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What are China's most popular online slang terms as we approach the end of the decade? One popular choice could be "Life is a cup, it's up to you to decide whether it's a drinking cup or a toothbrush cup."在即将挥别过去十年之际,试问中国最流行的网络语录是哪一句?相信很多人都会提到“人生就是一个杯子,而它是‘杯具’还是‘洗具’,全由你自己选择。Drinking cup (beiju) is a homophone for "tragedy" in Chinese, while toothbrush cup (xiju) is homophone for "comedy". There's a whole range of beiju vs xiju debates running across the post-80s and post-90s' online talk. In the background, however, lurks something that's far less funny.“杯具”是中文中“悲剧”一词的谐音,而与“喜剧”相对应的则是“洗具”0后及90后的聊天记录中也出现了各式各样的关于“杯具,洗具”的讨论。但在走红背后,却蕴含着严肃的思考。While the remarkable development in China over the past 10 years has brought a range of opportunities, young people are struggling with pressures that came with them.过去十年期间,中国发展显著,也衍生出众多的机遇。但随之而来,年轻人们却要顶着压力,苦苦奋斗。Some of their first observations on life are influenced by changes in education.当他们第一次审视人生时,想必多数人会觉察到教育变革所带来的影响。Compared with the beginning of the decade, getting into a university now is much easier. The number of college students went from about 5 million in 2000 to over 27 million in .与十年之初相比,现在上大学要容易得多。截009年,各大专院校在校学生人数由2000年的00万人增长700多万人。What they do after graduating is another story. The employment rate of college grads has fallen from 80 percent in 2002 to 74 percent in (Ministry of Education stats) in the same period. The increased enrolment policy that took effect in 1999 opened the path of dreams for many, but the bridge to employment led to a narrower path for more.但他们在毕业后的遭遇则是另一番景象。教育部统计数据显示,同期内各高校毕业生就业率由2002年的80%跌至年的74%。虽999实施的高校扩招政策为许多人铺设了通向理想的坦途,但就业之路却成了千军万马要过的独木桥。Individual incomes are growing--that's the xiju; but our houses are getting smaller--that's the beiju.个人收入增加了——这是“洗具”;但我们的房子却变小了——这是“杯具”。At the beginning of the decade, we told our parents, "Don't worry about my scores, I'll be good and make a fortune and buy you a big villa!". Now, at the end, it's, "Sorry, Mom and Dad, I can't even get a bathroom without some help."21世纪初,我们告诉父母,“不要操心我的学习,我会取得好成绩,努力赚大钱,以后给你们买大大别墅!现在,我们即将挥别十年,我们对父母说的话也变成了,“对不起,爸妈,如果没人帮忙,我甚至连一个卫生间都买不起。”The average monthly income of Beijing college grads in 2008, according to MyCOS, has 2,700 yuan, or about double what it was 10 years ago. A square meter of Beijing housing now costs 13,100 yuan on average, or about triple the cost a decade ago. It's like trying to ride a motorbike to catch a Ferrari.根据MyCOS 的调查显示,2008北京高校毕业生的平均月收入达700元,差不多是10年前的两倍。同时,北京住房每平米均价达3100元,差不多是10年的三倍。这就好比你骑着一辆自行车去追赶一辆法拉利。To get a break from the overcrowded job market and the shoe-box housing, we look to the Internet and the much bigger virtual world. That means a world of movies and games just lying there, out in front of us. So, a beiju becomes a xiju.为了避开人山人海的就业市场以及小得可怜的居住环境,我们将目光投向了网络——一个更广阔的虚幻世界。那也就意味着一个充满电影与游戏的世界就在那,在我们面前。所以,“杯具”又变成了“洗具”。The economic and social development have given people greater variety in education, work, travel, entertainment and information, but the more opportunities people have access to, the fiercer the competition. When some young people look at that, they also see it as catalyst for social improvement.在教育、工作、旅行,以及信息方面,经济与社会的发展使它们变得更加多元化,但同时人们得到的机会越多,竞争也就变得越激烈。当一些年轻人目睹这一现状时,他们也理所当然地将其视为社会改良的催化剂。For example, Xu Yue, 20, is majoring in Cambodian at Beijing Foreign Studies University. She's also studying English as a second major and taking Japanese courses in her spare time.比如20岁的徐乐,正就读于北京外国语大学柬埔寨语专业。同时,她还辅修二外英语并利用业余时间学习日语课程。Ten years ago, she notes, people might have felt relieved to get admitted to college, and they went on to settle down with a job in their hometown. Now, however, we're pressed to learn more.她提笔写道:10年前,人们也许会轻而易举地考入大学,接下来他们将会接受分配,在自己的家乡工作。但现在,迫于压力,我们必须要学习更多的知识Without the competition, maybe we'd be satisfied with the status quo, and willing to be ordinary," says Xu.“没有竞争,或许我们更愿意安于现状,心甘情愿地做一个普通人,”徐乐说。So, is life a beiju or xiju? In some cases, it appears to be a matter of choice in how you view it and how you deal with the pressure.所以,人生究竟是“杯具”还是“洗具”?有时,这似乎要取决于你怎样看待它以及如何处理压力。In any case, there's more progress in store for the next decade. Do we just sit there, sighing and complaining about it? Or, do we make full use of the richer resources and advanced technology to enjoy a more colorful life? It's still up to you.无论如何,在接下来的十年里,更多的进步即将发生。难道我们只是坐在那儿,抱怨并叹息?或者,我们也可以充分利用更丰富的资源和更先进的科技,来享受一个更多的人生?一切都将取决于你自己。来 /201001/93719

