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福州人民医院做红色胎记手术多少钱福州市妇幼保健院光子嫩肤手术多少钱福州整形医院哪里好 Edward Snowden has rounded on his hosts, attacking the Kremlin’s human rights record and implicating Russia in two of the US government’s latest major security hacks.爱德华#8226;斯诺登(Edward Snowden)抨击他目前客居的国家,他批评克里姆林宫的人权记录,并暗指俄罗斯与近期两起针对美国政府的重大黑客攻击事件有瓜葛。In a Lunch with the FT — carried below — he complained Moscow had gone very far, in ways that are completely unnecessary, costly and corrosive to individual and collective rights and added that his greatest loyalty was still to the US.在与FT共进午餐(见以下采访全文)中,他吐槽莫斯科做得太过,采取了完全没有必要、代价高昂并且损害个人和集体权利的行事方式,并说他依然对美国怀有最大的忠诚。He described the leak last month of NSA espionage tools, potentially by Russia as an implicit threat to the US government. 在他看来,上个月美国国家安全局(NSA)的间谍工具被泄露一事——可能是俄罗斯所为——是向美国政府发出的含蓄威胁。Efforts by hackers called the Shadow Brokers to auction off NSA computer code used to break into foreign networks were an attempt to show Washington how vulnerable it was, he added.他说,这伙叫做影子经纪人的黑客要将美国国家安全局用于入侵外国网络的计算机代码拍卖,其用意是要让华盛顿看看,这些代码有多不堪一击。Snowden insisted that all dealings with Russian officials were conducted by his lawyer. 斯诺登坚称,所有与俄罗斯官员之间的交涉都是由他的律师出面进行的。I don’t have a lot of ties to Russia and that’s by design because, as crazy as it sounds, I still plan to leave.我和俄罗斯并没有很多关联,这是有意的,因为——尽管这听起来很疯狂——我依然计划着要离开。Edward Snowden is not the easiest lunch date. 要约斯诺登一起吃个午餐不太容易。The former National Security Agency operative doesn’t fancy talking in a Moscow restaurant so — via an intermediary — we settle on meeting in my hotel and risk the room service. 这位美国国家安全局的前工作人员不想在莫斯科的哪一家餐厅谈话,因此,通过一位中间人,我们决定就在我住的酒店碰面,冒险尝试一下客房务。He will present himself at the agreed time. 他自会在约定的时间露面。That’s all I need to know.我只需要知道这一点。In the end he’s 20 minutes late, dressed casually in black jeans and black V-neck, buttoned-up T-shirt carrying a pair of unbranded dark glasses. 结果斯诺登迟到了20分钟。他一身休闲打扮,穿着黑色牛仔裤和一件保守的黑色V领T恤,戴着一副没有品牌logo的墨镜。He eyes up the small, dimly lit room 203 of the Golden Apple boutique hotel — half an hour’s gentle stroll from the Kremlin — with the look of a man who has spent too much time in such places.他打量了一番金苹果精品酒店(Golden Apple)——从这里溜达到克里姆林宫需要半小时——狭小昏暗的203号房间,一副在这种地方住过很长时间的样子。How does it compare with room 1014 of the Mira Hotel in Hong Kong, where in June 2013 — having shared many of the NSA’s most closely guarded secrets with a few handpicked journalists — Snowden spent a week as the most wanted man in the world?这个房间和香港美丽华酒店(Mira Hotel)1014号房间比起来怎样呢?2013年6月他在那个房间里住了一周,作为世界头号通缉犯——在他与挑选的几名记者分享了美国国家安全局许多最严加保守的秘密之后。A bit smaller, but not dissimilar, he says. 小一点,但也没多大不同,他说。The Hong Kong room had a glass bathroom wall here, he adds, pointing to a bland wall featuring an obligatory hotel watercolour.香港那个房间在这里有一面浴室的玻璃墙,他指着一面普普通通的墙壁说道,墙上挂着一幅在酒店房间里常见的水画。The interior of the Mira hotel room is about to become much better known with the US release next week of Oliver Stone’s biopic about Snowden, which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the whistleblower’s role. 美丽华酒店1014号房间内的布置将随着一部影片的上映而更加为人们所知。奥利弗#8226;斯通(Oliver Stone)执导的斯诺登传记片于9月16日在美国上映,约瑟夫#8226;戈登-莱维特(Joseph Gordon-Levitt)饰演泄密者斯诺登一角。Much of the tensest, most claustrophobic action is filmed in a reconstruction of room 1014 built inside a hangar-like studio in Munich.片中最紧张、最具幽闭恐惧气氛的镜头是在慕尼黑一个飞机库般的摄影棚内重建的1014号房间里拍摄的。During that intense week three years ago, Snowden and two Guardian reporters worked on those first stories disclosing the full capabilities that intelligence agencies can now deploy against populations. 3年前他住在美丽华酒店1014房间的那一周过得相当紧张,因为他的爆料,两名《卫报》(Guardian)记者写出了第一波披露当今情报部门能够使用在民众身上的全部监听能力的报道。