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Celebrity plastic surgery has been a source of fascination for decades, and speculation over who might have gone under the knife has practically become a national pastime. ;Have they or haven#39;t they?; items are staples in celebrity weeklies, complete with side-by-side photos of stars ;then and now.;明星整容一直以来都是公众关注的焦点。八卦哪位明星可能动了刀也成了全民消遣的方式之一。类似;他们究竟有没有整容;这种话题已经成了周刊的家常便饭,并经常附带明星现在和过去的对比照。While some celebs try their best to hide the work they#39;ve had done, or deflect with cliche excuses (;I had a deviated septum, OK?;), others — like the Kardashians — freely admit to fillers and even try out new procedures in front of the cameras.虽然有些明星尽可能的掩盖自己整容的事实,或是编造一些老套的理由(比如有的人称自己只是矫正了隔膜)来转移公众的目光,但是总会有一些人像卡戴珊家族一样,不断大胆的使用填充剂,甚至还在镜头前尝试新的整容方式。Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow of E!#39;s ;Botched; recently sat down with with The Huffington Post and dropped some serious truth bombs, including the one procedure every female star in Hollywood is having, the procedures celebs won#39;t admit to having, and the stars who are driving plastic surgery#39;s biggest trends.保罗·纳西夫医生和特里·杜布罗医生最近有点抽风,对《赫芬顿邮报》透漏了些秘密,抛出了一些;真相炸弹;。其中包括每一位好莱坞女星都会接受的整容流程,即那些明星们不会承认自己接受过的整容步骤,而正是这些明星推动了整容业的蓬勃发展。While noting that there are plenty of stars who denounce plastic surgery and fillers, Dr. Dubrow told The Huffington Post that if a celebrity looks ;preserved,; they#39;ve most likely had some form of cosmetic work done. ;But who knows?; he admitted.尽管有许多明星都谴责整容手术以及填充物,不过杜布罗医生向《赫芬顿邮报》表示,如果一位明星看起来还不错,那么很有可能他是整过容的。但他承认,这种事没人说得准。There was period about seven or eight years ago, according to Dr. Dubrow, when the ;hot thing; was to have fat injected into one#39;s face. The results of this procedure left most of Hollywood looking ;altered,; and he added that because of this, people were ;starting to look weird.; The ;new face,; he said, resulted in a homogenous look among stars.据杜布罗医生研究,七八年前最流行的就是给脸部注射脂肪。这一方法使得大多数的好莱坞明星看起来都变了样。他还说道,正是因为这种手术,许多人看起来变得很奇怪。这种;新型脸;导致大多数的明星看起来都是一个样子。Now, the doctors say the trend for celebrities is just to look like a better, perhaps more youthful version of themselves instead of all looking alike.这位医生表示,如今的整容手术正朝着能够使明星看起来状态更好,更年轻的趋势发展,而不是努力打造出一个个相似的面孔。While you might hear certain celebs claiming they#39;ve ;never gone under the knife,; Dr. Nassif explained that a lot of celebrities are doing non-invasive treatments that don#39;t require surgery. CoolSculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, is one of those procedures. It freezes the body#39;s fat and requires very little recovery time. The Kardashians did it this season on ;Keeping Up with the Kardashians.;而纳西夫医生指出,你也许听过许多名人说自己从来没有动过刀,但是也还是有很多人做了微整形,这是不需要做外科手术的。微整形会冻结体内的脂肪,恢复时间也很短。卡戴珊最近在;与卡戴珊同行;综艺节目中就接受了微整形。These days, there#39;s less shame associated with cosmetic surgery. It#39;s becoming more common for celebrities to be more open about the procedures they#39;ve had done.如今,整容行为变得不再那么令人难堪。名人大方承认自己接受过哪种整容手术的行为也越来越普遍。In terms of actually admitting to certain surgeries, both doctors agree there#39;s an evolution of admitting to ;acceptable; procedures.说到承认整容的事,两位医生均表明,这种承认是一个慢慢进化的过程。;Celebrities will admit to breast implants now, but they wouldn#39;t for a while,; Dr. Dubrow said, ;Liposuction was verboten to admit to. Now, they will say, #39;I had a little something sucked out.#39;; There are still some procedures and surgeries that no one will admit to undergoing.杜布罗医生表示:;明星现在可能会承认自己隆胸,但是之前就不会承认,吸脂手术在之前是不会被承认的,现在他们也承认了。他们会说#39;我就是吸出了体内一些东西#39;。;但是仍旧有一些类型的整容是没有人会承认的。According to Dr. Dubrow, butt augmentation is still considered too taboo for celebrities to cop to having. Attitudes toward plastic surgery are constantly changing. Similar to liposuction now, he said we#39;ll likely see evolution of butt augmentation becoming ;acceptable; in about four years.杜布罗医生表示,一些名人仍拒绝接受丰臀手术。人们对待整容的态度是日新月异的,就像人们改变对丰胸手术的态度一样。也许四年后,丰臀手术就会为人们所接受。 /201606/451857。

