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Chinese milk producer wins global top prize中国牛奶生产商赢得全球最高奖项Six years after Chinas tainted milk scandal killed at least six babies and sickened hundreds of thousands of children, Chinas largest producer of raw milk has been given a top international award.继毒奶事件造成至少6名婴儿死亡,成千上万的孩子患病6年之后,最大的原料奶生产商被授予了一项国际最高奖项。201406/303171

The trick to saying ;no; is to do it in a way that doesnt invite discussion. These strategies will head off any arguments.说“不”的技巧是以不会引起讨论的方式说出来。这些技巧可以防止任何争论的发生。You Will Need你需要A simple no简单的说不Some positive statements一些积极的声明An alternative其他选择A compromise折衷A compliment赞美Confident body language (optional)有信心的身体语言Steps步骤Step 1 Just say ;no;1.直接说“不”Just say ;no; – dont offer any reasons for your refusal. Simply say, ;Im so sorry, but I cant.; Then change the subject. Otherwise, you invite the person to challenge your excuse.简单地说“不”——不要为你的拒绝说出任何理由。简单地说,“对不起,我不能。”然后就改变话题。否则会导致对方挑战你的借口。Make sure your body language conveys ;no; by standing up straight and looking the asker in the eye.确保身体语言符合“不”的意思,身体直立,正视对方的眼睛。Step 2 Sandwich it2.转折If you cant be that abrupt, slip your ;no; between two positive statements. For example, ;Im so flattered you asked! Unfortunately, I cant do it. But arent you nice to think of me!;如果你不想这么无礼,可以在两个积极的声明中间表达出拒绝的意思。例如,“我很高兴你能提出来。不幸的是,我不能这样做。但是很高兴你能想到我!”Step 3 Offer an alternative3.提供其他选择Offer an alternative if you can, such as, ;Why not ask Susie? Im sure shed love to.; This is especially satisfying if you know Susie will d the request.如果可以的话,提供其他选择,“你为何不问一下苏茜?我确信她会乐意的。”如果你知道苏茜会答应对方的请求的话,这样就更好了。Step 4 Compromise4.折衷If you feel guilty about declining, make the person a counteroffer. Say, ;I cant do that, but heres what I can do.;如果你对拒绝感到愧疚的话,可以向对方提一些反建议。比如,“我不能。不过我可以这样做。”Step 5 Compliment them5.赞美他们End on a positive note by complimenting the person. It will take the sting out of your rejection. Were all suckers for a compliment, even if we suspect its insincere.赞美对方,以积极的论调结束对话。这样可以缓和你的拒绝带来的不快。我们都喜欢听到赞美,即使我们怀疑不是真诚的。Eighty-two percent of women surveyed say they have trouble saying ;no; to people.82%的受调查女性表示他们难以拒绝别人的请求。视频听力由。201311/263114

