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Brothers Choco and Furby have lived together eight years (Come on in.) and apprehensively entered their new caged quarters. The economy has orphaned the Chows. -She gave up two family members when she brought them to us. Their owner lost her home. -These dogs are here because the owner actually ended up in a eclosure, having the downsized situation, couldn't afd to keep them any longer.It is a sad tale playing out pet owners around the country. Michael McGeough lives a lean life on a fixed income. But rising gas and grocery costs ced him to surrender his cat to a shelter.-Yeah, I (had a ) hard time letting her go, she cried all the way there.All he has left of Zeba is her food dish. McGeough says he could no longer afd to feed her.-Well, I was getting the help you know on the food bank and came through a lot of times that they haven’t stuffing. By the time we finished grocery shopping, and summed by cat food, I'm like broke.As money strains grow, shelter workers worry so will pet surrenders and the number of owners putting off annual check-ups they can't afd. Finances are still tight McGeough. But he no longer fears his cat’s fate. -I felt good when I heard that she was adopted. Now these victims of eclosure need a new home too.In Bellevue, Elisa Jaffe, Komo News.WORDS IN THE NEWS1. eclosure : N-Vareclosure is when someone who has lent money to a person or organization so that they can buy property takes possession of the property because the money has not been repaid. (BUSINESS). play out : phrasal verbIf a dramatic event is played out, it gradually takes place.3. live : verbIf you say that someone lives in particular circumstances or that they live a particular kind of life, you mean that they are in those circumstances or that they have that kind of life. . lean : adj If you describe periods of time as lean, you mean that people have less of something such as money or are less successful than they used to be. 5966

Today Spam, Valentine Day, the Winter Olympics, ;In terms of,; Must vs. have vs. got to, Possessives, To raise vs. to riseWords:scamfraudcardjewelrypendantfabricstuffed animalsfigure skatingMichelle KwanBode Millerto partydownhillupsetsetto wrap up 333

  American Cities (Territories): American Samoa; how to become a pilot in the U.S.; objective versus subjective, to be flanked by, power versus empowerment; to delegate versus to deferWords:territorysouthern hemisphereindigenousto occupyremotecannerysolomaneuversendorsementflying hourscommercial pilotmilitaryobjectivesubjectiveto be flanked bypowerempowermentto delegateto defer 136361

  Voice 1: Thank you joining us today Spotlight. Im Liz Waid.声音1:欢迎大家收听今天的重点报道节目我是利兹·韦德Voice : And Im Rebekah Schipper.声音:我是瑞贝卡·席佩尔Voice 1: ty percent of Japan population uses the Internet. In fact, Japan is one of the world most wired Internet–using nations. Many people find friends on the Internet. But some of these friendships are proving to be dangerous. Some Japanese people are using the Internet to find people to die with.声音1:日本网民人数占总人口的0%实际上,日本是世界上使用有线互联网最多的国家之一许多人会在网络上寻找朋友但是其中有些友谊可能会很危险一些日本人正在利用互联网寻找结伴死亡的人Voice : In March , Japanese police found the bodies of eight young people. They were in two separate cars. Tape blocked the windows. There were stoves in the cars. These stoves let out poisonous smoke. The people were dead.声音:年3月,日本警方发现了8个年轻人的尸体这8具尸体分别在两辆车中被发现胶带封住了车窗车内有火炉这些火炉释放出了毒烟导致8名年轻人死亡Voice 1: The police investigated the situation. They believe that the young people met through the Internet. They believe that this group decided to kill themselves together.声音1:警方对现场进行了调查他们认为这些年轻人是通过互联网认识的他们认为这几个人决定一起自杀 译文属 86。