  • DENVER — Time has changed much in the American West. On some ranches, cowboys round up cattle on four-wheelers and track livestock with drones. While technology is easing tasks, though, some think it is also threatening the skills that make a cowboy a cowboy: roping, riding and a near-religious devotion to hard work.丹佛——美国西部发生了翻天覆地的变化。在一些牧场,牛仔骑着四轮车赶牛,用无人机追踪牲畜。科技正在降低各项任务的难度,尽管一些人认为,科技也正在威胁牛仔安身立命的技能:使用套索、骑马和对繁重工作近乎宗教般的投入。But for centuries, neighbors have gathered each spring for a day of branding newborn animals. Well-trained cattlemen pull a hot iron from the fire, and calves mewl as curved steel singes hair and burns flesh. Afterward, there is cheap beer and a meal, maybe a band and a dance.但几个世纪以来,每年春天左邻右舍都会挑出一天聚在一起,给新出生的牲畜打上烙印。训练有素的放牧人从火里取出烧好的烙铁,当身上的毛被卷曲的烙铁烧焦,皮肉被烫糊时,牛犊发出一片呜咽声。之后,会有廉价的啤酒和聚餐,可能还有乐队和舞会。The branding process has been criticized as cruel. And some families have moved to other methods, including freeze brands created with liquid nitrogen and ear tags they can with an electronic wand. Perhaps the most notable innovation is the calf table, a viselike device that allows people to trap, flip and mark an animal, eliminating the need for a crew of helpers. 给牲畜打上烙印的过程被指太残忍。一些家庭改用其他方式,包括用液氮做成的冷冻式标记和可用扫描笔识别的耳标。最重大的创新或许是牛犊桌。这是一种像钳子一样的设备,使人们无需召集一群人来帮忙,便能关住和放倒动物,并给其做上记号。In some places, that is sending the community gathering known as branding day into the past. But not on Bill Gray’s ranch, outside Ordway, Colo.这导致一些地方的“烙印日”社区聚会成了历史,但不包括比尔·格雷(Bill Gray)在科罗拉多州奥德韦郊外的这座牧场。Mr. Gray, 65, is a third-generation rancher who still tracks and marks his cattle the old way. His brand serves a practical purpose, allowing him to prove ownership at sale and ward off cattle thieves. (Rustling is not just a crime of the past.) “You can put the ear tag in them,” he said. “But you can tear the ear tag out.”作为第三代牧场主,现年65岁的格雷仍用老办法追踪和标记自己的牛。他的标记有实际的用途,让他能够在销售时明自己的所有权,并防止偷牛贼。(偷牛这种罪行并没有停留在过去。)“可以给它们戴上耳标,”他说。“但也可以把耳标扯下来。”He has two symbols he uses to identify livestock. One, called a P-slash-T, was passed to him by his grandfather, like a family crest.他用两种标志来辨认自己的牲畜。一种叫P/T,是他祖父传给他的,像族徽一样。Ordway is three hours southeast of here and has about 1,000 people. Mr. Gray calls on many of them to help in the ritual. “Tradition has a lot to do with it,” he said. “Part of ranching is neighbors helping neighbors.”奥德韦位于丹佛东南三小时车程处,人口约为1000人。在举行给牲畜打烙印这一仪式时,格雷会叫很多人来帮忙。“这和传统有很大的关系,”他说。“牧场经营的一部分内容就是左邻右舍互帮互助。”Among his chief concerns is an urban-rural divide. “I’m sure urban people think that what we do, some of the practices, are barbaric. But they’re not,” he said. “If I mistreat my cattle, it’s going to cost me money. I can’t do that.”他主要担心的问题之一是城乡分歧。“我敢肯定城里人认为我们的做法,其中的一些习惯,是很野蛮的。但他们不懂,”他说。“如果虐待自己的牛,那是亏我自己的钱。我不会那么干。”As for his neighbors who have moved to calf tables, “I don’t hold it against them,” he said. “Some people need to use it if they’re not proficient at what we do.”对于转而使用牛犊桌的邻居,他说,“我不会因此而鄙视他们,”他说。“如果对我们的做法不够精通,一些人是需要用那种东西的。”Mr. Gray has eight children and 22 grandchildren and has been through a lot lately. A dry period lasting 14 years was followed by a recent drop in cattle prices. In February, his home burned down, cause undetermined.格雷有八个子女和22个孙辈。近来,他经历了很多事。先是持续了14年之久的干旱,接着又遇上了最近的牛价下跌。二月,他家因不明原因失火。