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Your own sleep coach(tune Small Business) -- Few of us make money by losing sleep. But three grad students at Brown University in Providence built a company around sleep deprivation. Jason Donahue, Ben Rubin and Eric Shashoua were working late nights in Brown's business and engineering schools -- and began thinking about ways to sleep better. They discovered they weren't alone in burning the midnight oil. Around % of Americans get less than six hours of rest a night. (See our cover story, "Make Sleep Work You," September .) The friends imagined a smart alarm clock that could track how much time we spend in the most restorative stages of the sleep cycle: REM and deep sleep. What would it cost to design such a thing? Answer: five years of research, hires, $ million in funding and a whole lot of doubting from investors and scientists. The trio's company, Zeo, based in Newton, Mass., launched its product in June. The Zeo device uses a patent-pending headband with tiny sensors that scan your brain signs of four sleep states: REM, light, deep and waking sleep (which saps your energy). The smart alarm clock displays a graph of your sleep pattern and wakes you as you're transitioning out of REM sleep (which is when you're least groggy). In the morning you can upload the data to the company's Web site, and so track your sleep over time. The cost, 9, includes six months' access to one of Zeo's online sleep coaches. Most of the feedback comes in the m of Zeo's ZQ score -- an index of how well the device thinks you've slept. "Zeo allows people to unlock this mysterious black box of sleep," says Dave Dickinson, a veteran health-care CEO whom the founders brought onboard in to run the business side. Whether any of this actually improves sleep is up to the consumer, who will also need to make lifestyle changes like cutting out alcohol bee bedtime or caffeine after 3 p.m. "No one should mistake it a diagnostic tool," says Darrel Drobnich, chief program officer at the National Sleep Foundation (though he does say Zeo is "a neat product that can educate people"). That Zeo exists at all is remarkable. When the trio first started shopping their idea around, scientists told them no consumer product could match the costly monitoring equipment of professional sleep labs. Their first prototype was made from a headband and an Altoids mints tin, which Shashoua admits turned off investors. "When we had a better-looking prototype, that changed," he says. Eventually the startup scored $ million, mainly from venture capital firms Trident Capital and iD Ventures America. It also won over renowned sleep scientists, such as Harvard Medical School's Charles Czeisler, who now sits on Zeo's advisory board. now the company is selling Zeo online only. Dickinson is looking at distribution deals with stores that carry consumer health-care gadgets. He also plans to expand to countries such as Australia, where sleep deprivation approaches U.S. levels. 