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South Korea Seeks Regional Fund to Shield Against US Credit Crisis韩国提议创建东亚基金防金融冲击South Korea is taking the lead in creating a prospective pool of money with its cash-rich neighbors to prevent the worst effects of the American economic situation from spilling over in the region. Meanwhile, top financial officials are telling South Korean banks to do what it to obtain U.S. dollars and make them available as loans. South Korea is pumping billions of dollars into the local economy, as the American credit crisis deepens. 韩国率先提议同拥有巨额现金的邻国一道创建一个资金库,防止美国不断恶化的经济形势给东亚地区带来严重的后果。同时,高级金融官员告诉韩国尽力买进美元,并且用这些钱来发放贷款。在美国信贷危机加深的同时,韩国正在把数十亿美元注入本国经济。South Korean President Lee Myung-bak is proposing a joint fund of about billion between South Korea, Japan and China, to shield the region from the American credit problems. Lee administration officials are expected to push for the plan on the sidelines of an International Monetary Fund meeting, next week. Mr. Lee is scheduled to discuss it in a three-way Beijing summit, later this month. 韩国总统李明建议,由韩国、日本和中国一道建立一个总数大约为8百亿美元的基金,保护东亚抵抗美国信贷问题的冲击。李明政府官员预计将在下星期国际货币基金会议外推动这个计划。李明定于本月晚些时候在北京举行的三方高峰会议上讨论这个计划。South Korea's Finance Minister, Kang Man-soo warned a gathering of bankers Monday in Seoul, it may take a long time for President Bush's signing of the financial bailout law, last week, to have positive effects. In the meantime, he is telling banks to get proactive about turning their overseas holdings into dollars that can be lent to South Korean businesses. 韩国财政部长官姜万洙星期一在首尔一次家的会议上警告说,布什总统签署的金融救市法律要产生正面效果,可能要很长时间。布什是上星期签署救市计划,使之成为法律的。同时,姜万洙告诉各,积极行动起来,尽力把它们在海外的资产变成美元,以后可以用这些钱贷给韩国的企业。He is telling the business community not to rely on the government, alone. He says banks need to work their way out of the problem. He advises then to raise dollars by selling foreign assets, as soon as they can.  姜万洙对商业社会说,不要只依赖政府。他说,需要自己解决问题。他然后建议各企业尽快用出售海外资产的办法筹集美元。As in other countries, South Korea is experiencing a shortage of U.S. dollars. Its economy, the world's 13th largest, is heavily dependent on exports of goods and imports of oil, both of which are chiefly sold in dollars. Markets for even the most conservative short-term loans are constricting in the ed States. Many financial institutions are hoarding dollars, in case of more trouble, and that is making it hard for companies to borrow cash for basic needs, like purchasing raw materials and expanding their business. 跟其他国家一样,韩国也在经历美元短缺。韩国的经济规模在全球占第13位。韩国经济严重依赖出口产品和进口石油。这两项贸易都主要以美元结算。目前在美国信贷市场上,即使最保守的短期贷款也很难得到。许多金融机构都在囤积美元,以防不测。这种情况导致各公司很难借到现金以满足基本需要。这些需要包括购买原料,扩大业务。Jun Gwang-woo, chairman of South Korea's Financial Services Commission, urges South Korean banks not to follow suit. 韩国金融务委员会主席全光宇敦促韩国不要效仿美国的做法。He says banks should be y to provide promising small and medium-sized enterprises with strong support, because they face a shortage of cash. 全光宇说:“韩国应该准备向那些有前途的中小企业提供有力持,因为这些企业面临现金短缺。”South Korea is arranging to help small and medium businesses with billion, through various trade deals. It is also injecting ten-billion dollars into the financial system, to make it easier for banks to lend. 韩国正在安排用50亿美元来帮助中小企业完成各种贸易交易。韩国还向金融体系注入100亿美元,使向外借贷变得更容易。As an export giant, South Korea holds one of the world's largest dollar reserves, about 9 billion. These reserves have declined for six consecutive months, raising some preliminary alarm bells among investors and leaders here. South Korea's currency, the won, has fallen to its weakest level against the dollar in six years, amid fears of worsening exports. 韩国是出口大国,它的外汇贮备量名列世界前几名,大约有2390亿美元。过去6个月,韩国的外汇储备连续下降,使韩国的投资者和贷款机构惊恐不已。韩国货币韩元对美元的比价已经下跌到6年来的最低点,原因是人们担心出口日益恶化。200810/52057。

