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宝鸡西大医院男性割包皮宝鸡治疗提高性能力多少钱宝鸡西大医院男科咨询 Apple has reported a second consecutive quarter of falling iPhone sales, but the 15% drop was not as bad as analysts had feared.苹果发布报告称,iPhone的销售量已连续两个财季下滑,但下降15%这一数字倒不像分析师们担心的那么糟糕。The US tech giant sold 40.4 million iPhones in its third quarter, slightly above forecasts of 40.02 million. Apple chief executive Tim Cook said the results reflected ;stronger customer demand... than we anticipated;.这家美国科技巨头在第三财季销售了4040万部苹果iPhone手机,略高于预估的4002万部。苹果首席执行官蒂姆·库克表示,这个结果反映了“比预想中更强的客户需求”。The firm said it expected sales to fall again in the fourth quarter to between .5bn and .5bn.该公司表示,预计第四财季销售额还会下降,大约在455亿美元和475亿美元之间。The iPhone makes up for around two-thirds of Apple#39;s sales and accounts for even more of its profits. The slowdown in iPhone sales sent profit down 27% in the three months to 25 June, while revenues fell 14.6% to .4bn.苹果公司三分之二的销售量来自iPhone手机,而它带来的利润占据着更高的份额。苹果手机销售量的下降,使6月25号之前三个月的利润下降了27%,收入下跌14.6%,营收为424亿美元。Apple#39;s sales in Greater China - defined by the company as China, Hong Kong and Taiwan - plunged 33%. China accounts for almost a quarter of Apple#39;s sales, more than all of Europe combined.苹果在大中华区(由公司定义,包括中国、香港和台湾)的销售额下降了33%。其中中国大陆市场占据苹果销售额的四分之一,超过整个欧洲的总和。;It is very clear that there are some signs of economic slowdown in China, and we will have to work through them. We understand China well and we remain very, very optimistic about the future there,; said Apple chief financial officer Luca Maestri.苹果首席财务官卢卡·梅斯特里表示:“显然有一些迹象表明中国的经济有下滑,我们必须要处理好。我们了解中国,我们对于那里的市场仍然非常非常看好,”Nonetheless, shares, which have fallen almost 20% over the past year, rose over 7% in after-hours trading because the firm#39;s overall performance was not as bad as analysts had expected.尽管现在的情况如此,在过去一年下跌将近20%的苹果股价,在最近几个小时的交易中上涨了7%,这是因为公司的整体业绩并不像分析师预期的那样糟糕。Mr Maestri pointed to its services business, which includes the App Store, Apple Pay, iCloud and other services, as a bright spot. The division made nearly bn in revenue, up 18.9% from the same time last year, and is now the firm#39;s second-largest sales generator after the iPhone.梅斯特里指出,苹果的务业务,包括应用商店,苹果付,苹果云存储和其他务是亮点。该部分的业务创造了6亿美元的收入,与去年同期相比上升18.9%,现在已成为苹果公司仅次于iPhone手机的第二大销售来源。The shift is good news for the firm because it allows it to make more money from its existing users.能从现有的用户那里赚取更多的钱,这样的转变对公司无疑是个很棒的消息。 /201608/458587宝鸡做包皮手术价格

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宝鸡市那个医院治疗早泄阳痿治的好 十四条忠告 让你轻松减肥Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time. - Mark TwainLet’s be honest: Losing weight isn’t the easiest thing in the world. All our best intentions end up doing nothing.And I’ve tried just about every diet plan out there, from the various low-carb diets to Weight Watchers (which isn’t bad, actually) to the Abs Diet to Slim Fast to low-calorie to low-fat and more. I’ve tried a bunch of exercise programs too, believe me.My weight-loss efforts these last couple of years have been hit-and-miss, as I’ve struggled to find something that works for me. Recently, I think I’ve been hitting upon some pretty simple concepts that really work, for me at least.You might have the Zen Habits Meal Plan, which is actually a pretty good plan. But let me take some of those concepts and simplify them a little more, for some (almost) easy ways to beat your weight-loss struggles. These are mostly the same concepts, but I’m reporting what has been working for me as I experiment with the meal plan.Let me be honest again: even with the concepts below, weight loss isn’t going to be easy. But at least these tools will make it a little easier, a little simpler, and they really do work.I’ve lost 15 pounds in the last few months, which isn’t rapid weight loss but is actually a very healthy rate of loss. I recommend gradual weight loss for everyone. At the rate I’m going, you can lose 50 pounds a year. I don’t need to lose 50 pounds anymore (I did at one time, but only have about 20 pounds to go), but after I lose the rest of the unwanted bodyfat, I’m going to focus more on building a little muscle (something I’m actually doing now but it’s not my main focus).Never eat more than you can lift. - Miss Piggy1. Focus on gradual loss. I mentioned this above, but it’s important. Too many people focus on trying to lose weight fast — 10 pounds in 4 