When he revealed himself as the source, he was acclaimed as a hero by some — others recommended the electric chair. 在他披露自己是消息来源后,一些人将他誉为英雄,另外一些人提出应该让他坐电椅。I had never met him and was entirely reliant on the judgment of our veteran reporter, Ewen MacAskill, who rang to report (in pre-arranged code owing something to Hollywood) that the Guinness is good.我那时候还没有见过他,我对他的全部认知都来自于我们的资深记者尤恩#8226;麦卡斯基尔(Ewen MacAskill)的判断,他和斯诺登会面后,打电话来汇报——学好莱坞电影使用事先商量好的暗号——吉尼斯很棒(译注:表示斯诺登的消息是真实的)。I first saw his face about an hour before the rest of the world, when MacAskill filed his interview to New York. 我第一次看见他的面孔大约比世界上其他人早一个小时——由劳拉#8226;波伊特拉斯(Laura Poitras)拍摄的、麦卡斯基尔和格伦#8226;格林沃尔德(Glenn Greenwald)两位记者采访斯诺登的视频被发送到了纽约。Like everyone else there I was struck by his stubbled youth and impressed by his thoughtful articulacy. 就像在场所有其他人一样,斯诺登的年轻——他蓄着胡茬——让我震惊,他的思维缜密和能说会道也让我印象深刻。Today, at 33, there’s a touch less stubble, and the hair is a smidgen longer. 现在,33岁的斯诺登脸上的胡茬少了一点,头发也比那时候长了一点。He says he moves freely around Moscow, seldom recognised, which is surprising since he has changed little since that first picture of him etched itself on our consciousness.他说他在莫斯科可以自由地到处走,很少被人认出来,这一点让人惊讶,因为从他的第一张照片给我们留下印象以来,他几乎没什么变化。Reading the laminated room-service card, complete with English translations, he is tempted by the spicy chicken curry with rice and chilli sauce. I go for the risotto with white mushrooms and a vinaigrette salad with herring. 看了客房里配有英文翻译的塑封菜单后,斯诺登选中了辣味咖喱鸡配米饭和辣酱,我选了口蘑烩饭和油醋汁鲱鱼沙拉。Snowden — skinny thin — decides he can’t resist the crab cakes, too. 斯诺登——他非常瘦——觉得蟹饼也让人无法抗拒。We telephone the order for the food, with mineral water.我们打电话点了餐,还要了矿泉水。He has been unwillingly marooned in Moscow since 2013 when — the subject of a giant manhunt — he was forced to leave Hong Kong. 自2013年遭到大规模搜捕、无奈离开香港以来,他一直不情愿地被困在莫斯科。How’s his Russian coming on? He confirms it’s up to ordering in a restaurant, but is reluctant to elaborate. 现在他的俄语怎么样?斯诺登表示他能在餐厅里用俄语点餐,但他不愿意细谈这个话题。All my work’s in English. Everybody I talk to I speak to in English, he says. I sleep in Russia but I live all around the world. 我在工作中都用英语,我和每个人交谈都用英语说话,他说,我睡在俄罗斯,但我生活在世界各地。I don’t have a lot of ties to Russia. That’s by design because, as crazy as it sounds, I still plan to leave.我和俄罗斯并没有很多关联,这是有意的,因为——这尽管听起来很疯狂——我依然计划着离开。He lives mainly on Eastern Standard Time and spends most of his waking hours online — but it always has been so. 他的作息基本遵循美国东部标准时间,醒时也多半都在上网,不过我一直这么过的。He admits he misses the sense of home represented by America, but technology overcomes most of that divide. 他承认自己想念美国代表的家的感觉,但科技基本上克了这种分离。For me, I’m a little bit of an outlier to begin with because, remember, I signed up to go work overseas for the CIA and overseas for the NSA. 就我而言,我本来就有点像外派的工作人员,记得不,我曾签约为中央情报局和国家安全局去海外工作。So it’s really not that much different from the postings that I had for the US.所以,这与我曾经为美国驻外工作相比真的没有太大不同。The only difference is that I’m still posted overseas and I work for the US but they don’t realise it. 唯一不同的是我依然驻外,依然为美国工作,只不过美国人民没认识到罢了。As anyone who follows him on Twitter knows (he follows just one account: the NSA) he is capable of a very dry wit.在Twitter上关注了他的人都知道,斯诺登可是个冷幽默高手(他的Twitter只关注了一个账号:美国国家安全局。)He has seen a version of the Stone movie on one of the director’s trips to Moscow, during which Snowden says he would talk to Stone’s co-writer, Kieran Fitzgerald, about trying to keep the film a little bit closer to being reality.有一次斯通来莫斯科时,给斯诺登看了他拍的电影,那时他表示愿意和斯通的联合编剧基兰#8226;菲茨杰拉德( Kieran Fitzgerald)谈谈如何让影片更贴近现实一点。But, he shrugs, I know it’s a drama, not a documentary. How would he score it out of 10? He avoids a rating. 不过,他耸了耸肩:我知道这是戏,不是纪录片。On the policy questions, which I think are the most important thing for the public understanding, it’s as close to real as you can get in a film.