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The British constitution英国宪法Now for the English question现在轮到英格兰问题了Scotlands place in the ed Kingdom is settled. Time to deal with its much larger neighbor苏格兰在英国的地位已经得到解决。是时候该解决其更大邻居的问题了。THE national rejoicing did not last long. Shortly after six oclock on the morning of September 19th, the B announced that Scotland had voted to stay in the ed Kingdom. At seven oclock, with unionists still hugging each other, David Cameron, the prime minister, triggered a new constitutional crisis—this time concerning England.英国的喜悦并没有持续很长时间。9月19日早上6点整刚过,B就宣布经投票,苏格兰依然留在英国。7点整,统一派还在相互拥抱,而英国首相大卫·卡梅伦却引发了一场新的宪法的危机—这一次,关系到英格兰。The country is hard done by, he argued. Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have their own assemblies, which control much domestic policy. But England—with 84% of the unions population—is still run from Westminster. And, since Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales continue to send MPs to Parliament, they can sway decisions on English schools, health care and the like, without English MPs having reciprocal rights. This must change, Mr Cameron said.他提出,这个国家受到了不公平的待遇。苏格兰、北爱尔兰和威尔士拥有自己的立法机构,能够掌握大部分国内政策。而英格兰—拥有英联邦84%的总人口—却还是由威斯敏斯特掌管。随着苏格兰、北爱尔兰和威尔士不断把自己的议员塞进国会,他们可以左右英国学校、医疗保健以及类似的东西方面的决定,但是没有英格兰议员有响应的权利。这个状况必须改变,卡梅伦声称。It is an old anomaly. Tam Dalyell, a Scottish Labour MP, pointed it out so often in the 1970s and 1980s that it has been dubbed the West Lothian Question after his constituency. But it grows more irksome as the devolved assemblies become more powerful. They aly control health and education. Scotland will get more power over taxes in 2016. And late in the Scottish campaign a panicky Mr Cameron, Ed Miliband (Labours leader) and Nick Clegg promised yet more.这是一个历史很久的反常现象。一位苏格兰工党议员谭姆·戴利埃尔在20世纪70年代到80年代之间多次指出这个问题,因此他的持者把这个问题称谓西洛锡安问题。但是随着已经发展的立法机构变得越来越强大,这个问题也变得越来越让人困扰。他们已经控制了医疗和教育。到2016年,苏格兰在税收方面权利将变得更大。而且在近期的苏格兰运动中,惊慌失措的卡梅伦、艾德·米利班德和尼克·克莱格给了苏格兰更多的承诺。Albions fatal flaw阿尔比恩的致命弱点Mr Cameron may be playing politics. Any limit on the power of Scottish or Welsh MPs to vote on English issues will hurt Labour. But his point stands: it is simply not fair to disadvantage English voters in this way. The system must be changed, ideally in a way that enhances democracy, buttresses the union and does not increase bureaucracy. Sadly, these aims clash.卡梅伦可能在玩弄政治。任何一项对苏格兰或威尔士议员在英格兰问题中的投票限制都会伤害到工党。但是他持这样的观点:让英格兰选民以这种方式处于劣势当然是不公平的。这个体系必须改变,最理想的就是以一种既能够提高民主,持英联邦又不加剧官僚体制的方式来改变。遗憾的是,这些目标相互矛盾。The least cumbersome way to equalise things at Westminster would be to cut the number of MPs from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to reflect their growing autonomy. Northern Ireland was docked in the mid-20th century, when it ran its own affairs. But it would be hard to work out a formula—should Wales have proportionately more MPs than Scotland because its assembly is weaker?—and an ugly fudge would result. Scots would still be voting on English education bills, albeit in smaller numbers. But when it came to voting on war, Scots would have less say. That seems unfair, too.