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石家庄美联臣整形美容医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱石家庄妇保医院做红色胎记手术多少钱They bought Harry#39;s school books in a shop called Flourish and Blotts where the shelves were stacked to the ceiling with books as large as paving stones bound in leather; books the size of postage stamps in covers of silk; books full of peculiar symbols and a few books with nothing in them at all. Even Dudley, who never anything, would have been wild to get his hands on some of these. Hagrid almost had to drag Harry away from Curses and Countercurses (Bewitch Your Friends and Befuddle Your Enemies with the Latest Revenges: Hair Loss, Jelly-Legs, Tongue-Tying and Much, Much More) by Professor Vindictus Viridian.他们在一家叫做;弗拉立与布洛斯;的书店里买到了哈利需要的课本,店里的书架都是从天花板悬挂下来的,有用羽毛装饰的像铺路石一般大小的书,也有丝绒封面的像邮票一般大小的书,还有一些全是奇怪符号的书,以及一些里面什么也没有的书,即使从未读过书的达力也会禁不住伸出手来摸摸这些书的。海格不得不把哈利从万迪塔斯bull;维里迪安教授所写的《咒语与反咒语》这本书中拎出来。;I was trying to find out how to curse Dudley.;;我只是想找到诅咒达力的方法。;;I#39;m not sayin#39; that#39;s not a good idea, but yer not ter use magic in the Muggle world except in very special circumstances,; said Hagrid. ;An#39; anyway, yeh couldnrsquo; work any of them curses yet, yeh#39;ll need a lot more study before yeh get ter that level.;;我不是说那样不好,但是除了在非常特殊的情况之下,你不能在麻瓜世界使用魔法。;海格说,;无论如何你现在都不可以使用任何咒语,在你达到这个水平之前还需要更多的学习。;Hagrid wouldn#39;t let Harry buy a solid gold cauldron, either (;It says pewter on yer list;), but they got a nice set of scales for weighing potion ingredients and a collapsible brass telescope. Then they visited the Apothecary, which was fascinating enough to make up for its horrible smell, a mixture of bad eggs and rotted cabbages. Barrels of slimy stuff stood on the floor; jars of herbs, dried roots, and bright powders lined the walls; bundles of feathers, strings of fangs, and snarled claws hung from the ceiling. While Hagrid asked the man behind the counter for a supply of some basic potion ingredients for Harry, Harry himself examined silver unicorn horns at twenty-one Galleons each and minuscule, glittery-black beetle eyes (five Knuts a scoop).海格也不允许哈利买一口坚固的金色大锅(条上所提的是白蜡的),但他们买到了一套称量药方的配料非常好的天平,和一架折叠式的黄铜望远镜。接下来他们去了一家药房。这间药房看来对用臭蛋和腐烂的卷心菜的混合物来制可怕的气味十分着迷,一桶桶的黏状物放在地板上,一坛坛药草、干树根、闪亮的粉状物挨着墙排列着,一捆捆的羽毛,一串串的牙齿和爪子悬挂在天花板上。当海格向店员买一些哈利所需的药方配料时,哈利自己正在研究大约21个帆船币一根的银麒麟角以及微小、闪亮的黑色甲虫眼睛(每勺五克拉)。Outside the Apothecary, Hagrid checked Harry#39;s list again.走出药房,海格又把哈利的单子检查了一遍。;Just yer wand left ; A yeah, an#39; I still haven#39;t got yeh a birthday present.;;只剩下魔杖没有买了;;对了,我还没给你买生日礼物呢。;Harry felt himself go red.哈利的脸有点红了。;You don#39;t have to;;;你不必;;;;I know I don#39;t have to. Tell yeh what, I#39;ll get yer animal. Not a toad, toads went outta fashion years ago, yeh#39;d be laughed at ; an#39; I don#39; like cats, they make me sneeze. I#39;ll get yer an owl. All the kids want owls, they#39;re dead useful, carry yer mail anrsquo; everythin#39;.;;我知道我不必,告诉你,我将给你买一只宠物,并不是癞蛤蟆。蛤蟆好多年前就已经不流行了,你会被笑话的。我又不喜欢猫,它们会让我打喷嚏,所以我给你买一只猫头鹰,所有的小孩子都喜欢猫头鹰。它们非常有用,可以帮你送任何东西。;二十分钟之后,他们离开了猫头鹰店。Twenty minutes later, they left Eeylops Owl Emporium, which had been dark and full of rustling and flickering, jewel-bright eyes. Harry now carried a large cage that held a beautiful snowy owl, fast asleep with her head under her wing. He couldn#39;t stop stammering his thanks, sounding just like Professor Quirrell.哈利拎着一只大鸟笼,宠子里关着一只十分漂亮的雪白的猫头鹰,它的头深深地埋在翅膀里,正在呼呼大睡。哈利不停地向海格道谢,都有点口吃,好像屈拉教授那样。;Don#39; mention it,; said Hagrid gruffly. ;Don#39; expect you#39;ve had a lotta presents from them Dursleys. Just Ollivanders left now ; only place fer wands, Ollivanders, and yeh gotta have the best wand.;;不要再提了。