如果满分十分,他会给几分呢?斯诺登没有打分:在政策问题上——我认为这是公众要知道的最重要的事情——它已经达到了一部电影所能表现的最真实的地步。He met Gordon-Levitt in Moscow and thought him an amazing guy#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;we had lunch together, talked for several hours just about everything, our personal lives — what we think about, what we care about. 斯诺登在莫斯科见了戈登-莱维特,他认为对方是个了不起的家伙……我们一起吃了午餐,聊了几个小时,什么都聊,包括我们的私人生活,我们的想法,我们在意什么。At the time I thought it was just a social visit but, after the fact, he told me that he was actually scoping me out, trying to get my mannerisms.当时我以为这只是一次社交性的拜访,但事后他告诉我,他其实是在揣我,研究我的言谈举止。Having interviewed Gordon-Levitt’s Snowden as part of my own cameo in the film, I can vouch for how well he captures the real thing. 我在影片中的客串戏份是采访戈登-莱维特扮演的斯诺登,我可以打包票地说,他完美地捕捉到了人物真髓。Snowden was impressed, too: His characterisation of me makes me uncomfortable, with the super-deep gravelly voice, but that’s because you never hear your own voice the way other people do, right?斯诺登也印象深刻:他扮演的我让我不大自在,他的嗓音太低沉沙哑,不过这是因为人们从来没听过别人耳中自己的声音,对吧?Was he moved by the film, which in flashback revisits the episodes in his life that led to what he calls his tortured decision to engineer the biggest leak of classified documents in history? There’s always going to be something emotional about seeing something that you did retold as a story by other people. 这部片子对他有触动吗?影片以倒叙手法再现了他的生活经历,正是这些经历导致他作出痛苦决定,从而制造了史上最大的机密文件泄露事件。当你从别人复述的故事中看到自己过往做的事,总会有些动情。It shows a reflection of how your choices matter to them. 它体现了一种思考,关于你做的选择对他们产生了怎样的影响。Three years later, seeing what we thought was going to be a five-day story still being reported on [makes me think] that I wasn’t crazy.3年过去,看到我们当初的想法变成一个5天故事,而且仍有媒体报道,让我觉得自己当初并不是疯了。There’s a knock on the door — which would have caused a spasm of paranoid anxiety in the Mira in 2013. 外面传来敲门声——这要是在2013年的美丽华酒店,肯定会引起猜疑和焦虑。Now it’s just room service. 现在只是客房务罢了。The floor is so small the waiter balances the tray on the bed and Snowden has to perch his chicken curry on his knee. 房间太小,务员将托盘搭在床上,斯诺登只得将咖喱鸡米饭放在膝盖上。The water is missing. 水没送上来。My vinaigrette salad turns out to be cubed beetroot. 我的沙拉原来是切成丁状的甜菜根。I avoid the herrings.我没吃鲱鱼。Once he nods at the iPhone recording our interview and expands on a point in case someone is listening. 他朝着正在录制我们采访现场的iPhone点了一下头,然后围绕以防有人在听这个话题发了一通议论。The first time I met him — to see how he was surviving in his new circumstances in spring 2014 — my iPhone had displayed a giant red thermometer, a sign of alarming overheating. 2014年春天我第一次见他,看看他在新环境里过得如何,当时我的iPhone上出现了一个巨大的红色温度计,那是过热预警信号。Snowden had observed mildly it was because so many different people were trying to listen in.那时斯诺登温和地说,这是因为有太多不同来路的人企图监听它。 /201609/468075福州妇幼保健院冰点脱毛多少钱

福州妇保医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱An attack by a robot at a technology fair in Shenzhen last Thursday has been blamed on incorrect operation.上周四发生在深圳一个科技展上的机器人伤人事件最终被归因于操作不当。The robot named ;Xiaopang; displayed at the China Hi-tech Fair 2016 ran into a window. A visitor#39;s leg was wounded by broken glass and he was taken to hospital by an ambulance and received a few stitches.这个名叫;小胖;的机器人在第十八届中国国际高新技术成果交易会上展示时突然撞上玻璃,玻璃碎片划伤了一名参观者的腿,他随后被担架送往医院缝针。The accident took place at about 2pm when the exhibitor, Spview Century, a Shenzhen high-tech enterprise, was demonstrating the robot to visitors.本次事故发生在当天下午两点左右,当时参展商、深圳省高新技术企业展景世纪正在向参观者展示机器人。The fair#39;s organizing committee said an employee mistakenly hit the ;forward; button, instead of the ;reverse; one, leading to the accident.展会组织者称,工作人员误将;前进键;当成;后退键;操作导致了这次事件。An exhibitor surnamed Zhang whose booth is located near the accident site told China Daily that he heard a loud noise when the accident happened and saw many people gathering at the site.