On a recent day, Mr. Gray’s roundup began just as the sun bumped over the muddy prairie. His son, grandson, neighbors and part of the high school wrestling team rode up to help.前不久的一天,当太阳在泥泞的草场上冉冉升起时,格雷组织的围捕开始了。他的儿子、孙子、邻居和高中摔跤队的部分成员一起上阵帮忙。Cowhands on horseback pushed hundreds of animals into corrals, and ropers lassoed the calves by the legs, flipping them onto their sides. Flankers rushed to hold the animals down as older men took out the irons. Next came vaccination, the injection of a growth hormone and, for the males, castration.骑着马的牧牛工把数百头牲畜赶进畜栏,套索手套住牛犊的腿,将它们放倒在地上。侧翼手跑上前去把牛犊摁住,年长的男子取出烙铁。接下来,还要进行接种,为其注射一种生长激素,并对公牛进行阉割。Many brandings are governed by an unspoken cowboy etiquette: Young people wrestle the cattle onto the ground, while older ones handle the iron. But Mr. Gray said that he is a bit different. “I try to let everybody do some of the jobs,” he said. “That way, when it comes their time, they’ll know how to do it.”很多给动物打烙印的活动都要遵守一条不成文的牛仔规矩:年轻人把牛摔倒在地上,年长者操作烙铁。但格雷说他有一点不同。“我努力让所有人都动手试一试,”他说。“这样轮到他们时,他们就知道该怎么做了。” /201607/452835。
  • Coach is going First Class.寇驰要走高端路线。The leather-goods maker will no longer sell its handbags and purses at some ;lower volume; department stores, the company announced Tuesday. The move comes in response to the brand#39;s perceived diluted appeal to wealthier shoppers amid mass market access.皮件制造商寇驰本周二宣布,将停止在“低端”的百货商店出售其手袋和钱包。此举是寇驰感到其产品在大众化商场出售,致使对有钱人的吸引力被削弱而做出的反应。According to Tuesday#39;s announcement, Coach will stop selling to around 250 locations in North America as of 2017, and also strictly control any discounts that department stores can offer.根据周二的公告,2017年寇驰将在北美的约250个销售点停止销售,并且严格控制百货公司可以提供的任何折扣。;While we understand that customers may use department stores for trial and shopping across brands, the high level of promotional impressions created negatively impacts our long-term brand health,; said Chief Executive Victor Luis during a conference call with analysts this week.本周,寇驰首席执行官维克多#8226;路易斯在与分析师的一次电话会议中表示:“尽管我们理解客户可在百货公司的不同品牌之间进行试用及购买,深刻的促销印象对我们品牌的长期健康产生了负面影响。”Once a category crusher, the 75-year-old company was forced to rethink its strategy in 2014 after reporting four straight quarterly losses, with shares falling a total of 39 percent that year.这个拥有75年历史的公司曾是行业老大, 2014年却连续四个季度报告亏损且股价下跌39%,不得不重新考虑其品牌战略。Those losses were partially attributed to the fact that Coach#39;s loyal clientele had increasingly turned up its nose at the once-prestigious brand, whose less pricey CC line has been purchased in droves by younger consumers at steep discounts in malls and outlets.这些亏损部分是因为,寇驰的忠实客户已经越来越对这个曾经著名的品牌嗤之以鼻。在各大商场和奥特莱斯,其相对低廉的CC系列产品因大幅度的折扣被成群结队的年轻消费者买走。After the appointment of Stuart Vevers as executive creative director in 2013, Coach started a ;re-platforming; of its brand. The company closed down one-fifth of its North American retail stores and renovated high-traffic, high-value stores (such as Rodeo Drive) to exude ;warmth; and ;modern luxury,; while returning to the company#39;s original horse and coach logo — along with its upper crust equestrian connotations.2013年,斯图尔特#8226;维佛斯被任命为执行创意总监后,寇驰开始其品牌的“平台再造”。寇驰关闭了北美零售店的五分之一,并整修了其高流量、高价值的专卖店(如罗迪欧大道店),以彰显其“温暖”和“现代奢华”的风格,并重新使用寇驰原来的马和四轮马车的标志——及其上流社会座驾的内涵。The company also cut 150 jobs and started to phase out its lower-priced purses and handbag lines.该公司还削减了150个工作岗位,并开始逐步淘汰其价格较低的钱包和手袋产品线。The strategy seems to be working. Business has picked up, with sales soaring by 15 percent this quarter — demonstrating that consumers are buying in to the renewed cachet.该战略似乎起了作用。本季度寇驰的业务明显好转,销量飙升了15%——这明对于其重新建立的声望,消费者很买账。 /201608/460151。
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