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A flight from Changchun to Shenzhen was delayed by a day at its stop over in Yantai. The delay was caused by an ugly, aggressive and unexpected passenger: a rat.近日,一架从长春飞往深圳的航班在烟台不被迫延机一天此次航班的延误,是因为一位丑陋、具有攻击性的、出人意料的乘客:一只老鼠A passenger surnamed Yu told to the media: ;It was the most absurd voyage of my life. We stopped at Yantai as scheduled. When we returned to cabin take-off, we were told to get off the plane again, this time with our luggage.;一位于姓乘客告诉媒体称:“这是我这辈子最荒唐的旅行我们的航班在烟台准时停落当我们回到机舱准备起飞时,被告知要再次离开飞机,这次还要带着我们的行李”Yu also reported: ;They didnt tell us the reason at first. When we kept asking, flight attendant finally said that there was a rat on board, and it had chewed the wires of the plane.;于某还说道:“起先,他们没告诉我们缘由在我们一直追问下,空乘员最后表示,有只老鼠登机了,它咬断了飞机上的电线”According to Yu, all the passengers who were delayed received 00 yuan as compensation from the airline. They also received overnight accommodations and were rescheduled on a flight the next day.根据这位乘客表示,所有遭遇延机的乘客,都收到了航空公司00元的慰问金他们还被安排了住宿,被于次日起飞A staff member at the head office of Shenzhen Airlines offered a statement on the matter,saying it was the cabin crew that found traces of the rat. The whole crew immediately began to search the rodent, but by the time the plane was supposed to take off, they still hadnt found it.深圳航空公司总部的一名工作人员就此事发表了一份声明称,该机舱人员发现了老鼠的行踪于是所有机舱人员立刻开始搜寻这个啮齿动物,但是直到飞机起飞的时候,他们还是没找到”;According to regulations, since we had not caught the rat, the plane could not take off. Rats can be aggressive, which not only threatens the safety of passengers, but can also cause problems with the aircraft,; said the staff member.机组成员表示:“根据规定,因为我们没有抓到老鼠,所以飞机不能起飞老鼠具有侵略性,它不仅会威胁到乘客的安全,还会造成坠机的相关问题”The employee also mentioned that Shenzhen Airlines has encountered similar cases bee this one, including one that caused a flight to be delayed three full days.该工作人员还提到,在此之前,深圳航空已经遇到了相同的事件,其中一起事件造成飞机延机整整三天When the Shenzhen Airlines staff member was asked how the rat got onto the flight, he said that in addition to the usual passenger and cargo channels, the rat may have entered the aircraft while it was parked on the tarmac.当这名深圳航空工作人员被问到老鼠是怎么进来的时候,他表示,除了正常乘客通道和行李通道,老鼠可能在飞机还停在机场上的时候就已经进入了 35395

Colombia says it has found the shipwreck of a storied Spanish galleon laden with gold, silver and precious stones, three centuries after it was sunk by the British in the Caribbean.哥伦比亚声称发现了三个世纪前在加勒比海被英国击沉的西班牙圣荷西号巨型遇难帆船据悉这艘闻名历史的帆船上载有大量的黄金、银币和宝石;This is the most valuable treasure that has been found in the history of humanity,; President Juan Manuel Santos declared on Saturday. He was speaking from the northern port city of Cartagena, close to where experts made the hugely valuable find.哥伦比亚总统桑托斯在周六公开说,“这是人类历史上发现的最有价值的宝藏” 他于北部的城市卡他赫纳发布了这则消息,那里距专家发现巨大宝藏的地点很近The loot is estimated to be worth around $ billion, its value having dropped significantly due to the falling price of silver, according to US-based company Sea Search Armada.总部在纽约的海艘舰队公司称,这艘宝藏的价值估测为亿美元,但由于银价跌落,它已明显贬值SSA, whose subsidiary claimed in the early 1980s that it had found the galleon final resting place, was engaged in a long-running battle with the government of Colombia. The find was not confirmed and a US court ultimately ruled it was Colombian property.海艘舰队公司的子公司早在世纪80年代便表示已经发现了沉船的最终位置,但是却陷于与哥伦比亚政府长期的争执中争议一直没有结果,最终美国法院宣布这艘帆船的所有权归哥伦比亚The San Jose has long been the source of fascination and popular legends, and even figures in Gabriel Garcia Marquez ;Love in the Time of Cholera.;这艘名为圣荷西号的帆船一直是魔力之源和民间神话,甚至被作家加西亚·马尔克斯写进他的故事《霍乱时期的爱情里Although they found plenty of other wrecks, the San Jose location had remained a mystery until now.尽管人们已经发现了大量的沉船残骸,但圣荷西号的具体位置仍然是一个谜The San Jose was sunk in June near the Islas del Rosario, off Colombia Caribbean coast, during combat with British ships attempting to take its cargo, as part of the War of Spanish Succession. The galleon was the main ship in a treasure fleet carrying gold, silver and other valuable items from Spain American colonies to King Philip V.圣荷西号年沉落在加勒比海岸的港口城市罗萨里奥附近,当时西班牙在与英国交战,英国船队企图拦截西班牙货物,这也是西班牙王室继承战的一部分这艘帆船作为主船队,载满着从西班牙在南美的殖民地进献给西班牙国王费利佩五世金银珠宝Only a handful of the ship crew of 600 survived when the San Jose sank.圣荷西号沉没的时候只有小部分600人的船员幸存 5

Please tell me about some interesting places in this city.请告诉我这座城市一些有趣的地方A: Please tell me about some interesting places in this city.请告诉我这座城市一些有趣的地方B: OK, what are you interested in?好的,你对什么感兴趣?A: I want to visit some historic sites.我想参观一些历史名胜What are the places of special interest here?这里有什么特别有趣的地方吗?A: What are the places of special interest here?这里有什么特别有趣的地方吗?B: Why dont you go to the Disneyland? Im sure youll have fun here.何不去迪斯尼乐园玩玩呢?我相信你在那儿肯定会玩得很开心A: Thank you!谢谢!初到异地旅游若是不熟悉该国的旅游景点可以向别人询问,其他类似的表达法还有:Could you recommend some interesting places to visit in the city?你能为我介绍一些这座城市有趣的可供参观的地方吗?What are the best places to visit here, please?请问这里最好的旅游观光处在哪里?Which places are the most-sees?哪些地方是必看之地? 181897

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