Rent租金Do you like the room?你喜欢这房子吗?Yes.what is the rent?是的,房租多少呢?0 per month.一个月300美元Then what the rent due date?什么时候交房租?At the beginning of the month.Besides.you should pay me Most happy couples get ten toasters, bed linen or, at best, a washing machine. Royalty usually go one better with a racehorse topping the Queen and Prince Philip’s gift list, while Prince Charles and Diana received a ?1 million gem-encrusted gold model of an Arab boat. However, Prince William and Kate Middleton, who want to put their own stamp on their big day, are shunning a traditional wedding list and lavish gifts and instead asking guests to donate to charity.   随着威廉和凯特婚期一天天临近,任何有关婚礼细节的新闻都会引起媒体的高度关注,媒体很好奇,凯特这一次嫁入皇室究竟会带什么“嫁妆”呢?是民间嫁女传统的枕头被套?是洗衣机?还是皇室嫁女的嫁妆---赛马?(因为查尔斯和戴安娜结婚时就大买百万英镑阿拉伯镀金赛船做礼),媒体不仅好奇:这回凯特要什么呢?这回凯特和威廉一起给出了:他们不要奢华礼,为了纪念他们的爱情,他们会把印有他们头像图案的邮票做为嫁妆,此外,凯特和威廉还呼吁来参加婚礼的宾客别送礼,直接捐钱给慈善,做公益  The couple will accept presents from close family members, but other guests will be asked to make a confidential charitable donation. Courtiers yesterday confirmed that they are looking at the revolutionary scheme, which will raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for the chosen charities, yet to be decided. ‘William and Kate have everything they need so they have decided that it might be nice to ask for charitable donations instead of presents,a source said yesterday. ‘They have said this is their wish and the logistics are being looked into.  据报道,这对新人还是会收取来自最亲密的家庭成员的礼物,但是其他的客人们就只能慈善捐款给穷人来表达他们对新人的祝福了。皇室工作人员透露,威廉与凯特的这次大婚打算进行一次“历史性的改革”,那就是募集上亿善款给已经指定好的慈善机构。工作人员说:“威廉和凯特觉得他们已经拥有了所有东西,所以他们共同决定不收礼物,将属于自己的幸福分给更需要的人,这些善款都回捐给慈善机构。 /201101/123770 as deposit.在月初交此外,你应该交00美元的订金 39976

