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How to remove moss from your path or driveway in an economical and environmentally friendly way. Soda crystals really do work miracles on removing moss..怎样以环保经济的方式去除小路或车道上的苔藓呢?苏打晶体用于去除苔藓可以产生神奇的效果。Step 1: Sprinkle Soda Crystals1.撒苏打晶体Here#39;s a simple method for removing moss from your paths, driveways, and patios.以下是去除小路,车道和露台上的苔藓的简单方法。Simply sprinkle the area with soda crystals when rain is expected, or alternatively, wet the area using a watering can.快下雨的时候,或者也可以用喷壶洒水,将苔藓覆盖的区域撒上苏打晶体。Step 2: Wait2.等待Leave for at least three days, and the moss will turn brown. It can now be easily removed using a brush or shovel.等待至少三天,苔藓会变成褐色。现在,用刷子或铁铲就可以轻松除掉苔藓了。Once the moss is gone, it is less likely to return to the same area. This area here was treated with soda crystals over a year ago, and as you can see the moss isn#39;t growing back.一旦苔藓重新出现,不太可能出现在同一个地方。这个地方一年前曾经撒过苏打晶体,你可以看到,现在没有苔藓重新长出来。Thanks for watching How To Remove Moss With Soda Crystals.感谢收看“怎样用苏打晶体去除苔藓”视频节目。 Article/201302/226322How to Behave with Class on Your Birthday on HowcastFeeling too old to get wild and crazy on your birthday? Make this year’s event memorable in a good way by practicing proper etiquette on your special day.在你的生日聚会上对狂野的做法感到过时了?在那个有特殊意义的日子里练习下合适的礼仪,让你的生日聚会更有纪念意义。Step 1: Keep a positive attitudeKeep a positive attitude. Keep laughing and having a good time. Only one day a year is all about you.第一步:要有积极的态度要有积极的态度。要一直笑并开心地玩。一年中只有这一天主角都是你。Step 2: Shrug off disappointmentsShrug off disappointments. If one of your friends doesn’t show or your dinner isn’t just the way you want it, forget about it. Enjoy the things that are going right.第二步:不要失望如果有个朋友没有出现,或是生日聚会举办的方式不是你想要的那种,忘了那些吧。享受那些进行顺利的事。Step 3: Keep things simpleKeep things simple. Don’t invite too many people to dinner and avoid picking an extravagant venue that your guests might not be able to afford. Your birthday guests will probably pitch in and pay for your part of the bill and you do not want to put anyone in an awkward position.第三步:一切从简一切从简。不要邀请太多的人来参加生日聚会,不要选择那些朋友们承受不起的奢侈的聚会场所。来参加聚会的人很可能一起行动并付你应该花钱的那部分。你不想将朋友置于尴尬的境地。Tip:If you have a larger number of friends who want celebrate with you, plan a trip to the bar after an intimate dinner with your closest circle of friends.小贴士:如果有很多朋友想和你一起庆祝,在和你最亲密的朋友聚完后可以去酒吧聚会。Step 4: Never ask for giftsNever ask for gifts. If your friends want to bring you a gift, they will. Don’t make them feel obligated to do so or they may not show up at all.第四步:从来不要要礼物从来不要要礼物。如果朋友们想给你带礼物,他们一定会的。不要让他们感觉必须给你带礼物,否则他们可能根本不会来参加聚会。Tip:Gift giving is not mandatory at an adult’s birthday.小贴士:在成人的生日聚会上送礼物不是必须的。Step 5: Thank your guestsThank all your birthday well wishers, even the ones who sent you a quick e-mail. They still remembered you on your special day! Formal thank-you cards are not necessary, but are a nice touch for anyone who went out of their way to make your day extra-special. Just remember to act the way you’d want your friends to behave if they were in your shoes, and you’re sure to have all the class you need.第五步:感谢你的客人感谢所有祝福你生日的人,包括那些给你发电子邮件的人。