指出:“在过去几年里,该地区大约有30%的婚约都是在这样相互交换的模式下达成的”   A declining sex ratio in the state is prompting a girl's parents to spurn offers of marriage from men unless the potential groom's family also has a marriageable daughter their son, the Sunday Express said. "Around 30 percent of the marriages in the past year in Shekhawati region of Rajasthan were fixed on this swap system," local lawmaker Rajendra Chauhan said. 报道说,照印度传统,女孩出嫁时,父母都会准备丰厚的嫁妆给新郎家以确保女儿婚姻幸福,但如今在许多邦出现无嫁妆出嫁的情况与此相反,新郎家倒是需要为新娘家准备一个姑娘去“陪嫁”给新娘家   The report said that dowry, where traditionally a bride's father had to bestow riches on a groom to secure a marriage, has completely disappeared from many parts of the state. Rather the groom's families are now offering to bear the cost of finding a suitable bride their sons.。

亲爱的朋友们,出门在外总是要碰到各种各样的标识的,如果你在碰到不认识的标识,很有可能会出糗的啊?看过这些后,我想大家更加随心所欲地出行了1. Business Hours 营业时间 . Office Hours 办公时间 3. Entrance 入口 . Exit 出口 5. Push 推 6. Pull 拉 7. Shut 此路不通 8. On 打开 ( 放) 9. Off 关 . Open 营业 . Pause 暂停 . Stop 关闭 . Closed 下班 . Menu 菜单 . Fragile 易碎 . This Side Up 此面向上 . Introductions 说明 18. One Street 单行道 19. Keep RightLeft 靠左右 . Buses Only 只准公共汽车通过 1. Wet Paint 油漆未干 . Danger 危险 3. Lost and Found 失物招领处 . Give Way 快车先行 5. Safety First 安全第一 6. Filling Station 加油站 7. No Smoking 禁止吸烟 . No Photos 请勿拍照 9. No Visitors 游人止步 30. No Entry 禁止入内 31. No Admittance 闲人免进 3. No Honking 禁止鸣喇叭 33. Parking 停车处 . Toll Free 免费通行 35. F.F. 快进 36. Rew. 倒带 37. EMS (邮政)特快专递 38. Insert Here 此处插入 39. Open Here 此处开启 0. Split Here 此处撕开 1. Mechanical Help 车辆修理.“AA”Film 十四岁以下禁看电影 3. Do Not Pass 禁止超车 . No U Turn 禁止掉头 5. U Turn OK 可以U形转弯 6. No Cycling in the School校内禁止骑车7. SOS 紧急求救信号 8. Hands Wanted 招聘 9. Staff Only 本处职工专用 50. No Litter 勿乱扔杂物 819。

西方人为了彼此融洽相处,特别重视生活教育和人际关系以下是一些例子:   一、先“恭维”后“不过”   1. 美国人对别人的建议或忠告,多半不会马上答复即使不想采纳,通常也会客气地说:You have a wonderful idea,but have you thought of it another way﹖你的主意很棒,不过你是否想到用另外一种方式来考虑呢?   . 西方人婉拒别人的邀请,也是如法炮制   Thank you asking,but I have to do something else tonight. 谢谢邀请,但我今晚要办其他事情   或把Let me think about it.作为缓冲或推辞的藉口。

Traveling is one of life’s great joys. It’s a way to see the world and learn about places you’ve never been bee. Here are some ways to help you make the most of your travel experience.旅行是人生一大乐趣之一旅行的方式,让我们放眼看世界以及了解自己以前从未去过的地方这里有一些方法有助于你充分体验旅行的乐趣1. Plan the unexpected旅途中的意外惊喜An itinerary can be helpful, but you won’t be able to plan everything down to the smallest detail. How could you possibly have known about that little restaurant at the back of that alley bee you arrived, or that friendly local who invited who into his house to hear him play the santuri? Often, the best parts of a trip are a result of an adventure.旅行日程可能会有所帮助,但你无法计划到一切最小的细节你不到那里的话,你怎么可能知道那个巷子后面的那个小餐馆呢?或者说,你怎么可能预料到友好的当地人会邀请你到他家去听他演奏扬琴?通常情况下,一次旅行的最佳部分就是冒险 776。