81In a big coming out week Hollywood, Victor Garber confirmed that he is gay in an interview with GregInHollywood.本周对好莱坞来说是个同志坦白周,维克多加在一次采访中承认了自己是GAYAfter learning that the actor Wikipedia page says ;He lives in New York with his companion of years, Rainer Andreesen,; Greg wanted to confirm the inmation:得知他的维基百科的主页写的是:“他和他的爱人Rainer Andreesen一起在纽约生活了年”格雷格想确认这条信息:So I got up, walked into the lobby of the Langham Huntington Hotel and found Garber. I just decided to ask him: ;Wikipedia lists Rainer Andreesen as your partner. I wondered if that something that public, that youve confirmed.;我起床了,走到朗廷酒店大厅找到了加我决定问他:“维基百科上写Rainer Andreesen是你的爱人,我想知道这是否是公开的?你已经确认了?”He seemed surprised by the question but said: I dont really talk about it but everybody knows.;他看来对这个问题很惊讶但是他回答道“我没有谈论过这个但是所有人都知道”Garber then added: ;He going to be out here with me the S Awards.;然后加补充道:“他要和我一起参加美国演员工会奖颁奖礼”It should be noted the interview took place during the TV Critics Association Press Tour, a week prior to the Golden Globes. While just published yesterday, the interview was not prompted by Jodie Foster coming out speech.值得注意的是这段对话发生在电视协会媒体之旅,在金球奖之前昨天刚刚发出,并不是受朱迪福斯特在金球奖上的演讲影响Garber currently stars in the Oscar-nominated film, Argo, and the new N series, Deception.加目前还参演了奥斯卡提名电影《逃离德黑兰,N系列,《致命陷阱 093

When asked to list quintessential English gentlemen, many, Colin Firth immediately comes to mind.每当说起典型的英国绅士,首先浮现在很多人脑海中的就是科林#86;费斯In his recent film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, the 5-year-old actor appears as elegant and lethal superspy Harry Hart, wearing double-breasted suits, oxd shoes and square-frame glasses. One minute he’s composed and polite, and then in the next he’s skillfully violent and aggressive. example, in one scene he says, “Manners maketh a man”, bee severely beating up a group of villains. Firth brings out the perfect mix of typical British style and humor through this permance.5岁的费斯最近又在电影《王牌特工:特工学院中饰演了一位优雅而致命的超级间谍 ——哈里#86;哈特他身着双排扣西装,脚穿牛津鞋,头戴方框眼镜;前一分钟,他还淡定沉着、文质彬彬,后一分钟他已气势如虹,游刃有余地大开杀戒正如电影中的一幕,前一秒他还在说着“不知礼,无以立也”,后一秒就把一群恶棍揍得分不清南北在影片中,费斯更是将地道英伦范儿与英式幽默完美结合Firth began appearing on English TV in the early 1990s, but it wasn’t until he played Mr Darcy, a brooding, aloof and charming upper class character from Jane Austen’s famous novel “Pride and Prejudice”, that Firth’s career really took off. His portrayal of the perfect fictional gentleman conquered millions of hearts, especially females’.其实,早在二十世纪九十年代,费斯就已经登上英国的电视荧屏但是,直到在著名小说改编的电影《傲慢与偏见中出演达西先生后,他的事业才开始青云直上在简#86;奥斯汀笔下,达西压抑冷漠却魅力无边剧中,费斯所演绎的这位虚构的上流社会完美绅士赢得芳心无数In many fans and critics’ eyes, Firth has British good looks, British charm, and a gift characters with a British sense of being reserved. Movie reviewer Jason O’Bryan described Firth as “always befitting the calm and stiff-upper-lip British gentlemen character”.不论在粉丝还是批评家眼中,费斯都有着英式的帅气外貌、迷人的英伦魅力,以及英国人特有的矜持性格影评人杰森#86;奥布莱恩就曾这样形容费斯:“(他)正符合英国绅士冷静淡定、不露声色的性格特点”However Firth doesn’t consider himself the authority on gentlemen. “I don’t necessarily approach every challenge like a perfect English gentleman spy. There are many aspects in my personality that are not consistent with someone like Harry Hart,” he said to Dialogue, an English-language show on CCTV News.