weeks, 20 pounds in 2 months, etc. It’s not healthy, and it doesn’t work, because even if you are able to lose that much weight that fast, you haven’t learned sustainable eating habits that will last you a lifetime. The key is to figure out an eating pattern than will work for you for the rest of your life. Again, if you focus on losing 1-2 pounds per week, you will lose between 50-100 pounds per year. You just have to be willing to wait a year, but trust me, a year goes by pretty fast these days (I think it’s inflation or something).2. Focus on nutrition. Exercise is important. You have to do it. It has wonderful benefits. But if your focus is on weight loss, the most important factor is what you eat. Don’t ignore exercise, by any means, but if you focus on exercise and think you can eat whatever you want, you’re wrong. You have to focus on nutrition (what you eat) and use exercise as a way to supplement the calorie burn and to get your body looking how you want it to look (not to mention as a key way to get healthy and feel great).The reason: you can change how many calories you take in to a much greater degree than you can change how many calories you burn. Thirty minutes of exercise, for example, can burn less than a medium McDonald’s fries. Lose the fries, and you’ve done in a few seconds what would take 30 minutes of exercise to accomplish.3. Become aware of your hunger. This is one of the key things I’ve been learning. Many times we are not conscious of how hungry we are. We ignore our bodies because we’re too busy thinking about other things. As a result, we only eat when we’re famished, and that’s not a good time to eat, because you don’t make healthy eating decisions when you’re super hungry. Your blood-sugar level is too low, and your body just wants a quick sugar fix — a donut or some cookies or white b or a Coke will be much more appealing than a salad or healthy sandwich on whole grain b.Learn to listen to your body, and be aware of your hunger when it’s in its early stages. This is a key skill to weight loss, something the other plans don’t tell you about. They tell you what to eat and when, but don’t teach you how to use your body’s signals to learn to eat healthier.4. Eat when you’re hungry, not famished. When you first feel the hunger, that’s when to eat. Don’t put it off until the hunger builds into an insatiable monster. When you start to get a little hungry, eat a snack. You don’t need to eat a full-on meal … just some fruit, some crackers, maybe some low-fat dairy (cheese or yogurt or cottage cheese — although I prefer soy yogurt), oatmeal, some nuts, dried fruit, etc. Just something to tide you over until you feel hungry again, or until you can eat a bigger meal. Keep healthy snacks at your desk or in your car or wherever you go. I like to pack some in the morning.The corollary to this is to also allow yourself to eat what you crave. I know this is contrary to most advice, but I’ve found that it’s important to listen to your body … not only when your body is hungry, but when your body is craving a specific food. I’ve also found that often your body just wants a taste of that food (see No. 13 below) and if you give your body what it wants, and really pay attention to the taste and texture of the food and how you feel after you eat it, you will probably crave that food less and less.lt;!-- Inject Script Filtered --gt; lt;!-- Inject Script Filtered --gt;5. Learn to eat until satiated. Again, pay attention to your body as you eat. If you eat mindlessly, you will most likely overeat. You’ll just keep cramming food into yourself until you’ve eaten too much. We’ve all felt the pain of being overstuffed. Don’t allow that to happen — be mindful of your eating, and of your hunger.A good habit to build is to eat slowly … and take pauses, so you can think about whether you’re really still hungry … and drink lots of water during those pauses. This style of eating will allow you to stop eating when you’re satiated (when your hunger is satisfied, not when you’re stuffed) and allow you to be satiated by eating less. It’s not easy at first, but once you’ve practiced it for a week or two, it will make a huge difference in the amount you eat.Another thing: before you go back for seconds, stop and take a break for a few minutes. Drink some water, talk to somebody, y, go do something, clean the kitchen a little. Whatever it takes. Often you’ll find that you really didn’t need the seconds. And then you’ve saved yourself a few hundred calories.6. Drink lots of water. I mentioned this above, but drinking water throughout the day helps you to eat less. Water takes the place of food in your stomach. You’ll still need to eat, but if you stay hydrated you’ll get hungry less. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times.7. Keep healthy options available. A good trick is to clear your fridge and cabinets of all unhealthy snacks and foods. Just dump them. Then plan some healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and go shopping. Bring healthy foods to work and wherever you go. Always have some fruits and nuts and other healthy options by your side. If you do this, and eat when you’re hungry, you’ll eat the unhealthy stuff much, much less.8. You gotta log. This may sound difficult to those of you who hate to log stuff or who only do it for a couple days and then stop … but it’s really not that hard once you get used to it. And if you use a very easy log (and one that’s accountable — see next item), it’s even easier. The reason you need to log is because most people underestimate the amount of calories they’re taking in. They don’t think the sweet drinks or the little snacks make any difference, but they really add up. Log everything that goes into your mouth, and you’ll really see how much you’re taking in. The act of logging makes you more aware, and that awareness, that mindfulness, is what allows you to eat less and be healthier.9. Be accountable. Perhaps the greatest motivator of all is allowing others to see your log. That’s why I like using PeerTrainer, although other good logs (such as Fit Day, Spark People, Calorie Count, etc.) can also be used this way. Get a partner or a small group that monitors each other’s logs, and you’ll be very motivated to eat well and exercise.10. Find a workout partner. This is accountability done right. A good workout partner is someone who wants to workout at the same time as you and do a similar workout, and someone whose company you enjoy. Why it works: if you set an appointment with a workout partner, you won’t want to miss it. You’ll make sure you’re there, unlike when you work out by yourself — many people are very tempted just to cancel their workouts if they’re a little tired or busy. Also, a workout partner makes the workout a little more fun, and that’s always a good thing. If you get a workout partner, you will have a stress-free exercise plan that will compliment your healthy eating perfectly. Try for 3-5 workouts per week, giving yourself plenty of rest time after hard workouts.11. Allow yourself to cheat. A strict diet plan is a bad one. If you are severely restricting yourself, and you feel deprived of good foods, you won’t last long. Trust me, I’ve tried it many times. Instead, relax a little bit, giving yourself a cheat meal or two each week, and allowing yourself to cheat a little on special occasions. It’s still best if you can go for the healthier foods on special occasions, but don’t be too strict.12. Three-bite rule. A great way to allow for cheats is the Three-bite rule … basically, if you want a sweet or some other sinful food, don’t deny yourself … allow yourself a little indulgence, but just three bites. Allow yourself to enjoy the taste, eat slowly, then move on to healthier foods.13. Forgive, and move on. If you make a mistake, or cheat more than you should, don’t just give up or beat yourself up. This kind of negative thinking is why people don’t stay on diets for long. They binge and then go back to their unhealthy habits. Instead, just forgive yourself for any indulgences, and get back on your healthy eating plan. Look forward, not backward.14. Get inspired. Motivation is important … maybe the most important thing. Accountability (mentioned above) is the best motivator … but I’d put inspiration at a close second. Find others who are doing what you want to do, success stories, magazines and blogs and books, put up a motivational poster … whatever it takes to get inspired. /200803/30363宝鸡治疗射精功能异常多少钱宝鸡眉县治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好




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