Under the Weather身体不适Evan complains of not feeling well.艾凡说他不舒K:Evan, are you OK? Youve hardly eaten anything lunch.凯西:艾凡,你还好吧?你午餐几乎没吃什么E:I guess Im not very hungry.艾凡:我想我不大饿K:What? You!? Youve been eating like a bear the whole trip. Is something the matter?凯西:什么?你!?这整趟旅行你都吃很多有什么问题吗?E:I dont know. I feel kind of slow. I mean, I dont feel well. Something wrong.艾凡:我不知道我觉得不怎么有精神我的意思是我不大舒有点不对劲K:Is it your stomach? Do you have a headache? A fever?凯西:是你的胃吗?头会痛吗?有没有发烧?E:I dont think so. I just feel kind of tired.艾凡:我想没有我只是觉得有点累罢了K:Do you want to see a doctor?凯西:你想去看医生吗?E:Maybe I just need some more rest. 艾凡:也许我只需要多休息Weve been traveling and moving about a month straight now.到目前为止,我们已经连续旅行奔波一个月了K:Well, yes, that true, but I dont feel sick. Come on. 凯西:嗯,是的,这倒是实话,但是我没有觉得不舒啊走吧,I think we should see a doctor. Ill ask the lady in the hostel to recommend one us.我想我们应该去看医生我会请旅社的那位女士为我们推荐一个医师E:No, it not that bad. Ill tell you what. Let go home, and Ill go right to bed. 艾凡:不用啦,没那么严重我告诉你吧咱们回家,然后我直接上床睡觉If I still dont feel well in the morning, I promise you Ill go see a doctor.如果明天早上我还是觉得不舒的话,我答应你我会去看医生的K:That a deal. In the meantime, while youre sleeping, Ill go to a neighborhood drugstore and pick up a few things.凯西:就这么说定了在你睡觉的同时,我会到附近的一家药房买些东西E:Gee, thanks.艾凡:嗯,谢谢你K:Thanks? You dont have to thank me. Come on. Get your coat on. Ill take care of the bill. Waiter!凯西:谢谢?你不用谢我来,把外套穿上我来付帐务生! 58601

  第59期:Steak 牛排X:What would you like your main dish?X:您主菜想吃什么呢?Y:Steak,please.Y:请给我牛排X:How would you like it?X:您要几分熟的呢?Y:Medium rare,please.Y:五分熟的X:Anything else,sir?X:还要别的吗?先生Y:May I have a glass of red wine,please?Y:请给我一杯红酒好吗?X:Of course.X:没问题其他出国旅游英语句型:What would you like your main dish?你要吃什么主菜呢?本句使用了下列句型:What would you like +三餐名称?你的早午晚餐要吃什么呢?例:A:What would you like your dinner?B:Fried rice with shrimps and spinach soup.甲:晚餐您要吃什么呢?乙:虾仁炒饭和菠菜汤 359

  最晚出发时间那就是我最迟要7点钟上路A:That means that Ill have to be on the road by 7 oclock at the latest.那就是我最迟要7点钟上路B: That right. 对了同类问句:Well, Im not really sure. I have to be at Tianjin Harbour by oclock. You wouldnt know how long it takes to drive to Tianjin from the hotel, would you? 我不太确定,但我 点必须到达天津港您不知道从酒店开车到天津港要多少时间,对吗?I would give it three and a half hours.我想,要3个半小时That means Ill have to be on the road by six fifty at least 就是说我最晚也要在6点50分上路做个好梦祝您睡个好觉!A:Well, in that case, Id like you to call me at 5:30.如果那样的话,我想让您5点半叫我B: OK, so we will wake you up at 5:30 tomorrow morning. Good night, Mr. Smith. Have a good sleep!好的.我们明早5点半叫醒您,晚安,史密斯先生祝您睡个好觉!同类问句:Good night, sir. Sleep well and have pleasant dreams!晚安,先生睡好并做个美梦!Good night, madam. Have a nice dream.不客气晚安,女士祝您做个好梦 13。