但是,费斯却从不觉得自己是绅士方面的专家在央视英语新闻频道一档名为《今日话题的英语秀节目中,他曾说,“我可不一定像完美的英伦绅士特工那样应对一切挑战我的性格中有很多方面都与哈里#86;哈特不同”But let’s just take his words as another gentlemanly quality – modesty. After all, who might expect an Oscar-winning actor over 50 years old to learn to fight his debut action movie?但是,我们不妨把他的话看做绅士的另一个特质——谦虚毕竟,谁又能想到这位年过半百的奥斯卡影帝为了他的第一部动作片学习格斗?To prepare Kingsman, Firth had professional combat masters train him three hours every day over six months. He broke a tooth and got bruised everywhere, but took the damage as a symbol of his accomplishments. “I thought it would be too painful, too embarrassing. In fact I found it quite boring to go back to acting.”为了出演《王牌特工,费斯在名专业格斗高手的指导下,每天训练三个小时,一练就是大半年他曾经打断过牙齿,全身淤青,但他却将这看作是自己所取得成绩的标志他说,“我本以为训练一定格外痛苦,自己定会频频出糗而事实上,当我回归表演时,我才发现它是多么无趣”In Dialogue, Firth said he had many other sides – he’s passionate about literature and literary research. However, to many of his movie fans, he is indeed a gentleman and elite actor above all else.在《今日话题中,费斯说他是一个很多面的人,比如他对文学和文学研究都很有兴趣不过,对于许多他的电影粉丝而言,他首先还是一位绅士、一位出色的演员 3696

What a magazine dying to put Kate Middleton on its cover to do? That easy -Photoshop away. There no doubt that Middleton, 30, would be a major get a fashion mag - reportedly, both British and American Vogue have tried, unsuccessfully, to get the royal to agree to a shoot. So when it came time to settle on a cover star their August issue, Marie Claire South Africa took matters into their own hands by photoshopping an image of Prince William love.南非8月刊的《Marie Claire的封面人物、英国王妃凯特·米德尔顿引发了极大关注,向来衣着得体、淡雅大方的她居然一身异国情调的红裙火热亮相,实在让人大(微)跌眼镜原来为了宣传南非的设计师,并帮助他们得到世界的认可,杂志方通过PS让凯特王妃穿上了南非时装,大展热带风情编辑阿斯帕西亚·卡拉斯说:“毫无疑问,凯特·米德尔顿是新的世界风尚偶像我们很荣幸通过人工素材图向她致以敬意,为她穿上南非设计师的装,把她置于趣味横生的日常环境”Unlike other Duchess Kate photoshop missteps, Marie Claire SA cover was expressly designed to look as if the future Queen of England had struck a pose the mag while rocking ths by famed South African designer Clive Rundle. ;Kate Middleton is, without a doubt, the world new style icon,; Aspasia Karras, Marie Claire SA editor, explained of their ;hyper-real; issue. ;We have honored her with a fan-art tribute, dressing her up in clothes by South African designers and placing her in all sorts of fun, everyday situations.;迄今为止,凯特王妃从没有为任何出版物拍过照片,杂志方也毫不掩饰这是张PS图身为公众人物的她究竟该不该像明星一样成为杂志的平面素材,对于杂志社的此种做法,目前也引来许多不同看法 1990Call it an ode to what might have been.事情真是阴差阳错As Lady Rose Aldridge née MacClare, the ravishingly feisty Crawley cousin on “Downton Abbey,” Lily James might have appeared the embodiment of a spoiled-rotten stepsister when auditioning Disney’s “Cinderella.”莉莉·詹姆斯(Lily James)在《唐顿庄园(Downton Abbey)中饰演克劳利家的表亲——活泼迷人的罗斯·阿尔德里奇·麦克克莱尔夫人(Lady Rose Aldridge née MacClare);为迪士尼的《灰姑娘(Cinderella)试镜时,她本该饰演被宠坏的继女And as Daisy Mason, the series’ scullery maid turned assistant cook and budding revolutionary, Sophie McShera might have seemed the ideal candidate the orphan girl sentenced to cleaning fireplaces and scraping plates until being rescued by Prince Charming. (But not bee rescuing him first.) Then Kenneth Branagh, the film’s director, heard Ms. James speak.