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Within a thousand years,在一千年里Most domesticated animals we have today我们现今所养的动物Have been tamed for human use.都被驯化为人类所用Taming and breeding other animals is the key驯养其它动物是人类To the growth of our population.人口数量增长的关键But farming also opens up a new battlefront.但农业也开启了一个新的战场...against mankinds most enduring enemy:以对抗人类最长久而顽强的敌人:Disease.疾病So many of the common diseases we fear the most,许多我们最害怕的常见疾病syphilis, tuberculosis,例如梅毒 肺结核smallpox, bubonic plague,天花 鼠疫they came because of our living in proximity with animals.都源于我们与动物共同生活With hard work and a restricted diet,由于劳作辛苦 饮食有限We become less healthy and shorter.我们变得不那么健康 个子更矮小The average man is only 5 foot 3 inches tall,男性平均身高只有5.3英尺(1.62米)Women only 5 feet.而女性则只有5英尺(约1.5米)And owning land gives birth to a new enemy:同时土地的拥有也给我们带来一个新的敌人Each other.人类自己In the neighboring village, crops have failed.在邻近的村庄 农作物歉收201508/394523栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧!201510/402489

These are mega dunes of ice, carved by centuries of relentless winds.这些数百万的冰丘被无情的风雕刻了几个世纪Each dune is three miles from the next.每个冰丘有六千米,相互连接Together they cover an area about the size of California.覆盖一片区域面积大小约等于加利福尼亚州The polar ice even creates its own climate.极地的冰甚至创造自己的气候The air is so cold that it holds almost no moisture空气太冷以至于没有湿气so Antarctica is the driest continent on Earth.所以,实际上,南极洲是地球上最大和最干的荒漠But beneath the ice is another even more magical world,但是在冰的下面是更魔幻的世界one thats been lost for more than 10 million years.一个消失了超过一千万年的世界This satellite image reveals a huge area of flat ice,卫星照片显示有一大块区域是平滑的冰flat because its floating on top of an enormous lake.平滑是因为它浮在一个大湖上面Its called Lake Vostok.叫做沃斯托克湖It lies beneath nearly two miles of ice.它在冰下三千米The lake has been isolated from the rest of the planet for millions of years.这湖独立于星球的其他部分数百万年It may even be home to forms of life weve never seen.它甚至可能是某些我们未曾见过的物种起源地And thanks to radar,now, for the first time, its possible to see the complete landscape感谢雷达 我们能第一次揭示隐藏在南极洲冰层下的that lies buried beneath Antarctica s ice.整个完全的风景201510/402395

诺贝尔奖得主詹姆士·沃森以一个真实而有趣的故事为TED 2005揭开帷幕——他是如何和他的研究伙伴弗朗西斯·克里克破解了DNA的结构之谜。 (翻译 Zachary Lin Zhao, 审译 Tony Yet)201507/387065


  Fiber helps waste products pass quickly through纤维素能够加快食物在大肠中的the colon which has been shown to help reduce the吸收速度,从而降低罹患大肠癌的几率risk of colon cancer. Several ideas have been关于如何解释纤维素对于大肠癌的proposed to explain this observation of fiber防治作用,人们提出了几个想法in the colon. One possibility is that fiber reduces一种可能是纤维素减少了排泄物the transit time of feces through the colon. The faster在结肠中停留的时间,排泄物通过feces passes through the colon, the shorter time there结肠的速度越快is for mutagenic material in the feces to排泄物中的致癌物质与结肠壁的interact with the inner surface of the colon.接触时间就越短In addition to fiber, whole grains contain many除了纤维素外,天然谷物还富含多种antioxidants such as Vitamin E, a variety of抗氧化物,例如维生素E 还有多种different phytochemicals, and selenium.植物化学性物质以及硒Antioxidants such as Vitamin E protect the cells维生素E等抗氧化剂能够保护身体中的in the body from oxidative damage and prevents细胞不受氧化过程的侵害,并且阻止carcinogen formation. Phytochemicals also致癌物形成,植物化学性物质和抗氧化剂protect the cells in your body from damage as many拥有相似的功效,都可以保护身体中的细胞are antioxidants as well. Selenium, which is required而硒是谷胱甘肽活动的必须物质for the activity of glutathione peroxidase is an过氧化物酶是一种重要的酶important enzyme that protects cells against oxidative它能够保护人体细胞不受氧化过程的损害damage. Oxidative damage can lead to cancers such as氧化过程可能导致癌症lung, prostate, and colorectal cancers.比如肝癌和直肠癌Now that we know the benefits of consuming我们已经知道了食用天然谷物可以whole grains in cancer prevention, how many有效预防癌症,那么每天摄入的whole grains should be eaten each day?天然谷物量是应该在多少呢?The recommendation is to make half of your grains是保每天食用的谷物中whole. Alternately, three ounces or more per day.有一半是天然谷物,或者是三盎司以上Here are some easy examples of servings of whole下面就是几种简单的饮食搭配grains: 1 cup of y-to-eat whole grain cereal,粮食: 一杯天然谷物a half cup of oatmeal, one slice of whole wheat b,半杯燕麦,一片全麦面包one half cup of brown rice or pasta,半杯黑米饭或者意大利面and five whole wheat crackers.以及五个全麦薄脆饼干In the grocery store aisle, how can you be sure我们怎样才能确保在杂货店买到的to find whole grain products? What should you是真正的天然谷物呢? 我们应该关注look for on the package?标签上的哪些信息呢?201510/406056。


  Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin are to meet for the first time in two years during this week’s 70th session of ed Nations General Assembly.在本周联合国成立七十周年峰会上,奥巴马和普京进行了两年来的首次会面。It’s expected the two leaders will discuss the Syria conflict and Russia’s military buildup in the war torn country.两国领导人有望共同探讨叙利亚冲突,以及俄罗斯在这个备受战争蹂躏国家的军事建设。On Sunday Obama called on wealthy nations to act to help refugees.周日,奥巴马呼吁富裕国家采取行动来帮助难民。“Today some 60,000,000 men, women and children have been forced from their homes, many by conflicts in the Middle East and Africa,And those countries that can must do more to accommodate refugees but our efforts must be matched by the hard work of diplomacy and reconciliation to end conflicts that so often tear societies apart.”“今天约有六千万男子、妇女和儿童被迫离开家园,许多是因中东和非洲国家的冲突,那些国家应采取更多措施容纳难民,但我们的努力必须匹配外交与和解工作,以结束分裂社会的冲突。”Ahead of today’s meeting, in a recorded interview with US networks Vladimir Putin said Syria’s president deserved international support.今天会议之前,在一个美国网络采访纪录中,普京表示叙利亚总统应当得到国际社会的持。“There is only one legitimate army in Syria and it’s the army of President Bashar al-Assad. In my view, providing military support to illegitimate structures is not in keeping with the principles of modern international law or with the ed Nations charter. We (Russia) support only legal and governmental structures.”“在叙利亚只有一个合法的军队,就是巴沙尔·阿萨德总统的军队。在我看来,为不合法的组织提供军事持是不符合现代国际法或联合国宪章。我们(俄罗斯)只持具有合法和政府的组织。”President Putin is scheduled to address the ed Nations General Assembly today for the first time in a decade.普京总统计划今天在联合国大会上发表讲话,这是十年来的首次。译文属。 /201509/401427ISIL kidnaps 220 Assyrians in NE SyriaISIL恐怖组织绑架叙利亚东北部220名亚述族人An activist monitoring group in Britain says the number of Christian Assyrians kidnapped by Islamic State militants in the northeast of Syria has risen to 220 over the past three days.英国一活动家监督组织表示过去3天时间里伊斯兰国武装分子在叙利亚东北部绑架的亚述族人数已达220多人。Militants seized the Assyrians from 11 villages near the town of Tal Tamr in al-Hasakah province.这些恐怖分子在哈萨克省塔尔塔马尔镇附近的11个村子进行绑架。The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights cites Assyrian sources as saying that negotiations with Islamic State are taking place via mediators, seeking the release of the prisoners.叙利亚人权观察部门引用亚述消息人士的说法,正与伊斯兰国进行谈判协商寻求释放被捕人士的举措。The same sources said Islamic State had burnt down two churches in the countryside of Tal Tamr.同一消息来源表示伊斯兰国还烧毁了塔尔塔马尔镇农村地区的2座教堂。201503/361718

