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Informal Language 美语中的非正式用语 Ever go jogging in a business suit? What about going to a job interview in pajamas? Dressing appropriately is a lot like using a foreign language in the right way. It all depends on the situation. People in America use formal English for making speeches and writing business letters. But they prefer informal language when they talk to friends. Americans are fairly laid-back, both in styles of dress and in language. So to understand their culture, it pays to know something about informal language-in other words, English in blue jeans and a T-shirt. 你曾经穿著办公的西装慢跑吗?或者穿著睡衣去应征工作?得体的穿著很像正确地使用外国语言,都得视情境而变化。美国人使用正式的英文作演说和写商务信件;但是当他们和朋友谈话的时候,则较喜欢使用非正式的语言。美国人不论是在穿著的风格或是语言上,都是非常轻松自在的。所以要了解他们的文化,就得认识他们的非正式用语,换句话说,就像穿著牛仔裤和T恤的英文。 English, like every language, is always changing. New slang terms are created all the time. Often they're here today, gone tomorrow. For instance, if you wanted to call something exciting in the 1960s, you would say it was groovy or far out. Today you might describe it as cool or even bad. Each sub-group of American society-from teenagers to soldiers to thieves to ethnic groups-has its own slang. People who aren't a part of the "in-group" can't understand the meaning, even though the words are "English." So it's not easy for outsiders to use slang correctly. 英语就像每一种语言一样是一直在变。新的俚语不断地出现,常常今天还在使用的,明天就被淘汰了。例如,在一九六O年代你若要形容一件很兴奋的事,你会说很「groovy」美好的,或是「far out」走在时代尖端的。而今天会形容为「cool」很酷,甚至「bad」好菜喔。从青少年、军人、小偷、到少数民族,美国社会中每一种附属团体都有自己的俚语。即使它们确实是英语,但是不属于那个团体的人就不会明白它的意思。因此局外人要正确地使用俚语实在不容易。 Like many languages, American English has numerous idioms that paint word pictures. These colorful expressions come from everyday life and add spice to language. When Americans want to make a good first impression on someone, they try to put their best foot forward. That way, they won't get off on the wrong foot in their relationship. Learning about idioms in a language and culture can be difficult, but don't get cold feet. Just be careful when using these expressions. Otherwise, you might put your foot in your mouth. 就像许多的语言一样,美语中也有许多的成语,刻画出文字的图像。这些多样化的表达方式来自于每天的生活,并为语言增添了许多风味。当美国人想要给某人良好的第一印象时,他们会先「伸出最好的那一只脚」(表现较好的一面);如此,在他们的关系上就不会「下错脚」(搞砸)了。学习一个语言和文化中的成语可能相当困难,但是也不要「让脚发寒了」(恐惧、受挫),只要在用的时候小心一点就是了。否则你可能会「把脚放进嘴巴里去了」(说错话)。 Americans enjoy making things easy on themselves. Even their pronunciation is relaxed. Sounds or syllables that are not stressed are shortened or combined with other sounds. As a result, "What do you want to do?" becomes "Whaddaya wanna do?" And "I don't know" sounds like "I dunno." See if you can understand the following conversation: Gene: Jeet yet? Tim: No, ju? Gene: Skoeet! Now let's translate it into regular English: Gene: Did you eat yet? Tim: No, did you? Gene: Let's go eat! School teachers probably cringe at this kind of pronunciation. But the fact is, that's how Americans often talk in real-life situations. /200803/32555。

Lenovo, the world’s biggest personal computer manufacturer, swung back into the black in the second quarter despite falling revenues.尽管营收下滑,全球最大个人电脑制造商联想(Lenovo)还是在第二季度重返盈利。Net profit improved to 2m for the three months to September 30 from a 7m loss during the same quarter in 2015. This was higher than the .6m profit forecast by analysts, according to Bloomberg. The results were boosted by a 6m gain from selling property and a m addition from the disposal of other assets.在截至9月30日的三个月里,联想的净利润从2015年同期的亏损7.17亿美元升至盈利1.52亿美元。根据彭(Bloomberg)的说法,这一数字超过了8760万美元的分析师预期。这一数字的提升,源自出售物业获得的2.06亿美元,以及处置其他资产所得的1200万美元利润。