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F: Aren't you going to give us a training workshop next week? How are things going on your preparation for the presentation?M: I'm having trouble narrowing down my topic for the training. I want to speak about how to improve our sales technique, but there is so much to say, it's hard to get organized.F: Our training group won't be very large, so you will have more time to focus on more areas. We can cover a lot of ground in an hour and a half, if everyone is participating and paying attention.M: I want to focus on some suggestions about making sales scores, and I was hoping to throw in a few role plays so that people get practise implementing the things I'm going to talk about. Do you think people will go for the role playing?F: I think some people may be a little shy to do role playing in front of class… but if you are enthusiastic about your topic, you can help everyone to feel more at ease and willing to give it a try. /201004/102218。

“Achieving Inclusive Growth in the Fourth Industrial Revolution”主题:在第四次工业革命中实现包容性增长Mass entrepreneurship, innovation双创China has achieved better-than-expected results in its efforts to drive mass entrepreneurship and innovation. The number of market entities in China increased by a daily average of 40,000 in the past three years.我们广泛开展大众创业、万众创新,取得的成效超出预期。过去三年,每天新增市场主体4万家。Financial risk control金融风险控制We will defend the bottom line of no systemic risks. We are capable of fending off all kinds of risks and ensuring the economic growth stays in a reasonable range.我们有能力,来守住不发生系统性风险的底线。我们有足够的能力防范各类风险,确保经济运行在合理区间。Economic globalization经济全球化Based on the principal of equal consultation, mutual understanding and accommodation, as well as equal treatment without discrimination, countries must seek convergent interests and complement each other’s advantages to achieve win-win results.通过平等协商、互谅互让,寻求利益契合点和平衡点,尤其是在国际多边规则下,应一视同仁,不能将单边规则强加于人,最终实现优势互补、双赢多赢。“The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Its Transformational Impact”主题:“第四次工业革命——转型的力量”Chinese economy optimistic中国经济希望始终大于困难Downward pressure on the Chinese economy is still huge, and difficulty still exists. We faced and undertook difficult tasks, showing that we have the determination to overcome it. Chinese economy is more about hope than difficulty.经济下行的压力仍然较大,困难不可低估。我们正视困难、坦承困难,恰恰表明我们有决心克困难,有能力战胜困难,中国经济的希望将始终大于困难。New driving engines新动能Against the downward pressure, we did not take strong stimulative measures. Instead, we adopted new macro-control measures, pushed forward structural reform, and tried to create new growth engines while upgrading the traditional ones.面对持续较大的经济下行压力,我们没有搞“大水漫灌”式的强刺激,而是创新宏观调控方式,大力推进结构性改革,着力培育新动能,改造提升传统动胀?As time goes by, new growth engines are emerging, which will surely support the future economy in China.假以时日,异军突起的新动能必将撑起未来中国经济的新天地。Sharing economy共享经济The sharing economy means crowd innovation. Everyone can take part in it and benefit from it. It helps establish a reasonable pattern of income distribution, provide equal opportunities, expand the middle-income group, help each person realize the potential and promote social equity and justice.共享经济也是众创经济,它可以让人人参与、人人受益,有利于形成合理的收入分配格局,为每个人都提供平等竞争的机会,壮大中等收入群体,也让每个人都有发挥自己潜能的机会,去追求人生的价值,促进社会公平正义。China a responsible country中国是负责任的大国Overcapacity is a global issue, and we will take active measures to cut production capacity, which in turn shows China as a big responsible country.产能过剩是一个全球性的问题,我们将主动采取行动去产能,这本身就表明中国是负责任的大囀?Joint efforts携手共进Amid globalization, it’s impossible for any country to talk about domestic development while disconnecting from the global economic environment. We should join our hands to go forward.在全球化的大背景下,各国都不可能离开世界经济环境去谈本国的发展,所以需要携手共进。“Charting a New Course for Growth”主题:“描绘增长新蓝图”Economy remains stable经济稳定的基本面没有改变The government has taken effective measures to counter economic slowdown. Meanwhile, positive factors are increasing to support a stable economy.前期采取的一系列政策措施正在逐步见效,经济中的积极因素在增多,经济稳定的基本面没有改变。Economic growth is resilient经济增长有韧性China’s economy is highly resilient and can endure any possible impact. The Chinese people are striving toward a well-off society, a great goal by 2020 that will summon strong social cohesion and power.