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口语范文:a good news -- :: 来源: Describe some good news that made you happy and explain why. Please include specific examples and details in your explanation.I'll tell you a good news of myself. You know what? I have just received an offer which tells me that I was accepted to be an editor in Xinhua news Agency, which is the most important news agency in China. Every one of my classmates admires me because I am the only one who receives this offer. I dreamed to be a journalist when I was still in middle school and thus I chose journalism as my major in the university. When I graduate from the university, I found it very difficult a female undergraduate to be a journalist in China, but I proved myself in the end, and got this offer. 口语 范文年6月四级作文范文:幸运数字 --5 :3:7 来源: 年6月四级作文范文:幸运数字  There are people who believe that some numbers bring good luck, while others bring bad luck. instance, in China the number eight is thought to be lucky. Turning our attention to the West, we find that the number seven is considered lucky, but the number is avoided like the plague.  In spite of all these claims, most people would agree that there is little evidence that numbers have any influence on our lives. In fact, they say, the reverse seems to be the case. one thing, we might expect calculators to break down every time they note the number , and another, although every week has seven days we know that not every week is lucky us.  Weighing the pros and cons of these arguments, I am inclined to agree with the latter point of view. It is obvious that there is no scientific basis the belief that there is a connection between luck and numbers. All in all, it seems to me to be superstition. 更多四级作文年常用词汇——火车旅游相关 -- :55: 来源:qnr 年常用词汇:火车旅游相关railway, railroad 铁路track 轨道train 火车locomotive 火车头、机车railway system, railway network 铁路系统CRH train 动车组express train 特别快车fast train 快车through train 直达快车stopping train, slow train 慢车excursion train 游览列车commuter train, suburban train 市郊火车railcar 轨道车coach, carriage 车厢sleeping car, sleeper 卧车dining car, restaurant car, luncheon car 餐车double-decker train 双层火车sleeper with couchettes 双层卧铺车berth, bunk 铺位up train 上行车down train 下行车luggage van, baggage car 行李车mail car 邮政车station, railway station 车站station hall 车站大厅booking office, ticket office 售票处ticket-collector, gateman 收票员ticket inspector 验票员platm 月台、站台platm ticket 站台票terminal 终点站railway policeman 乘警buffet 小卖部waiting room 候车室mother-and-child room 母子候车室VIP room 贵宾候车室platm bridge 天桥 词汇 词汇 常用 火车 旅游考研英语英译汉翻译技巧

persevere in one's studiesarmed struggle


年3月30日独立作文范文 --7 :6:37 来源: 年3月30日独立作文范文独立作文题目: Even though many people from different countries care about environment problems (pollution, global warming), the environmental situation can’t be improved in the future. : 【题目翻译】 即使现在很多国家的很多人都非常关心类似于污染和全球变暖这样的环境问题,但是环境状况在将来还是不会得到改善的你同意还是不同意这个观点? 【话题分析】 此题考查的是环境话题,其实,教育、环境、媒体、个人成功、工作等话题都是的重头戏,其中教育、个人成功和工作一直名列前茅,但是环境话题的再次出现,也是给各位考生提了个醒,要注意老话题的复习,包括素材和词汇的复习 【历年相关考题】 大陆考题: .6.-The most important thing that the government can do in improving health care is to clean the environment. 年月日—Instead of spending money on the exploration of outer space, the government should spend money on the improvement of the environment. 北美考题: .1.-The government should focus more on environmental problems and less on economic development. .3.-The environmental issue is too complex to be solved by the individuals. ..6-The government should give priority to improving healthcare than to solving environmental problems. 【思路拓展】 如果同意上面的观点,那就是认为:即使现在很多国家关心环境问题,但问题还是得不到改善,可以有以下理由: 1. 很多国家只是关注(care about pay more attention on …),或者可以理解成是意识到环境问题的严重性(realize the importance of environment problems),但是都不采取具体的行动(but they have not taken practical and effective measures),如此下去,环境问题也不会得到改善比方说,由政府间气候变化专家委员会(Intergovernmental Panelon Climate Change)制定的京都议定书(Kyoto protocol),旨在减少二氧化碳排放量(reduce the emission of carbon dioxide),减轻全球变暖,都改了好几次了,但是全球变暖未见改善 . 很多国家,尤其是发展中国家和不发达国家,为了发展经济,大量的挖掘地球的资源(excavate all kinds of resource),排放废气废物(contamination),,他们是在以牺牲环境为代价来发展经济(develop a country’s economy at the cost of environment damage),如此以来,环境问题不仅不会改善,而且还会恶化(deteriorate) 3. 很多污染单一国家或地区很难独立解决(it is too complicated individual country to solve some environmental problems)很多污染都是没有国界的(boundless),即使有的国家在关注,甚至采取行动,如果不把站在国际的角度上去解决这个问题(tackle this problem at an international level),也是很难有成效的 照上面的具体分析,可以照最简单的三点五段式来安排文章结构 年3月30日独立作文范文

英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 一封感谢信(A Letter of Thanks) -- :56:7 来源: Dear Mr. John,How are things going with you in Beijing?I am writing to show my thanks to you. You tutored me in my spoken English bee you went to Beijing. With your help I made such rapid progress that I won the first place in the Spoken English Competition of the city. My achievement is owed to your help. Thank you very much.I have heard that you and your wife will pay a visit to my school. I am very glad at the news. In that case we can see each other again. I am looking ward to your coming. I am sending you a telescope as a small gift. I hope you will like it.All the best.Yours, Liu Jie 亲爱的约翰先生: 您在北京过得怎么样?我写信向您表达我的谢意去北京前您辅导我的英语口语在您的帮助下我很快取得进步,所以能在市里举办的英语口语比赛中取得第一名我的成绩应该归功于您的帮助非常感谢我听说您和您的夫人要来我们学校访问听到这个消息我非常高兴那样的话我们就又可以见面了期盼着您的到来我给您寄去一件小礼物“望远镜”希望您喜欢万事如意您的朋友 刘杰 一封 感谢信 Letter


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