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it作形式主语有时为了考虑句子平衡,通常在主语从句处使用形式主语it,而将真正的主语从句移至句末这分四种情况:1. 对于以连词that引导的主语从句,通常用形式主语it替代主语从句;. 对于以连接代词(副词)引导的主语从句,可以使用形式主语代主语从句,也可直接在句首使用主语从句;3. 对关系代词型what引导的主语从句,通常直接将主语从句放在句首;. 如果句子是疑问句,则必须用带形式主语it的结构四种基本句型1. 连词that引导的主语从句,通常用形式主语it替代主语从句(1) It is +名词+从句It is a fact that... 事实是……;It is good news that... 是好消息;It is a question that... 是个问题;It is common knowledge that... 是常识类似的名词还有:a pity, a wonder, a good thing, no wonder, surprise等it is no surprise 毫不惊奇地例如:It is a mystery to me how it all happened.这是怎么发生的,对我来说就是一个谜It is common knowledge that the whale is not a fish.鲸鱼不是鱼,这是一个常识It is no surprise that China is making progress on such fronts: the manufacture of large passenger aircraft and high-speed trains, research in yeast and aerospace.中国在很多尖端领域,如大飞机制造,高铁、干细胞、航天航空研究等领域取得飞速发展一点都不惊讶() It is +形容词+从句It is necessary that... 有必要……;It is clear that... 很清楚……;It is likely that... 很可能……;It is important that... 重要的是……类似的形容词还有:strange; natural; obvious; true; good; wonderful; possible; unlikely; quite; unusual; certain; evident; worth-while; surprising; interesting; astonishing, etc.例如:It is doubtful whether she will be able to come.我们很怀疑她是否能来It is essential that he should be here by the weekend.周末他务必要来这里It seems obvious that we can not go on like this.很明显,我们不能再这样继续下去It is necessary that you (should) master the computer.你必须要掌握电脑技术(3) It is +过去分词+从句It is said that... 据说……;It is reported that... 据报道……;It has been proved that... 已明……;It must be proved that... 必须指出……类似的过去分词还有:known; estimated; expected; believed; thought; hoped; noted; discussed; required; decided; suggested; demanded; made clear; found out等例如:It used to be said that women must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good.过去人们说女性必须做两倍于男性的工作才能获得一半于男性的好评It has not been made clear when the new road is to be opened to traffic.目前还不清楚,该路段何时可通行使用() 其他It seems (happened appears doesnt matter makes no difference occurred...) that... 主语从句不可提前例如:It makes no difference whether he will attend the meeting or not.他是否出席会议并没有什么不同 now, it appears that the dream might have to wait his great-grandchildren.从现在看来,这一梦想只有等他的重孙辈去实现了. 用连接代词引导的主语从句对于以连接代词(副词)引导的主语从句,可以使用形式主语代主语从句,也可直接在句首使用主语从句例如:Whether they would support us was a problem.他们是否会持我们还是一个问题It was a problem whether they would support us.他们是否会持我们还是一个问题3. 关系代词型what引导的主语从句对关系代词型what引导的主语从句,通常直接将主语从句放在句首例如:What we need is money.我们需要的是钱What I want to know is this.我想知道的就是这一点有时也可用形式主语如:It is clear enough what he meant.他是什么意思很清楚. 如果句子是疑问句则必须用带形式主语it的结构:例如:Is it true that he is the girl father?他是那女孩的父亲,是真的吗?How is it that you are late again?你怎么又迟到了?连词that的省略问题引导主语从句的连词that有时可省有时不能省,其原则是:若that引导的主语从句直接位于句首,则that不能省略;若that引导的主语从句位于句末,而在句首使用了形式主语it,则that可以省略:例如:That you didnt go to the talk was a pity.很遗憾你没去听报告(that不可省)It was a pity (that) you didnt go to the talk.很遗憾你没去听报告(that可省) 6