;海格扳着脸孔说。现在只剩下奥利万德斯;;卖魔杖的地方了。奥利万德斯的手杖是最好的。A magic wand; this was what Harry had been really looking forward to.一根魔杖;;这才是哈利真正想要的东西。河北省石家庄美联臣医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱 7 Friday第7章 星期五For two years I never went anywhere without my gun.两年来,没带我从不四处乱走。I felt lonely and afraid,and had many sleepless nights.我感到孤独和害怕,许多晚上无法入睡。One night there was a very bad storm,and I thought I heard the sound of guns out at sea.一个晚上来了一场非常厉害的风暴。我想我听到海上的声。The next morning I looked out,and saw a ship.第二天早晨我往外望去,看到一只轮船。It was lying on its side not far from the shore.它斜搁在离海岸不远的海面上。Quickly,I put my little boat in the water and sailed out to it.我迅速地把我的小船拖下水并朝大船驶去。There were two dead men on the ship,but no one alive.船上有两个死人,但没有人活着,The bodies of the other sailors were lost in the sea.其他水手的尸体都消失在海上。I took some clothes and tools,and also a box of Spanish gold and silver money.我带走一些衣和工具,还有一箱西班牙金币和银币,I was a rich man now,but what use was money to me?现在我成了一个富翁,但这些钱对我有什么用呢?I could not buy anything with it.我用它们什么也买不到。I wanted people,a friend,somebody to talk to…我渴望人类,一个朋友,可以谈话的人……somebody who could help me escape from my island.可以帮助我逃离孤岛的人。One morning I woke up and made a plan.有天早上我醒来作了个计划。#39;I#39;ll try to catch one of the prisoners of the wild men,#39;I said to myself.“我将试图能救一个那些野人的俘虏,”我自言自语,#39;He#39;ll be happy to be alive and perhaps he#39;ll help me to escape. #39;“他将因为活着而高兴,可能他会帮助我逃跑。”I watched day and night,but for a year and a half there were no boats.我日夜观望着,但一年半过去了,却再也没见到船只出现。Then one day five boats came.有一天,海上来了五只船,There were about thirty men and they had two prisoners.大约有30个人和两个俘虏。They made their fire on the sand and danced round it.他们在沙滩上生火并围着火跳舞,Then they killed one of the prisoners and began to cook their terrible meal.然后他们杀了一个俘虏并开始煮可怕的食物。The second prisoner waited under the trees,with two men to watch him.另一个俘虏在树下等候,留有两个人看守,Suddenly,the prisoner turned and ran.突然,这个俘虏转身就跑,The two men ran after him,两个人在后面追赶,but the other wild men were busy round the fire and did not see what was happening.但其余的野人围着火忙着,并没有看见发生的事。The prisoner ran like a wild goat,那俘虏像一只野山羊在奔跑,and soon I saw that he was coming near the bottom of my hill.不一会儿我看到他已跑到我的山脚下。As fast as I could,I ran down the hill and jumped out of the trees between the prisoner and the two wild men.我尽快地跑下山去,在俘虏和另两个野人之间的树丛里跳出来。I hit the first man with the wooden end of my gun and he fell down,我用木制的柄击倒第一个野人,but I had to shoot the second man.但我却不得不开打死第二个。The poor prisoner did not move.可怜的俘虏没有移动,He was afraid of the noise of my gun.他被声吓呆了。I called to him and tried to show him that I was friendly.我大声招呼他,努力向他表明我是友好的。Slowly,he moved nearer to me,but just then the first wild man began to get up from the ground.他慢慢地向我靠近,但这时第一个野人开始从地上爬起来。Then the prisoner spoke and I understood that he wanted my sword.然后这俘虏说话了,我明白他需要我的刀。How happy I was to hear words again!能够听到人的语言我是多么高兴啊!I gave him my sword,and at once he cut off the head of his enemy.我给他我的刀,他立刻砍掉了敌人的脑袋。Hurriedly,we hid the dead bodies under some leaves,and then left quickly.我们急忙把尸体藏在了落叶下,然后迅速地离开。I took my prisoner to my secret cave on the other side of the island and gave him food and drink.我把俘虏带到岛的另一面我隐蔽的洞穴,并给他食物和水,After that,he went to sleep.不久,他睡着了。He was a fine young man,about twenty-five years old,他是一个可爱的年轻人,大约25岁,tall and well-built,with a kind face and a nice smile.身材高大健壮,和善的脸上带着开心的微笑。He had a brown skin,black hair,bright eyes and strong white teeth.他褐色皮肤,黑头发,明亮的眼睛和坚固的白牙齿。I decided to give him the name of#39;Man Friday#39;,because I first saw him on a Friday.我决定叫他“仆人星期五”,因为我是在星期五第一次见到他。When he woke up in the morning,he ran out to me.当他早上醒来时,他跑到我的身边。