  A German woman who fell ill after going on a ride at Walt Disney World died of bleeding of the brain, the medical examiners office said Friday in a preliminary report. The report did not mention any connection between the ride and the womans death.Hiltrud Bluemel, 49, also had severe, long-standing high blood pressure, said Dr. Jan Garavaglia, Orange-Osceola chief medical examiner, in a statement. There was no evidence of bodily injuries.The official cause of death will not be available for several weeks, when toxicology reports and other tests are final, Garavaglia said.Disney said it would reserve comment on the report until it was complete.;Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the family in the wake of Ms. Bluemels passing,; spokeswoman Kim Prunty said.It was the second death in less than a year related to the Epcot Center ride Mission: Space, which spins riders in a centrifuge that subjects them to twice the normal force of gravity. It is so intense it has motion sickness bags and signs warning people with heart, back and neck problems not to board it.Walt Disney World reopened the ride Thursday, a day after the womans death, saying engineers found it was operating properly. A 4-year-old Pennsylvania boy died in June on the ride. An autopsy determined he died of a heart condition that a medical examiner said can cause sudden death in stressful situations.日前,一名德国妇女在佛罗里达州迪斯尼爱普卡特中心公园乘坐太空飞船后出现身体不适,并随后因抢救无效死亡。据美联3日报道,佛罗里达州迪斯尼乐园发言人普鲁迪指出,这名妇女现9岁,她在11日乘;太空任务;飞船后感到身体不适,出现头晕和呕吐征状。她随即被送往医院,但因抢救无效于次日身亡。普鲁迪透露,截止到12日,迪斯尼方面还没有得到有关死者的更多信息,而死者迅速死亡的原因也尚不清楚,佛州有关部门会对这一事件做出调查。迪斯尼方表示,这名妇女可能有高血压或其它疾病。与此同时,;太空任务;飞船游戏被立即关闭,这已不是它第一次出现人命事故。去月,一名来自宾夕法尼亚州的4岁男孩与母亲和在乘坐;太空飞船;的过程中出现身体僵硬,四肢崩紧的征状。男孩在游戏结束后四肢发软、反应迟钝,最后也因抢救无效死亡。后来,法医对男孩进行了尸体检验,并判断他死于在紧张情况下可能导致突发死亡的心脏病。然而,就在事故发生的第2天,;太空任务;飞船又开始照常营业。耗资1亿美元的;太空任务;是迪斯尼乐园科技含量最高且最受欢迎的游乐项目之一。该游戏通过旋转地心引力模拟出火箭发射时太空舱内的感受,并在飞船升天后开始一个虚拟的火星之旅。游玩者可以亲历到瞬间失重感。许多游客表示,事后都有恶心不适。来 /201111/161040

  China has become the second Asian country to halt all imports of pork and egg products from Germany in response to concerns about possible dioxin contamination. South Korea took similar action last week. 中国成为停止从德国进口所有猪肉和蛋制品的第二个亚洲国家。此举是对可能的二恶英污染担忧做出的反应。韩国上个星期采取了类似的行动。Dioxin is an industrial product known to cause cancer in high doses. The dioxin is believed to have gotten into the food supply through fats processed by a German company, Harles and Jentzsch, which were used to enrich feed for poultry and swine. Authorities thought they had contained the problem, but on Monday announced that pork with high levels of dioxin has been discovered at a farm in the German state of Lower Saxony. 二恶英是一种工业产品,大剂量的二恶英会致癌。二恶英据信是通过德国哈勒斯和延奇公司加工过的脂肪而进入食品供应系统的。这些脂肪是用来增强家禽和猪饲蛋白含量。当局原来认为这个问题得到了控制,但是星期一宣布在德国下萨克森州一个农场的猪肉里发现了高含量的二恶英。China says it has halted imports of the products and will carefully inspect any pork and egg products aly shipped from Germany before releasing them to the public. German officials say China accounts for about 1 percent of German meat product exports. 中国说,已停止这些产品的进口,而且将会对那些已从德国进口的所有猪肉和鸡蛋制品进行仔细检查,然后才会将它们投放到市场上。德国官员说,中国占德国肉类产品出口%。来 /201201/168733

