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浦江人民医院脱毛手术多少钱金华市义乌固体硅胶隆鼻价格义乌整形美容医院 That thing doesnt exist in the world.世界上不存在这种革命。Whenever you see young people in front of the road trying to fraternize with the police or military,如果你看到年轻人在接上态度友好的和警察或者军队交涉,somebody was thinking about it before.肯定有人实现计划。Now, at the end, nonviolent discipline,最后我要谈一谈不使用暴力的重要性,and this is probably the game-changer.这在一场运动中可能会起到决定性的作用。If you maintain nonviolent discipline, you will exclusively win.如果坚持非暴力斗争,你就会取得胜利。You have 100,000 people in a nonviolent march,如果十万人参加了非暴力游行,and one idiot or agent provocateur is throwing stones,如果其中一个白痴或者奸细扔了石头,guess what takes all the cameras? That one guy.媒体的镜头全都会对准这一个人。One single act of violence can literally destroy your movement.一个暴力行为就可以毁掉整个运动。Now let me move to another place.现在我们看下一个问题。Its selection of strategies and tactics.战略和战术的甄选。There are certain rules in nonviolent struggle you may follow.在非暴力斗争中遵守一些规则是必要的。First, you start small.第一,从小规模的运动开始。Second, you pick the battles you can win.第二,将精力集中在可能赢的活动上。Its only 200 of us in this room.今天出席的观众大约两百人。We wont call for the March of Millions.我们没办法组织百万人大游行。But what if we organize spraying graffiti throughout the night all over Krakow city? The city will know.如果我们趁夜晚在克拉科夫四处涂鸦呢?市民们一定会知道的。So we pick the tactics which accommodates to the event,因此,我们根据形势挑选策略,especially this thing we call the small tactics of dispersion.尤其是运用分散的小规模策略。Theyre very useful in a violent oppression.这种策略在暴力镇压中特别有效。We are actually witnessing the picture of one of the best tactics ever used.这张照片记录的就是有史以来最棒的策略之一。It was on Tahrir Square, where the international community was constantly frightened that the Islamists will overtake the revolution.这是在解放广场,国际社会一直担心伊斯兰教徒会在这里改变革命的性质。Well, theyve organized Christians protecting Muslims, who are there praying,于是,他们安排了基督教徒保护正在祈祷的穆斯林,Coptic wedding cheered by thousands of Muslims.以及受到成千上万穆斯林祝福的科普特人婚礼。The world has just changed the picture,他们改变了世界的想法,but somebody was thinking about this previously.这一切都是事前计划。So there are so many things you can do instead of getting into one place, shouting and showing off in front of the security forces.除了聚集在一起,在安保人员面前大叫示威之外,还有很多其他的斗争方式。Now there is also another very important dynamic,事实上还有一种动态制衡也非常重要,and this is a dynamic normally analytics dont see.而且常被分析家忽略。201601/420528浙江义乌市芙洛拉医院做抽脂手术多少钱

义乌祛斑What then of manned space exploration?那载人的空间探索呢?The government recently announced plans to return to the moon by 2024.美国政府最近宣布了2024重返月球的计划。The successful conclusion of that mission will result in infrequent visitation of the moon by a small number of government scientists and pilots.这项任务的成功将使少数的政府雇佣的科学家和飞行员的探访月球活动。It will leave us no further along in the general expansion of humanity into space than we were 50 years ago.和五十年前相比,从人类探索宇宙的整体来看,并没有什么起步。Something fundamental has to change if we are to see common access to space in our lifetime.如果我们想要在有生之年让太空飞行变得习以为然必须有根本的改变。What Im going to show you next are a couple of controversial ideas.我下面要展示的是一些有争论的观点。And I hope youll bear with me and have some faith that theres credibility behind what were going to say here.我希望大家耐心听我讲并且相信,我们这里所说的是确实可信的。There are three underpinnings of working in space privately.私人探索太空工作有三大柱。One of them is the requirement for economical earth-to-space transport.其一是经济的地球到太空的交通运输。The Bert Rutans and Richard Bransons of this world have got this in their sights and I salute them.创业家们象伯特?鲁坦斯和理查德?布兰特(维珍航空公司的创始人)已经开始在这方面努力,我向他们致敬。Go, go, go.加油,加油,加油。The next thing we need are places to stay on orbit.我们需要的另一件事是轨道上的停留处。Orbital hotels to start with, but workshops for the rest of us later on.先以做太空酒店(旅游业)开始,之后可以我们的工作站。The final missing piece, the real paradigm-buster, is this:最后一点,真正能扭转乾坤的是:a gas station on orbit.太空轨道加油站。Its not going to look like that.它不会是图上这样的。If it existed, it would change all future spacecraft design and space mission planning.如果它存在,它会改变所有未来宇宙飞船和宇宙空间探索计划的设计。Now, to give you a chance to understand why there is power in that statement,Ive got to give you the basics of Space 101.