Israeli Foreign Minister Begins Formation of New Government以色列外长利夫尼开始组建新政府Negotiations are underway in Israel to form a new government after the prime minister resigned. 以色列外长利夫尼开始了组建新政府的任务,目前正在同各政党举行磋商。Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is holding consultations with various political parties as she begins the task of trying to form a new government. She has 42 days to do so. The process of forming a coalition began after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert submitted his resignation Sunday following a corruption scandal.  利夫尼有42天的时间组成新政府。以色列总理奥尔默特因腐败丑闻而在星期天提出辞呈,组建联合政府的程序就此开始。Livni was elected leader of the ruling Kadima party last week. Yohanan Plessner, who headed her election campaign, says she has a good chance to succeed.  利夫尼上星期被推选为执政的前进党领袖。负责利夫尼竞选的普勒斯纳说,利夫尼成功的机率很大。"She is competent and she can bring across or deliver to the Israeli public and Israeli politics a new message of hope of a different kind of political conduct, which puts her in quite a good position to form a new government based on national interest considerations," Plessner said.  他说:“她能干,而且能够给以色列公众和以色列政治带来一种由于不同政治品行而产生的新的希望。这就使她处于一个很好的地位,能够在国家利益的基础上组建一个新政府。”The biggest obstacle in Livni's path is the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, a key partner in the current coalition. Shas opposes Livni's plan to hand over parts of Jerusalem to the Palestinians under an emerging peace agreement.  利夫尼组阁道路上的最大障碍是超正统派沙斯党。沙斯党是目前联合政府中的主要夥伴。沙斯党反对利夫尼根据可能达成的和平协议,将耶路撒冷的部分地区交给巴勒斯坦人的计划。"There seem to be differences of opinion with her prospective coalition partners on foreign policy, on the Palestinian issue, mainly on Jerusalem, so it is not going to be an easy job for her," said Zalman Shoval, who is with the opposition Likud party. "I think we will have early elections."  反对派利库德党的舒瓦尔说:“利夫尼似乎同她未来联合政府中的夥伴们在外交政策,巴勒斯坦问题,尤其是在耶路撒冷问题上,存在分歧。因此,对她来说,组建联合政府并非是件容易的事。我认为,我们将提前举行大选。”If Livni fails to form a government there will be early elections next year - probably in March. 如果利夫尼不能如期组建新政府, 以色列明年将提前举行大选,很可能在3月份。200809/49970。

美国原汁原味访谈录:环法七连冠阿姆斯特朗专访Anchor(outside): What a story, we were here yesterday in Paris as Lance finished his 7th tour. This morning just moments ago, we got to sit down and have a real chat with this amazing champion. We asked him what are you y for next.Lance: I'm y for a vocation. I'm y, I'm incredibly excited that my kids are here, my family is here, Sheryl is here, and now it starts a whole new chapter in life.Anchor: As trying to your face as you crossed the finish line yesterday?Lance: Yeah, that's a tough one to after 3 weeks in, especially 3 weeks in that way, because the Champs-Elysees is a hard circuit, it's not easy, so you just wanna get down, you don't wanna crash. You would have no choice (You're almost there)which i almost did, yap, because the city like this would reign as disaster.Anchor: what it is like to know what you mean to people?Lance: If you consider the size and the scope of the honor not just the people diagnose, not just the people who will survive, but the people that it has touched. Because you know what you have, basically, 250 million people realizing what's going on and realizing that your story someone reflects theirs. That’s powerful stuff, you know, nobody else , none of the other 190 guys they started 3 weeks ago had that advantage. So perhaps that's part of the secret.Anchor: Somebody said if you had people pulling with you that would've made you stronger. Lance: The urologist doctor J who died was the man who diagnosed me. You know, cos in the beginning , I can't anybody that would listen to the doctors, nurses, I said "Am I gonna get better, just, just tell me, everybody wants to know that they are gonna do well, they are gonna survive, they are gonna be cured, they are gonna move on in life. Look back on the soft on the illnesses , this is, it's a blip on the radar screen. but he just said to me: Look, I can't promise you you are gonna live, I can't promise you you are gonna get better, but what I can tell you is that you are being held in the hearts, minds and souls of so many people right now. And I know that makes a difference, and I thought, I've never heard anything like that, wow,I like that.Anchor: Yesterday, on the podium, you gave a short speech.Video: lance: I'm sorry you can't dream big, I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles, but