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迷你对话:A: It was really hard for our parents to save money when they were young.我们的父母年轻时攒点钱可真难呀。B: Most people were living form hand to mouth. How could they?大多数人都只能勉强糊口,他们怎么能攒下钱么?A: Yeah. They simply had no extra money to save up or for other things.对呀,他们没有多余的钱存下来,也没有多余的钱买其它的东西。B: Fortunately, things are changing these years.好在这些年有些改观了。地道表达:live from hand to mouth解词释义:这个习语的意思与我们中文的“家无隔夜之娘”在意思上颇为一致,意思就是指“刚好糊口”。持范例:Eg. When I had no job last winter, I had to live from hand to mouth. 去年冬天没找到工作,我不得不过着勉强糊口的生活。Eg. When I was first married I didnt have a job, and we had to live from hand to mouth. 结婚初期,我没有工作,因此我们两个人只得过吃一顿算一顿的生活。 Eg. We live from hand to mouth because my father is a n accountant with a low salary. 我们过着仅能糊口的生活,因为我父亲只是个薪水很低的会计员。Eg. Since she only has a temporary job. She has to live from hand to mouth. 她只有一份临时工,只能勉强糊口。 词海拾贝:1. save money:省钱Eg. He worked all summer to save money for the purchase of a piano. 他工作了一整个夏天,为的是存钱买架钢琴。Eg. We should save money for a rainy day. 我们要存一些钱,以备不时之用。Eg. He is trying to save money by walking to work. 他为了省钱步行去上班。Eg. The Boss wanted to look into ways to save money. 老板想研究省钱的方法。 2. have extra money for:有多余钱买......Eg. They have been more eager to make you work in order to have a little extra money for the family. 他们反倒更积极让你去工作,以赚取额外的钱贴补家用。3. save up:储蓄,存储Eg. It took me a year to save up for a new car. 我花了整整一年的时间才存下足够的钱买一辆新车。 Eg. I cant possibly afford that car right now.I’have to save up for it. 我现在买不起那辆车。我得为它攒钱。 Eg. Mary egged her husband on to save up and start his own business. 玛丽鼓励丈夫存点钱自己开店做生意。 Eg. You should save up for your college education. 你应该为你的大学教育经费而储蓄。 句海拾贝:It is hard for sb to do something. (译文:某人做某事有难度。)Eg. It is hard for me to speak of her at any time. 我任何时候谈起她心里都不好过。 Eg. It is hard for an old man to work as long as a youngster. 老年人要工作得和年轻伙子一样久是困难的。Eg. It is hard for them to have thorough appreciation of the Chinese culture. 他们也就很难很深入华夏文化。 Eg. It is hard for me to give up Meg.失去Meg我很难受。 /201212/212912《忐忑》由成名歌唱家龚琳娜演唱,作曲为龚琳娜丈夫老锣(Robert Zollitsch),因其节奏变化多端,表演夸张,歌词神秘等因素,被网络赋予色,广大网友称之为“神曲”。 /201102/126518ed States美国Trade with Mexico: Playing Chicken美墨交易:威胁Farmers and Texans would lose most from barriers to trade with Mexico.农民和德州人将因墨西哥贸易障碍损失惨重MEXICO sells America more goods than America sells Mexico, and it enrages President Donald Trump.墨西哥出售给美国的产品比美国卖给墨西哥的多,这一点让特朗普总统大为恼火。In 2015 the difference was billion (0.3% of GDP).2015年这一差值为580亿美元(占美国GDP的0.3%)。That is enough, thinks Mr Trump, to justify rewriting the North American Free-Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which allows goods to flow across the Rio Grande free of tariffs.这个数据在特朗普看来,已足以明修改北美自由贸易协定(NAFTA)的合理性,该协定对穿越格兰德河的货物实行零关税。Yet the trade deficit masks bigger figures: America sends almost 0bn in goods to Mexico every year.不过贸易逆差背后隐藏着更大的数字:美国每年销往墨西哥的货物价值大概为2400亿美元。