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上海玫瑰医疗美容医院怎么样玫瑰医院谁打波尿酸打的好But there are problems with each of these ideas.但这些想法总是伴有各种各样的问题。For example, it would be difficult to monitor nuclear waste under the ocean floor.例如海底的核废料就很难监测。Waste buried deep in the earth, meanwhile, might contaminate ground water.而深埋于地底的垃圾同时可能会对地下水造成污染。And as ice sheets continue to melt, its hard to say how long nuclear waste would remain buried, or where it would end up if it floated away.而随着冰川持续融化,核废料能够掩埋多久很难说清,或者最终会飘走。Plans to store waste produced in the ed States in Yucca Mountain, in Utah, have been put on hold.而美国犹他州尤卡山保存产生核废料的计划现在也已被搁置。So for now almost all nuclear waste is kept above ground in special containers at a few hundred different sites around the country.所以现在几乎全部核废料都被保存在全国几百个不同地点的特殊容器中。So far the containers seem safe, but theres always the possibility of corrosion.到目前为止容器看起来非常安全,但总是存在被腐蚀的可能性。So, basically, there is no best way to store nuclear waste.所以,基本上保存核废料没有最佳之法。201501/353405上海黄浦区第九人民医院美容中心 New FBI data shows that, despite Americans growing fear of gun violence, more and more Americans are buying guns. 据美国联邦调查局的数据显示,尽管美国人对暴力越来越担心,但越来越多的美国人购买。For the first time ever, in 2015 more than 3 million Americans applied to buy guns in a single month. 有史以来首次,2015年300多万美国人在一个月申请购买。The record, set this past December, wrapped up a year in which 23.1 million background checks were initiated—also a new record. 这一记录发生在去年十二月,全年总共有发起2310万个背景调查,同样是一项新的记录。Florida was top of the list of states seeing a spike in sales, with firearm purchases climbing 14% in 2015. 佛罗里达州位于首位达到销售高峰,购买在2015年上升了百分之14。This was an even bigger jump in sales than the record set following Sandy Hook. 销量猛增,比桑迪胡克事件后更大。Marion Hammer, of Unified Sportsmen of Florida, says “When the White House starts talking about gun control, and banning guns, people start to get serious about their own protection.; 佛罗里达州一运动员玛丽说:“当白宫开始谈论控制并开始禁时,人们开始学会保护自己”。译文属。201601/420911上海市瑞金医院整形美容科

上海瑞金医院丰胸多少钱I dont know,maybe is just me,shouldnt we be talking about bigger issues我不知道 也许只有我是这样想 难道我们不应该讨论一下更大的事情like whats the deal with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez就像谈谈Justin Bieber和女友Selena Gomez的有关情况Did she really get a tattoo of his names,you guys,I dont know她真的在身上纹了她的名字吗 你们说 我是不知道People say having Chaz on Dancing with The Stars sends a bad message to their children有人说Chaz Bono上《与星共舞》 会给他们的孩子传递一个不好的信息Now first of all, if you are using reality television as an educational tool,dont首先呢 假设你用真人秀节目作为教育工具 千万别这样and if you are gonna talk about meassages in reality television,there are a lot of shows that we should be talking about如果你真的要拿真人秀来搞教育的话 那也有很多我们可以探讨的节目啊How about 16 and pregnant,Teen Moms,how about those shows比如像《16岁大肚》《青少年妈妈》 谈谈那些节目怎么样I mean as a parent,I dont know.As a parent of three young cats and two plldles我不知道为人父母会怎样 但作为有着三只小猫和两只的家长Im more outraged by those shows than who tangos on monday night那些节目比起谁会在周一跳探戈更让我愤怒I mean the other day,Jersey Shore,lets talk about Jersey Shore某一个 看《泽西海岸》 我们来聊聊《泽西海岸》the other night,in one episode,three people felt down because they were too drunk to walk某天晚上 某一集 三个人喝得醉醺醺 东倒西歪走不成路I think that sends a bad message,but is it fine to watch,yes lets watch我觉得这才是给孩子们传递不好的信息呢 但这看起来相当好呢 好 我们来看看well not listen,to be fair,theyre in Italy and everything there is covered with olive oil听我说 凭心而论 也许他们以为在意大利呢 那儿所有的东西都抹上了橄榄油 不得已而滑之So I think the controversy about Chaz comes from the fact that sometimes people reject things that they dont understand所以对于Chaz Bono的争论我认为来源于人们有时会拒绝接受自己不了解的事物这一事实I dont understand Algebra,but It doesnt mean it is wrong我不了解代数 但不代表它是错的Maybe its better to learn and try to learn about things that you dont understand and ask questions也许主动去学习 尝试去认识那些自己不了解的事物 问些问题 这样最好Thats why I have Chaz on the show today.Im excited hes here,Im goona ask him some questions这就是我今天将Chaz邀请到节目上来的原因 他能来让我很激动 我将问他一些问题 /201610/473016上海市第一人民医院打美白针多少钱 so he lives in a small town called ;Edmond Oklahoma; outside Oklahoma City他住在俄克拉哈马城外一个叫埃德蒙的小镇上and of course once he was this big Youtube理所当然当他在youtube上引起巨大轰动后everybody was trying to get in touch with him,everyone每个人都试着想与他取得联系 每个人and because