this is one hell of a race. this is a great sporting event, and you should stand around and believe. You should believe in these athletes, and you should believe in these people.Lance: This sport, there is a, there is an entire, you know, a state full of people that would say: it just can't happen, not only, forget the honors, forget the comeback, forget the long odds, you just can't do the race without help, and that's a shame, but I suppose it was inevitable when you consider what the sport has been doing in the last ten years, the guy that comes back the year after the biggest doping scandal in history of sport. You know, Lord in the holy was a cancer survivor, not only I won itonce, but I broke the record I won it 7 times. I understand, but it's not right. You don't wanna necessarily put the light on the negative aspect of it. I thought I had to, and I felt that was my last opportunity, I can't hold a press conference in a month: hey, you guys, you bad guys, shame on you for not dreaming. So that was my chance, I just take a good look at this phase, cos you are never gonna see it again.Anchor: Team vintage lands today, sort of true to your insides.Lance: Well, yap, because, it has, at last made me angry, of course, nobody, nobody wants to hear that, if you are a singer, nobody wants to say that's not your singing on the record. If you're a journalist, they don't want to say, you don't write this story, your sources are made up, who are they, nobody wants to be called like that.Anchor: What was it like to have your children up on the podium with you yesterday?Lance: a dream, a dream, you know, I wanted to be there one final time in yellow, I wanted them to be there with me. I wanted them to understand that was what that meant first to board for a team, for me and for their dad that I wanted them also them to understand that's the last time. 200707/15220。

WTO Report: World Trade Grows, But Slows世贸预计全球贸易增长将继续放慢  The World Trade Organization's (WTO) annual report finds world-trade growth slowed to 5.5 percent in 2007 from 8.5 percent the year before. WTO predicts global trade growth will continue to slow this year. 世界贸易组织发表的一份年度报告称,世界贸易增长从2006年的8.5%减慢到2007年的5.5%。世贸组织预计,2008年的全球贸易增长将继续放慢。 The World Trade Organization says the global financial crisis is having a negative impact on world trade. But, it says the results are uneven, with the wealthier countries generally doing worse than the poorer countries. 世贸组织说,全球的金融危机正在对世界贸易产生负面影响。不过,世贸组织说,结果并不平衡,总体来说富有国家比贫穷国家情况更糟。The report notes the steam has gone out of the U.S. economy, which it says has lost its position as the engine of global growth.  这份报告说,影响的范畴已经超越美国经济。报告说,美国经济已经失去全球经济增长引擎的地位。The report says the financial market turbulence has considerably reduced economic growth projections for some major developed markets and has clouded the prospects for world trade in 2008. It says the U.S. sub-prime mortgage and banking crises are likely to further depress global trade growth. 报告指出,金融市场的动荡在很大程度上减少了一些主要发达市场的经济增长预测,给2008年的世界贸易前景蒙上阴影。报告说,美国的次贷危机和金融危机可能会使全球贸易增长陷入进一步的衰退。It expects economic growth in the ed States will be flat this year and will have repercussions elsewhere, especially in Europe later in the year. 世贸组织预计,今年的美国经济增长乏力,并将影响其它地方,尤其是今年晚些时候将波及欧洲。WTO Senior Economist, Michael Finger, tells VOA the strength of the oil and commodity prices is another worrying factor. 世贸组织资深经济学家迈克尔.芬格对美国之音说,另外一个值得关注的因素是石油和商品价格的坚挺。"The oil importing countries will have to adjust to the much higher cost of energy and this erodes the purchasing power of consumers and increases the cost for business and this is will have a further adverse affect," he said. "To some extent this aly is cooperated in our calculations and so we expect that world merchandise trade in real terms will expand only by 4.5 percent this year, which is the lowest growth since 2002."  他说:“石油进口国必须做出调整,适应更高的能源成本,因为这侵吞了消费者的购买力、增加了商业成本,并将产生反作用。在某种程度上,我们已经将这种因素考虑到计算当中,因此我们预计世界商品贸易按实际价值计算今年将仅增长4.5%。这是自2002年以来的最低增长率。”