讲解Today key word is Mobile (mobile adj.可移动的; 行动自如的; n.风铃; 手机; )It means able to move or be moved freely or easily 可移动的It means: A machine designed to convert one m of energy into mechanical energy.Eg: Primary education is given to pupils between the ages of 5 and .)Of chief importance首要的例句We all have mobile phone我们都有移动电话延伸Bee we go to today section, letamp;`amp;s listen to an audio about a eigner speaks tongue twister.妈妈骑马马慢妈妈骂马红凤凰,粉凤凰,红粉凤凰,粉红凤凰~~~~~When I was trying, I stress on the word trying to learn Chinese.The first thing that I did was I actually went to Youtube. But I made a big mistake. I had like this introduction via Youtube of some who just taught me the basic phrases like ;Good morning, how are you;.And then they start to talk about tongues~~~ and then I start freaking out. Tongue seems to be one of the main difficulties, especially a beginner.It is.Here is one eigner who lives in Beijing talking about his experience of learning Chinese.Notes:--近年来有越来越多的外国人学中文对他们来说,学习中文的一大难题就是四个声调实现(附一个英文绕口令,大家可以试一试:While we were walking, we were watching window washers wash Washingtonamp;`amp;s windows with warm washing water.当我们走路时,我们看着清洁窗户的人用暖水清洗华盛顿的窗户) 37

Section :As today theme reminds us, many children – even those from stable, happy homes – are finding that their heads are just too full. It is our duty, as parents and as teachers, to give all children the space to build their emotional strength and provide a strong foundation their future.Of course, not all children have the anchor of a strong family. Many will arrive through your school gates feeling a real lack of love and devotion in their lives. This often leaves them feeling insecure and without confidence and trust in the world around them. That is why your work is so important.Parents, teachers and other school staff need the tools to help these young people early in their lives. And the earlier, the better. It is proven that early action prevents problems later in life. Imagine if everyone was able to help just one child who needs to be listened to, needs to be respected, and needs to be loved – we could make such a huge difference an entire generation.As head teachers you have the chance to reach tens of thousands of children during your careers, and make an impact on a great scale. Thank you making the work of PlaceBe part of your mission. I hope you know how much your work is valued. Thank you – I am really looking ward to the rest of the afternoon. Vocabulary:Anchor, devotion, impact 9