现在,为了让大家明白此断言的分量,我要教大家一点儿太空基础知识。And the first thing is everything you do in space you pay by the kilogram.首先,你要为在太空里所做的每一件事情按千克付费。Anybody drink one of these here this week?有人这周喝过一杯这个吗?Youd pay 10,000 dollars for that in orbit.在轨道上你要为其付一万美元。Thats more than you pay for TED,那比你要参加TED付的费用还要多,if Google dropped their sponsorship.如果谷歌撤销他们的赞助的话。The second is more than 90 percent of the weight of a vehicle is in propellant.其次,推进剂占百分之九十多的飞船重量。Thus, every time youd want to do anything in space,因此,每次你想要在宇宙空间里做任何事,you are literally blowing away enormous sums of money every time you hit the accelerator.每次你踩加速器时,你就是在大笔地烧钱。Not even the guys at Tesla can fight that physics.即使是做Tesla(极品电动跑车)的家伙们也没法战胜那个物理现象。So, what if you could get your gas at a 10th the price?所以,如果你能都以十分之一的价钱得到燃料会怎样?There is a place where you can.有个地方可以让你这样做。In fact, you can get it better-you can get it at 14 times lower if you can find propellant on the moon.事实上,可以更便宜--你能以十四分之一的价格得到,如果你能够在月球上发现推进剂的话。There is a little-known mission that was launched by the Pentagon, 13 years ago now, called Clementine.美国国防部13年展开了一个鲜为人知的,称为克莱门汀的计划。And the most amazing thing that came out of that mission was a strong hydrogen signature at Shackleton crater on the south pole of the moon.这项计划最令人称奇的发现是在月球的南极沙克尔顿环形山探测到很强的氢气信号。That signal was so strong,那信号非常强,it could only have been produced by 10 trillion tons of water buried in the sediment, collected over millions and billions of years by the impact of asteroids and comet material.只有沉淀地下的10万亿吨水才能生成它,那水是成百上千万年,小行星和彗星撞击遗留物汇聚而成。If were going to get that, and make that gas station possible,如果我们要用这水使加油站的建造成为可能的话,we have to figure out ways to move large volumes of payload through space.我们必须找到在在太空中移动大量物资的方法。We cant do that right now.我们现在还做不到。The way you normally build a system right now is you have a tube stack that has to be launched from the ground,人们现在的做法是从地球使用多级火箭,and resist all kinds of aerodynamic forces.这种方法需要克各种空气动力效应。201512/415014义乌膨体隆鼻价格 义乌市中医院绣眉多少钱

义乌市中医医院美容整形科Hi. As youve probably noticed, Im not the President. 大家好,你们应该注意到了,我并不是总统。Im just a citizen. 我只是一介平民。And as a citizen, Im here at the White House today because I want to make a difference and I hope you will join me.而作为一名公民,我今天之所以能够来到白宫,是因为我想让大家跟我一起寻求改变。My name is Francine Wheeler. 我叫弗朗西恩·威勒。My husband David is with me. 我的丈夫戴维也跟我在一起。We live in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.我们来自康涅狄克州的桑迪胡克镇。David and I have two sons. 我和戴维有两个儿子。Our older son Nate, soon to be 10 years old, is a fourth grader at Sandy Hook Elementary School. 大儿子内特马上就要10岁了,在桑迪胡克小学就读四年级。Our younger son, Ben, age six, was murdered in his first-grade classroom on December 14th, exactly 4 months ago this weekend.6岁的小儿子本,12月14日在他所在的一年级教室被杀害,距离今天正好4个月。David and I lost our beloved son, but Nate lost his best friend. 戴维和我失去了我们深爱的儿子,而内特失去了他最好的伙伴。On what turned out to be the last morning of his life, Ben told me, quite out of the blue, I still want to be an architect, 在他生命中最后一天的早上,本非常意外的告诉我,我还是想当一名建筑师,Mama, but I also want to be a paleontologist, because thats what Nate is going to be and I want to do everything Nate does.妈妈,但我也想当一名古生物学家,因为内特想当,而内特想做的所有事情我都想做。Bens love of fun and his excitement at the wonders of life were unmatched His boundless energy kept him running across the soccer field long after the game was over. 本爱玩的天性和对人生美好的急切向往让他浑身有使不完的劲儿,橄榄球赛结束很久了他还在满场飞奔。He couldntt wait to get to school every morning. 他每天早上都等不及要去学校。He sang with perfect pitch and had just played at his third piano recital. 他唱歌高音唱的很棒,而且演出过三次钢琴独奏了。Irrepressibly bright and spirited, Ben experienced life at full tilt.本全力以赴的体验他生命中的每一天,什么都抑制不住他愉悦而充满的天性。Until that morning. 20 of our children, and 6 of our educators—gone. 直到那天早上,20个孩子和6位老师离开了我们。Out of the blue.没有人能预料到。Ive heard people say that the tidal wave of anguish our country felt on 12/14 has receded. 我曾听人说12月14号袭击我们镇的海啸已经消退了。But not for us. 但对我们而言不是这样。To us, it feels as if it happened just yesterday. 对我们而言,它就像昨天才发生一样。