  |]1yiorpm+o|*H7C#TxSk.bgcSre3eO1jbCall US Vote Recount Is RejectedGeorge W. Bush becomes US president after the Supreme Court rejects a call a vote recount.In 01, the Supreme Court of the ed States rejected a call a recount of crucial votes in the state of Florida which determined the result of the US presidential election.Republican candidate George W. Bush was declared the winner by a few hundred votes and became U.S. president despite widesp doubts about the accuracy of the count.zh~bM~lN_-~S)(AugQ38hGdoLx;-h,3M;LOvb]zB.G1sCrM9%0]|JuRFuEK^JNa 5Jermaine:Wait! You shouldnt bid on that auction right now.杰梅因:等等!你在拍卖中不应该现在就出价Wait until the last minute.等到最后一刻再下手Bethany:This auction has a buy-it-now price of 5 and free shipping.贝塔尼:这次拍卖有5美元的一口价而且还能免费送货Jermaine:Dont pay the buy-it-now price.杰梅因:不要付一口价The minimum bid on this item is and the current bid is only .50.这件商品最低投标价是美元,而当前只出价到.50美元There no reserve, so if you wait to bid, you may snag it a much lower price than 5.没有心里价位,所以如果你等着出价,你的价格可能远低于5美元Bethany:Okay, I guess I can wait, but why cant I place a bid of right now?贝塔尼:好吧,我想可以等等,但为什么现在不能出价美元?Jermaine:First of all, the bidding on this auction goes up by increments of 50-cents, so the next bid would be .00.杰梅因:首先,这次拍卖的标价会增加50美分,所以接下来的价格是美元You could place a maximum bid of .00, but someone might outbid you at any time.你可以设置美元的最高出价,但任何时间有人的出价都可能高于你Bethany:But couldnt that happen anyway?贝塔尼:但要是不行呢?Even if I wait until the last minute someone could sneak in and bid a higher price.即使我等到最后一刻,有人也可以偷偷进来并且出更高的价格Jermaine:You mean they could snipe you?杰梅因:你的意思是他们可以狙击你?They could, but not if you snipe them back.可以的,但你也可以还击回去It all in the timing.时机最为关键Bethany:You seem to know a lot about online auctions.贝塔尼:你似乎了解很多关于网上拍卖的事情Jermaine:That item youre bidding on, guess who listed it?杰梅因:你竞标的东西,猜猜谁已经捷足先登了? 38869

  Millions of Americans are too ashamed to get help illiteracy ...to a problem that affects millions of Americans and yet is something of a silent epidemic, that's because the people affected are often hesitant to seek help. The problem is illiteracy. And as our Pierre Thomas reports now, it is an issue that affects people in a myriad of ways. nearly all of her 5 years, Monica Baxley has lived with a crippling secret. "I cried a lot over this when I was alone. " Baxley was functionally illiterate, avoiding the doctor out of fear she would have to fill out a medical m, or a prescription. (Okay) "My health is poor now, but I really believe that's because I never went to the doctor. " It is a life and death issue, and the reason this is that literacy affects your health in so many different ways. The American Medical Association Foundation surveyed patients who could not . This woman signed a m she could not understand, agreeing to a hysterectomy without knowing it. …inside, my mouth fell open, and I thought to myself, how could I be so stupid as to allow somebody to take part of my body, and I didn't know it? It's a tremendous problem when you think about the costs us economically, health-wise.Undiagnosed learning disorders, poverty, unstable home life are all factors contributing to illiteracy. Monica Baxley finally confronted her illiteracy at age , and learned to . But illiteracy persists millions who continue to live with it in the shadows. Pierre Thomas, A News, Chipley Florida WORDS IN THE NEWS 1. hysterectomy : n-countA hysterectomy is a surgical operation to remove a woman's womb.. -wise : comb-wise is added to nouns to m adverbs indicating that something is the case when considering the particular thing mentioned. 65Migrants Dying At Sea移民海中求生存A large multi-level ship of migrants attempting to reach Europe from Libya sank with hundreds of migrants on board this weekend. The number of dead and rescued is currently unknown, but a search and rescue operation is underway. Approximately 35,000 migrants have reached Italian soil via the Mediterranean Sea since the beginning of this year. Another ,000 reached Greece. Hundreds, possibly thousands have also lost their lives in the attempt. The voyages are typically organized by human traffickers who promise to help desperate people find a better life. Human rights activists say that the Mediterranean is becoming a mass grave.一艘载着数百名移民的巨型多层轮船正从利比亚驶向欧洲,途中轮船沉没死亡人数和救援情况目前还不清楚,但是救援搜救行动正在进行当中从今年开始,大约有3万5000名移民通过地中海踏上了意大利的国土另有1万00人到了希腊在这途中,有上百人可能是上千人失去了生命这一行动是由偷渡贩策划的,他们保让他们过上更好的生活人权积极分子称地中海正在变成一个巨大坟墓译文属原创,,不得转载 3768