《唐顿庄园里的女帮厨黛西·马森(Daisy Mason),后来成了大厨助手,还酝酿着革新该角色由索菲·麦西拉(Sophie McShera)饰演,或许她才是饰演灰姑娘的理想人选——被迫清扫壁炉、刷盘子,最后被白马王子拯救(但她得先拯救王子才行)但是后来《灰姑娘的导演肯尼斯·布拉纳(Kenneth Branagh)听到了莉莉·詹姆斯的声音“I loved the quality of her voice,” he said in a phone interview from London. “I loved the warmth, tone and range in it. I found it very expressive.” He especially loved that, across the drawn-out process of auditioning and screen testing, “she kept her good humor and she kept her patience and she kept finding a playful quality that in itself seemed to me like a great harbinger of good tune the part.”“我喜欢她的音质,”布拉纳在伦敦接受电话采访时说“我喜欢她声音里的温暖、音色和起伏,我觉得很有表现力”经过长时间的试演和试镜,他格外喜欢这一点,“她一直保持良好的幽默感,一直都很耐心;她一直都在寻找一种戏谑的特质,我觉得这是个好兆头”That’s when he dangled the Swarovski crystal slipper bee Ms. James — and later cast Ms. McShera (who, alas, never got to try the Cinderella role on size) as Drizella, one of the wicked stepmother’s demon spawn — setting their upstairs-downstairs-at-Downton dynamic on its head.于是他把施华洛世奇的水晶鞋放在詹姆斯面前,后来又找来麦西拉,饰演邪恶继母的坏女儿德里兹拉(麦西拉并未试演过灰姑娘这个角色),这下《唐顿庄园里的等级秩序倒过来了“It was an easier leap of the imagination me to play an ugly stepsister than the princess,” Ms. James said, her lilting cadence on full display as she explained her initial reluctance to step into the title role of the film, which opens March . “I was actually really looking ward to playing the off-center part, to not having to watch how I look or what I say.“对于我来说,想像自己饰演丑恶的继女姊要比想像自己是公主容易得多,”詹姆斯说,她解释自己为什么一开始不愿意在这部3月日上映的影片中饰演灰姑娘,声音中充满轻快活泼“我其实不想演主角,不太想去过分关注自己的样子或是台词”“I see it now as the right fit. And in the scenes where I’m tightening Sophie’s corset and cleaning her plate, I think she loved bossing someone around. There was a real sense of gratification that she finally had the upper hand.”“我现在觉得这个角色安排很合适有一场戏里,我得帮索菲穿紧身衣,给她洗盘子我觉得她喜欢使别人能占我的上风让她很高兴”Ah, sweet revenge.啊,甜蜜的报复“This time I had all the gorgeous dresses, and I was the one who was speaking properly,” Ms. McShera said giddily, her Yorkshire accent thick. And an actress whose regular job requires her to go cosmetic-free, save a smear of fish mousse or turnip purée, the three hours it took to apply Drizella’s ginger ringlets and scarlet Cupid’s bow were a kind of movie-set Nirvana.“这一次,我有各种漂亮衣,我成了那个说话体面的人,”麦西拉操着很重的约克郡口音笑着说她在《唐顿庄园里的角色一般不需要化妆,只要在身上涂点鱼冻或者萝卜酱污渍就够了,然而德里兹拉的红色长卷发和鲜红双唇需要三个小时的化妆,在片场简直要出人命“We wore so much makeup,” she said, “that when I washed my face, I nearly didn’t recognize myself in the mirror.”“我们的妆化得很浓,”她说,“洗脸的时候,我都快认不出镜中的自己了”Harnessing the phenomenon that is “Downton Abbey,” which on Sunday wrapped its fifth season on PBS’s “Masterpiece,” might seem like savvy, even cynical casting.