最缓慢复杂的实现威斯敏斯特平等的方式就是削减来自苏格兰、威尔士和北爱尔兰的国会议员,以示其日益增长的自治权。北爱尔兰在20世纪中期在管理自己的事务时被剔除了。但是很难计算出一个公式——由于威尔士的立法机构更弱,威尔士就应该比苏格兰拥有更大比例的议员吗?——那样只是做做表明文章。苏格兰人还会在英格兰教育费用方面投票,尽管人数较少。但是当提到战争问题,苏格兰人就很少有发言权。那看起来也不公平。A more democratic and bolder alternative would be to set up a separate English parliament. It would handle domestic policy, leaving foreign affairs and economic co-ordination to a federal parliament. This is a logical solution: everyone, including the English, would then have an assembly. English MPs would be accountable for English policies, British MPs for British ones, and voters would know whom to blame for what.一个更加民主更勇敢的选项可能是建立一个独立的英格兰议会。议会可以处理国内政策问题,而国外事务和经济协调问题还是由联邦议会决定。这是一个合乎情理的解决方法:每个人,包括英格兰人,都会有一个议会。英格兰议员对英格兰政策问题负责,英国议员对英国问题负责,所有的投票者都知道自己对什么负责。But Englands sway would make that arrangement unsustainable. The most powerful part of the federation would dominate the federal parliament. The English and British parliaments would surely end up feuding, particularly over money. In the end the English parliament would probably prevail, and the British parliament would atrophy. Mr Cameron would probably want to be first minister of England and prime minister of Britain. The political union that politicians (and this newspaper) have spent two years defending as a bastion of tolerance would be endangered. Englands power could be countered with a broader redesign, including, say, an elected president or a more regionally balanced senate. But that entails even more upheaval.但是英格兰的势力会使得那样的格局不稳定。联邦中最有权力的部分将会统治联邦议会。英格兰议会和英联邦议会必然会以长期不和结束,尤其在钱的问题上。最后,英格兰议会很可能会胜利,而英联邦议会则会衰退。卡梅伦可能想成为首位英格兰部长以及英国首相。政客花了两年时间以捍卫包容为防御的政治联盟可能会有危险。英格兰的权力和更广范围的重新计划相悖,包括,比方说,获选的总统或更地区性的公平参议院。但是那牵涉到更多的动荡。The civil servants who designed Germanys federal system after the second world war came up with a solution to the dominant-country problem. To prevent the huge state of Prussia from overwhelming the system, they broke it into several new ones. This could be done in England, too. The south-west, north-east and other regions could be given powers roughly equivalent to Scotland and Wales. But the English do not think of themselves as living in regions; they identify more with cities and counties. In 2004 the residents of north-east England crushed plans for a regional assembly by four to one.二战后,设计德国联邦体系的公务员提出了解决统治性国家问题的方法。为了阻止普鲁士大部分地区打破这个体系,他们把这个系统分成几个新的体系。这个方法也可以再英格兰实行。西南、东北和其他地区可以平等地享有苏格兰和威尔士享有的权利。但是英格兰人不以生活的地区来区分,他们更多的以城市和国家来区分。2004年,英格兰东北地区以四比一的比例阻止了建立地区性议会的计划。The English solution英格兰解决方法This newspaper has long argued for constitutional reform—with an elected second chamber and a written constitution. We would also like to see more powers given to mayors. If Mr Cameron holds a convention prepared to consider these things, all well and good. But the issue now is “English votes on English laws”; and there is a practical answer within the current Westminster parliament, the “double majority”.本报长期以来一直在宪政改革问题上争论不休—争论民选上议院和成文宪法的问题。我们也希望看到市长被赋予更多权力。如果卡梅伦召开大会准备考虑这些问题,那当然好。但是现在的问题是“英格兰人在英格兰法律方面投票”,目前威斯特敏斯特议会中现行的解决方法是“双重多数决”。