The improvement in profits came despite an 8 per cent fall in revenues in the quarter, to .2bn. For the first half as a whole, revenues were down 7 per cent versus a year earlier at .3bn.盈利好转之际,该季度营收却下滑8%至112亿美元。对上半财年总体而言,营收同比下滑7%至213亿美元。Revenues at the group’s core PC and smart device business fell 8 per cent in the first half to .8bn, as demand in the global industry was hit by uncertain macroeconomic conditions, while revenues at its mobile business was down 10 per cent year on year to .8bn.由于宏观经济不确定性对全球相关产业需求的打击,该集团上班财年核心的PC业务及智能手机业务营收下滑8%,跌至148亿美元。与此同时,联想移动业务同比下滑10%至38亿美元。Lenovo said it retained it number one market position in PCs and insisted its mobile business is making “good progress”. The group bought Motorola’s failing handset business for bn in 2014 and is aiming to perform the same turnaround with that business as it did with IBM’s PC unit, which it bought a decade ago.联想表示其保住了个人电脑市场第一的位置,并坚称其移动业务已“逐渐呈现势头”。2014年,该集团斥资30亿美元收购了托罗拉(Motorola)不断下滑的手机业务,打算在该部门上演曾在十年前收购的IBM个人电脑部门上演过的扭亏为盈。It said the mobile business has been “stabilising” and grew in the second compared to the previous three months, with profitability driven by new products.该集团表示移动业务已“逐渐稳定”,并在新产品带来的盈利帮助下,在该季度再次出现了环比增长。Lenovo, which also has a data centre business, said it pushed through a number of measures to improve competitiveness and efficiency during the second quarter. It expects to generate savings of around 7m from “headcount and other savings”. It booked 6m of costs in its second quarter in order to achieve those savings.联想表示,曾在第二季度推行一系列举措提高其竞争力和效益,预计通过“员工数目及其他项目”共节省约3.37亿美元。为省下这部分开的相关行动,在第二季度录得1.36亿美元开。The group said:;Despite challenging market conditions, Lenovo is executing strategy for continued profitable growth through new products, fast-growing segments, vertical markets;该集团表示:“尽管市场环境充满挑战,联想正执行战略并通过新产品及快速增长的细分市场和垂直市场以继续盈利增长。” /201611/476250。

How mums can stay happy年轻妈妈的十大快乐秘诀Becoming a new mum can be a stressful experience for even the most patient woman. Surviving on little sleep and with little time for themselves, many find they are unfulfilled and unhappy.But now researchers have revealed a ten-point action plan to help young mums out of thedoldrums.Suggestions include saying hello to a stranger, turning off the television and spoiling themselves with atreatevery day.By following the steps, mothers should be able to lead a fulfilling and contented life.The research was carried out by Netmums, an online support group who asked 1,000 new mothers to follow the principles.After just 28 days, mothers had reported significantly higher 'happiness levels'.Netmums co-founder Sally Russell said: "Research has shown that mothers are at their least happiest stage in the first few years of bringing up children becasue they are so stressed and overworked."Social isolation is one of the main reasons for this.""These steps are about mothers taking a little bit of time to make themselves happy."How you can put a smile on your face1. Count your blessings. List ten things you like about yourself in a 'happiness diary'.2. Have a laugh every day. Laughter comes easily to children, so try to get them giggling.3.Do a good turn. Let someone have your parking space - or offer your partner a massage.4. Treat yourself everyday. Home pedicure, glass of wine or some chocolate.5. Halve your TV viewing. Instead, complete a task that you keep putting off.6. Say hello to a stranger. And smile as you do so.7. Look after something you've planted. Smell the soil as you plant seeds.8. Get physical. Do 100 skips and try to remember childhood rhymes.9. Phone or talk to a friend. Think of four things you really want to ask them.10. Talk time. Try to book an hour of quality time with your partner every week.