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2018年02月23日 18:15:01 | 作者:飞度排名指定医院 | 来源:新华社
“纠结”表示的是陷入某种境地而心里混乱,让人不知道怎么才好,让人很为难很困惑的意思。一段时间以来,纠结厚积薄发,不仅见诸主流媒体报道,还成为观察当下社会、经济动态的一大关键词。今天我们就来学习和“纠结”一词有关的美语表达。1. be in a dilemaIt seems you are in a dilemma.看起来你很纠结。2. You just can't get over... (you can't forget...)The French soccer fans can't get over the World Cup 2002.法国的球迷很难从2002年世界杯中的失利的阴影中走出来。3. dwell on somethingYou should not dwell too much on your past failures.你不应该老是想着过去的失败。We shouldn't dwell on someone's past.我们不该总抓住一个人的过去不放。4. prey on somebody's mindThe thought that he could have helped more preyed on his mind.他本来可以多帮些忙,这个想法使他一直耿耿于怀。5. take something to heartDon't take such small things to heart.别为这点小事想不开。6. be tornMy heart is being torn in two different directions.我拿不定主意。7. on the fenceI'm on the fence.我举棋不定。8. the lesser of two evilsIt was considered that this alternative would be the lesser of two evils.人们认为这种选择的害处小一些。Neither candidate seemed capable of governing the country. People voted for him as the lesser of two evils.这两位候选人看起来都无力管理好国家,大家投他的票是两害相权取其轻。 /201110/156282美国习惯用语-第157讲:OUT OF ONE'S SKULL/SKULL SESSION今天我们要给大家介绍以 SKULL 这个字为主的习惯用语。SKULL 这个字的意思大家都可以在字典上找到的,它是指脑壳,也就是头盖骨。每当我们看到一个灰白的头盖骨的时候,我们总是会感到有点恐惧,在大多数国家里,一个头盖骨一般是象征着死亡。在全世界,一个头盖骨的图象就是警告人们那里有毒品或有危险。但是, SKULL 这个字在当做俗语的时候,它可以指人的脑子。今天我们要讲的第一个习惯用语就和这个意思有关。这个习惯用语就是: OUT OF ONE'S SKULL.这是一个很好的例子来说明学习成语,俗语的重要性。OUT-OF-ONE'S-SKULL 这里每个字都是很简单的,但是要是你没有学过这个俗语,你可能会把它解释为:脑子以外的什么东西。可是,实际上,OUT OF ONE'S SKULL 是指一个人不是很认真地说某人不太正常,甚至是疯了。就像下面这位太太一样,她正在跟丈夫说那个经常向他们借钱的小舅子。例句-1:"Honey, you'd have to be out of your skull to lend that no-good brother of yours any more money. He aly owes you over two thousand dollars and he has never paid back a penny!"这位太太说:「亲爱的,你要再借钱给你那没有用的弟弟,那你就是疯了。他已经欠你两千多美元,他还从来没有还过你一分钱呐。」在美国,个人之间一般不太互相借钱,因为借钱的渠道很多,例如,你可以向贷款,用信用卡预,然后连本带利地每月偿还。当然,有的人对自己家里的人特别照顾,愿意接济一下也是有的。有不少美国妇女在有了孩子以后就辞去了工作,在家带孩子。而这些妇女当中很多都是受过高等教育,都是一些专业人才。辞去工作带孩子当然是一种牺牲,因为当一个人脱离社会几年后再要想回到社会潮流中去就会遇到很多困难,有的在家庭负担的压力下,甚至永远也无法返回劳力大军了。