《唐顿庄园在PBS的“杰作”栏目里播出,到本周日,第五季就将结束从这部剧中选演员似乎很讨巧,甚至是鸡贼的做法“ all of their youth, the great bonus was their experience in ‘Downton’ as permers rather than the fact that they happen to be in a hit show,” Mr. Branagh countered. “These were young people who were coming to me having been in front of the camera a great deal. And I knew that these two girls were on a daily basis exposed to Maggie Smith and Penny Wilton and Elizabeth McGovern and Phyllis Logan, and that they had very strong examples of terrific acting” — experience that helped when perming alongside Cate Blanchett, as Cinderella’s stepmother-tormentor, and Helena Bonham Carter, as the fairy godmother. “They turned out to be very responsive as a result.”“她们很年轻,但额外的优势是因为她们在《唐顿庄园中出演角色,而不是因为她们在热门电视剧里亮相,”布拉纳反驳说“有很多来找我的年轻人都很有表演经验但我知道这两个姑娘每天都和玛吉·史密斯(Maggie Smith)、潘尼·威尔顿(Penny Wilton)、伊丽莎白·麦戈文(Elizabeth McGovern)和菲利斯·洛根(Phyllis Logan)打交道,这些人都是表演的好榜样”这样的经历对于她们和凯特·布兰切特(Cate Blanchett,饰演灰姑娘爱折磨人的坏继母)以及海伦娜·伯翰·卡特(Helena Bonham Carter,饰演仙女教母)一起表演很有帮助“这能让她们做出机敏的反应”Taking their cue from the Perrault folk tale and the 1950 animated Disney film, Mr. Branagh and the screenwriter Chris Weitz set out to conjure a contemporary heroine empowered by the conviction of her choices, however antiquated they might seem. (A 1st-century teenager who doesn’t rebel at being banished to an unheated attic, let alone bidden to attend the prom? So not happening.)电影故事来源于佩罗(Perrault)民间故事与迪士尼公司1950年的动画,布拉纳与编剧克里斯·韦兹(Chris Weitz)塑造出一个有现代性的女主人公,她因为坚持自己的选择而得到力量,虽然看上去可能有些过时(一个1世纪的青少年还会因为被罚关进没有供暖的阁楼而愤怒吗,更何况是不被允许参加舞会呢?这太不可能了)As “have courage and be kind,” the mantra that some have suggested reduces Cinderella to an anti-feminist milquetoast, Mr. Branagh likened it to the nonviolent resistance of Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.有些人认为“保持勇气,保持善良”这句箴言让灰姑娘显得像个反对女权主义的胆小鬼,布拉纳把这句话和小马丁·路德·金(Martin Luther King Jr.)、纳尔逊·曼德拉(Nelson Mandela)与圣雄甘地(Mahatma Gandhi)的非暴力抵抗相提并论“I liked its simplicity,” he said. “It’s a challenging request to do something very simple, which is also very difficult.”“我喜欢它的简单质朴,”他说“化繁为简是非常困难的”He added: “I’m proud that a sophisticated, intelligent and passionate girl emerges out of a classical framework where her empowerment is not at the price of becoming like a man. I think it celebrates her specific femaleness in a way that encourages people to be who they are, not necessarily in competition with the opposite gender or with an attempt to be what other people appear to wish them to be.”他补充说:“我感到骄傲的是,从经典作品的框架之中,我们塑造出了一个世故、聪慧而又热情的女孩,她最终得到力量,但没有而变得像个男人我觉得影片赞美了她的女性特质,它鼓励人们做自己,而不是和另一个性别去竞争,或者试图去成为别人希望他们成为的样子”Cinderella’s gentle qualities may not be as obviously superhuman as those of some other Disney princesses — say, Elsa’s cryokinetic powers in “Frozen” or the anti-aging qualities of Rapunzel’s hair in “Tangled” — “but I think her inner strength is something anyone can possess,” Ms. James said. “She’s not armed with swords or weapons to be strong. It’s from within, and any child can do that.灰姑娘温文尔雅的性格似乎不像迪士尼的其他公主们那样,带有清晰的超人色——比如《冰雪奇缘(Frozen)里艾莎召唤冰雪的能力,还有《魔发奇缘(Tangled)里长发公主令人保持青春的能力——“但我觉得她内心的力量是每个人都能拥有的,”詹姆斯说,“她没有佩戴刀剑和武器,好让自己显得强悍,她的力量来自内心,每个孩子都能做到”“And the journey she goes through at the end, where she realizes that the greatest risk is to be who you truly are — that’s something we all want to be. If only I could have that myself.”