Under this system, proposed by Sir Malcolm Rifkind, a Scottish Tory, a bill that only affects England would need to be passed by a majority both of the whole House of Commons and of English MPs. That would prevent a future Labour government unfairly using Scottish votes to force laws on the English; but (unlike a separate English parliament or a system that gave English MPs full power over English laws) it would stop English Tories from creating a shadow government. At present bills often have some clauses that affect only England, or England and Wales, and some that are broader. Such laws would have to be passed in bits.在这个苏格兰保守党党员马尔科姆·里夫金德提出的体系之下,一项只影响英格兰的议案需要经过整个下议院和英格兰国会议员中的大多数同意才可通过。那样可以预防未来工党政府不公平地用苏格兰选票强制通过英格兰的法律。但是,这可以防止英格兰保守党党员创立影子政府。目前,议案中经常有一些条款只影响英格兰或者英格兰和威尔士,还有些条款影响范围更大。这种法律必须以大多数同意才可以通过。There are flaws. The double majority would slow down legislation. To pass an English education or health bill, a national Labour government that relied on Scottish votes would have to court English Liberal Democrats or Tories. Since 1919 there have been only 36 months (in 1964-66 and 1974-76) when a national government has depended on Scottish votes for its majority. Even if that is more likely in the future, due to the fracturing of party politics, the system would have the good effect of pushing any such government to advance measures with broad support. A bit of haggling is better than an unjust vote.这种做法还是有弱点的。双重多数决会减缓立法进程。要通过一项英格兰教育或医疗的议案,依赖苏格兰选票的国家的工党政府要争取英格兰自由民主党成员或者保守党党员的持。自从1919年起,只有36个月(1964年到66年和1974年到76年),国家政府依赖苏格兰投票来获得绝大多数持。即使未来因为党派政治的破裂,该体系很可能在推动任何一个这样的政府获得更广泛的持来提高措施方面有好的效果。一点点争论比不公平的投票更好。The main objection to the double majority is that English voters would still have less clout than their Celtic cousins. That is undeniable. Yet, as the panic about losing Scotland showed, the English are willing to give up something to save the union—and the democratic cost to mighty England in this case would be small. The double majority is a bit of a fiddle. But it is the least-bad solution to the English problem.对于双重多数决最主要的反对在于英格兰选民还是比他们的凯尔特弟兄们拥有更少的影响力。这点毋庸置疑。但是,正如失去苏格兰的恐慌显示,英格兰人愿意放弃一些东西来挽救整个英联邦—这个事件中,民主党的损耗对于强大的英格兰来讲是很小的。双重多数决有点像一场骗局。但是这是对英格兰问题最好的解决方法了。译者:王丹培译文属译生译世界 /201410/334836

We all know we need iron to live.众所周知,铁是我们不可或缺的微量元素。How else would our bloodcarry oxygen to our lungs?如果不是通过铁元素,我们的血液怎么能把氧气送入肺部呢?And cells need iron in order tomultiply.细胞分裂也需要铁元素的协助。The problem is that our cells arent the only ones whoneed iron in order to thrive.但问题是,不仅正常细胞需要铁元素帮助繁殖。Cancer cells and harmful microorganisms like E.Coli and staph neediron, too.癌细胞的分裂以及像大肠杆菌和葡萄球菌这样的有害微生物的滋生也需要铁元素。The good news is that our bodies have several mechanisms for preventing dangerous invadersfrom getting the iron they need.幸运的是,我们人体内有一些防御机制可以抵御有害入侵者,防止他们获取所需的铁元素。Our bodies defense strategy is to starve these invaders andcontain them.我们人体对入侵者采取的防御战略是:断其粮草、形成牵制。First, the level of iron in our blood plasma drops down dramatically, and our bodies reduce theamount of iron we absorb from our diet to a bare minimum until the danger is over.首先,我们血浆中的铁含量会急剧下降,同时我们的身体会尽量减少饮食中对铁的吸收,直到危险解除。Next, ourwhite blood cells have a protein that scavenges for loose iron atoms so that the invaders dont geta hold of them.