The WTO reports world trade will continue to slow markedly in 2008, but not all regions will suffer. It notes Mexico and Canada, which are closest to the ed States, will feel the brunt of the slowdown. But repercussions will be smaller among European countries that trade with each other. 世贸组织的报告说,2008年的世界贸易将显著放缓,但并非所有地区都受到影响。报告说,离美国最近的墨西哥和加拿大将首当其冲受到美国经济放缓的影响,但对相互贸易的欧洲国家的影响将较小。The report says the European transitional economies, such as Russia, are showing strong growth, as are Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. It notes the most populous developing countries, China and India reported outstandingly high economic growth last year. 这份报告说,欧洲正在转型的经济体,如俄罗斯的增长强劲,中美、南美、非洲、中东和亚洲也是一样。报告指出,世界人口最多的发展中国家中国和印度去年经济出现了显著的高速增长。Finger says even Africa is doing better than the developed countries, with economic growth rates of about five percent. 芬格说,即使非洲的经济发展状况也比发达国家好。非洲的经济增长在5%左右。"Africa, the region as a whole, is a huge net exporter of fuels," he added. "So, quite a number of African counties have export revenues, which doubled over the last three years. But, of course, there are also countries in Africa which are net importers of energy, net importers of food and these countries are suffering from the high prices of energy and food."  他说:“整个非洲都是巨大的燃料出口国,因此相当一部分非洲国家都有出口收入,他们的出口收入在过去3年里翻了一番。当然,非洲也有一些能源的净进口国,粮食的净进口国。这些国家正蒙受着高能源和粮食价格的困扰。”WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy acknowledges the global economy is going through an uncertain and difficult period. But, he warns protectionist policies surfacing in some countries are no solution to these problems. He says a reinforced trading system is an essential anchor for economic stability and development. 世贸组织干事长拉米承认,全球经济正经历着不确定性和困难的时期。不过他警告说,一些国家正在出现的保护主义政策解决不了目前的问题。他说,强化的贸易体系是经济稳定和发展的必不可少的基石。 200804/35463。

Scripts:The housing market is aly troubled and the next tsunami might be right around the corner. Resets on ARM, adjustable rate mortgages could set off a new wave of foreclosures. CNN’s personal finance editor Gerri Willis joins us now to offer some advice on how to avoid mortgage reset headaches. And Gerri, first and foremost how big of a problem are we encountering in the industry?Well, I will say it’s a big problem. There’re about 2.3 million subprime borrowers whose home loans are projected to reset at higher rates through the end of next year. Now, that means those low teaser rates may go up a few points resulting in monthly payments. It could be hundreds of dollars more. Now the peak of subprime US mortgage resets will happen next march. Gerri, help us to set a priority at this point, the priorities, What’s the No.1 thing we should all do if you happen to have an adjustable-rate mortgage? Well, get your paperwork. If you have a one, three or five year hybrid ARM, your monthly statement will not tell you, your caps or any other terms of your loan to find out when your rate could adjust and what you’ll be on the hook for. Dig out your adjustable rate rider now. This should be included with your original closing papers. Adjustable rates can adjust annually. Next you’ll wanna look at the caps, these caps, they ah prohibit your interest rates from moving too much in either direction in a given time frame. If you have any questions or you are not sure what you will have to pay, call in our nonprofit counseling organization. To find one in your area, go to HUD.gov.What about refinancing as an option? Who should think about that?Well, sometimes refinancing just isn’t in the cards, especially if your home price has dropped in the last few months. If values haven’t dropped that significantly and you wanna get out of the rate reset, think about refinancing. Refinancing makes sense if you plan to stay in your home for at least another 2 years and you’ll lower your interest rates by at least 1.5 percentage points. In order to refinance, you’ll need 10 to 20 percent equity in your home. For home owners struggling right now to just make the basic payment and then have the adjustable-rate mortgages, is there any help out there for them?Well, right now Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Banking Regulators are working out the details of a plan to extend lower intro-interest rates, those teaser rates on home loans before they are reset at a higher level. A decision could come this week, but remember, this is just a proposal for right now. I’ll bring you the details as they develop. And if you have any questions, please send them to us at [email protected] We love hearing from you.Notes:Teaser rate:为了让借款人接受可调利率住房贷款,初始阶段放贷利率通常很低,该利率称为引逗利率, 或者诱惑利率(teaser rate)。