《可爱的骨头是爱丽丝·茜波德的小说处女作,曾被评为“美国年度最佳小说”,年出版后立即登上《纽约时报畅销书排行榜,并高居榜首近30个星期,个月销售0余万册故事的主人公是岁的苏茜,在1973年一个下雪天,小姑娘在放学回家的路上被诱骗到玉米地中的一个秘密小屋,惨遭强奸和杀害她是一系列连环杀人案件中最新的受害者,凶手是她的邻居哈维故事从天堂开始讲起,苏茜叙述着自己的遭遇,并注视着悲伤的家人和朋友,以及冷酷的凶手和为处理这件案子而发愁的警长《可爱的骨头是一本奇特的、感人的成人故事苏茜不得不接受她已死亡的现实,但又眷恋着生者的世界,年复一年地像幽灵一样跟随着她的家人作为知名的畅销小说,《可爱的骨头改编电影注定是会赢得相当的关注其预告片也相当精致唯美,其间插曲更是动听,是来自Keane的一首She Has No TimeShe Has No Time by KeaneYou think your days are uneventfulAnd no one ever thinks about youShe goes her own wayShe goes her own wayYou think your days are ordinaryAnd no one ever thinks about youBut we're all the sameAnd she can hardly breathe without youShe says she has no time you nowShe says she has no timeThink about the lonely peopleAnd think about the day she found youOr lie to yourselfAnd see it all dissolve around youShe says she has no time you nowShe says she has no timeLonely people tumble downwardsMy heart opens up to youWhen she says she has no time you nowShe says she has no time实习,Internship, 是从学校迈向职场的跨越,也是从旧环境到新工作的提前融入到达实习单位的第一天是最令人兴奋也是最紧张的,要和陌生的同事认识,要和老板见面,要带领自己尽快适应实习工作环境,实习的新鲜感总是给人留下难忘的印象Dialogue :(The top dog, Mrs. Zhang , introduces herself to the new intern, Xiao Gao)(公司老板张女士在向新来的实习生小高介绍自己)Mrs. Zhang: Hi, Xiao Gao,welcome to the company and congratulations,you beat out 6 other candidates the position.张女士:嗨,小高,欢迎加入公司要恭喜你打败了6个其他的竞争者才得到这个职位Xiao Gao: That great! Could I know what made you decide I was the right person?小高:哇,真的吗,我能知道是什么让你们选择了我吗?Mrs. Zhang: Well, I think the clincher was your references,your last employer was over the moon about your work habits.张女士:嗯,我想让我们选择你的决定性因素是你的推荐信,你上一个雇主高度赞赏你的工作表现Xiao Gao: Oh, yeah, Mr.Dodds, he was a super boss to work , I gave the position my all.小高:哦,道兹先生,他是一个非常好的老板,我为了做好我的工作尽了一切努力Mrs. Zhang: Well, I hopeyoull be able to find a home here with us, there nothing but open road between you and your goals.张女士:嗯,我希望你在这里也能找到家的感觉,我们有很多机会提供给你让你实现你的梦想Xiao Gao: Thanks, Mrs.Zhang, I appreciate the support, this is a hugeleap me, totally uncharted territory.小高:谢谢张女士,我非常感谢您的持,这份工作对我来说是一个很大的飞跃,也是一个完全崭新的领域Mrs. Zhang: Have faith, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Id like you to sit in on some training seminars during your first week here. Jingjing will be there every step of the way.张女士:给自己点儿信心,没有冒险哪来的收获?我希望你在第一周能参加一些培训会,有什么问题京晶会随时帮助你的Xiao Gao: I just want to express my gratitude once again, I consider myself very tunate to be workingf or an industry leader.小高:再次感谢您,能在这样一个在行业里处于领先地位的公司里工作,我感到非常幸运Mrs. Zhang: Sounds good, welcome aboard!张女士:非常好,欢迎加入习语短语1. beat out 打败,获胜. clincher 决定因素3. over the moon 大加赞扬. my all 尽一切努力5. open road 机会6. huge leap 巨大的进步,巨大的飞跃7. uncharted territory 崭新的领域,新的经历8. Nothing ventured, nothinggained. 没有冒险何来成功,没有付出何来收获9. every step of the way 每一步,从头到尾. industry leader 行业中的领袖. Welcome aboard! 欢迎加入! 38990英语学习笔记:I’ll buy you a meal.我顿我请你It’s on the house.饭店老板请客It’s on me. This one is on me .这顿算我的I’ll get it .我来买单It’s my treat.我来买单I’ll buy you a dinner.这顿我请了I’ll buy you a drink.请你喝一杯No worries,I got this.没关系,这轮我请I’m buying the second round.我请大家喝第二轮Dont worry about it, it’s my treat.放开了吃,我请客 更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 37

Artist: Taylor SwiftSong: Love StoryWe were both young when I first saw youI closed my eyes and the flashback startsI'm standing thereOn a balcony in summer airSee the lights, see the party, the ball gownsI see you make your way through the crowdAnd say helloLittle did I knowThat you were Romeo, you were throwing pebblesAnd my daddy said, "stay away from Juliet"And I was crying on the staircaseBegging you, please don't goAnd I saidRomeo, take me somewhere we can be aloneI'll be waiting, all there's left to do is runYou'll be the prince and I'll be the princessIt's a love storyBaby, just say yesSo, I sneak out to the garden to see youWe keep quiet cause we're dead if they knewSo close your eyesEscape this town a little whileOh ohCause you were Romeo, I was the scarlet letterAnd my daddy said, "stay away from Juliet"But you were my everything to meI was begging you, please don't goAnd I said内容来自: 39

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