And in the four months since we lost our loved ones, thousands of other Americans have died at the end of a gun. 从我们四个当妈妈的失去我们的孩子之后,又有数千名美国人死在了口之下。Thousands of other families across the ed States are also drowning in our grief.美国又有数千个家庭陷入悲痛之中。Please help us do something before our tragedy becomes your tragedy.请帮帮我们,在我们的悲剧变成你们的悲剧之前做些什么吧。Sometimes, I close my eyes and all I can remember is that awful day waiting at the Sandy Hook Volunteer Firehouse for the boy who would never come home—the same firehouse that was home to Bens Tiger Scout Den 6. 时不时的,每当我闭上眼睛,就想起可怕的那一天,我站在桑迪胡克志愿消防站等待永远不能回家的孩子的那一天,那里也是本参加童子军老虎夏令营的聚会点。But other times, I feel Bens presence filling me with courage for what I have to do—for him and all the others taken from us so violently and too soon.但转念一想,我就感到本的灵魂在鼓励我去做我必须做的事情,为了他和其他被暴力所害英年早逝的人。We have to convince the Senate to come together and pass commonsense gun responsibility reforms that will make our communities safer and prevent more tragedies like the one we never thought would happen to us.我们要说参议院团结起来,通过普遍的持责任改革,让我们的社会更加安宁,避免我们从来没有预料到会发生在我们身上的惨剧再次发生。When I packed for Washington on Monday, it looked like the Senate might not act at all. 当星期一我收拾行李准备来华盛顿的时候,参议院看起来好像不想做什么努力。Then, after the President spoke in Hartford, and a dozen of us met with Senators to share our stories, more than two-thirds of the Senate voted to move forward.但总统在哈特福德发表演讲之后,我们一大群人与参议员们讲述了我们的经历,有超过2/3的参议员投票表示要推进此事。But thats only the start. 但这仅仅是一个开始。They havent yet passed any bills that will help keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. 他们至今还没有通过任何法案,来避免危险人员搞到。And a lot of people are fighting to make sure they never do.而且还有一大批人在奋力确保他们永远不通过类似的法案。Now is the time to act. 现在是行动的时候了。Please join us. 请大家与我们一起。You can talk to your Senator, too. 你也能与你的参议员沟通。Or visit WhiteHouse.gov to find out how you can join the President and get involved.或者访问WhiteHouse.gov网站,在这里可以找到与总统一道参与此事的方式。Help this be the moment when real change begins. 为此做出的努力将带来真正的变革。From the bottom of my heart, thank you.我从心底感谢大家,谢谢!201304/235797 Id like to just take a moment and thank the outgoing Board members. I think it has not heen an easy job to be a Board member of Apple over the last few years. These are very decent people and theyve been trying very hard to do the right thing for the company. To welcome our new Board members, I think we have a really exciting task ahead of us: to help the management team and guide Apple back to health and to prosperity. And so I hope youll agree that this is a pretty sweeping change. Were adding a tremendous amount of industry expertise. We are not naming a Chairman at this time. Were going to wait till we have a new CEO, and sort things when that happens.我想要用一点时间去感谢那些即将离任的董事会成员。我想这些年来作为苹果的董事会成员,并非易事。他们是非常不错的人,一直试图为公司做正确的事情,可谓尽心竭力。同时也欢迎新董事会成员的加入,我想我们有非常振奋人心的任务在眼前:管理整个团队并且引导苹果重新恢复生机和繁荣。因此,我希望 你们也认同,这是一个意义深远的变革。我们注入了巨大的行业知识和技能,我们这次不会指定一个董事长,而是等待一个合适的首席执行官出现,到时让他掌管—切。OK, next. Market focus. I cant get anyone to tell me the definitive market share number for Apple, but its around 7%, from what I can gather. And the question is where is Apple relevant? Where is Apple still the dominant player? Which market segments? And there are two. The first one, I call creative content. Its publishing, design, pre-press, etc. Its creative professionals using computers. And whats interesting is that Apple is still the dominant market leader for creative professionals, by far. Its like 80% of the computers used in advertising and graphic arts, design, pre-press are all Macintoshes. And 64%, thats the best number I can find, 64% of all Internet websites are created using a Mac. Its amazing.好,接下来要谈市场定位的问题。是的,我不可能让任何人告诉我苹果确切的市场股份数字,但超过7%的部分是我能收集到的。问题的关键是,哪个领域对苹果来说意义重大?苹果在哪个领域仍然是主控角色?市场的主导在哪里?有两个。第一个我称之为创新产品, 也就是出版、设计、预印等等。 这是创新领域的专业人士使用的电脑。有趣的是,苹果仍然是为创新领域专业人士提供产品的市场主导。到目前为止,有约80%左右的Mac电脑被运用于广告及制图艺术、设计和预印方面。并且有64% 的互联网网页是用苹果电脑做的,这是我所发现的最棒的数字。这太不可思议了。201407/310102东阳市横店集团医院美容中心浦江县整形医院抽脂多少钱



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