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I really worry about our oceans. Not many people understand how important the oceans are. Every day we hear stories about the rainforests and the ice caps, but we rarely hear about the oceans. They form most of the Earth’s surface and most of the world’s species live in them. They are responsible for weather patterns and a lot of the world’s foods. The problem is, they are becoming very polluted. Many fish species are in danger of dying. The coral reefs in our oceans are also in danger. We really need to think more about our oceans. We have to protect the life in them, or we might die. I love the ocean. I love the sound, the smell, the colour. I feel so happy and relaxed just looking at the ocean. Article/201106/1413391Woe to those who plan iniquity, to those who plot evil on their beds! At morning's light they carry it out because it is in their power to do it. 2They covet fields and seize them, and houses, and take them. They defraud a man of his home, a fellowman of his inheritance. 3Therefore, the Lord says: "I am planning disaster against this people, from which you cannot save yourselves. You will no longer walk proudly, for it will be a time of calamity. 4In that day men will ridicule you; they will taunt you with this mournful song: 'We are utterly ruined; my people's possession is divided up. He takes it from me! He assigns our fields to traitors.' " 5Therefore you will have no one in the assembly of the Lord to divide the land by lot. 6"Do not prophesy," their prophets say. "Do not prophesy about these things; disgrace will not overtake us." 7Should it be said, O house of Jacob: "Is the Spirit of the Lord angry? Does he do such things?" "Do not my words do good to him whose ways are upright? 8Lately my people have risen up like an enemy. You strip off the rich robe from those who pass by without a care, like men returning from battle. 9You drive the women of my people from their pleasant homes. You take away my blessing from their children forever. 10Get up, go away! For this is not your resting place, because it is defiled, it is ruined, beyond all remedy. 11If a liar and deceiver comes and says, 'I will prophesy for you plenty of wine and beer,' he would be just the prophet for this people! 12"I will surely gather all of you, O Jacob; I will surely bring together the remnant of Israel. I will bring them together like sheep in a pen, like a flock in its pasture; the place will throng with people. 13One who breaks open the way will go up before them; they will break through the gate and go out. Their king will pass through before them, the Lord at their head." Article/200902/62006;Wouldn#39;t it be better just to go home, dear?; Aunt Petunia suggested timidly, hours later, but Uncle Vernon didn#39;t seem to hear her. Exactly what he was looking for, none of them knew. He drove them into the middle of a forest, got out, looked around, shook his head, got back in the car, and off they went again. The same thing happened in the middle of a plowed field, halfway across a suspension bridge, and at the top of a multilevel parking garage.;亲爱的,不如我们回家去吧。;几小时后,佩妮姨妈小心翼翼地提出建议,可是弗农姨父好像听不到她说话,没有人知道他在找什么。他载着他们开进了一片森林的深处,下车看了看,摇了一下头,又回到车里继续开车。同样的情形还发生在一片农田的中央,或者一架吊桥的中间和一座高楼的顶层停车场。;Daddy#39;s gone mad, hasn#39;t he?; Dudley asked Aunt Petunia dully late that afternoon. Uncle Vernon had parked at the coast, locked them all inside the car, and disappeared.;爸爸是不是已经疯掉了?;那天下午达力这样迟钝地问佩妮姨妈。弗农姨父把车停在海边,把他们都锁在车里然后自己离开了。 It started to rain. Great drops beat on the roof of the car. Dudley sniveled.天下起雨来,巨大的雨滴敲击着车顶。达力小声地哭起来。