  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the Shoutout.“大声喊出来”的时间到了!A 22-year-old is considered to be part of which generation?22岁的年轻人是哪一代人?If you think you know it, shout it out.如果你认为你知道的话,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it millennials, baby boomers, silent generation or Generation X?是千禧一代、婴儿潮一代、沉默一代还是X世代?Youve got three seconds. Go.你有三秒钟的时间,开始!UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: People born in the 1980s or 90s are generally considered to be millennials.20世纪8、90年代出生的人被称为千禧一代。Thats your answer and thats your Shoutout. 那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: OK, so its the generation born after 1980 to either late baby boomers or early Gen Xers. 1980年后出生的人要么是后婴儿潮一代,要么是X世代早期的。Last year, Pew Research reported that millennials have less money than the generations before them, but theyre more optimistic about having it in the future.去年,皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Center)报道千禧一代要比上一代人穷一些,但他们很乐观,相信未来会赚到钱的。Politically, they say theyre more independent than their predecessors and theyre less likely to describe themselves as patriotic than Gen Xers or baby boomers. 从政治上讲,他们觉得自己比上一代人更独立,他们把自己称作爱国者的可能性要比X一代和婴儿潮一代的人小。Millennials are the most racially diverse generation in U.S. history. 千禧一代是美国历史上种族最多样化的一代。Their shared expertise with technology is something that separates them in the U.S. workforce.他们都很精通技术,这使得他们在美国劳动力中显得特别。 /201503/365398In 1939, my mother and father put me on a train1939年 我父母送我上了一辆火车filled with the Jewish childern headed to England.Kindertransport.Are you OK?火车载着一车犹太小孩驶向英国 避难儿童专线 你没事吧The Nazis were, letting some children go,dont lose your name tag, Arno Penzias is here.当时纳粹放走了一些孩子 大人不行 只许孩子走At the station, my mother looked into my face,在站台上 我妈妈看着我and said for me to looked out for my little brother,对我说要照顾好我弟弟not to let our suitcase out of my sight and dont lose your name tag, Arno Penzias is here.一直盯着我们的行李箱 还有不能丢了名签 阿诺·彭齐亚在此You lose your name tag,you lose your name and you lose everything.And she went.名签弄丢了 你就没名字了 你就什么都没有了 然后她就走了How old were you?I was six.Kindertransport.Are you OK?你当时多大 我六岁 你们后来重逢了吗I was six, my little brother was five.She didnt cry.我六岁 我弟弟五岁 她没哭She made like it was a normal thing,她让这一切看起来似乎再正常不过and not crying was part of that.而正常的事就不能哭Can you image how hard it must have been not to cry?你能想象不哭出来有多难吗To put your boys on a train like that and not to cry.把你的儿子送上那样一辆火车而不哭出来Ive hated suitcases ever since.我那以后就一直讨厌行李箱He likes to unpack.My mother and my father got out.他喜欢打开行李箱 我父母逃出了德国Six month later we sailed for American together.六个月后我们一起去了美国England saved my life.America gave me a brand-new one.英国救了我一命 美国给了我新的生命But I never, I never dreamed of this happening.但我从没 从没想到会有这一天201512/418303

  There is growing evidence that antioxidants may有越来越多的据表明,抗氧化剂能够protect the bodys cells from cell damage that can保护身体细胞不被损害,身体细胞的损伤lead to cancer. An antioxidant can be a vitamin,会导致癌症,抗氧化剂可以是维生素mineral, or phytochemical. Antioxidants neutralize矿物质和植物化学物质,抗氧化剂可以damage to the bodys cells and are naturally found中和身体细胞损伤,它们存在于蔬菜in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, and nuts.水果,天然谷物,豆类和坚果中Over the past two decades, scientists have studied在过去的二十年间,科学家研究了antioxidants like Vitamins C and E. Beta carotene,维生素C和E,同时对胡萝卜素lycopene, lutein, resveratrol, and selenium are other番茄红素,叶黄素,白藜芦醇antioxidants that are also being investigated.和硒等抗氧化剂也进行了研究Antioxidants defend the bodys cells against抗氧化剂保护身体细胞不受molecules called ;free radicals;. Cellular activities自由基的侵蚀,细胞运动一方面保机体的that keep us alive also produce destructive oxygen正常运转,另一方面却也产生具有破坏性的molecules in the highly reactive, unstable form of氧分子,这种分子以自由基的形式存在free radicals. Free radicals posses an unpaired or并且极其不稳定,自由基拥有自由电子;free; electron. Pairing this lone electron with将一个电子与另一个电子组合起来another gives the molecule stability. To achieve就能够使分子保持稳定,为了达到稳定stability, a free radical scavenges electrons from自由基会从其他分子那里抢夺电子other molecules which disrupts their stability从而使其他分子的稳定性遭到破坏in turn. Too many free radicals can inflict damage过多的自由基会对健康细胞造成损伤on healthy cells and research now implicates excess有研究表明,自由基数量过多free radicals in a number of diseases including cancer会导致很多疾病,比如癌症Antioxidants can help offset damage caused by free抗氧化剂能够减缓自由基带来的损伤radicals and function in a variety of ways. They can并且在众多方面对身体有益limit free radical formation, destroy free radicals,它们能够限制自由基的形成,将它们摧毁and stimulate antioxidant enzyme activity.并且刺激自由基酶活动Many scientists believe that a plentiful supply of很多科学家相信,足量的抗氧化剂摄入antioxidants carrying out different protective roles能够在众多方面保护人体may help defend against a cells能够阻止人体细胞的变化changes and can lead to cancer.从而有效预防癌症There is currently much controversy surrounding the目前关于用抗氧化剂pros and cons of taking antioxidants. It is not fully各方观点不一,目前我们还不能完全肯定understood at this time if large doses of antioxidants大量摄入抗氧化剂是否会may protect cancer cells from the intended effects反过来保护癌细胞不受化疗of chemo or radiation therapy, act to enhance the和放疗的影响,也就是说起到effects, or act as pro-oxidants causing more damage氧化剂的作用,反过来增强对身体的损伤than protection of our healthy cells.而不是保护健康的细胞It is highly likely to be very individualistic.这是因人而异的A number of studies point to an association between一些研究表明,抗氧化剂能够antioxidants and reduced cancer risk. However,降低罹患癌症的风险,但是researchers are becoming more convinced that相关研究人员越来越相信cancer protection does not come from any single预防癌症不是由某种单一的氧化剂能够antioxidant. It will take more studies to draw做到的,还需要更多的研究,才能确定firm conclusions about specific antioxidants.每种氧化剂的特殊作用201511/406978