展台位于事故现场附近的一位姓张的参展商在接受《中国日报》采访时表示,当事故发生时,他听到了一声巨响,并且看到许多人聚集在了事发现场。The robot was reportedly produced by Beijing robot company Evolver. It was developed for children aged between four and 12 years old for educational use.据报道,;小胖;是北京机器人公司;进化者;为4-12岁儿童研发的,用于教育目的。 /201611/480208福州祛痘哪家医院好 This is a first for A Miracle A Day... a guest post. This is one that I, personally, could use, and I hope that you find it useful as well.Here it is, then, a guest post from Gaetano at http://www.fruitfultime.com/.By far the best technique to impress when you are networking and building relationships with prospective clients or business partners is to remember their names. Can you remember the last time someone remembered your name how flattered you felt? When someone addresses you with your name, you feel that you are important.Our name is something hard wired into our brain. This is quite natural. Our parents were the first to call us using our name and therefore it is something we react to subconsciously. When we hear our name we pay more attention to what is being said and there is a higher probability that we will act upon something when we are addressed by our name. Therefore, it is invaluable for you to remember peoples’ names if you want to draw and keep the attention of someone, be it a friend at a party or a potential client in a business meeting.Also, since many people have trouble remembering names, if you manage to remember names using the below techniques you will manage to stand out from the rest of the crowd. You will also come across as a bright person and this definitely gives bonus points to your charm score.The above was just a summary of the benefits of remembering names. I hope it was enough to convince you how important it is to remember names when networking and socialising. If you are like how I used to be and you keep on forgetting names, then I suggest you start following these tips. The following tips can help you remember more names and in doing so help you build stronger relationships both in your business and in your personal life.Make Sure You Get It Correct From The BeginningIt happened once to me and I will make sure it will not happen again. I once was introduced to a person and I didn’t get the name right. I didn’t ask him to repeat his name since I was embarrassed. I hoped that his name will be mentioned in a conversation. But it didn’t happen. I still have the cell phone number saved with “Unknown name” as his name. I can still remember that this person was an English teacher.So pay attention when you get introduced. Make sure you get the name right as from the beginning so as to avoid embarrassing situations like the one I have described above.Call The Person By Their NameOnce you get introduced address the person using his/her name. Do this for two reasons. First of all to make sure that you got the name right. If you got the name wrong you want the other person to politely correct you before you go ahead and memorise the name.The second reason is because such a technique will help you to associate the name with the person and his/her characteristics like face, voice and general character. Such association will help you remember the name more and will come handy if you meet that person another time.For instance, I find myself better at remembering voices rather than faces, especially where women are concerned. Women have a tendency to change hair style, making them look completely different. Even though years pass their voices remain the same. Hence I find myself remembering more names by associating a name with a voice.Finally, calling