;It#39;s Monday,; he told his mother. ;The Great Humberto#39;s on tonight. I want to stay somewhere with a television.; Monday. This reminded Harry of something. If it was Monday ; and you could usually count on Dudley to know the days the week, because of television ; then tomorrow, Tuesday, was Harry#39;s eleventh birthday. Of course, his birthdays were never exactly fun ; last year, the Dursleys had given him a coat hanger and a pair of Uncle Vernon#39;s old socks. Still, you weren#39;t eleven every day.;今天是星期一。;他告诉他妈妈,;今天晚上有#39;巨人哈伯特#39;看。我想找一个有电视机的地方。;星期一,哈利忽然想起了什么。如果今天是星期;;只要有达力在,他就会知道今天是星期几,达力是个电视迷;;那么明天,星期二便是哈利的第十一个生日了。当然,他的生日也并不代表就一定会开心;;去年,德思礼家送给他一只挂衣架和弗农姨父的一双旧袜子。但是,你不可能天天都过十一岁生日啊。 Uncle Vernon was back and he was smiling. He was also carrying a long, thin package and didn#39;t answer Aunt Petunia when she asked what he#39;d bought.弗农姨父回来了,脸上笑眯眯的。他拎着一只长条的包囊,但是当佩妮姨妈问他买了什么东西的时候他一个字都没答。;Found the perfect place!; he said. ;Come on! Everyone out!;It was very cold outside the car. Uncle Vernon was pointing at what looked like a large rock way out at sea. Perched on top of the rock was the most miserable little shack you could imagine. One thing was certain, there was no television in there.;我找到一个绝好的地方!;他叫道,;快来!每个人都出来。;车外非常冷。弗农姨父所指的地方看上去像一片通向大海的岩石群。在岩石的顶部是你所能想象的世界上最小最简陋的棚房,很显然那里没有电视机。 ;Storm forecast for tonight!; said Uncle Vernon gleefully, clapping his hands together. ;And this gentleman#39;s kindly agreed to lend us his boat!;;今晚预报会有暴风雨!;弗农姨父一边说一边兴奋地拍着手。;但是这个好心人答应借他的船给我们用!; A toothless old man came ambling up to them, pointing, with a rather wicked grin, at an old rowboat bobbing in the iron-gray water below them.一个没牙的老头蹒跚地向他们走过来,脸上邪邪地笑着,手指向了漂浮在铁青色的海水之上的一艘旧船。;I#39;ve aly got us some rations,; said Uncle Vernon, ;so all aboard!;It was freezing in the boat. Icy sea spray and rain crept down their necks and a chilly wind whipped their faces. After what seemed like hours they reached the rock, where Uncle Vernon, slipping and sliding, led the way to the broken-down house.;我已经给每个人都准备好了食物。;弗农姨父说,;大家快上船吧!;船里冷得像冰窖,冰冷的海水喷涌上来,雨水钻进了他们的脖子,凛冽的北风像鞭子一样抽打着他们的面庞。大概过了几小时他们才到达那片岩石,弗农姨父深一脚浅一脚在前面带路,向那间破旧得几乎要垮掉的破房子走去。The inside was horrible; it smelled strongly of seaweed, the wind whistled through the gaps in the wooden walls, and the fireplace was damp and empty. There were only two rooms.房间里更为恐怖,散发出一股浓烈的海藻味。冷风从木头做的墙壁缝间呼啸而入,壁炉又空又潮湿,屋子里面只有两间房子。Uncle Vernon#39;s rations turned out to be a bag of chips each and four bananas. He tried to start a fire but the empty chip bags just smoked and shriveled up.弗农姨父所准备的食物不过是每人一包薯条和四只香蕉。他打算用空的薯条包装袋来点火,可是袋子冒了一阵烟就灭了。;Could do with some of those letters now, eh?; he said cheerfully. He was in a very good mood. Obviously he thought nobody stood a chance of reaching them here in a storm to deliver mail. Harry privately agreed, though the thought didn#39;t cheer him up at all.;如果有那些信,可就派上用场了,是吧。;他兴奋地说,弗农姨父看上去心情好极了,很显然他认为没有人有可能在暴风雨中把信送到一个孤岛上来。哈利私下里也这么认为,虽然他并不希望事情是这样子。Bad Things Come in Small Packages 拆信小心!While most armies in the world shun their use, and military authorities exclude them from warfare, the technology to produce biological and chemical weapons is widely available. Moreover, these weapons are cheap, easy to conceal, and very effective. Since September 11, 2001, biological weapons seem to have become the weapon of choice among the disenfranchised militants of the world. Some people are worried chemical warfare may follow.Chemical weapons are abundant in variety. Their effectiveness is determined by several factors, including age, purity, weather conditions, and choice of dissemination. They include nerve agents, blister agents, and choking agents, all of which