他们仍然记得你的生日。不用寄正式的感谢卡,但要提及令你的生日变得特别的那些人。你想要朋友如何对待你,你就要如何对待他们,要换位思考,那样你肯定会有你需要的朋友。 Article/201012/120833How To Be Happy on HowcastWhether it is laughing, taking time to smell the roses, or dancing, follow this road to happiness.无论是否有高兴的事,花些时间去闻闻花,跳跳舞,按着下面的做,你就能快乐。Step 1: Keep a positive perspectiveKeep a positive outlook. Focus on all of the wonderful things in your life such as family, friends, and your accomplishments.第一步:保持积极的心态保持积极的心态。将注意力集中在生活中美好的事物上面:如家庭,朋友和你的成就。TIP: Do not base your happiness on how much money you make. Wealth does not bring happiness. Mo’ money, mo’ problems.建议:不要将快乐建立在挣钱的基础上。金钱不能带来快乐。没有钱,就没有烦恼。Step 2: Write what you are grateful forWrite down on paper the things that you are thankful for every day.第二步:写下你让你感激的事每天写下你感激的事。Step 3: Make goalsMake realistic goals for yourself and celebrate your progress.第三步:设定目标为你自己设定目标,并为自己的进步欢呼。Step 4: Engage in activitiesEngage in activities that demand physical and mental activity第四步:参加各种活动参加需要思考和体力的那些活动Step 5: Develop relationshipsInvest your time and energy in your family and friends to develop and keep meaningful relationships.第五步:发展关系花谢时间和精力在家庭和朋友身上来发展并保持良好的关系。Step 6: Live in the momentLive in the moment and enjoy experiences as they happen. Embrace what you are doing and with whom you are doing it.第六步:得过且过得过且过并享受做事带来的体验。相信你正在做的事及和你一起同事的人。Step 7: VolunteerVolunteer and help others in need. It is beneficial to all parties involved.第七步:做志愿者志愿帮助需要帮助的人。对所有人都是有益的。Step 8: Think smallThink small. Instead of worrying about things in the big picture that you can’t control, think about little things that make you smile, such as a song or movie you like or a friendship that’s important to you.第八步:多想想小事多想想小事.不要去担心大局中你无法控制的那些事,想想那些能带给你微笑的小事,比如你喜欢的歌曲或电影或是对你弥足珍贵的友情。 Article/201009/1138101. Hustling - at least 8 hours daily.忙一忙——每天至少8小时You take charge of your own life and make your dreams come true. You don’t just dream about it - you take massive action as well.掌控你生活的是你自己,能让你的梦想成真的也是你自己。你不能只是做梦,你还得采取大量的行动。When you hustle, you manifest your intangible thoughts into tangible outcomes in the real world.当你忙的时候,你能把那些模糊的想法变成确实的结果。Hustling isn’t about keeping yourself busy. It’s about identifying the tasks with the highest value and executing them ruthlessly.我所说的“忙一忙”并不是指单纯地一直做事,而是说先鉴别出最有价值的任务,然后毫不犹豫地执行它们。While hustling isn’t a guarantee that you will succeed, failing to do so is a guarantee that you will fail.虽然这么做并不能保你成功,但不这么做却能保你失败。2. Slowing down in the middle of the day - 15 minutes daily.找个时间放慢脚步——每天15分钟Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up with the never-ending hustling.有时候,你很容易被永远做不完的事搞得焦头烂额。You may forget to stop and smell the roses.你可能会忘了停下脚步欣赏沿途的风景。Slow down. Your mind needs that short break.慢下来。你的大脑需要这样的小憩。Slow down whenever you catch yourself moving too fast. Doing so will reward you with extra energy and creativity.无论何时,只要你觉得自己走得太快了,就放慢脚步。这么做会让你获得额外的能量和创造力。3. Exercising - 30 minutes daily.锻炼——每天30分钟You aly know how important exercise is, right?你也知道运动很重要,对不对?It keeps your body in optimal condition, keeps your brain sharp and make you more confident.