a person by his name makes the conversation more personal and enjoyable.Ask How To Spell ItIf someone has a rare name and you do not know how to pronounce it or spell it you could say something like “That’s an interesting name. How do you spell it?” This way you will get the information you need without sounding boring. I also understand that this technique highly depends on the situation in which you are socialising. If you are in a formal meeting you don’t want to ask how a name is spelt. But if you are socialising in an informal way, then it will be a good idea to ask how a name is spelt. No, such question is not intrusive but it shows interest. Once you know how to spell the name, try to spell the name in your mind by visualizing the spelling of the name. This process further helps you memorize names.Associate The Name With A Characteristic Of The PersonWhen you get introduced to a person try to ask for some details about the person like what s/he does, hobbies etc. The more information you know about a person the more you have to associate with the name. It is very hard to remember a name which is not put into context. By getting information about the person, you will associate the newly learned name with a context. /200803/29697福州自体脂肪移植隆胸哪家医院好

福州丰胸手术要花多少钱 Finland has long been in the economic doldrums. Weighed down by the steep decline in Nokia’s once dominant mobile phone business, the country has been mired in recession for four years. 芬兰处于经济低谷已经很久了。受到诺基亚(Nokia)一度占统治地位的手机业务暴跌的影响,该国4年来一直深陷衰退泥潭。But three pieces of corporate news in recent days hint at some cause for optimism for Finland — and point to some of its challenges. All three come in consumer technology, an area in which Finland has overcome its long-held stereotype as shy and retiring (a classic Finnish joke goes: how do you tell a Finnish extrovert from an introvert? The extrovert looks at your shoes). 但近来的三条企业新闻暗示了一些看好芬兰的理由,同时也指向该国面临的一些挑战。这三条新闻都来自消费科技领域,芬兰在这个领域克了其长期以来腼腆和不爱与人交际的印象(一个经典的芬兰笑话是这样的:如何分辨一个外向的芬兰人和一个内向的芬兰人?外向的那个人会盯着你的鞋)。First up was the release of Angry Birds, a film based on an app that once conquered the world but recently seemed to fall out of favour. To the surprise of many people, not least this columnist after attending the tepid, almost laughter-free premiere in Helsinki, the film shot to the top of the box office charts in the US and China. 首先是《愤怒的小鸟》(Angry Birds)电影上映。这部电影是基于一款曾经征世界、但最近似乎不再受到青睐的app制作的。让很多人(尤其是我这个参加了这部电影在赫尔辛基举行的不温不火,几乎没有笑声的首映式的专栏作家)感到惊讶的是,这部电影一跃登上美国和中国票房榜的榜首。The film is nothing less than an all-in bet by Rovio Entertainment, the developer of Angry Birds. The company once had an ambition to become a new-age Walt Disney, building Angry Birds playgrounds and theme parks, selling Angry Birds fishing rods and sodas as well as making games and cartoons. 这部电影几乎可以说是“愤怒的小鸟”开发商Rovio Entertainment的孤注一掷之举。这家公司曾经怀有成为新时代的华特迪士尼公司(Walt Disney)的抱负,建造愤怒的小鸟游乐场和主题公园,售卖愤怒的小鸟钓鱼竿、碳酸饮料,同时制作游戏和漫画。That vision, however, clouded over as the game’s popularity dipped, leading to three consecutive years of shrinking revenues and a loss last year. It has shed nearly half of its workers in the past two years. It took the unusual step of using its own cash on the film, spending m on the production and more on the marketing. As a result, despite the box office success, Rovio is not yet guaranteed to make much profit from the production. But it may hope the spillover effects will invigorate its faltering games business. 然而,随着该游戏的人气下滑,导致该公司连续3年收入下降,去年出现亏损,这一愿景被蒙上阴云。过去两年期间,该公司裁掉了近一半员工。该公司采取了用自己的资金投资这部电影的不寻常之举,在电影制作上投入了7300万美元,在营销上砸下更多资金。其结果是,虽然该片在票房上取得成功,但Rovio还无法保从制作这部电影获得高额利润。不过,该公司可能希望影片的溢出效应将提振其摇摇欲坠的游戏业务。