“到最后,她在旅途中发现,最大的冒险就是成为真正的自己——我们都希望做自己但愿我也能做得到”Their days of living in near anonymity, as both Ms. James and Ms. McShera once claimed to, are nearly over as Vogue and InStyle interviews, a licensing agreement with M.A.C. Cosmetics, and a luxury shoe collection are unfurled. BoxOffice.com recently estimated that “Cinderella,” to be introduced on screens by a new animated short based on “Frozen,” Disney’s blockbuster, will gross million in ticket sales on its opening weekend in North America.詹姆斯和麦西拉前不久接受了《Vogue和《InStyle的访谈,她们默默无闻的日子就要到头了,报道中写到同M.A.C.化妆品公司的合同,以及奢侈的鞋子收藏《灰姑娘将同《冰雪奇缘(迪士尼年的轰动之作)的最新动画衍生短片一起上映,BoxOffice.com网站最近估计,上映当周周末,北美票房将达到6800万美元Then there are the towering billboards, and the requisite kerfuffle about whether Ms. James’s tiny waist was digitally whittled down even further. (She and Mr. Branagh insisted it was merely the magic of bone structure and corsetry.) “It’s incredible, seeing your face three-stories high,” Ms. McShera said. “That’s when you really get a sense of the enormity of the film.”还有大幅广告牌,詹姆斯纤细的腰肢是否经数码处理过,届时免不了又会掀起争议(她和布拉纳都说,这只是裙撑骨架和紧身衣带来的奇妙效果)“看到你的脸有三层楼那么高,真的很惊人,”麦西拉说“你会觉得这部电影真的不一般”Sighing with what might have been delight — or was it trepidation? — Ms. James said: “No one recognizes me — ever — and now this. I see myself soaring above Sunset Boulevard and Times Square, and it’s just the weirdest thing.”詹姆斯叹了口气,不知是由于快乐抑或不安:“以前根本没人能认出我——现在就变成这样看到自己的照片挂在日落大道和时报广场,感觉真是超怪的” 3657

Online fantasy to hit the big screen with fan support《三生三世十里桃花搬上大荧幕Alibaba Pictures is the latest online platm to make a bid the big screen, announcing it plans to turn a popular Internet novel into a movie with the help of fans.最新网络平台阿里影业出价购买电影版权,宣布计划在粉丝的持下将一部畅销网络小说搬上大荧幕A team from the French National Institute Preventive Archaeological Research discovered the body when they pried open her lead coffin during a rescue excavation on the construction site of a new conference center in Rennes in northwestern France.电影《三生三世十里桃花,取自年网上大热同名小说,将于9月份开拍Set in a fictional world in which monsters, gods and humans coexist, the story weaves a complicated timeline into a bittersweet romance between a 0,000-year-old fox princess and a 50,000-year-old dragon prince.故事背景是一个妖、神与人共存的玄幻世界,故事由复杂的时间线串连,讲述了万岁的青丘帝姬和5万岁的九重天太子之间的爱情故事Written by a low-profile author who is known only by the pseudonym Tangqi Gongzi, the novel has become an Internet sensation since it was released in on Jjwxc.net, one of the country largest literature websites.作者十分低调,笔名唐七公子,自年在中国最大文学网站之一的晋江文学网站上刊载,这部小说引起网络巨大轰动The novel was published by Shenyang Press in and has sold 1.1 million copies.年小说由沈阳出版社发行,销量达1万With a solid base of fans, up to 190 million pieces of news, reviews and other content related to the novel can be found through the search engine Baidu.com.在坚实的粉丝群拥护下,通过百度搜索引擎可以找到1.9亿条与小说相关的新闻、及其他内容Industry watchers say its online popularity and potential market earnings could propel the film to be the next blockbuster.