中国经济的撑具有很强的抗冲击能力和韧性。当前,中国人民正在为实现到2020年全面建成小康社会的宏伟目标而奋斗,这也必将凝聚起强大的社会力量。China remains a powerhouse for world economy中国是世界经济增长动力源之一Although more than 70 million people are still living in poverty in China, the nation aly has a large middle-income group with increasing consumption capacity. China is not a source of risk but a powerhouse for global economic growth.当然不可忽视的是中国还有7000多万贫困人口,但确实有相当多的人已经进入中等收入群体,有着巨大且快速增长的消费需求。中国不是世界经济风险之源,而是世界经济增长的动力源之一。Government needs partners政府不唱“独角戏”Mass entrepreneurship and innovation require comprehensive and available public products and services supported by structural reform.推动大众创业、万众创新,需要全面、可及性强的公共产品、公共务供给。In the process, the government should encourage participation from private and foreign capital.在这方面,也要靠结构性改革。政府不唱“独角戏”,鼓励社会资本、外商投资一起干。Continue opening up中国开放的大门将越开越大China’s reform is a process that requires continuous opening-up and integration with the world, and the government will make every effort to make the country the most attractive destination for global investment.中国改革的过程是不断扩大开放的过程,也是不断融入世界的过程。我们将继续努力把中国打造成为世界上最具吸引力的投资目的地。“Creating Value Through Innovation”主题:“推动创新创造价值”Deepening comprehensive reform全面深化改革China will continue to deepen administration reform and cancel unnecessary approvals within five years. The ongoing administration streamlining will unleash the potential of the market and inject vitality to economic growth.我们将继续深化行政管理体制改革,力争用更短的时间完成取消和下放行政审批事项的五年任务,释放市场潜能和发展动力。Mass entrepreneurship and innovation大众创业,万众创新Innovation supports China’s economic growth, and the government will advocate mass entrepreneurship and innovation to unleash the potential of the Chinese people.中国经济每一回破茧成蝶,靠的都是创新。我们将提倡大众创业,万众创新,释放中国人民的潜力。More focus on economic restructuring更关注结构调整Under the new landscape of the domestic and global economy, China will pay more attention to economic restructuring rather than to short-term fluctuations in some indexes.在国际国内经济出现新常态下,我们更加关注结构调整等问题,并不随单项指标的短期小幅波动而起舞。No zero-sum game among nations各国间不应再是“零和弈”Global prosperity needs win-win and beneficial cooperation among different nations. China will firmly stay on the peaceful road of development and become an active participant of and contributor to the international system.各国间应该是双赢多赢、互利共赢,唯此世界才能繁荣进步。中国将坚定不移走和平发展道路,我们是国际体系的积极参与者、建设者和贡献者。Open, fair and unified international market开放公平的全球统一大市场China advocates an open, fair and unified international market, and supports bilateral and multilateral free trade zones. China is committed to building a high-level network of free trade zones and against all types of protectionism, as well as trade wars.我们倡导开放公平的全球统一大市场,持多边自贸安排和双边自贸区建设“两个轮子一起转”,努力形成“面向全球的高标准自贸区网络”,反对各种形式的保护主义,更不赞成打贸易战。“Meeting the Innovation Imperative”主题:“创新势在必行”China to keep sustainable, steady growth中国将保持可持续稳定发展As long as we stick to long-term goals and resolve immediate problems, the Chinese economy will certainly keep sustainable, steady growth, just as a huge wheel sets course.只要我们咬定长远目标不放松,解决眼前问题不懈怠,中国这艘经济巨轮就一定能够乘风破浪,扬帆远航。中国经济一定能保持长期持续健康发展!Reform and development to benefit people让改革和发展的成果惠及人民群众China’s future economic growth must be based on higher efficiency and better quality, with resource conservation and ecological protection. It will also be powered by innovation in science and technology, and secure employment and people’s income. In other words, results of reform and development should benefit the majority of our people.未来中国经济增长必须以提高质量和效益为前提,必须以资源节约和生态环保为撑,必须以科技创新和技术进步为动力,必须是有就业保障和居民收入相应增加的增长。也就是说,让改革和发展的成果惠及最广大的人民群众。More participation in international governance中国愿意更多参与国际治理As an ancient Chinese saying goes, “A gentleman is always y to help others attain their goals.We believe that only by helping each other can we all attain our goals.中国有句古话:“君子成人之美”。只有美人之美,才能美美与共。We are y to take a more active part in international governance and do our best to contribute to international public good. We are y to share our poverty reduction successes and offer more assistance to fellow developing countries. We will share the responsibility contribute to a strong, sustainable and balanced world economy.我们愿意更多参与国际治理,尽可能提供国际公共产品;与其他发展中国家分享减贫经验,提供更多帮助;为全球经济强劲、可持续、平衡增长分担责任作出贡献。来 /201706/515631。