Were NAFTA to disappear in a renegotiation-gone-wrong, many Americans would pay a price—and not just as consumers faced with dearer avocados.假如北美自由贸易协定再次谈判出现问题而失效,很多美国人将为此付出代价——这不仅仅是消费者要承受更贵的牛油果那么简单。Which American producers would suffer?那么作为美国厂商,谁将首当其冲呢?Suppose, optimistically, that each side followed World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules.乐观的设想是,双边均遵守世贸协定。Then, tariffs would revert to so-called “most favoured nation” rates. (That might sound vaguely friendly, but it simply means neither side can offer a different deal from what it gives to any other WTO member.)那么关税将恢复成所谓的最惠国税率(听起来可能有种含蓄的亲切感,但简单来说就是任何一方都不能提供给对方不同于其他WTO成员的待遇)。By matching these tariffs to trade flows for about 5,000 goods, The Economist has estimated which states’ exporters would be worst-affected by the levies.通过将关税与大约5000种产品想对应,经济学人杂志对哪个州的出口商将受到征税的最严重影响进行了估算。Farm states face the highest charges.农业州面临着最高的费用。Whacking tariffs on malt, potatoes and dairy products would cause Idaho’s exports to Mexico to incur an average levy of nearly 15%.麦芽、马铃薯及乳制品高昂的关税将使爱达荷州对墨西哥的出口产品的平均税率高达15%。Iowa and Nebraska would pay on average 12.5% for the privilege of sending goods over Mr Trump’s wall.爱荷华州及内布拉斯加州也将付平均12.5%的税才有权穿越“特朗普墙”。Some products would be particularly badly hit.部分产品将尤其受到重创。In 2015 Iowa’s farmers shipped 2m of high-fructose corn syrup to Mexico.2015年爱荷华州的农民运送了价值13200万美元的高果糖玉米糖浆到墨西哥。Without NAFTA, Mexico would slap a tooth-aching 100% tariff on the stuff.如果没有北美自由贸易协定,墨西哥将对此征收100%的关税。Little wonder that the farm lobby tends vocally to support free trade.农业团体发声援自由贸易不足为奇。Yet farm states are lucky to have plenty of customers elsewhere.但幸运的是农业州在别处也有大量的消费者。Idaho’s exports to Mexico are worth less than half a percent of its GDP.爱达荷州对墨西哥的出口不到其GDP的0.5%。Other state economies are more tangled up with Mexico’s.其他州的经济却和墨西哥紧密相关。These places should worry about NAFTA’s fate despite facing low average tariffs.尽管平均关税不高,但这些州更应该担忧北美自由贸易协定的命运。Among this group, Texas stands out.在这个组合里,德克萨斯州首当其冲。It faces an average tariff of only 3%, but its exports to Mexico are worth nearly 6% of its GDP (compared with 1.3% nationally).尽管其平均关税仅有3%,但对墨西哥出口占其GDP接近6%(全美为1.3%)。As in Iowa, farmers would suffer.同爱荷华州一样,农场主会蒙受损失。Texan cuts of Gallus domesticus—otherwise known as chicken—would incur the largest tariff bill, 4m, of any single product category in the country.德州出口家禽(也就是鸡类)的减少,会造成被征收全国各类货品中最高昂的关税,高达1740万美元。In total, as a percentage of GDP, Texas would pay more than any other state.出所占的GDP比例比其他州都要多。Michigan also fits this category.密歇根州同样属于这一范畴。Its exports of cars and parts—many of which end up back in America—would attract tariffs averaging only about 5%.其汽车及零部件出口将被征收平均大约5%的关税,But with such shipments totalling .1bn, the bill would be painfully large.但如此大的运输量将使关税出达到42亿美元,这是让人难以承受的高昂费用。All this gives Mexico some leverage.这给墨西哥带来了一些优势。But Mr Trump has a stronger hand, because Mexican firms depend more on American consumers than vice versa.不过特朗普更为强势,因为相较美国企业来说,墨西哥企业更为依赖美国消费者。