接下来,我们白血球中所含的一种蛋白质会清理游离的铁原子,这样入侵者就无法得到铁。Finally, to seal the deal, our immune system forms antibodies to the proteinreceptors the invaders use to acquire iron.最后,为永绝后患,我们的免疫系统对入侵者用来捕获铁元素的蛋白受体形成抗体。The next time the same organism invades, the seantibodies will completely block it from getting the iron it needs.当微生物再次入侵时,它将会被这些抗体彻底阻挡在外,从而无法获取所需的铁。No wonder, then, that having too much iron in your system can mean the difference between life and death.另外,我们也不难理解为什么人体内铁元素过量将事关生死。Too much iron clogs our bodies natural debris-control system and suppresses ourwhite blood cells.大量的铁元素会使人体自身对自由基的控制受阻并抑制白血球生长繁殖。Whats more, iron is a powerful oxidant, so when iron reacts with oxygen,it can damage the DNA in our cells and actually trigger the cancer process.此外,铁具有强氧化性,因此当其与氧气发生反应时,可以破坏细胞中的DNA,从而引发癌变。Help your body protect you by making sure that youre not consuming too much iron.确保不要过量摄入铁元素有助于你的机体对你形成保护。Avoid ironsupplements unless your doctor prescribes them, and stop smoking. Tobacco is loaded with iron.在未经医嘱的情况下,尽量不要补铁,并且要戒烟,因为烟草中富含铁元素。201412/351266

According to family members, at least four Americans are still missing after the Brussels bombings. 据家庭成员,至少有四名美国人在布鲁塞尔爆炸案后仍然失踪。The missing include a husband and wife from the South and a brother and sister from New York City. 失踪人员包括来自南部的一对夫妻,来自纽约的一对兄。Both pairs were at the Brussels airport when two blasts rocked the check-in area, killing at least 11 people there Tuesday morning. 周二早上登记处的两起爆炸造成至少11人死亡,这两队人员当时就在布鲁塞尔机场。According to the State Department, about a dozen Americans were injured in the bombings, leading one lawmaker to suggest an American counter at the airport was targeted.据国务院消息,大约有十几名美国人在爆炸中受伤,一名议员表示机场的一美国柜台被攻击。译文属。201603/433428Canadas war on doorknobs加拿大门把手之战Knobless oblige非旋不可New building rules will help old folks—who now risk being eaten by bears新建筑规定能帮上老家伙们—他们面临着葬身熊腹的危险IT IS rare for changes to a municipal building code to become headline news. But Vancouvers ban on doorknobs in all new buildings, which went into effect last month, is an exception. It has provoked a strong reaction from the door-opening public and set off a chain reaction across the country as other jurisdictions ponder whether to follow Vancouvers lead. The country is on tenterhooks.市政建筑规章的修改很少能登上头条。可是上个月在温哥华生效的禁令却是个例外。这一事件引发了开门群众的强烈反应,全国各地也发生了连锁反应,大家都开始仔细思考着要不要跟着温哥华走。这个国家陷入了纠结的状态。The war on doorknobs is part of a broader campaign to make buildings more accessible to the elderly and disabled, many of whom find levered doorhandles easier to operate than fiddly knobs. Vancouvers code adds private homes to rules aly in place in most of Canada for large buildings, stipulating wider entry doors, lower thresholds and lever-operated taps in bathrooms and kitchens.在许多老残人士看来,杠杆式的门把手比小破旋钮好用得多;为了方便他们出入各式建筑物,一场大战已经打响,而门把手之仗正是其中一役。温哥华法令在加拿大广义上的大型建筑物条例中添加了私人住宅一条,对宽门厅的门、低门槛、杠杆操作的厨浴水龙头都作出了规定。The rules have provoked grumbling about the nanny state, much of it from doorknob manufacturers. The Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA) complains that Vancouver, the only city in Canada with the power to determine its own building code (elsewhere it falls to provincial governments), changed the rules on its own, instead of asking for a revision of the national regulations, which would have triggered more detailed cost studies.