下面是一个人在劝他的同事不要辞去工作回家带孩子。例句-2: "Shirley, you'd have to be out of your skull to quit this high-paid job and become a housewife! You'd not only cut your total income by two thirds, but you may not be able to find a job this good for the rest of your life."这个人显然是在对一个女同事说话。他说:「雪莉,你要是想辞去工资这么高的工作,去做一个家庭妇女,那你简直是疯了。你这样做不仅会把你们的总收入减少三分之二,而且你可能以后一辈子也找不到像这样好的工作了。」美国之所以有的妇女要辞去工作带孩子也是有一定的客观因素的。在美国要找人带孩子是很困难的,不仅是费用很大,而且带孩子的人是否可靠也是一个大问题。下面我们要讲的一个和 SKULL 有关的习惯用语是: SKULL SESSION. SKULL SESSION 就是几个人在一起为了解决某些问题而交换想法,或者是让自己动动脑筋,在某一个专题上丰富自己的知识。下面是一个篮球教练在结束一次定期训练后对球队队员说话。例句-3: "Okay, men, I want you back in the locker room at eight o'clock for a special skull session. We'll look at films of the team we play for the championship and talk over the new plays we've been practicing all week."这位教练说:「行啦,伙计们,我要你们八点到更衣室来开会,为我们的战术出谋划策。我们要看一下和我们争夺冠军的那个球队的片子,再讨论一下我们整个星期练习的新战术。」 下面是一个数学老师在对他班上的学生说话。 例句-4:"I'm afraid some of you students have forgotten what I taught you last week when we studied complex fractions. If you had trouble today with the problems I assigned, better stay after class and we'll have a skull session on this."这个老师说:「我恐怕你们当中有的人已经忘了上星期我们在学繁分数的时候所教的内容了。要是你们有谁对我今天布置的作业有困难的话,最好在这一课上完后留下来,我们可以对这个问题进行讨论。」我们今天讲了两个和 SKULL 这个字有关的习惯用语。它们是: OUT OF ONE'S SKULL AND SKULL SESSION.OUT OF ONE'S SKULL 是以不完全认真的态度说某人大概是不正常,或是有点疯了。SKULL SESSION 是一些人坐在一起动脑筋,解决问题,或是增加自己在某一方面的知识。 /200711/2108615. work one's butt off 很努力地(做一件事)A: I can't believe all my work is gone just like this. I've worked my butt off on this all day.A: 我不敢相信我的心血就这样丢掉了!我今天整天辛辛苦苦都在搞这个!B: What happened? Computer crashed?B: 怎么啦? 计算机当了吗?发现美语里不少口语都跟"butt"(屁屁)有关, 这里的"workone's butt off" 也是。还有一个"freeze one's butt off"(冷得把屁屁冻僵)也是喔! /200808/45766411. 我们应该摒弃旧习俗,创新风尚。 [误] We should cancel outmoded customs and establish new ones. [正] We should abolish outmoded caustoms and establish new ones.注:cancel 和 abolish 都有“除去”之意,均可作及物动词,但含义不相同。abolish 意为“废除、革除”,往往用于规章制度、政治、法律、风俗和社会组织等方面。cancel 有“取消、使丧失效力”之意,如书、义务、契约、约会、假期等的“取消或废止”。 /05/68675

