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John Ball is a recognisable type, a preaching friar who pushes Black Death radicalism to its logical extreme.约翰·保尔 一名布道的教士 他将黑死病引发的激进主义浪潮推向高潮Get rid of the priesthood and the property owners,Ball argued,消灭教会和有产者 保尔主张And Christ#39;s embrace of the poor will once again be honoured.上帝一视同仁的拥抱 必将重获Are we not descended from the same parents, Adam and Eve?我们不都是同一祖先亚当夏娃的子孙吗What reason can they give why they should be more masters than ourselves?他们有什么理由认定 他们应该是我们的主人They are clothed in velvet and rich ermine,while we are forced to wear poor clothing.他们能够穿丝绒 披貂皮 而我们只能衣衫褴褛They have wines and fine spices and fine b,while we have only rye and the refuse of the straw,他们享用美酒佳宴 而我们只能粗茶淡饭and when we drink it must be water.只能饮水止渴We are called slaves,and if we do not perform our services, we#39;re beaten.我们被称作奴隶 不干活 就要挨打Let us go to the king and remonstrate with him.We may obtain a favourable answer.我们去找国王理论理论 也许能得到一个好结果And if not,we must seek to amend our conditions ourselves.如果不能 我们必须自己改变现状And so they marched,the levelling fever of the Black Death buzzing in their brains,于是 他们游行 黑死病引发的对均分的狂热 在他们头脑中萦绕slogans of equality and retribution in their mouths.高举平等标语 高喊赔偿口号After all, who were Wat Tyler, John Ball and Robert Cave of the Dartford Baker瓦特·泰勒 约翰·保尔 达特福德的面包师罗伯特·凯夫but the three dead confronting the spoiled,rich and mighty with their day of judgement.就像故事中的三个死人一样 对那些骄纵的 有钱有势的人进行审判 /201611/480190

英语口语999句 Lesson39[00:03.10]Manners are quite different from country to country. 各国的礼仪各不相同。[00:11.73]Not only did I know her, but I was her best friend. 我不仅认识她,还是她最好的朋友。[00:21.27]The best-known movie awards are the Academy Awards. 最著名的电影奖是奥斯卡金像奖。[00:30.88]We've got to do something about the neighbor's dog! 我们得对邻居的采取点行动了![00:39.56]Will you come and join us for dinner on Sunday? 星期天来和我们共进晚餐好吗?[00:48.63]Do you think people are a company's greatest wealth? 你认为人是公司最大的财富吗?[00:57.42]He thinks himself somebody, but we think him nobody. 他自以为是重要人物,但我们觉得他什么也不是。[01:08.14]I believe I haven't reached the summit of my career. 我相信我还没有达到事业的巅峰。[01:17.04]It is no matter whether you get there early or late. 你早到晚到都没有关系。[01:24.81]It's against the rules to handle the ball in soccer. 在足球中以手触球就是犯规。[01:33.96]The nurse assisted the doctor in the operating room. 护士在手术室协助医生动手术。[01:43.32]What I do on my own time is nobody else's business. 我在自己的时间里干什么根本不关别人的事。[01:54.19]What I want to do is different from those of others. 我想做的与别人不同。[02:02.18]You forget to write down the date of your departure. 您忘了写离店日期了。[02:09.85]"I wish I'd known about that rule earlier", she said. “我要是早点知道这个规矩就好了!”她说。[02:19.03]Could you tell me your secret for a long, happy life? 你能告诉我长时间地过着快乐的生活的秘诀吗?[02:29.90]He holds a position of great responsibility upon him. 他担任着一个责任重大的职务。[02:38.68]It is said he has secret love affairs with two women! 据说他背地里和两个女人有关系![02:48.04]Number 13 buses run much more frequently, don't they? 13路车跑得更勤,是不是?[02:57.51]They are only too delighted to accept the invitation. 他们非常乐意接受邀请。[03:06.19]We are going to have the final examination next week. 我们下周举行期末考试。[03:14.90]And now medical care helps to keep people alive longer. 现在的医疗保健使得人们活得更长。[03:24.44]Do you think you'll be able to go to sleep fight away? 你认为你马上就能睡着吗?[03:32.83]I am in charge of the company when the manager is out. 经理不在时山我来管理公司。[03:41.72]I borrowed a notebook from Tom and I lent it to Marry. 我从汤姆那儿借了一本笔记本,我又把它借给玛丽了。 /200810/54245

栏目简介:Getting lost in a big shopping mall will be a thing of the past if these robots are around. Some malls in town are aly using the robots to help customers find their way. Our reporter Wu Ying checks it out... Article/201706/513499

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