Part of the problem may be that rural America is aly in the bag for the Republicans.问题在于,美国农业州已经是共和党的囊中之物。Of the 25 states which would pay most in tariffs, as a percentage of their GDP, only four voted for Hillary Clinton in November.即将承担关税占GDP比例最高的的25个州,在11月仅有4个州对希拉里克林顿投了赞成票。Mr Trump may not feel any need to obey WTO rules.特朗普并无意遵守WTO规则。The White House’s latest trade spat is with Germany, a country aly paying WTO tariffs (because no trade deal exists with the European Union).白宫最近指责了德国的贸易政策,尽管德国已经付了WTO规定的关税。Peter Navarro, Mr Trump’s chief trade adviser, told the Financial Times on January 31st that the “grossly undervalued” euro has allowed Germany to “exploit” America.特朗普的首席贸易顾问Peter Navarro在1月31日告诉金融时报,价值被极度低估的欧元导致德国“剥削”美国。The White House has also recently hinted that it will adopt a congressional plan to “border-adjust” the corporate tax, which probably breaches WTO rules.白宫近期已经暗示将采取一项国会计划对企业税进行“边境调整”,这可能将违背WTO规定。If Mexico retaliated with rule breaking of its own, the costs to American producers would be greater—and harder to predict.如果墨西哥也违背其原则来进行报复,美国生产者为此付出的代价将更为巨大,同时也更难以预测。考研英语时事阅读 /201704/503477Business: Schumpeter: Techno wars商业:熊彼德:“铁克诺” 之战An earlier sunny mood about technology and innovation has given way to pessimism.在技术与创新领域,悲观主义取代了先前的乐观态度The most striking battle in modern business pits the techno-optimists against the techno-pessimists.在现代商业中,高新技术乐观派与悲观派构成了激烈对峙的两大阵营。The first group argues that the world is in the middle of a technology-driven renaissance.乐观主义者声称,世界正处于技术驱动的复兴中。Tech CEOs compete with each other for superlatives.各技术巨头相互竞争,力求推出最优秀的产品。Business professors say that our only problem will be what to do with the people when the machines become super-intelligent.商学院教授则认为,唯一需要担心的是,当机器发展为超级智能,人类该如何应对。The pessimists retort that this is froth: a few firms may be doing wonderfully but the economy is stuck.悲观主义者则反讥道,以上言论不过是高谈弘论:虽然少部分公司的确运行得不错,但经济已陷入停滞。Larry Summers of Harvard University talks about secular stagnation.哈佛大学的拉里·萨默斯就此提出了“长期停滞”。Tyler Cowen, of George Mason University, says that the American economy has eaten all the low-hanging fruits of modern history and got sick.乔治梅森大学的泰勒·科文认为,美国经济已耗尽现代史上一切唾手可得的成果而趋于病态。Until recently the prize for the most gloom-laden book on the modern economy has gone to Robert Gordon of Northwestern University.唱衰现代经济势的问鼎之作是1月出版的西北大学罗伯特·戈登写的。In “The Rise and Fall of American Growth”, published in January, Mr Gordon argues that the IT revolution is a minor diversion compared with the inventions that accompanied the second industrial one—electricity, motor cars and aeroplanes— which changed lives profoundly.戈登在《美国兴衰》一书中指出,第二次工业革命中,电力、汽车和飞机都曾给日常生活带来翻天覆地的变化,而IT革命不过是小巫见大巫。The current information upheaval, by contrast, is merely altering a narrow range of activities.近年来,人们获取信息的方式发生了剧变,但也仅仅是让原本就为数不多的方式增添了些新花样。Now a new book, “The Innovation Illusion” by Fredrik Erixon and Bjorn Weigel, presents a still more pessimistic vision.