2 接受邀请3句英文任你选Id love to, thanks.我想去的,谢谢。Thats very kind of you, thanks.你真好,谢谢。That sounds lovely, thanks.听上去不错,谢谢。半个句型要记牢Id love to. (我很乐意去。)Tip:接受别人的邀请,首先应该感谢对方(Thank you或者Thank you for your invitation) ,然后表示自己很乐意参加。 /201511/393423。

An angry customerA: I am very sorry to hear that you’ve been having so many problems, sir.B: Well, sorry isn’t good enough! What can you do to help me?A: Well, to begin with, I’d like to ask you a few questions if I may?B: Fine, whatever it takes to get this straightened out!气愤的顾客A:很抱歉听到您有这么多的麻烦,先生。B:是吗?光抱歉是不够的!你怎么帮我解决呢?A:好吧,首先请允许我问您几个问题。B:行,什么都行,只要能解决问题。 /200706/13955。

Talking about sportsA: Guess what, Mark?B: What? What’s up?A: Our softball team is in the finals! We’re playing the McGrath office on Saturday.B: Fantastic! I’ll be there!体育闲谈A:你猜怎么着,马克?B:怎么了?什么事?A:咱们的垒球队进入决赛了。星期六咱们对麦格拉斯公司队。B:好极了。我一定去。 /200706/13930。

amalgam ---------- 混合物(名词)英文释义 (noun) A confused combination; an uneven mixture.例句 The young boys enthusiastic description of his holiday adventure was an amalgam of facts and imaginary events.这位年轻男孩对假日冒险的描述夹杂着事实与想象。 /201505/374368。

With a new employeeA: Hi there! My name’s Terry Graham. You’re new around here, huh?B: Yes. My name’s Mark Benson. I just started a couple of weeks ago.A: Well, if there’s anything I can do for you, let me know.B: Thanks, I appreciate that!见到新雇员A:嗨,你好。我叫泰利·格雷厄姆。你是新来的吧?B:是的。我叫马克·本森。我来这才两三个星期。A:哦,如果有什么我能帮忙的,请尽管开口。B:谢谢。 /200704/12033。

第一句:Excuse me, Mr. Green.打扰了,格林先生。A: Excuse me, Mr. Green.打扰了,格林先生。B: Whats the matter, Jennifer?怎么了,詹妮弗?A: Our copying machine has broken down again.复印机又出毛病了。B: Oh, again?噢,又出毛病了?第二句:I think we need to buy a new copier.我想我们需要买一台新的复印机。A: I think we need to buy a new copier.我想我们需要买一台新的复印机。B: OK.好的。A: Thank you.谢谢。其他表达法:I would suggest we buy a new copier. 我建议买一台新的复印机。Shall we buy a new copier? 我们能买一台新的复印机吗?难得糊涂。上司碰到比自己能力强的下属时,往往会有一些疑心病,会有所提防。他们总希望下属是比自己差一截,这样他们才能显示出自己的权威。因此,当你的能力超过上司时装装糊涂,即使自己十分清楚的问题,也不妨多请教上司。 /201303/227698。

1.There's a large variety of goods in the shops.  商店内的货物品种繁多。  重点词语:goods n.货物,商品,动产  商务用语:bonded goods 保税货物  deliver the goods 交货  2.This grade of wool can be sold at a fairly low price.  这种等级的羊毛可以以相当低的价格出售。  重点词语:grade n.等级  商务用语:economic grade 经济坡度  extra grade 特级  fancy grade 最优级  3.He greeted her by saying “Good morning”.  他向她打招呼,说“早上好”。  重点词语:greet vt.欢迎,呈现  商务用语:to greet sb. with a smile 含笑欢迎某人  4.The company grossed over ,000,000 last year.  该公司去年总共获利500多万美元。  重点词语:gross adj.总共的,大致的 vt.总共赚得  商务用语:gross profits 毛利  gross national product (GNP) 国民生产总值  gross domestic product (GDP) 国内生产总值  gross misconduct 严重渎职  5.Over 200 jobs were lost in the group's petrochemical divisions.  该集团的石油化工部门裁减200多个职位。  重点词语:group n.集团  商务用语:group accounts 集团帐户  loaning group 信贷组  groups of capital 资本群 /200811/56214。