行业观察者表示,这部小说的在线人气和市场收益潜力会有助于这部电影成为下一个大片The boom began when So Young, the directorial debut of A-list actress Zhao Wei, now a major shareholder of Alibaba Pictures, took a record box office of 718 million yuan ( million) in .这一热潮始于一线演员赵薇导演处女作《致青春的上映,年,《致青春票房高达7.18亿人民币(1.亿美元),现在赵薇是阿里影业股东之一Zhang Qiang, CEO of Alibaba Pictures, reveals that the original script has been evaluated by some die-hard fans, and the novel ers will also have the right to select the cast through online votes.阿里影业CEO张强透露,原始剧本已经由一些忠实粉丝审阅过了,小说读者也有权通过线上投票选演员A campaign to recruit some actors has been launched in a number of colleges in the country.招募演员活动已在一些大学启动Zhang Yibai, the movie producer and a veteran director of romance-themed blockbusters, has defined himself as a ;project manager; rather than a filmmaker.张一白是这部电影制作人,他是一位经验丰富的爱情大片导演,称自己是“项目经理”而不是电影制作人Though hardly masking their commercial ambition, the filmmakers promise the movie wont be a coarse production to be made only the money.尽管努力隐藏自己的商业目的,电影制作商承诺这部电影不会只金钱而粗劣制造;Well create the best visual effects and have a big budget to hire the top talents,; said Zhang Qiang at a Beijing media event on May 6.“我们将创作最佳视觉效果,我们将花大预算请顶尖专业人员参与制作”张强在5月6日北京电影活动中说道Anthony LaMolinara, Oscar-winner best visual effects Spider Man , will lead a Hollywood team to design the fictional wonderland of a spectacle from heaven to the ocean.曾凭《蜘蛛侠获得奥斯卡最佳视觉效果的安东尼·莫林纳拉将带领好莱坞团队设计海天玄幻仙境 37911. An endless list of things she shouldnt be eating or drinkingIt is an axiom of printed media –why couldnt Leveson have tackled this? – that famous or notable people are keener to have healthy children than anybody else. How much Kate Middleton likes salad, I would never speculate.1.关于她不该吃或喝什么的无尽的清单这是印刷媒体的一个自明之理——为什么莱韦森还没有处理这件事?——名贵们比其他任何人都热衷于拥有健康的孩子凯特米德尔顿多么喜欢沙拉,我永远不会这样揣测. Anything at all about their sex life.关于他们性生活的任何事3. Speculation about whether it a boy or a girlI had a friend who, when asked if it was a boy or a girl, used to say ;I hope so;, and then make a sarcastic face.3.猜测那是男孩还是女孩我有一个朋友当被问及那是个男孩还是女孩时,常说“我希望如此”,然后做出一个讽刺的鬼脸. Suggestions baby namesThe royal family actually invented a crude version of the internet, some centuries ago: the Posh Name Generator. It gave you a list of four names, Elizabeth, Henry, James or Mary, and you chose on the basis of the gender of the child and the names of your existing children. It would have taken off faster if theyd had a larger database and disseminated the technique, but the problem with this family is that they dont share..为婴儿名字出谋划策皇室家族实际上在几个世纪前就发明了互联网上的原始版本:上层贵族名字生成器它给你一张上面有四个名字的列表,伊丽莎白、亨利、詹姆斯或玛丽,你根据孩子的性别和你现有孩子的名字来选择如果他们有一个更大的数据库并传播这种技巧它会扩展得更快,但问题是这个家庭他们不分享5. How soon Pippa Middleton will want to get pregnant5.皮帕米德尔顿想多快地怀呢?6. Anything that mistakes hyperemesis gravidarum ;bad morning sickness;It is like mistaking pneumonia ;a bad cold;.6.任何把妊娠剧吐误解为“糟糕的晨吐”这就像把肺炎误以为“感冒”7. How hyperemesis gravidarum is actually quite good keeping the weight off, if you manage it correctly7.如果你正确处理这一问题,妊娠剧吐实际上对保持体重如何有用8. An imaginative reconstruction of how Diana would take the news, were she still aliveShe would greet the news just like anybody else who ever been given this news. The spectrum of response-to-a-first-pregnancy-by-a-happily-married-couple is really very short, ranging from ;that nice; to ;that lovely;.8.