在引逗期过后,利率将被调整到市场水平,并定期加以调整。200807/43417。

UN Commemorates Five-Year Anniversary of Headquarter Bombing in Baghdad联合国纪念其驻伊总部遇袭五周年  The U.N. secretary-general marked the fifth anniversary of the bombing of U.N. headquarters in Baghdad Tuesday. He was joined by survivors of the attack at a ceremony honoring those who died and were injured while working for peace. 联合国秘书长潘基文星期二主持了联合国驻巴格达总部遭到爆炸袭击五周年的纪念活动。潘基文和袭击的幸存者一起出席了纪念仪式,悼念那些为和平工作而丧生或受伤的人。On August 19, 2003, the ed Nations headquarters in Baghdad was targeted in a massive suicide truck bombing. Twenty-two staffers were killed and more than 150 others were wounded. Among those killed was the top U.N. official in Iraq - Sergio Vieira de Mello. 2003年8月19日,联合国驻巴格达总部遭到大规模自杀式卡车炸弹爆炸的袭击,22名联合国雇员死亡,超过150人受伤。丧生的人员中包括联合国驻巴格达最高官员德梅洛。The flag that once flew over the U.N. building in Baghdad hangs torn and damaged at U.N. headquarters in New York, where the commemoration took place. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon laid a wreath honoring those killed beneath a plaque containing their names.  当年飘扬在联合国驻巴格达总部建筑物上的那面被爆炸损毁的联合国旗,现在悬挂在纽约的联合国总部。潘基文在纽约联合国总部向一块刻著遇难者姓名的石板敬献了花圈。A U.N. official the names of the 22 who lost their lives in the deadly attack. U.N. officials, staffers, the Iraqi ambassador and other representatives then observed a moment of silence.  一位联合国官员朗读了22名在袭击事件中丧生者的姓名。联合国官员、工作人员、伊拉克大使和其他代表为死难者默哀。A 15-minute-long classical music piece commissioned for the occasion entitled Song Without Borders was performed to honor the work of the ed Nations and those committed to its mission of peacekeeping.  纪念仪式上演奏了一首15分钟长的古典音乐作品,题目是“歌声无国界”。这部作品是专门为这个仪式创作的,为的是表彰联合国的工作以及那些致力于维持和平使命的人。Mr. Ban said the U.N. lost some of its best and bravest staff that day, but their legacy endures. 潘基文说,那一天联合国失去了它的一些最好的和最勇敢的工作人员,但他们的精神遗产永存。"Their children have grown without a parent, he said. Their other loved ones, many who are with us now, feel their absence every day. We, too, mourn them all. They were heroes. They faced danger to help people in need. They did their job in its largest and most noble sense." 潘基文说:“他们的子女在没有父母的环境中长大。他们的其他亲人,很多今天就在这里,每天都在想念他们。我们悼念他们。他们是英雄。他们甘冒危险去帮助那些需要帮助的人。他们尽了最大努力并以最崇高的责任感去工作。”After the attack, the U.N. scaled back its operations in Iraq, but its presence is growing once again. The organization has helped organize elections and draft a new constitution. Humanitarian agencies have helped those in need. 袭击事件后,联合国减少了在伊拉克的行动,然而现在联合国人员开始有所增加。联合国帮助组织了伊拉克的选举,并帮助起草了一部新的宪法。人道主义机构也在帮助那些有需要的人。The secretary-general says security measures are constantly being reviewed worldwide, particularly in light of the bombing of U.N. offices in Algiers on December 11, 2007. Seventeen staffers were killed in that attack. 联合国秘书长潘基文说,联合国正在全世界范围内不断对保安措施加以评估,特别是因应联合国驻阿尔及尔办事处在2007年12月11日被炸弹袭击的事件。在那起袭击事件中有17名员工死亡。"We think every day about how to ensure that our staff can operate under the best possible conditions, he said. How we can provide state-of-the-art equipment, the strongest protection and the most extensive safety measures." 潘基文说:“我们每天都在考虑,如何确保我们的雇员可以在尽可能好的条件下工作,我们如何提供最先进的设备,最强的保护,并采取最广泛的安全措施 。”Since the beginning of U.N. peacekeeping operations in 1948, more than 700 personnel have lost their lives in the line of duty. 自从1948年联合国开始维和行动以来,联合国已经有700多名工作人员在工作岗位上殉职。200808/46321。