  Euro Risks AccumulateThe euro is really taking a beating Wednesday as concerns percolate about Greece and a ratings downgrade for Portugal, among other euro-zone risks.Aly analysts are talking about the euro potentially falling as low as .30 in the coming days, after the currency hit a 10-month low of .33 earlier in the day. The euro is clearly being hit by rhetoric flowing out of European officials ahead of the two-day summit of EU leaders that kicks off Thursday in Brussels.Now ordinarily, we would discount that as nothing but typical mumbo-jumbo coming ahead of some sort of classic European fudge on Greece. But as ING analysts point out, the rhetoric has key implications for international investors.'What is an international investor to think having fled from the dollar to the safe haven of the euro only last year,' they ask. On that front, they note that there's evidence of a retreat from euro-zone assets. Portfolio-flow data from the European Central Bank suggest the international community's love affair with euro-zone securities is waning.'Foreign demand for euro-zone debt peaked at around 550 billion euro in the summer of 2007. As of January 2010, foreigners had only bought a meager 82 billion euro of euro-zone debt as a 12 month sum and were net sellers in both December and January.'Tough talking from German officials isn't helping. According to reports, Germany requires several criteria be met before it agrees to some sort of IMF-EU bailout for Greece. One idea is that aid should come only after Greece has been shut out of the capital markets. There are huge risks to this strategy, though, for the euro. 'Is Germany waiting for a failed bond auction and Greece being shut out of private placements and syndicated deals before being prepared to participate in a package?,' ask the ING analysts.None of it right now adds up to a pretty picture for the euro, which is aly down more than 6% this year against the dollar. 'It seems increasingly likely that the E.U. will embrace the worst of all worlds for the euro, and be doubly damned by choosing a combination of an IMF and EU emergency facility for Greece,' notes Alan Ruskin at RBS. Ruskin had a mid-year .28 forecast for the euro against the dollar and was looking at .24 in mid 2011. 'If contagion in the euro area takes hold, and Greece is a precursor to a Portugal bail-out and so forth, then that view is clearly conservative and thoughts of .15 or .10 come to the fore.' /201003/99835A: Hello, welcome to the International Business Counter, Sir. What can we do you today?您好,先生,欢迎光临国际业务柜台今天我们能为您做些什么吗?B: Hi. I need some help with these documents under LC.你好我需要有人帮助处理这些信用单据A: Of course. Is there a problem with them?当然可以它们有什么问题吗?B: Yes. My Manager sent me in, there a problem with the shipping time. It been delayed quite significantly and my manager is unwilling to accept it.是的我的经理让我来的,在装运时间上有问题它被延迟了很长时间,所以我们经理不愿意接受A: You will need to return the documents. That no problem; we can deal with that you now.您将需要退还这套单据没问題,我们现在就可以为您办理B: Thank you. I need to get this done as soon as possible; my manager is tearing his hair out!谢谢你我需要尽快办完这件事,我们经理正着急着呢! 3