关于如果戴安娜还活着她会如何接受这条新闻的一个富有想象力的编造她会庆祝这个消息就像被告知这个消息的任何其他人那样对这对幸福结合的夫妻第一次怀的反应期真的很短,从“那不错”到“那好可爱”9. Fashion-related comments wondering ;whither the modest frock dress?; one day, and ;why cant you be sexy-pregnant, like that nice Megan Fox?; the nextIf fashion cant agree –– then it should discuss something else.9.时尚相关的疑惑“合适的连衣裙在哪?”有一天,“为什么你不能性感怀,像漂亮的梅根#86;福克斯那样呢?”下一个如果时尚界不同意-----那么它就应该谈点别的. Any headlined ;Dilatey-Katey;.任何一篇标题为“Dilatey-Katey”文章 61

The English version of Empresses in the Palace, both drama and TV movie, was favored by many well-known overseas television stations in Mipcom in France, receiving strong attention from various media and achieving purchase intention with many television stations, Sina news reported on Monday.新浪网报道,在法国戛纳举行的国际秋季电视节(Mipcom)影展上,《甄嬛传电视剧和电视电影的英文版受到许多海外知名电视台的喜爱,得到许多媒体的关注,并且多家电视台表达其购买意愿The movie was edited and produced with American first-class production team. Sun Media Group founder Wu Zheng, drama director Zheng Xiao Long, and Justin Lin, the most successful Chinese American film director in Hollywood who presented Fast and Furious, are co-genreral producers of the drama and TV movie. Zheng are also the general director.电视电影版的《甄嬛传是由美国一流制作团队制作编辑阳光传媒(Sun Media Group)创始人吴征(Wu Zheng)、《甄嬛传电视版导演郑晓龙(Zheng Xiao Long)和最成功的华裔好莱坞导演同时也是《速度与的导演林诣彬(Justin Lin),是美版《甄嬛传的联合出品人郑晓龙仍是美版《甄嬛传的总导演Well-known drama producer Danielle Woodrew, who merly was in charge of Fox drama department and who received five Emmy awards in , are in the production team as well.前福克斯(Fox)电视台电视剧部门的主管,年获五项艾美奖的著名电视剧出品人丹妮尔·伍德罗也将加入制作团队Based on the 76-episode drama in the original Chinese version, the six-episode TV movie and -episode American drama reproduced the TV music and retook the shots of the life in old age of the main character Zhen Huan, presented by Chinese popular TV star Sun Li.76集的中文版《甄嬛传将被改编成6集的迷你电视电影和集的美版电视剧,重新制作电视配乐,中国电视明星孙俪补拍甄嬛晚年生活的镜头Both the opening song and the ending song were created and edited by Benjamin Wallfisch, famous musician who has produced music many Hollywood films. The opening song named ;A New Day; was presented by Yo Hong Fei, Chinese soprano from China National Opera House, national first-level actress. The music of ;A New Day; was released in Mipcom; the ending song will be released a little later.片头曲和片尾曲将由著名音乐家、曾为许多好莱坞影片配乐的本杰明·沃菲斯齐(Benjamin Wallfisch)制作片头曲名为《新的一天(A New Day),由中央歌剧院(China National Opera House)国家一级演员、女高音歌唱家尤泓斐演唱《新的一天的音乐录影带已在电视节公布而片尾曲则随后公布Empresses in the Palace will be first released in the pay-TV platms in Comcast through In Demand and Time Warner, which cover 1 million users in North America. At the same time, many Asian main stream TV stations which have shown the Chinese version bee look ward to the English drama and TV movie as well.《甄嬛传将通过iN Demand公司和时代华纳在康卡斯特(Comcast)电视台的付费频道首播,康卡斯特在北美拥有1.1亿观众同时,许多播放过中文版《甄嬛传的亚洲主流电视台也对英文版《甄嬛传的电视剧和电视电影非常期待 1393

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