target marketing ———— 目标营销(营销术语)英文释义 (MARKETING) A strategy in which a group of potential customers are identified, studied, and then approached with promotions designed specifically to interest them in making purchases.例句 Our company wasted a lot of money on advertising until we adopted a target marketing approach to advertise our projects only to the kind of people who buy them, rather than to the general public.我们公司做广告白花了很多钱,直到我们采取了目标营销方式,只向购买我们项目的人做宣传,不再面向普通民众。 /201606/450528。

Now, should a library be a quiet place to a book or a lively centre where you can hang out and drink coffee? And can it be both? Author Tracy Chevalier who is also chairman of the Society of Authors, told More4 News she is worried library is sacrificing books in favor of Internet access and other facilities. Museums, Libraries and Archives Council has just launched "a blueprint for excellence" for libraries, encouraging them to modernise and become more of a community space. But they've told More4 News, they think local authorities ought to buy more books. Nina Teggarty has more.Tarred buildings and fusty librarians are out. Architectural icons and coffee bars are in. An extra 2 million pounds a year is being pumped into the UK's library service. And this is what we are getting, easy new state-of-the-art buildings across the country and more Internet access. The Idea Store in East London epitomizes this new library vision. Just over a year old, it's been nominated for various design prizes. But not everyone's impressed. Tracy Chevalier, author of Girl With the Pearl Earring became worried when she entered.What's a little concerning is that the books seem to be scattered so few and far between. And by far the most people were on the computer floor, using the computers. The Idea Store is not called the library any more. Is a library such a dirty word that we can't use it? It's, too, indicative of books, perhaps. Whereas the Idea Store gives it the sense, that is... actually, is begin indeed becoming a community centre, which is, uh, is fine. But what about all the, what about the people who wanna use it as a library? What really worries me, though, is that books are starting to be seen as unpopular, as boring, that somehow the library has to lure people in by saying: "We can give you cappuccino. You could watch a film. You could go to yoga class."And at the Idea Store you can do yoga. You can even learn dance and complementary therapy. Lots of Internet terminals also exist. Two years ago, 120-million-pound-lottery injection meant every library could invest in the internet.Where I live, I have just a very small public library and, um, I've noticed over the years that the... en, there are fewer and fewer shelves and more and more computers that's just slowly taking over and there are fewer and fewer places to sit in and look at any books and there are fewer books.Is she right? Are books disappearing from our library shelves? Nina's figures show that in the UK last year, while people visiting libraries increased, the number of books in libraries actually fell by 3%. And the amount spent on books and other ing material also dropped, compared that to near 20% rise in the money spent on online resources. We interviewed Kate Mosse. She wrote Labyrinth, the biggest selling book of 2006. She welcomes the technological and social changes occurring in our libraries.Nearly 70 million people a year borrow DVDs, talking books, CD-ROMS, music, chip music from their local library. And actually more than 30 million people a year go along to use the computer network to have Internet access. Many people have that sense of peace and quiet in the library. But at the same time, they don't understand that it's also a very vibrant, lively place. And in the old days, the idea that wherever you went, someone went "Hush...". That's just not what modern library's about.Like Kate Mosse, the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council welcome a community focus for libraries. More4 News spoke to their head of library policy, John Dolan. Is he worried that only 8% of the budget is spent on ing material?We are concerned not so much of the figure as a percentage of the total budget, but