随规章而至的是人们对于保姆政府的抱怨,而旋钮制造商方面怨声尤重。加拿大住宅建筑商协会( CHBA )埋怨说,温哥华是加拿大唯一座有建筑物条例决定权的城市,现在它不去改国家规章,而是自改条例,这就需要再研究一番具体成本。These complaints pale in comparison to a more sinister worry. True, elderly and disabled people find it easier to operate doors with handles. But so do bears. In British Columbia, bears have been known to scavenge for food inside cars—whose doors have handles, knob advocates point out. Pitkin County, Colorado, in the ed States, has banned door levers on buildings for this very reason. One newspaper columnist in the pro-knob camp has noted that the velociraptors in “Jurassic Park” were able to open doors by their handles.这些怨言在一份不祥的担心前未免相形见绌。确实,老残人士用起门把手来要方便得多。但熊也会方便。人们已经知道熊会进车觅食—车上是有把手的,旋钮拥护者提出了这一点。美国科罗拉多州的皮特金县因此禁止建筑物使用杠杆门。一位旋钮派的报社专栏作家提到,《侏罗纪公园》里的伶盗龙就能扣动门把手开门。Canadians are undeterred. Members of the municipal council in Halifax are considering asking their provincial government to follow Vancouvers example. So too are councillors in Pickering, east of Toronto. The provincial government in Manitoba is examining how the new rules will work in Vancouver. Philip Rizcallah, who manages the federal body responsible for the national code, says he would be open to considering the measure. So far no one has asked.加拿大人并未气馁。哈利法克斯市市政委员会正考虑倡议省政府效仿温哥华市。多伦多东面的皮克灵市市政委员会也是这么想的。曼尼托巴省省政府有意观察温哥华新规的落实情况。负责的菲利普·瑞兹卡拉称他愿意将该举措纳入考虑范畴。目前还没有人提议。It seems only a matter of time before someone steps forward. Much publicity has been given to the ban, which plays to Vancouvers offbeat reputation. “What are they smoking out there?” asks Gary Sharp of the CHBA. If further bans do go ahead, those living near the woods would be wise to invest in some sturdy locks before installing doorhandles.看来向前迈步只是过一段时间的事了。温哥华市利用自身不同寻常的声誉,使这项禁令得到了广泛宣传。“他们在那儿耍什么把戏呐?”CHBA的加里·夏普问到。如果后续禁令出台,住在森林附近的人们最好还是在装门把手之前搞上几把坚固的大锁头吧。译者:王卓 译文属译生译世 /201601/421738

Terror inCanada加拿大国内的恐怖主义Losing your immunity失去免疫力Attacks on soldiers in a mainly tranquil land stir talk of global action against terror士兵在一片宁静的土地上遭受袭击引发了全球有关反恐行动的讨论IT WAS a sombre Stephen Harper who addressed Canadians on October 22nd. A lone gunman had fatally shot a young soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial in the capital,Ottawa, and then entered Canadas parliament building where he was killed. The prime minister linked the shooting to the murder earlier in the week of another Canadian soldier. Both, he said, were a grim reminder that Canadais not immune to the type of terrorist attacks seen around the world.10月22日,加拿大总理斯蒂芬·哈珀向全加拿大人民发表了一次沉重的讲话。在渥太华,一名持者射杀了一位守卫在国家战争纪念碑旁的年轻士兵,并进入附近的会议大楼,最终在楼内被击毙。总理将此次击案和本周早一些的另一起士兵被袭击的案件联系在一起。同时,他说,这冷酷地提醒着我们加拿大无法免疫在世界其他地方看到的那些恐怖袭击。His government would redouble its efforts to work with its allies in fighting terrorist organisations abroad, the Conservative prime minister vowed. It would also “take all the necessary steps” to identify and counter threats at home.保守党首相发誓,他的政府将与其盟国一起加倍努力,打击海外的恐怖主义;同时,他将“采取一切可能的行动”来识别和打击国内的威胁。