Getting Fired炒鱿鱼本音频暂无文本 /06/72687

1. Stop complaining! 别发牢骚!2. You make me sick! 你真让我恶心!3. Nonsense! 鬼话!4. You shouldn't have done that! 你真不应该那样做! 5. You're a jerk! 你是个废物/混球! 6. Don't talk to me like that! 别那样和我说话! 7. Who do you think you are? 你以为你是谁?8. What's your problem? 你怎么回事啊?9. I hate you! 我讨厌你 !10. I don't want to see your face! 我不愿再见到你! /10/86686

五分钟英语快餐 第81期:Whether you want it or not? 相关专题: 社交美语英语口语 /200809/47085

阿美的阿姨辛迪是典型的时尚一族,热衷于时尚消费,这不,今天她带着阿美来逛大商场,大谈时尚消费,一起来感受一下时尚吧。Listen Read Learn May: Wow! They've got everything here. All the world's famous brands. Aunt Cindy, what is your favorite brand?Cindy: I love all the fashionable things. But my favorite brand is Chanel.May: Oh, that's a very expensive brand, but with good reason.Cindy: Yeah. Each style is specially designed by world's top designers. So they can always make you look amazing.May: I see. Come here. The high heels here look really attractive. But I wonder whether it's comfortable to wear any of them?Cindy: Not really, especially at the beginning, if you wear high heels all day long, your feet would hurt. But, no big deal. Women can always get used to that.May: It's not a simple thing to be beautiful.Cindy: Sure. But everyone loves to be beautiful. Hey, do you think this pair of sunglasses matches the handbag well?May: Yeah, very tasteful. And with them, you look even more fashionable. Oh, there are so many French perfumers. Oops, perfumes for guys? So strange!Cindy: Come on. Fashion is not only for women. Men also share the equal right to chase fashion. It's the new fashion for men to wear perfumes, which is called cologne.May: Oh, really, that's really something new. I'm afraid not everyone can accept it.Cindy: It takes time for that. But people's consuming attitudes are changing quickly.May: That's true. Well, it's obvious that fashion is not a cheap thing. So, do you spend all your money on it?Cindy: No. Fashion is just part of my life, which improves its quality. But also, I'm good at financing. I have a credit card, but I never overdraft.May: How is it that you are my mom's sis? You two are so different. She always picks up bargains and spends more than she earns. You do so much better than her.Cindy: I have to say that's just the result of difference of our consumptive habits.听看学阿美: 哇,这里什么都有啊,国际名牌齐全。辛迪阿姨,你最喜欢的牌子是哪个?辛迪: 我爱所有时尚的东西。不过,我最喜欢的牌子是香奈尔。阿美: 哦,那个牌子很贵,不过确实值得。辛迪: 是啊,每一款都是由世界顶级设计师专门设计的。所以它们总是能使你看起来很棒。阿美: 明白。来这边。这些高跟鞋看起来好漂亮啊。但是我怀疑它们穿起来是否舒适?辛迪: 不会很舒适。尤其是刚开始穿的时候,如果一整天都穿着高跟鞋,脚会很疼。但是,也没什么大不了。女孩都会适应那个的。阿美: 想变漂亮也不容易啊。辛迪: 那当然。不过每个人都爱美啊。嗳,你觉得这副太阳镜和这个手提包搭配起来怎样?阿美: 很有品位啊。有了它们,你看起来更加时尚了。哦,这里有好多法国香水啊。哦,男士香水?好奇怪啊?辛迪: 拜托。时尚可不是女士的专利啊。男士也有追求时尚的同等权利啊。男士香水是一种新时尚,这些香水叫古龙水。阿美: 哦,真的,这可真是新鲜事哦。恐怕不是每个人都可以接受。辛迪: 这还需要点时间。不过人们的消费观念在迅速地改变着。阿美: 这倒是。对了,时尚显然不是一件便宜的事情。所以,你把你所有的钱都花在这里了吗?辛迪: 没有啊。时尚只是我生活的一部分,它提升了生活的品质。不过,我还擅长理财呢。我有信用卡,但是我从来都不用透的。阿美: 你怎么会是我妈妈的呢?你们俩太不一样了。她总是买便宜货而且入不敷出。你做得比她好太多了。辛迪: 我只能说这是消费习惯的不同而导致的结果吧。 /200807/44620

A: why are there still so many people overweight despite the current fitness craze?C: well, there are certain factors that effect people's size and weight.A: what are they?C: one study said that low-income groups have a higher percentage of over-weight people than higher income families.A: why?C: the survey said that the low, income groups eat more junk food on a daily basis.A: that makes sense. Probably less time to make dinner and the junk food is cheaper.C: and junk food contains lots of fat and oil. There is one final reason why so many people are fat.A: what's that?C: nobody exercises anymore-not even kids! The average american home has the TV on for 6 hours a day!A: wow! No wonder people are so fat. Say, Carl, looks like you could be doing a bit more exercising.C: yeah, I guess so.A: you should consider eating healthier food and getting some more exercise.C: hey, I started a diet and lost 10 pounds.A: so what happened?C: well, I quit and gained it back plus 5 pounds.A: you should have kept trying. /11/89407

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