can be ingested through the eyes, lungs, or skin. Sarin, a type of nerve gas, was used by the Aum Shinrikyo cult in March 1995, killing 12 people and injuring more than 5,500 on a Tokyo subway.Biological weapons, by definition, are any infectious agent, such as a bacterium or virus, used deliberately to inflict harm on soldiers and civilians alike. This classification can include toxins and poisons derived biologically. Biological weapons can be produced nearly anywhere, from government labs to suburban kitchens.Experts contend, however, that the transformation of a deadly virus or bacterium into an effective weapon is anything but straightforward: A conventional bomb would likely destroy the germ as it exploded. In contrast, dissemination via alternative methods, such as surface mail, has recently proved quite effective.1. shun v. 回避2. disenfranchised a. 被剥夺公权的3. ingest v. 摄取4. toxin n. 毒素尽管世界上多数国家的军队都避免使用生化武器,军事当局在战争中也不使用它,而制造生化武器的科技仍然随处可得。此外,这些武器造价便宜、容易藏匿,而且效果很明显。2001年9月11日之后,生物武器似乎已成了世界上被剥夺公民权的好战分子们选择的武器。有些人担心,接着可能会有一场化学战争。化学武器种类繁多。它们的效力是由几种因素决定的,包括年限、纯度、气候状况,以及散布途径。化学武器包括神经毒、疱毒和窒息毒,它们都能通过眼睛、肺部或皮肤被人体吸收。沙林是一种神经性毒气,1995年3月奥姆真理教在东京地铁站使用,造成12人丧命,5,500多人受伤。从定义来看,生物武器是指任何蓄意用来伤害士兵和老百姓等的传染手段,如细菌或病毒等。这类武器包括用生物学方法培植出来的毒素和毒药。生物武器几乎到处都可以制造,从政府实验室,到郊区的厨房。然而,专家认为,要将一种致命的细菌或病毒转化成有效的武器并不是一件容易的事:一颗常规炸弹就有可能在爆炸时摧毁病菌。相对来说,通过其它方式传播,如普通邮件,近来被实相当有效。 Article/200803/30278

Michael watched, frozen in horror. A bony white hand reached out, the nails ripped off revealing the tattered tissue beneath. The fingers stroked down his cheek, leaving a stripe of bloody mucus. He looked up, his eyes connecting with the empty pits of what was his mother's gaze. His stomach lurched; he fell out of bed, scrambling madly across the room. He did not try to understand, or to make it right. This was not his mother. This was not his life. Michael launched himself at the window, his mother's fingers scraping his neck. He grabbed randomly behind him; as the glass shattered around him, his hand caught a grip on bloody, matted hair. It ripped away from her as he flailed through the air.  He smashed onto the concrete driveway.   Michael's mother slammed the brakes as the body of her son landed in front of her. She leapt from the car and fell to her knees by him, sobbing in shock and confusion. There was no need to look for a pulse. She collapsed over him and cried until neighbors dragged her back from the scene of flashing fluorescent lights.   The police prepared to leave the grisly scene in less than an hour, but the Chief Inspector stood silent on the driveway. He looked from the body bag being loaded effortlessly into the ambulance to the fragmented window above him, then to the crimson hair he now held in his hand.   Michael was the fifth to die that month.   迈克尔注视着,他被惊呆了,就在这时,一只瘦骨嶙峋、颜色苍白的手突然伸了过来,这只手的指甲盖全都给撕掉了,被扯烂的指尖露在外面,重重打在迈克尔的脸颊上,留下一道道的血迹,他的腹部接势突然一斜,整个人从床上掉了下来,接着他便在房间里发疯般地到处乱爬,他不想搞清楚这是怎么回事,也不想正视所发生的这一切,这绝不是他妈妈,他的生命不应如此结束,于是他从窗户跳了出去,而就在往外跳的一刹那间,他“妈妈”的手指一下子就碰到迈克尔的脖子,抓住了他,只见迈克尔在身后疯狂的乱抓乱挠,周围的玻璃全碎了,他的手上满是鲜血,抓到了一缕血迹斑斑、暗淡无光的头发,在被抛到空中的一瞬间迈克尔从骷髅头上扯下了这缕头发,攥在手心。  他重重地摔到了水泥的车道上。  迈克尔的尸体不偏不倚正好落在他妈妈的车前,这位可怜的妈妈将车马上停了下来,跳下车,跪在迈克尔的身边,抽搐地哭了起来,她被震惊了,脑海一片混乱。而迈克尔是必死无疑了,他妈妈伏在他的尸体上哭泣着,她已经完全崩溃了,最后,邻居们拖着她离开了这个警灯晃闪的现场。  而警察们也准备在一个小时内抓紧离开这个令人恐怖的地方,但是主任巡官长却静静地站在车道上,他注意到裹尸袋被毫不费力地抬上了救护车,抬头看了看破碎的窗户,然后又低头端详了一下他手中的那缕血红头发,现在骷髅的头发攥在他的手中。  迈克尔已经是这个月第五个丧命的家伙了。 Article/200810/53361