(Agencies)即使是最有耐性的女人,在初为人母时也会感到紧张不安。许多人睡不着觉,几乎没有属于自己的时间,这让她们感到没有成就感,没有快乐。不过,研究人员最近公布了十点行动计划,以此帮助年轻妈妈走出忧郁的泥淖。他们建议年轻妈妈和陌生人打招呼、关掉电视机、每天来点美味犒劳一下自己。按照这些步骤去做,妈妈们一定会感到日子充实、心情惬意。这项研究由网上互助组织“妈妈网”负责进行,它邀请了1000位新妈妈前来尝试这些措施。研究仅仅进行了28天,就有年轻妈妈说她们感到非常“快乐”。“妈妈网”创始人之一莎莉·罗素说:“研究显示,在抚育孩子的最初几年里,妈妈们最不开心。这个时期,她们的压力和工作量都很大。”“与社会脱离是产生这一现象的一大原因。”“这些措施仅占用妈妈们一点点时间,却可以让她们开心和快乐。”怎样让自己保持微笑?1. 快乐知多少。在“开心日记”里记下十件你喜欢并且是关于你的乐事。2. 开怀大笑每一天。小孩子很容易笑,所以尽量让他们咯咯笑。3. 助人为乐。让别人借用你的停车场地,或者给伴侣发条短信。4. 自我。做做家庭足疗,来杯葡萄酒,吃点巧克力。5. 缩减一半看电视的时间。把看电视的时间用来做以前迟迟没有做的事。6. 和陌生人打招呼,对他们报以微笑。7. 照料您的植物。播种子时闻一闻泥土的气息。8. 锻炼身体。每天跳100下,背诵一些童年的歌谣。9. 给朋友打打电话聊聊天。想出四件你打心眼里想问他们的事情。10. 交流。和伴侣计划好,尽量保一周一次一个小时的高质量谈话。Vocabulary:doldrums: a period of depression or unhappy listlessness(忧郁期,没精打采的日子);例如:in the doldrums(精神沮丧)treat: 美食,源于动词treat(请客吃饭,招待)a good turn: 善良的行为 /200803/32058。

Forget Siri. When Mark Zuckerberg wants an AI assistant, he recruits the ;Voice of God.;别提Siri了。当马克.扎克伯格想要一个人工智能助手时,他聘请了“上帝之音”。The Facebook CEO and cofounder posted a teasing an artificial intelligence application on Tuesday that he built for his home, voiced by none other than actor Morgan Freeman.扎克伯格20日发了一段视频,视频中扎克伯格调戏起他为自家设计的人工智能应用,而为其配音的正是根.弗里曼。In October, Zuckerberg asked his followers for suggestions to be the voice for Jarvis, his AI tool inspired by Iron Man. Freeman was a top pick.扎克伯格10月时向粉丝征询为“贾维斯”配音人选的意见。这一人工智能工具的灵感来自《钢铁侠》,而弗里曼成了首选。Zuckerberg personally called Freeman to ask him to do it. Robert Downey Jr. had also offered his services.扎克伯格亲自打电话给弗里曼请他配音。小罗伯特.唐尼也提出愿意帮忙。Like Amazon#39;s Alexa, Jarvis can be activated by voice (or by text) and connect with various objects in the home.贾维斯和亚马逊的Alexa相似,可以通过语音(或短信)激活,并能连接家中的各种物品。In the , the assistant is shown adjusting thermostats, making toast for breakfast and buzzing Zuckerberg#39;s parents into his home by recognizing their faces.视频中,这位助手正在调节恒温器,为早餐烤面包,还识别出扎克伯格的父母并请他们进屋。Jarvis can also play music on command -- or choose not to, as the case may be.贾维斯也可以按命令播放音乐,或者根据具体情况也可以选择不播放。;Play us some good Nickleback songs,; Zuckerberg asks in the . ;I#39;m sorry Mark, I#39;m afraid I can#39;t do that,; Jarvis responds with Freeman#39;s iconic voice. ;There are no good Nickleback songs.;视频中,扎克伯格要求:“给我们播放几首五分钱合唱团的好听歌曲。”贾维斯用弗里曼的标志性声音回答:“对不起,马克,我恐怕做不到。没有五分钱合唱团的好听歌曲。”The is intended to be a ;fun summary and not a live demo,; according to Zuckerberg.扎克伯格称,这段视频是“一个有趣的概括,而不是一段现场演示。”An actual demo provided to Fast Company proved to have a few more glitches when turning off lights and playing music.《快公司》获得的视频样片显示,该应用在关灯和播放音乐时又出现了几个小故障。Zuckerberg made it his New Year#39;s resolution to ;build a simple AI to run my home and help me with my work.; The project proved more challenging than he expected.扎克伯格的新年目标是“发明一个简单的机器人来管理自己的房子,帮他工作”。结果明这个项目比他预期的更具挑战性。He struggled to find appliances whose power could be controlled remotely by an app and had to figure out the nuances of language used to request songs. In total, he spent about 100 hours building Jarvis -- while running Facebook.他努力寻找可以通过应用程序远程遥控的设备,而且还要搞清楚歌曲请求中细微的用语差异。总之,他在经营脸谱网之余,花了约100个小时才打造出贾维斯。;As the CEO of Facebook, I don#39;t get much time to write code in our internal environment. I#39;ve never stopped coding, but these days I mostly build personal projects like Jarvis,; Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post this week.扎克伯格本周在脸谱网上发帖称,“作为脸谱网的首席执行官,我没有多少时间在公司内部编写代码。但我从来没有停止过写代码,这些天我主要在打造贾维斯这样的个人项目。”In the future, Zuckerberg hopes to build an Android app for Jarvis and connect it to more appliances and rooms in his home.未来,扎克伯格想为贾维斯开发一款安卓应用程序,并将其连接到家中更多的设备和房间。 /201612/485560。