We were designing the Apple II. And we really had some, 当时我们正在设计Apple IIsome much higher ambitions for the Apple II.我们对它充满了期待Wozs ambitions were he wanted to add color grahpics. Woz希望实现色图形界面My ambition was that, it was very clear to me that a bunch of hardware hobbists, 我希望…当时有一大群硬件爱好者,他们自己组装电脑they could assemble around the computers, or at least take our board, and add the transformers for the power apply, the case, the keyboard, and go get, and etc. You know, go get rest of the stuff.或者用我们的主板,自己安装电源、键盘等等For everyone of those, there were a thousand of people, they couldnt do that but wanted to mess around with programming, software hobbists, 还有许多人是软件爱好者,他们只想写程序just like I had been, you know, when I was 10, discovering my computer. 就像我10岁刚刚接触计算机那样And so my dream for the Apple II was to sell the first real packaged computer, packaged personal computer. 所以我希望Apple II成为第一款功能齐备的个人电脑You didnt have to be a hardware hobbist at all.就算你不懂硬件也能轻松使用And so combining both of those dreams, we actually designed a product. And I found the designer and we designed the packaging and everything. And we wanted to make it out of plastic and we had the whole thing y to go. But we needed some money for tooling the cases and things like that. We needed a few thousand of dollars. And this was way beyond me.这就是我们对Apple II的基本设想。我找到设计师,设计了所有细节。我们还打算使用塑料机身,什么都想好了。可我们资金不足,还缺几万美元。So I went looking for some venture capital. 于是我开始寻找风险投资And I ran across one venture capitalist name Don Valentine, who came over to the garage 我找到Don Valentine,他还来参观了我的车库and he later said I look like a renegade from the human race, that was his famous e. 他说我看起来像人类的叛逆者,这话成了他的名言And he said he wasnt willing to invest us but he recommended a few people to mine. 虽然他不打算投资,但推荐了几个人给我One of those was Mike Markkula.其中就有Mike MarkkulaSo I called Mike on the phone and he came over. 我给Mike打电话,跟他见了面And Mike had retired for about 30 or 31 from the Intel, he was a product manager there and got a little bit stock. Mike以前是英特尔的产品经理,他大概30岁离开英特尔,手里有英特尔的股票And, you know, like made a million bucks on stock options, which at that time was quite a lot of money.他靠股票期权赚了一百多万,当时非常富有 /201306/243641

DIRECTV运用了同样的假设逻辑,与之前的“不要坑你爹”用了相同的假设,不过这次坑的可就是你自己了。以下是双语文本: When your cable goes out you get stressed. When you get stressed you need to get away. When you need to get away you go for something exotic. When you go for something exotic you get bitten by something exotic.假如电缆公司罢工,你就会觉得压力山大;当你觉得亚历山大,你就想远离喧嚣去度假;当你远离喧嚣去度假,你就会选择一些有异国情调的事;当你选择有异国情调的事,你就会被某些有异国情调的东西咬一口。[DIRECTV]When you get bitten by something exotic things swell up. When things swell up you can’t go home. [Quarantine] And when you can’t go home, you become a local fisherman they call big fatty face. Don’t become a local fisherman they call big-fatty face.当你被那些有异国情调的东西咬一口,那里就会肿;当(脸)肿了,你就回不了家;(会被隔离检疫)当你回不了家,你就变成当地的渔夫,还被大伙叫“大肥脸”。别变成当地的渔夫,还被人叫“大肥脸”。Get rid of Cable. And upgrade to DIRECTV告别电缆,升级到DIRECTV吧。directv.comCall 1-800-DIRECTV201406/304252

Its hard to know if any new obesity drug will ever really work.新的肥胖治疗药物是否有效也很难说As weve seen in our journey from在我们从营养不良malnutrition to obesity, there have been many false dawns.到肥胖的旅程中 有过许多虚假的曙光From the disastrous effects of pesticides从杀虫剂的毁灭性作用to the collapse of our fibre-deprived colons,到缺乏纤维素的结肠的惨状and the tragic side-effects of some diet drugs.还有减肥药物悲剧性的副作用Unlike the progress medicine其他重大疾病has made in treating other major diseases,都有对症的药物 但对于肥胖症we still dont have a medical solution for obesity.我们依然没有可行的医学方案Fat is sexy, fat is fine,胖就是性感 胖就是漂亮 youve got yours and Ive got mine.你得到你的 我得到我的Some have decided to embrace what nature has given them.有些人决定接受天生的自我But for those who want to fight但是对于那些想要打败the flab to improve their health, theyre left with松弛获得健康的人 留给他们的the timeless mantra of a healthy diet and lots of exercise.则是长期健康饮食及大量运动的咒语If weve learnt anything from this story,如果说我们从这个故事中学到了什么its that nutrition is a complicated science.那就是营养学是一门复杂的科学Each new discovery only throws up new questions每个新的发现都会抛出about the relationship我们的饮食与长期健康between what we eat and our long-term health.之间关系的新问题But perhaps thats just the very nature of science itself.不过也许科学本身就是如此201307/247239

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