its a small town and of course he just was singing at school就因为那是一个小镇 当然他也只是单纯地在唱歌 在学校里assembly people were just calling the phonebook于是大批的人们去查询当地的电话薄theres only 3 Chances in the phonebook,and one of them is Nancy Chance在电话薄上只有三个姓切斯的 其中一个叫南希·切斯who has gotten thousands of calls from people asking for Greyson已经接到了成千上万个询问格雷森的电话shes not related to Greyson at all,but shes this poor woman Nancy她跟格雷森其实一点关系也没用 但她还是成为了一个可怜的人儿南希thats probable sitting by the phone,so I thought id call her myself and see what shes doing她此时也许就坐在电话旁 所以我想我还是亲自给他打一个电话吧 看看她现在在干什么she probably doesnt mind another phone call,so theres 3 Chances她也许并不介意多一个骚扰电话 这里有三个姓切斯的人what are the chances that there would be,a Chance not related to another Chance哪个切斯会接我的电话呢 这个切斯跟另一个切斯可一点关系也没有Hello,a Chance not related to another Chance,well Im kidding Nancy this is Ellen Degeneres calling你好 嗨 格雷森在吗? 嗯 我开玩笑呢 南希 我是艾伦·德杰勒瑞丝No,yeah it is,No,yeah it is hi Nancy,No,it is,its ellen on the phone, oh my Gosh I love you不 是我 不是 是的 嗨 南希 不 是我 是艾伦打来的 天啊 我爱你hey say hello everybody,Kacy hang up that phone,I want make sure I hear Ellens every word please大家快跟她打个招呼 卡西 挂上那个电话 我要听清ellen的每一句话my daughter got on the other phone, we are like huge fans我女儿在用另一个电话 我们可是你的超级粉丝oh thanks so much,listen im calling,whats been like since Greyson was on the show噢 谢谢 我打来是想问问 当格雷森在节目中一炮而红后你过得怎样 /201606/447860上海第九医院打溶脂针多少钱

上海九院打瘦腿针多少钱A lot of people spent the Fourth of July weekend grilling out or swimming at the beach. But Cale Nordmeyer spent his time trudging through the muck and grasses in a Michigan wetland.Nordmeyer works for the Minnesota Zoo and hes on a mission with a small window of time. Hes part of a small team of researchers working to save endangered Poweshiek skipperlings.The butterflies hatch this time of year, and are out for only around two weeks, so Nordmeyer hopped on a plane as soon as he heard they had hatched here in Michigan.The butterflies used to be common, but today its estimated there are only around 500 left.Thats it.500 total in the world, and their numbers have been dropping off fast.;In my home state of Minnesota, they are most likely extinct,; says Nordmeyer. ;And that used to be the heart of the range.;Holding on in MichiganToday, one of the strongholds for the Poweshiek skipperling has been a series of prairie fens, here in Oakland County. Fens are wetlands with a lot of grasses and flowers.I met up with Nordmeyer at one these fens with my daughter Cecelia. Right away, he spotted his first butterfly—the big neon blue and pink one printed on Cecelias T-shirt. Nordmeyer said the butterfly picture on her shirt is modeled after a Charaxes butterfly.;Its orange and white with blue all over it. Theyre stunning. Theyre totally cool. And my favorite part about them... they have attitude.;Nordmeyer says the Powershiek skipperling—the butterfly were looking for today—isnt nearly as big.;What makes skippers unique among other butterflies is that theyve got a huge head—and when theyre at rest—they have a fighter jet pose—theyre not always the biggest or the flashiest but I think theyre one of the cutest butterflies out there.;Nordmeyer says he first fell in love with butterflies when he was six years old. He found a big, brightly colored caterpillar in his backyard and was hooked.If we were going to find a Poweshiek among this swirl of bugs—his eye would spot it. We went out on a hot, sunny day—perfect butterfly weather.;Im walking out. Im scanning the landscape ahead of us,; says Nordmeyer as he steps with his butterfly net in hand, ;And Im looking at the black-eyed susans for a small little silver skipper that could be sitting right on top of them. Or Im looking for a little flash of a skipper flying by. They almost sparkle as they go by.;Nordmeyer came to this same fen four years ago and he saw Poweshiek skipperlings in really high numbers.;So we should have come out and we should have aly seen dozens,; he says. ;It wouldnt have been uncommon to spend a couple of hours doing a survey and see hundreds of them. Every black-eyed susan would have a little skipperling on it.;When we met up with him, Nordmeyers trip