to make sure that local authorities are spending enough on books. We know that they should be buying more. What we are saying is encouraging local authorities to spend more on stock, partly to get the figures up, more importantly, to provide the wide range of material that people wanted. But do library users actually care about the books. What do they use the library for?"I rent, uhm CD-ROM some DVDs." "Um, I'm doing a massage class. ""Actually I came here do they ask do, check my e-mail.""Reading a book."Most of the people we spoke to weren't there to a book. Perhaps this shows a libraryy's need to broaden their appeal in the hope of getting more people, and not just ers through the door.Nina Teggarty.200805/39577。

Aid Agencies Warn Insecurity on the Rise in Afghanistan援助机构称阿富汗安全局势恶化  International aid agencies are expressing concern about the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, noting that problems have sp to previously stable areas and attacks on aid agencies and their staff are on the increase. 国际援助机构对阿富汗安全形势恶化表示关注。他们指出,问题已经蔓延到原来局势稳定的地区,而且对援助机构及其工作人员的袭击越来越多。Aid agencies say rising insecurity in Afghanistan is hampering efforts to provide relief. The Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief or ACBAR, represents about 100 non-governmental aid organizations. In a just released statement, the group also says that the number of civilians killed in the Afghan conflict is on the rise - up by approximately 50 percent over the same period last year.  援助机构说,阿富汗不安定的局势升级,阻碍了救援工作。“阿富汗救援协调机构”代表大约100个非政府救援组织。该机构刚刚发表的声明还说,在阿富汗冲突中被杀害的平民人数在上升,大约比去年同期上升了50%。Speaking with VOA from her office in Kabul, ACBAR spokesperson Anja de Beer says that while most of the deaths are attributed to insurgents, the international and Afghan forces are also responsible. Some of the deaths she says occur in aerial bombings but there are also cases where she alleges they are the result of excessive force. 阿富汗救援协调机构发言人比尔在喀布尔的办公室对美国之音说,虽然大多数平民死在暴乱分子手中,但是国际部队和阿富汗军队也应该承担责任。她说,一些人死于空袭,但是也有人死于过度使用武力。"There are unfortunately instances that a search is conducted by coalition forces and the Afghan forces, sometimes there are extra-judicial executions, that luckily seems to be the exception," said de Beer. 比尔说:“不幸的是某些死亡事故发生在联军和阿富汗部队发动的搜查中,有时还发生非法处死人的事例,但是幸好看来这是个别情况。”De Beer added that the insurgents are gaining a foothold in areas where they were not so strong before. This, she says, has forced the closure of a large number of schools and health facilities in the south; is hindering the implementation of vital development projects; and has caused significant levels of internal displacement. 比尔还说,暴乱分子正在某些过去他们力量薄弱的地区取得立足点。她说,这已迫使在南部关闭大量学校和卫生设施,这还阻碍了至关重要的发展项目的进行,而且已经导致大批人口流离失所。The ACBAR statement says that aid agencies are also increasingly being targeted by both insurgents and criminal elements. This, it says has forced many relief agencies to restrict their development and humanitarian activities. 阿富汗救援协调机构的声明说,暴乱分子和罪犯对救援机构的袭击日益频繁。声明说,这迫使许多救援机构限制自己的发展及人道活动。Relief officials worry that with a drought in some parts of the country and increased food prices, over four million Afghans are facing extremely difficult circumstances. They say that young children, and pregnant and breastfeeding women are at especially high risk.  救援工作人员担心,由于阿富汗国内某些地区的旱灾以及食品价格上涨,400多万阿富汗人面临及其困难的境地。他们说,儿童和妇及哺乳的妇女处境尤其危险。ACBAR's Anja de beer says her organization believes the Afghan conflict cannot be solved on the battlefield. 比尔说,她的组织认为,阿富汗冲突不可能在战场上解决。"What is needed for sustainable peace is support for development and delivery of essential services to the population, government reforms and peace building initiatives," she said. 她说:“持久和平需要的是持发展、向民众提供基本务、以及政府改革和开展和平方案。”De Beer also said perceived corruption by the Afghan authorities turns members of the public against the government. Also, she added, the agricultural sector needs more support and that aid should be delivered in a more efficient and effective manner. 比尔还说 ,由于阿富汗当局被认为很腐败,使阿富汗公众反对本国政府。她还说,农业部门需要更多持,而且应当以更迅速和更有效的方式提供救援。200808/45401。