  Thousands of residents in Syrias two largest cities fled their neighborhoods Thursday to escape violence, as the military built up its presence around rebel strongholds in Aleppo and renewed attacks on parts of Damascus. 随着叙利亚政府军在阿勒颇Aleppo)的多个反对派据点增大兵力,并对大马士革部分地区发起新一轮进攻,这两座叙利亚最大城市的成千上万名居民周四为躲避暴力活动逃离所居住的城区Residents of two Damascus suburbs said government forces bombed their neighborhoods overnight with fighter jets and helicopters. Across the capital, extended families fleeing the Daraya, Qudsaya and the Yalda suburbs piled into public schools, vacant apartment blocks and cheap hotels. 大马士革城外两个郊区的居民说,政府军整夜用战斗机和直升机轰炸他们居住的地区。在首都各地,逃离达拉Daraya)、库德西Qudsaya)和耶尔Yalda)地区的大家庭挤在公立学校、空置的住宅楼和廉价旅店中The latest attacks shattered a three-day calm that had settled on the capital as the battle between government and opposition forces had appeared to shift to Aleppo, about 220 miles north. 随着政府军与反对派之间的战斗似乎已转向首都以北约220英里(约50公里)的阿勒颇,首都暂时恢复了平静。但最新的进攻打破了刚刚维持了三天的平静In both Damascus and Aleppo, the conflict is localized-with some districts under heavy shelling while bordering neighborhoods are unscathed. In Basateen al-Mezze, on Damascuss western edge, a tank assault last week turned a narrow, winding road of low-rise homes into an open area of collapsed concrete, contorted metal and crushed cars. Amid the rubble was an inflatable baby pool, a swing and a melon rotting in the summer sun. 在大马士革和阿勒颇,双方的交战都是局域性的,一些地区遭受了猛烈的炮击,而相邻的地区却未受到攻击。在大马士革西部的Basateen al-Mezze,上周发动的一场坦克进攻将一排蜿蜒排布的低层住宅夷为平地,到处是残破的钢筋混凝土、变形的金属和汽车。盛夏阳光下的废墟中,可以看到一个充气婴儿泳池、一个秋千和一个正在腐烂的瓜In most parts of the capital, however, many Syrians have for days praised the return of relative normalcy after Damascus was paralyzed last week by a government offensive against opposition fighters. 不过,在首都的大部分地区,很多叙利亚人数日来一直对局势相对恢复正常表示赞许。上周,大马士革在政府军对反对派发起的进攻中陷入瘫痪后The reprieve appeared short-lived. Starting in the late afternoon, deep booms from artillery attacks on a handful of suburbs, as well as two districts in the southern part of Damascus, reverberated across the city. 但平静的局势只持续了很短一段时间。从周四傍晚开始,城外几个地区和大马士革南部两个地区轰隆隆的炮声开始回荡在整个城市上空Many shops closed early. Streets emptied before nightfall. Government soldiers manned impromptu security checkpoints built from cinder blocks and tree-branches, blocking two highways that ring the city. My fear is its the calm before the storm, said a mother of three in Malki, an upscale Damascus neighborhood. 很多店铺提前关门。夜幕降临前街道就早已空无一人。政府军用炉渣砖和树枝搭设了临时安全检查点,并配备了人员,封锁了环绕大马士革的两条高速公路。大马士革高档城区Malki的一位有三个孩子的母亲说,我担心这是暴风雨前的平静Opponents of President Bashar al-Assad have framed their recent advances into Damascus and Aleppo as decisive battles. But the rebel movement into the two largest cities appears to be more like a trickle in a conflict that is aly killing dozens daily and displacing thousands across the rest of the country. Every day, it looks more like a war of attrition, said a Western diplomat in Damascus. 总统阿萨Bashar al-Assad)的反对者将其最近在大马士革和阿勒颇取得的进展标榜为决定性的战役。不过,反对派进军两大城市的势头似乎更像是涓涓细流。目前叙利亚其他地区的战斗每日造成数十人死亡,数千人无家可归。一位在大马士革的西方外交人士说,每天都是如此,看起来更像是一场消耗战At least 163 rebels, government forces and civilians died in Thursdays fighting, according to U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Most of the casualties were reported in Aleppo and the Damascus suburbs. State media said government forces were closing in on the terrorists and cleansing many areas around the country. 据位于英国的叙利亚人权观察组Syrian Observatory for Human Rights)说,有至63名反对派、政府军和平民在周四的交战中死亡。据报道大部分伤亡发生在阿勒颇和大马士革的郊区。叙利亚国有媒体说,政府军正在围剿恐怖分子,肃清叙利亚国内的诸多地区 /201207/192521

  A: Hi. Is there anything I can do you?您好有什么我可以为您效劳吗?B: Hello, yes,I opened an LC with you recently. We opened it 7 days ago.你好,是这样的,最近我在你们这里开了一个信用我们7天前开的A: If you could show me your details, please. What can I do?我是否可以请您说得详细些我可以做些什么呢?B: We would like to amend it, please.我们想要修改它,拜托了A: We can amend it you as long as your customer agrees to the amendment.只要您的客户同意,我们可以为您修改信用B: It all agreed, here a letter to prove it.已经达成一致了,这里有一封信可以明A: That fine. All you need to do is fill in this m and state the amendment.那好您所要做的就是填写这张表格,并且注明修改的内容 8。


  星级典句:第一句: Would you please weigh this me?请帮我称一下这个邮件好吗?A: Would you please weigh this me? Id like to send it by airmail.请帮我称一下这个邮件好吗?B: It .3 dollars. Here are the stamps and sticker, be sure to paste these stamps and an ;Air Mail; sticker on the envelope.共.3美元,这儿有邮票和贴纸,务必把这些邮票和那张有“航空有机”的贴纸贴在信封上第二句: Your letter is overweight.你这封信超重了A: Your letter is overweight. You must pay extra it.你这封信超重了,你必须额外付钱B: How much do I have to pay?我需要付多少?A: 0 cents it.0美分其他表达法:What maximum weight allowed?最高重量限额是多少?Can you weigh this?你能撑一下这个吗? 3898


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