hadnt been going that well. Hes just wasnt finding that many.His goal is to capture some females, hold onto them for a few days while they lay eggs, and then raise the caterpillars back at the Minnesota Zoo. After they lay their eggs, he releases the females back into the same fen.Its all part of a program to try to save the butterfly.Reasons for the decline—no one smoking gun?Habitat loss is a huge reason for the decline.Prairies and fens have been disappearing for a long time. Its estimated that only around 4% of the original tall grass prairies remain. But up until around 15 years ago, the butterfly had been found in big numbers—even in these insolated spots.Nordmeyer says a class of insecticide used in farming might be at play here as well.Theyre called neonicotinoids.;The connection with neonicotinoids and the decline of some of these butterflies, like the Poweshiek skipperling, largely come from the effects that we now know that they have on some other pollinators—particularly bees,; says Nordmeyer.;And the timing of their use and popularity here in the Midwest does correspond pretty dramatically with the decline of the species, or at least the observed decline of the species. But correlation does not necessarily mean causation, and definitely more research is needed.;He doesnt think theres one smoking gun.The Poweshiek only moves around in small pockets, so it cant travel that far.The reason for declines in each area could be unique to that spot. Some prairies and fens might have too much prescribed burning or too much grazing from cattle. Researchers are also looking at the effects of climate change on the species. The amount of winter snow pack could affect their survival as well.Fewer lepidopteristsAnother limiting factor for these butterflies is that there are just not that many people studying them.;One of our biggest problems actually, is that there arent enough people who can positively identify it,; says Nordmeyer. ;Theres a hope that theres some population out there, and theyre still hanging on.;The survival of this little butterfly depends on people like him.Nordmeyer says his work can be hard. Watching declines like this isnt easy for a lepidopterist.;Its kind of emotional coming out here and knowing what there used to be,; says Nordmeyer. ;This should be perfect butterfly weather. We should be seeing them. And then not seeing them—its really, really hard.Now of course, theres a lot of hope. Were out here trying to reverse that, and thats what I try focus on.;Nordmeyer continued to scan the open field in front of us.He spotted one—a male.He took a quick swing at it with his butterfly net so we could take a close look at it.;I missed it,; he said to Cecelia with a sheepish grin as the butterfly skipped off into the grass.Males arent the target here. Hes after females. He did manage to capture a few females, and he drove back to the Minnesota Zoo with his precious cargo—Poweshiek skipperling eggs.He hopes to be back next year to release the Poweshieks in chrysalis form.201607/453481 My generals should be like bull terriers on chains, and they should want war, war, war.我的将军们应像拴着链子的猎犬,他们应想要打仗,打仗,打仗。But what happens now? I want to go ahead with strong policies and the generals try to stop me!但现在呢?我想实施强有力的政策,但他们居然想阻止我!Within just a few months, three of those whod been unenthusiastic about Hitlers plans at the meeting were no longer in office.短短数月内,对希特勒的计划不强烈持的人中有3个被革职。But still, Hitler didnt feel able to be as ruthless with his military leaders as his fellow dictator Stalin did.但他不觉得自己像独裁者般对军队高官冷酷无情。Hitler needed the support of the German officer corps. The Chief Of Staff of the German army, Ludwig Beck, had welcomed Hitler as Chancellor.希特勒需要他们的持,德国陆军参谋长碧路维,一直很持希特勒出任总理。Like many generals, he wasnt against the idea of German expansion, he was just anxious that the German army wasnt strong enough yet to accomplish the task. But in the end, Hitlers sheer determination won him over.和其他将军一样,他不反对德国的扩张,而是担心陆军还不够强大,无法完成任务,但最终希特勒坚定的决心将他说。 译文属201512/418480上海玫瑰整形医院疤痕多少钱上海复旦大学附属眼耳鼻喉科医院治疗青春痘多少钱



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