The second piece of news was Nokia’s return to mobile phones after selling its original business to Microsoft in 2014. Under a complicated deal, Nokia-branded phones and tablets will be made by Taiwan’s Foxconn and marketed by a new Finnish company. The local relief was palpable. “Nokia’s comeback gains pace. Lifting spirits in Finland,” tweeted Olli Rehn, Finland’s economy minister. It is hard to exaggerate the psychological boost Nokia’s success in the consumer world had in the 1990s and 2000s on Finland, which hitherto had been solely a business-to-business specialist. 第二条新闻是,自2014年将其原有业务卖给微软(Microsoft)后,诺基亚重拾手机业务。根据一项复杂的协议,诺基亚品牌的手机和平板电脑将由台湾的富士康(Foxconn)制造,一家新的芬兰公司将负责这些产品的营销。芬兰当地人的如释重负感很明显。“诺基亚复出的步伐加快了。提振了芬兰的精神,”芬兰经济部长奥利#8226;雷恩(Olli Rehn)在Twitter上发帖称。上世纪90年代和2000年代,诺基亚在消费者领域的成功给芬兰带来的心理提振怎么说都不为过,在那之前诺基亚仅仅是一个企业对企业的专家。The return to phones is pretty low-risk and low-return. Nokia has avoided the dangers of manufacturing its own devices and instead plumped for royalty payments for the use of its brand and patents. Still, the deal is testament to the resurrection of Nokia, whose future was far from certain before the 5.4bn Microsoft sale. 重拾手机业务的风险和回报都相当低。诺基亚避开了自己制造设备的危险,而是选择收取使用其品牌和专利的许可费。话虽如此,这笔交易是诺基亚复活的明,当初该公司在作价54亿欧元把手机部门出售给微软之前也面临着不确定的未来。The final bit of news features Supercell, which can arguably claim to be Nokia’s successor as Finland’s leading consumer company. Japan’s SoftBank, which owns a majority stake in the developer of the hit mobile games Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Boom Beach and Clash Royale, is reportedly putting a majority stake up for sale at a price that would value it at more than bn.最后一条新闻涉及Supercell,该公司堪称继诺基亚之后芬兰首屈一指的消费者企业。热门手机游戏部落冲突(Clash of Clans)、卡通农场(Hay Day)、海岛奇兵(Boom Beach)和部落冲突:皇室战争(Clash Royale)均由该公司开发。持有该公司多数股权的日本软银(SoftBank)据报道正要出售其所持股权,售价意味着该公司的估值超过50亿美元。Any deal would be bittersweet for the company, which hailed the 2013 investment, saying its new investor had a focus that “isn’t on the next 10 years but the next 100 years”. But the sale talk underlines how the Finnish company has become one of the successes of the hyper-competitive mobile gaming sector. With just three games — Clash Royale was released this spring — Supercell last year had revenues of 2.1bn and operating profits of 848m. 任何交易对这家公司来说都是喜忧参半。该公司曾盛赞软银在2013年的投资,称这位新投资者的关注点“不在于下一个10年,而是下一个100年”。但软银出售Supercell股权的谈判突显出这家芬兰公司已成为竞争极为激烈的手机游戏业的成功者之一。仅仅依靠3款游戏(部落冲突:皇室战争是今年春天才发布的),Supercell去年实现了21亿欧元的收入和8.48亿欧元的营业利润。But Supercell made all that money with fewer than 200 employees. By contrast, Nokia had as many as 130,000 in 2010-11, which was down to 56,000 at the end of last year. Rovio, which at its peak employed 800 people, has fewer than 500. Indeed, Microsoft’s announcement of 1,350 job cuts in Finland on Wednesday underscores how the pain from Nokia’s legacy still outweighs any recent employment gains.但是,Supercell只用不到200个员工实现了这样的业绩。相比之下,诺基亚在2010-11年度有多达13万员工,在去年底缩减到了5.6万名员工。Rovio在顶峰的时候雇佣了800名员工,目前不到500名。的确,微软最近宣布在芬兰裁减1350个工作岗位,突显出诺基亚的遗留影响依然超过近期的就业增加。This puts into perspective the quest to develop European technology groups to rival the big US operators. Supercell and its backers chose to sell out to an Asian company rather than take the risk of development on themselves, and Rovio’s plans for an initial public offering are still very much on the back burner. 这让人们客观看待发展欧洲科技公司、使其能够与大型美国对手匹敌的追求。Supercell和其赞助者选择将股份出售给一家亚洲公司,而不是自行承担发展风险,而Rovio的首次公开发行(IPO)计划依然遥遥无期。Finland’s tech scene may be impressive in Europe but it shows just how far the continent still has to go. 在欧洲,芬兰科技业可能让人印象深刻,但这也表明欧洲大陆还有多长的路要走。 /201606/447150福建省级机关医院切眼袋多少钱福州美贝尔医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱



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