弗雷德里克·埃里克松和比约?恩格尔现发行了他们的新书《创新的假象》,书中表达了更为悲观的看法。Messrs Erixon and Weigel write that the very engine of capitalist growth, the creative destruction described by Joseph Schumpeter, is kaput.他们在书中写道,资本主义发展的“核心引擎”(約瑟夫·熊彼特曾称其为创造性破坏)已运作失常。Aside from a handful of stars such as Google and Amazon, they point out, capitalism is ageing fast.他们指出,除了如谷歌和亚马逊等少数精英公司仍发展良好,资本主义整体已迅速老化。Europe’s 100 most valuable firms were founded more than 40 years ago.纵观欧洲100家大公司,绝大部分都建立在40年前。Even America, which is more entrepreneurial, is succumbing to middle-aged sp.即使是更具创业精神的美国也难以抵挡公司中年化现象的蔓延。The proportion of mature firms, or those 11 years old or more, rose from a third of all firms in 1987 to almost half in 2012, and the number of startups fell between 2001 and 2011.从1981到2012年间,资深公司(已建立11年或更长时间)由占公司总数的1/3上升到占一半左右,而2001到2011年间,新公司数量则一直下降。People who extol free markets often blame such stagnation on excessive regulation.自由市场的持者经常把这种经济停滞归咎于政府管制过多。That has certainly played its part.这种说法的确有一定道理。But the authors argue that stagnation has most to do with the structure of capitalism itself.然而,《创新的假象》的作者则认为,这种停滞与资本主义自身的结构有更大关系。Companies are no longer actually owned by adventurous capitalists but by giant institutions such as the Vanguard Group (with more than trillion under management) which constantly buy and sell slivers of ownership for anonymous investors.事实上,公司已不再由具冒险精神的资本家控制,而是由像先锋集团(the Vanguard Group)这种大型机构掌控。该公司资产逾3万亿美元,不断为匿名投资者购买和出售所有权。These institutions are more interested in predictable returns than in enterprise.比起商业发展,他们更看重可预测回报。It is not all Mark Zuckerbergs at the top, the authors posit.作者认为并非所有高层都像马克·扎克伯格一样。The big firms are answering the call for predictability by hiring corporate bureaucrats.多数大公司都雇佣企业管理者来满足投资者对可预测性的渴求。These people shy away from risky investments in new technology.这些企业管理者往往会避免对新技术进行风险投资。After rising relentlessly as a share of GDP in 1950-2000, investment in IT began declining in the early 2000s.在1950到2000年间,IT行业投资曾作为GDP的一部分持续增长,但于2000年早期开始衰退。Instead of shaking up markets, bureaucratic CEOs focus on squeezing the most out of their sunk costs and fight to defend niches.比起颠覆市场,官僚型CEO更注重于尽可能压缩沉没成本和捍卫利基市场。They hoard cash, buy back their firms’ shares and reinforce their positions by merging with former rivals.他们通过储备现金,回购自家公司股份以及与竞争对手合并来巩固公司的市场地位。The gloomsters’ case is true to some extent but it is overstated.这些悲观人士的言论在一定程度上是对的,但还是言过其实了。译文属译者说外刊 /201612/481185特别声明:该节目中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分为可可原创。迷你对话:A: The murderer was sentenced to life imprisonment.那个杀人犯被判处无期徒刑。B: It’s severe punishment, I think.我想这是重型惩治了。A: Yeah, because he just killed a man in cold blood.是呀,就因为他曾经残忍地杀了一个人。B: No wonder.那就不足为奇了。地道表达:in cold blood持范例:Eg. He himself was convinced that Clyde had murdered the girl in cold blood. 他本人深信确实Clyde非常残暴地弄死了那个姑娘。 Eg. His victims were all shot down in cold blood. 他杀害的那些人都是遭他疯狂杀的。Eg. The bank robber drew a gun and shot the guard in cold blood. 那个抢劫者拨出,残忍地杀了警卫员。 Eg. He was so cruel, he would have killed his own mother in cold blood. 他是个极残酷的人,甚至都可以冷酷无情地杀死亲娘。 口语句型:No wonder that...(译文:难怪......)持范例:Eg. No wonder you cant find anybody here; theyre all away at a meeting. 难怪找不到人, 都开会去了。 Eg. No wonder he is not hungry ; he has been eating sweets all day. 难怪他不饿,他整天在吃糖果。 /201211/207359