  You dont have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to appreciate the elegance of polished silver—and with a little elbow grease,yours can be spiffed and sparkling in no time.你不需要含着银汤匙出世才能享受闪闪发光的银器的光——稍微费一点力,你的银器也可以熠熠生辉。You Will Need你需要A sink or a basin of warm water一水槽或一盆温水A soft, clean cloth温暖干净的布Non-abrasive silver cleaning paste非研磨性的银器清洁膏An old, natural-bristle toothbrush天然毛的旧牙刷Steps步骤STEP 1 Read directions1.阅读说明Read the silver cleaners packaging and follow those directions if they vary from these.阅读银质清洁剂的包装,按照说明来清洁。STEP 2 Rinse silver2.清洗银器Rinse the silver item in warm water.用温水清洗银器。STEP 3 Sp paste3.涂抹清洁膏Put a dab of silver cleaning paste onto a soft cloth and sp it over the surface of the item.向柔软的布上挤一点清洁膏,涂抹在银器表面。If the item is large, polish it in sections.如果器皿比较大,分区清洗。STEP 4 Dont overpolish4.不要过度打磨Rub the silver just until tarnish disappears—dont overpolish or youll remove the items finish.擦拭银器,直到污渍消失——不要过度擦拭,否则会损害其完整性。Clean the hard-to-reach places with an old natural-bristle toothbrush and a little cleaning paste.用旧的天然毛牙刷和一点清洁膏清洁难够到的部位。STEP 5 Rinse silver again5.再次清洗Rinse the silver in warm water again.再次用温水清洗银器。STEP 6 Dry item6.擦干Dry your shiny silver item thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth.用干净柔软的布擦干闪闪发光的银器。Silver is the best electrical conductor of all metals—and tarnish does not affect its performance.银是所有金属中最好的电导体——即使失去光泽也不影响其性能。视频听力译文由。201504/368254

  A rise in the concentration of health-threatening dust particles causing pollution in many Italian cities has prompted the government to act. A host of new measures have been put on the table for the whole country.意大利许多城市面临威胁性健康粉尘颗粒浓度上升的污染,促使政府采取行动。全国范围一系列新的措施已经摆上桌子。They include encouraging local councils to replace ageing buses with more environmentally friendly ones and incentives for drivers to trade in their cars for less polluting vehicles.It all comes at a cost.其中包括鼓励地方委员会使用更为环保的公共汽车替换过时的,并鼓励司机交易低污染的汽车。这都需要一定的代价。On top of these measures there will also be discounts on public transport, bus and city metros. These discounts are supported by a fund of 12 million euros which will be made available by my ministry from the last day of the year.除了这些措施以外,还包括在公共交通、公交和城市地铁上打折扣。这些优惠由1200万欧元基金资助,从今年的最后一天开始可以实行。The government’s move follows this week’s introduction of traffic and speed restrictions in Rome, Milan and several other cities. But the action failed to curb pollution levels.政府举措紧跟着本周罗马、米兰和其他几个城市实行交通和速度限制,但行动未能遏制污染水平。Rockets, firecrackers and flares have been banned in public spaces in Milan, Bologna and Turin.米兰、洛尼亚和都灵在公共场所禁止燃放烟花、鞭炮和照明弹。But environment activists said the measures do not go far enough.但环保人士表示,仅靠这些措施还远远不够。译文属。 /201512/419217

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