1 Down the rabbit-hole第1章 掉进兔子洞Alice was beginning to get very bored.She and her sister were sitting under the trees.Her sister was ing,but Alice had nothing to do.Once or twice she looked into her sister#39;s book,but it had no pictures or conversations in it.爱丽丝开始觉得有点无聊了。她和正坐在树下。在看书,而爱丽丝无事可做。她不时看看的书,里面既没有图画,也没有对话。;And what is the use of a book,;thought Alice,;without pictures or conversations?;;一本书没有图画和对话有什么用呢?;爱丽丝想。She tried to think of something to do,but it was a hot day and she felt very sleepy and stupid.She was still sitting and thinking when suddenly a White Rabbit with pink eyes ran past her.她想找点什么事儿做做,可天气很热,她觉得又因又无聊。正坐在那儿想事,忽然,一只长着粉红眼睛的白兔跑过她身边。There was nothing really strange about seeing a rabbit.And Alice was not very surprised when the Rabbit said,;Oh dear!Oh dear!I shall be late!;(Perhaps it was a little strange, Alice thought later,but at the time she was not surprised.)看到一只兔子真没有什么可奇怪的。兔子说话时爱丽丝居然也不觉得太奇怪。兔子说,;噢,天哪!噢,天哪!我要迟到了!;(后来爱丽丝想起这事觉得有点儿奇怪,但当时她并不觉得有什么奇怪。)But then the Rabbit took a watch out of its pocket,looked at it,and hurried on.At once Alice jumped to her feet.然后兔子从自己的口袋里掏出一块表,看了看,赶紧走了。爱丽丝立刻跳了起来。;I#39;ve never before seen a rabbit with either a pocket,or a watch to take out of it,;she thought.And she ran quickly across the field after the Rabbit.She did not stop to think, and when the Rabbit ran down a large rabbit-hole,Alice followed it immediately.;我从未见过有口袋的兔子,或者兔子掏出一块手表来。;她想。她跟在兔子后面很快跑过田野。她也没停下来想一想,当兔子跑进一个大的兔子洞时,爱丽丝立即跟了进去。After a little way the rabbit-hole suddenly went down,deep into the ground.Alice could not stop herself falling,and down she went,too.走了一小段,兔子洞突然向下转,直深入地下。爱丽丝不由自主地掉了下去。It was a very strange hole Alice was falling very slowly, and she had time to think and to look around her.She could see nothing below her because it was so dark.But when she looked at the sides of the hole,she could see cupboards and books and pictures on the walls.She had time to take things out of a cupboard,look at them,and then put them back in a cupboard lower down.这个兔子洞很奇怪。爱丽丝往下掉得很慢,来得及看看四周。下面很暗,她什么也看不清。但她看到洞壁上有小柜子、书和画儿。她有时间从柜子里拿点东西,看上一眼,再放到下面的柜子里。;Well!;thought Alice.;After a fall like this,I can fall anywhere!I can fall downstairs at home,and I won#39;t cry or say a word about it!;;嗯,;爱丽丝想。;跌了这一下子,我到哪儿也不会怕跌倒了!以后在家里跌下楼梯,我不会哭也不会说什么。;Down,down,down.;How far have I fallen now?;Alice said aloud to herself.;Perhaps I#39;m near the centre of the earth.Let me think;That#39;s four thousand miles down.; (Alice was very good at her school lessons and could remember a lot of things like this.)往下掉呀,掉呀,掉呀。爱丽丝自言自语:;现在我掉下来了多深?也许我快到地球中心了。让我想想;;那是地下4000公里。;(爱丽丝功课不错,能记住好多这样的事。)Down,down,down.Would she ever stop falling?Alice was very nearly asleep when,suddenly,she was sitting on the ground.Quickly,she jumped to her feet and looked around.She could see the White Rabbit,who was hurrying away and still talking to himself.;Oh my ears and whiskers!;he was saying.;How late it#39;s getting!;掉呀,掉呀,掉呀。什么时候才能停下来呢?爱丽丝都快睡着了,突然,她一下坐到了地上。她很快跳了起来,看了看周围。她看见白兔正急匆匆走开,还在自言自语:;噢,我的耳朵和胡子!现在太晚了!;Alice ran after him like the wind.She was getting very near him when he suddenly turned a corner.Alice ran round the corner too,and then stopped.She was now in a long,dark room with doors all round the walls,and she could not see the White Rabbit anywhere.爱丽丝跟在他后面像风一样跑起来。她就快追上他了,兔子突然转了个弯。爱丽丝也转过弯,然后停了下来。这是一个狭长的房间,很暗,墙四周都是门。她看不清白兔在哪儿。She tried to open the doors,but they were all locked.;How will I ever get out again?;she thought sadly.Then she saw a little glass table with three legs,and on the top of it was a very small gold key.Alice quickly took the key and tried it in all the doors,but oh dear!Either the locks were too big,or the key was too small,but she could not open any of the doors.她试着推开门,可门都锁着。;我怎么才能再出去呢?;她想,伤心极了。接着她看见一张三条腿的小玻璃桌,上面放了一把很小的金钥匙。爱丽丝马上拿起钥匙,试了试所有的门,可是天哪!锁都太大了,而钥匙大小了,她一个门也打不开。 Article/201203/173802

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