In fact, this was not the first time Canadas parliament had been a target, nor was it the biggest terrorist attack in the countrys history. An inept bomber intent on killing as many MPs as possible blew himself up in the same building in 1966, and an armed man hijacked a bus and fired shots outside parliament in 1989. The 1985 bombing of an Air India flight to London from Toronto, in which 329 people died, remains the largest terror attack originating inCanada.事实上,加拿大议会大楼不是第一次成为恐怖袭击的目标,这次袭击也不是该国历史上最大的一次恐怖袭击。1966年,为了杀死尽可能多的议员,一架轰炸机在该大楼里引爆了自身携带的炸药;1989年,一名武装分子劫持了一辆公共汽车并在议会大楼外开;1985年,印度航空公司的一架从多伦多飞向伦敦的飞机炸毁,329人遇难,这是源自加拿大的最大的一起恐怖袭击。But two things gave this weeks strike added impact. It badly frightened MPs, most of whom had gathered for weekly caucus meetings in rooms on either side of the corridor where the gunman exchanged fire with security officers. They used furniture to construct makeshift barricades and had to remain shut away for hours. Second, it took place amid a heated debate over the Conservative governments decision to increase anti-terrorist powers at home and to join the military campaign led by the ed States against Islamic State in Iraq.但是有两件事加大了本次袭击的影响力。首先,它极大地恐吓了议员,当时大多数议员正在走廊两侧的房间里开每周例行的党团会议,而走廊里,手正与保安人员激烈交火。议员们用家具抵住大门,阻止手闯入,坚持了好几个小时。其次,此次袭击旨在强烈抗击保守党政府所做的加强国内反恐力量,以及加入美国领导的打击伊拉克极端组织“伊斯兰国”的军事行动的决定。Mr Harper chose to interpret the shooting as part of a broader bid by terrorist groups to bring “their savagery to our shores”. Missives from his office after the attack underlined this message. He had telephone conversations with President Barack Obama, and with Binyamin Netanyahu and Tony Abbott, the prime ministers of Israel and Australia. John Baird, the foreign minister, took up the theme of global solidarity against terror: he said in a tweet that he had told John Kerry,Americas secretary of state, “This is why were with you. This only makes our resolve stronger.”哈珀先生选择将此次击事件解释为恐怖组织“将他们的野蛮带向我们国家”的一次巨大冒险。事件发生后从他办公室流出的信件突出体现了这一观点。他分别与美国总统巴拉克?奥巴马,以色列总统本雅明?内塔尼亚胡和澳大利亚总统托尼?阿特通了电话。外交部长约翰·贝尔德提起了全球团结一致反恐的主题,他在一条tweet(即Twitter上的留言)里说,他告诉美国国务卿约翰·克里“这就是我们要和你们结盟的原因。袭击事件只会让我们更加坚定反恐的决心。”It was unclear as The Economist went to press whether the gunman, a Canadian named Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, had links to any terrorist group, but he was described by a person who met him at a mosque in British Columbia as having a “disturbing” side, suggesting mental-health problems. Nor was there any sign of a link to Martin Couture-Rouleau, shot dead by police on October 20th after he struck two soldiers with his car, killing one, near a military academy in Quebec. Mr Couture-Rouleau was under sporadic surveillance and his passport had been seized because he was one of an estimated 130 Canadians whom the security services suspected of terrorist leanings. Mr Zehaf-Bibeau had also been barred from travelling.在《经济学人》付印时,我们还不能确定那位名叫迈克尔·泽哈夫·比的加拿大手是否与某一个恐怖组织有关,不过,据一个在不列颠哥伦比亚省清真寺见过他的人描述,他是一个“令人不安”的人,可能患有心理疾病。同时,也没有据表示该手与Martin Couture-Rouleau有联系。10月20日,在魁北克附近的军事学院,Martin Couture-Rouleau开着车向两名士兵开,并最终被击毙。