My name is Alessandra and Im the owner of Dolce Vici. Dolce Vici is kind of a way of saying Guilty Pleasures in Italy and this is the way we do our things here because we really really really love Italian food and we are passionate about the Italian food culture. So I came to China to actually do this, to bring my family recipes here in Shanghai and because I feel there is room for good Italian quality products. In fact we import most of the ingredients and we make everything homemade, especially our ice-cream. We have our ingredients come from Italy, the machine is from Italy and Im from Italy so its really really traditional ice-cream. But like Lily said, our coffee is incredible, we dont compromise and we dont make any strange names, we just, you know, its just pure Italian coffee and thats what you get if you come here. If you feel like you want to have some traditional coffee then this is the place where you should go and yeh, so if you visit me and say ;Italian coffee rocks;, you will get a free coffee with any purchase of a set lunch.我的名字是爱里,我是Dolci Vizi的店长,Dolci Vizi就是在意大利说这是我;罪恶的快乐;的意思,因为意大利人真的很热衷自己国家的美食和意大利的饮食文化。我把我们家的祖传的食谱带到上海是因为我觉得这里仍然有许多意大利精品可以成长的空间。事实上,我进口了许多意大利的原料,而且还亲手做了很多东西,尤其是我们的冰激凌。就像Lily说的,我们的意大利咖啡真的是无与伦比。而且我们不会偷工减料也不会取一些奇怪的名字。你来了就是喝最纯粹的意大利咖啡。如果你想要喝意大利的传统咖啡的话,这里就是你该来的地方。如果你来这里看我,点一份主食,并说;意大利咖啡好赞;,我就会给你一杯免费的咖啡!What does Dolce Vizi mean?Dolce Vizi是什么意思呢? It means sweet vices and it just means basically if you really, for example if you really like chocolate, you want to eat a lot of chocolate or if you really like some ice-cream and you really want to eat it or if you like coffee and you know, this is a way of, you know, introducing yourself or finding an excuse to have what you like.就是甜蜜的坏东西,就像是你真的好喜欢巧克力/冰激凌/咖啡,你就会找尽所有借口来吃它们,即使吃完了你会感觉很有罪恶感,其实就是给自己一些借口去吃你喜欢的东西。1. Guilty pleasure 让你有罪恶感的快乐2. Italy 意大利3. Rome 罗马4. I went to Rome on honeymoon. 我去罗马度蜜月。5. Have you been to Rome? 去过罗马吗? /201507/384979

A: When will the bar and cafe open? 酒吧和咖啡馆什么时间开放?B: From 3:00 p.m. till midnight. 从下午三点到晚上十二点。 A: Does the guest house offer any other service? 宾馆里还有哪些务项目?B:We have a barber shop, a laundry, a store, post and a newspaper stand, a billiard, table tennis, games and so on. 我们有理发室、洗衣房、小卖部、邮局务、报刊供应柜、台球室、乒乓球和等等。单词记忆barber美 vt. 为…理发;修整n. 理发师vi. 当理发师n. (Barber)人名;(西)巴尔韦尔;(英)巴伯;(罗)巴尔伯laundry,美 n. 洗衣店,洗衣房;要洗的衣;洗熨;洗好的衣[ 复数 laundries ]landromat 在美国常见的洗衣店招牌self-service laundry, coin laundry or coin wash 投币式的自助洗衣公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) 公众账号:meisi1949 /201702/489673

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