I was milking my goats in the field,and he got down on the ground and put his head near my foot.我正在田里挤羊奶,他跪在地上把他的头贴在43我的脚边。I understood that he was thank-ing me,and I tried to show him that I was his friend.我明白他在感谢我,我努力向他表明我是他的朋友。I began to teach him to speak English,我开始教他说英语,and soon he could say his name,#39;Master#39;,and#39;Yes#39;and#39;No#39;.不久,他能够说他的名字,“主人”及“是”与“不是”。How good it was to hear a man#39;s voice again!重新听到人的声音是多么美妙啊!Later that day we went back to my first house.那天傍晚,我们回到我的第一次建造的房子,We went carefully along the beach,but there were no boats and no wild men.我们沿着海滨小心走着,但那儿没有船和野人,Just blood and bones all over the sand.只有血迹和尸骨散落在沙滩上,I felt ill,but Fri-day wanted to eat the pieces of men#39;s bodies which were still on the ground.我感到恶心,但星期五想吃地上的尸体的碎块,I showed him that this was terrible for me,and he understood.我向他表示这对我来说很可怕,他明白了。When we got to my house,I gave Man Friday some trousers,当我们回到房子里,我给星期五几条裤子,and I made him a coat and a hat.而且给他做了件外套和一顶帽子,He liked his new clothes very much.他非常喜欢他的新衣。Then I made him a little tent to sleep in,然后我给他搭了一座小帐篷睡觉,but for a few weeks I always took my gun to bed with me.但一连几个星期我总是带睡觉,Perhaps Friday was still a wild man and would try to kill me in the night.或许因为星期五还是一个野人,也许他会在夜里杀了我。At first,Friday was very afraid of my gun.开始,星期五害怕我的,Sometimes he talked to it,and asked it not to kill him.有时他对说话,叫不要杀死他。Friday was a quick learner and his English got better day by day.星期五学得很快,他的英语讲得一天比一天好。He helped me with the goats and with the work in the cornfields,他帮我养山羊和在田地里干活,and soon we were good friends.不久我们成了好朋友。I enjoyed teaching him and,most of all,having a friend to talk to.我乐于教他,最重要的是有一个朋友可以谈话,This was the happiest of all my years on the island.这是我在岛上最快乐的时光。Friday and I lived together happily for three years.我和星期五幸福地一起生活了三年,I told him the story of my adventures and about life in England,我告诉他我的冒险经历和在英国的生活,and he told me about his country and his people.他告诉我有关他的国家及人民。One day we were at the top of the highest hill on the island,一天,我们站在岛的最高的山顶,and we were looking out to sea.眺望大海,It was a very clear day and we could see a long way.天气十分睛朗,我们可以看得很远。Suddenly,Friday began to jump up and down,very excited.突然,星期五跳上跳下,非常兴奋。#39;What#39;s the matter?#39;I said.“发生了什么事?”我说。#39;Look,Master,look!#39;Friday cried. #39;I can see my country. Look over there!“看,主人,看哪!”星期五叫起来。“我能看见我的国家。看,就在那儿。”I looked,and there to the north-west,between the sea and the sky,was a long thin piece of land.我看到从这儿往西北,在海天之间,有一片狭长的土地。I learnt later that it was the island of Trinidad,我后来知道这是特立尼达岛,and that my island was in the mouth of the River Orinoco on the north coast of South America.而我的岛在南美洲北部海岸的奥里诺科河的河口。I began to think again about escape.我又重新开始考虑逃离。Perhaps Friday wanted to go home too.也许星期五也想回家。Perhaps together we could get to his country.或许我们能一起回到他的国家。But what then?但那会怎样呢?Would Friday still be my friend,or would his people kill me and eat me?星期五仍会是我的朋友么?他的伙伴会杀死并吃掉我么?I took Friday to the other side of the island and showed him my big canoe.我把星期五带到岛的另一边,向他展示我的庞大的独木舟。It still lay under the trees.它仍躺在树下。It was very old now,and there were holes in the wood.现在它非常旧,木头上有些洞。#39;Could a boat like this sail to your country,Friday?#39;I asked him.“星期五,像这样的船能驶到你的国家吗?”我问他。#39;Oh yes,#39;he answered.“哦,能,”他回答说。#39;A boat like this can carry a lot of food and drink. #39;“像这样的船能装运许多食物和水。”#39;Then we#39;ll make another canoe like it,and you can go home in it,#39;I said.“那么我们将制造差不多的另一只独木舟,你就可以乘着它回家了。”我说。But Friday looked very unhappy.但星期五看起来很不开心。#39;Why are you angry with me?#39;he asked.“为什么你生我的气呢?”#39;What have I done?Why do you want to send me home?#39;他问。“我做了什么?为什么你想送我回家?”