Couture-Rouleau先生现在被不定时地监视着,并且被没收了护照,因为安全务部认为有130个加拿大人有恐怖主义领导人的嫌疑,而他是其中之一。Zehaf-Bibeau先生也被中断了旅行。The two main opposition leaders, Thomas Mulcair of the New Democrats and Justin Trudeau of the Liberals, avoided making any political hay out of the incident, and neither posited any theory about a terrorist plot. “We woke up this morning in a country blessed by love, diversity and peace, and tomorrow we will do the same,” said Mr Mulcair, leader of the official opposition. Mr Trudeau referred to the gunman as a criminal and said that Canada was a nation of fairness, justice and the rule of law, and should not be intimidated into changing that.两大对立政党的领导人,新民主党的Thomas Mulcair和自由党的贾斯汀·特鲁多,都没有利用这次事件来达到什么政治目的,同时也没有提出任何有关恐怖阴谋的理论。“今天,我们在一个充满爱、多样性和和平的国度里醒来,明天我们仍会如此。”官方反对党领袖Mulcair先生这样说道。特鲁多先生认为手是一名罪犯,并说加拿大是一个公平、正义和法制的国家,不应该因为畏惧而改变这一点。Yet intimidation seemed contagious. Legislatures across the country boosted security, as did some large cities like Toronto. An ice-hockey game scheduled for October 22nd in Ottawa between two National Hockey League teams was cancelled. In the province of Quebec, soldiers were warned they could be targets and should avoid wearing their uniforms when off duty.然而,恐惧是会传染的。立法机构在全国范围内推动加强安全措施,就像多伦多这样的大城市做的那样。原定于10月22日在渥太华举行的两国冰球联盟赛被取消了。在魁北克,士兵们被提醒他们仍有可能是别人的目标,且不当值时最好不要穿制。Such an atmosphere will make it easier for the government to pass counterterrorism legislation which would give the Canadian Security Intelligence Service a freer hand to pursue investigations and work with foreign counterparts. Yet that will not deal with one immediate problem revealed by the gunman—security in the parliamentary precinct. In the days ahead, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the national force responsible for guarding Parliament Hill, will have to explain how it was possible for an armed man to walk across the lawn in broad daylight and gain access unhindered into Canadas seat of government. It should surely be possible to prevent that without a draconian regime.这样的气氛会使政府更容易通过反恐立法,这能让加拿大安全情报局自由地展开调查并与国外同盟合作。然而,这不能解决手带来的一个迫在眉睫的问题—议会分局的安全问题。在未来几天,负责守卫国会山的加拿大皇家骑警,不得不解释一下一个武装分子如何能在光天化日之下穿过草坪,畅通无阻地进入加拿大政府所在地。即使没有一个严厉的政权,这也是可以被避免的。译者:王素瑶 译文属译生译世 /201410/338817Here the mottled hues of the shallow reef meet the dark blue of the deep sea.在这里浅水礁石的斑驳色与大海的深蓝交汇在一起。The reef wall plunges down vertically down to the ocean floor, 1000 meters below.礁壁垂直向下插入水下1000米处的海床。Its here that reef life and creatures of the deep co-existed.在这里,礁石生物与深海动物共存。For migration to the reef is not only from across the ocean, its also up from the depths.珊瑚礁的访客不仅仅来自其他海域,还有的来自海洋深处。As a diver I can explore the first 100 metres or so.身为潜水员,我能潜到100米左右的深处。Its a very contrasting face.那里是迥然不同的另一番景象。To the gloriously kaleidoscopic world of the upper reef and the dark,cold, echoing world of deeper water.与上部礁石万花筒般的绚烂形成鲜明对比,幽暗,寒冷,回声构成了深海世界。So to see whats living down there, we need a remotely operated vehicle, an ROV.为了一探究竟生活在那里的生物,我们需要一台遥控操作的潜水机器人。It enters an alien world, pitch black with crushing water pressures.像是进入了异世界般,漆黑一片,而且潜水机器人承受着巨大的水压。 译文属201511/409482

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