  sidewalk人行道,quarter两角五分的硬币Whose 50 Cents?Jacky: I found 50 cents on the sidewalk in front of school.Tommy: I think it's mine. I dropped 50 cents there today and couldn't find it.Jacky: But what I found was two quarters.Tommy: Then I'm sure it's mine. It probably broke when it hit the sidewalk.   谁的50分?杰克:我在学校门前的人行道上拣了50分汤米:我想那是我的,今天我在那儿掉了50分,找不到了杰克:但是我拣的是两个两毛五的呀汤米:那就更是我的了因为钱在掉到地上的时候可能摔两半了1.cent分币关于cent的习语:not care a cent毫不在乎;without a red cent一分钱都没有了;not worth a red cent毫无价值 .sidewalk人行道He avoided stepping on the crack in the sidewalk.他避免踩到人行道的裂缝上3.in front of在…前面也可以指“在…面前”:The teacher didn't want his authority challenged in front of the class.教师不想让他的权威在全班学生面前受到挑战 .drop落下也可以指“减弱”:The motorist dropped his speed.托车手放慢了速度5.quarter两角五分的硬币也可以指“地区”:The city has a busy Chinese quarter.这个城市有个热闹的华人区6.hit撞击关于hit的习语:make a hit“受欢迎”:You made a big hit with her.你深受她的青睐 1919。

  A Cat Scratch猫抓痕Kenny was crying. “Why are you crying?” Mom asked Kenny. “The cat scratched me,” said Kenny. The cat had scratched Kenny on his hand. Kenny showed his hand to his mom. The scratch didn’t look too bad. It wasn’t a deep scratch. Mom went to the kitchen. Kenny went with her. She turned on the water. She put his hand under the water. She washed the scratch with soap. She rinsed off the soap. She took a Band-Aid out of the kitchen cabinet. She put the Band-Aid on the scratch. She said he would be okay. “Why did the cat scratch you?” she asked. Kenny said he didn’t know why the cat scratched him. Just then, Kenny’s little sister walked into the kitchen. She knew why the cat scratched Kenny. “I know why Tiger scratched him, Mommy,” she said. “He was pulling Tiger’s tail!”肯尼在哭泣妈妈问肯尼:“为什么哭泣?”肯尼说:“猫抓了我”猫划了肯尼的手肯尼让妈妈看手抓痕不是很严重抓痕并不深妈妈来到厨房肯尼和她一起去她打开水龙头将手放在水龙头下并用肥皂清洗抓痕之后将肥皂洗净从厨房柜橱中拿了一张创可贴将创可贴贴在抓痕处她说这样就没问题了妈妈问道:“猫为什么抓你?”肯尼不知道原因不一会,肯尼的走进厨房她知道猫抓肯尼的原因她说:“妈妈我知道原因她揪了猫的尾巴”译文属原创,,不得转载 5785

  Venezuela Releases Data on Health Crisis委内瑞拉发布健康危机数据After nearly two years of not revealing any data about its nation health, Venezuela has released a disturbing report. Since July , malaria cases have increased by 76%. There has also been a sharp increase in maternal and infant deaths. Venezuelan citizens say that they are often turned away from hospitals unless they have their own supplies and medicine. With such a shortage of medical supplies, hospitals have also become a place thieves. Many patients buy medicine on the black market because it the only way to get it. There is also a shortage of medical staff. In the past few years, approximately % of medical professionals in Venezuela have left the country due to the health crisis.委内瑞拉近两年没有发布任何关于国民健康的数据,最近它发表了一份令人不安的报告自年7约起,疟疾病例上升了76%产妇死亡和婴儿死亡率也大幅度上升委内瑞拉市民称他们经常被医院拒接,除非他们自己带有物资或药品医疗物资奇缺,医院也常被小偷光顾很多病人都在黑市上购买药品,因为这是唯一的办法医疗人员也紧缺过去几年中,委内瑞拉大约有%的医疗人员因为健康危机而离开了这个国家译文属原创,,不得转载 5653

  The Graduate; Patty Hearst; embarrassed versus ashamed versus awkward; people versus persons; talk to the handWords:to give (someone) a rideto seduceto have an affairto set (someone) up withmagnatenotoriousto kidnapurban guerrillafringehostageto brainwashto pardonembarrassedashamedawkwardpeoplepersonstalk to the hand 35766

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