#39;But I thought you wanted to go home,#39;I said.“但我认为你想回家,”我说道。#39;Yes. But you must come with me.“是的。但是你一定要和我一起去。Kill me if you want,but don#39;t send me away from you!#39;假如你想杀我也可以,但不要把我送走!”Then I saw that Friday was a true friend,and so I agreed to go with him.此后我发现星期五是一个真诚的朋友,因此我同意和他一起走。We began work on the canoe at once.我们马上开始建造独木舟。Friday chose the tree himself—he understood wood better than I did—and we cut it down.星期五亲自挑选木头——他比我更懂得木材的好坏——我们砍倒树木。We worked hard and in a month the boat was finished.我们辛苦地工作,一个月就把船造好了。Two weeks later it was in the sea,and we began to get y for our long journey.两个星期后船下水了,我们开始为长途旅行作准备。 Article/201202/172673河北隆胸医院哪家比较好

石家庄美联臣医院激光祛斑多少钱At this moment the dog went totally crazy, totally ballistic; I have never ever heard a dog bark like this!. It was a very aggressive barking. I was flashing my flashlight down the hall to see if I could see someone down there. But all I could see was an empty hallway. Suddenly the dog stopped barking. But the dog didn't let his eyes leave the hallway; there was obviously something down there that he didn't like at all.   I was thinking to myself that no one besides me could be inside this building. The only way to find out if I was right was to let the dog go free. I let him go and called him to search the hall. He didn't move at first but after a few seconds he started to move forward. I followed him across the hall and I didn't see anything strange on the way towards the doorway. We went out the door and back to the car. I let the dog in and closed the door. While I was going towards the front door I turned around for some reason and faced the graveyard. I stared in to the dark and I was convinced that there was something out there watching me. I got in the car and left. The following day I quit my job, now I’m working with computers instead, computers can't scare you. Article/200902/62404河北省辛集市做隆鼻手术多少钱 有声名著之歌剧魅影 Chapter11 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑 Article/200809/48232河北省人民医院激光祛痘手术多少钱

承德医学院第二附属医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱“Why were you so rude to your brother?” Gladys asked. “He drove all the way over here to deliver that package to you. But you didn’t invite him inside your apartment. You didn’t offer him anything to drink or eat. Then, when he was talking to me, you kept telling him to speak faster. He was speaking slowly because he knows my English isn’t that good—he was just being polite. Finally, when he and I sat down in the living room, you just went to your computer and started typing away.”William tried to explain to Gladys that what she saw between him and his brother was their normal interaction. Roland was simply delivering a package; there was nothing for the two of them to chat about. Further, Roland felt that William's apartment had an odor; he usually didn’t even come inside the apartment when he visited. In addition, Roland was very picky about what he drank and ate—he wasn’t interested in eating William’s “junk food.”Finally, William argued, he had told Roland many times not to “talk down” to Gladys. “He talks to you like you’re a two-year-old,” William said.She said she didn’t mind; Roland was just trying to communicate. She just wished that William would be more polite to him. “When my sister visits me,” she said, “I hug her, I invite her inside, we eat and drink and talk, and we just have a good time with each other.”Well, William told her, he and his brother were different. “No,” she corrected him, “maybe you and I are different.” Article/201108/150217 沧州市中心医院去眼袋多少钱河北医科大学第二医院做抽脂手术多少钱




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