它能让你的身体保持最佳状态,还能让你的大脑保持敏锐,并让你更加自信。Make sure you exercise daily no matter how busy you get.无论多忙,都要确保每天运动。If you sacrifice health for wealth, someday you’re going to sacrifice your wealth for health.如果你现在为了财富而牺牲健康,总有一天你得为了健康而牺牲财富。4. Sleeping - 6 to 8 hours daily.睡觉——每天6-8小时I used to see people taking pride on their lack of sleep.我以前经常看到人们因为睡得少而感到自豪。They’re proud of sleeping for 2 hours a night to pursue their dreams.他们为了追求梦想而每天只睡2小时,并因此感到骄傲。Then, they fell sick after a few days and took double the sleeping time to recover…结果,没过几天他们就病了,得多睡一倍的时间才能康复。You have audacious goals, and that’s exactly why you must be well rested.你的目标很远大,而正因为如此你才需要好好休息。Remember, you want to thrive in the long term.记住,你希望赢得的是长跑,而不是百米冲刺。5. Visualizing long, middle and short term goals - 5 minutes daily.想象长期、中期和短期的愿景——每天5分钟It’s easy to lose the big picture when you’re immersed in detailed executions.当你埋头执行那些具体的任务时,你很容易忽略大局。It’s also easy to miss out the details executions when you’re grasping the big picture.而当你规划大局的时候,你也很容易忘了想怎么执行细节。Visualizing long, middle and short term goals allow you to refresh your mind about your current situation.将长、中、短期的愿景都想一想,这能让你重新激活大脑,让你把现况看得更清楚。6. Planning your day - 10 minutes daily.为这一天做计划——每天10分钟When you do #5, you set the goals or locate the destination. When you plan your day, you work on the specifics.当你执行刚刚的第5条时,你是在确定你的目标和目的地;而当你制定当天的计划时,你是在处理具体的细节。A plan should be specific, actionable and measurable.这些计划应该是具体、可执行、可量化的。Spend 10 minutes on planning everyday and you’ll experience a productivity boost.每天花10分钟计划一下,你的产出率会突飞猛进。7. Nurture your relationships - at least 1 hour daily.维护你的人际关系——每天至少1小时Your family and friends matter.你的家人和朋友都是很重要的人。They appear in your life for reasons.他们出现在你的生命中是有原因的。Cherish them. Let them know no matter how busy you are, you always have them in mind.珍惜他们。让他们知道:无论你有多忙,你总会记着他们。8. Spending time with people you look up to - 1 hour daily.与那些你欣赏的人呆在一起——每天1小时There must be someone who is living the kind you life you envision.肯定有人过着你梦想中的那种生活。Spend time with them.花些时间和他们呆在一起。Spending time with these people need not be two-way all the time.这种“呆在一起”并不一定得是双向的。You can also spend time with them via ing or actively learning from their YouTube s.你也可以通过阅读他们的著作或者观看他们的YouTube视频来和他们“呆在一起”。9. Enjoying your hobby- 30 minutes daily.享受你的兴趣爱好——每天30分钟Can be gardening, writing, listening to music.这可以是园艺、写作、听音乐等等等等。Basically anything.基本上什么都可以。The time purposefully spent isn’t time wasted.像这样有意花掉的时间并不是一种浪费。10. Reflection before going to bed - 10 minutes daily.睡前反思——每天10分钟No matter how well you’ve done anything, there’s always room for improvement.无论你把一件事情做得多么好,你总会有提升的空间。Reflect about the things you’ve done and think about how you can do better the next time.回想一下你做了什么,再想想下次如何能做得更好。Just do that while laying, right before you sleep.睡前躺着想一想就可以了。You don’t necessarily learn things from every reflection. But the more you reflect, the better you will understand about yourself and the better person you will be come in the long run.你并不一定会从每次反思中都学到东西。但是,你反思得越多,你对自己就越了解,而从长期来看你也会变成一个更好的人。 /201707/516224

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