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Officials said on Sunday, flooding from torrential rain killed at least one person in Ellicott City, Maryland. 周日官员称,马里兰州埃利科特城暴雨引发的洪水已至少造成一人遇难。In addition, after floodwaters swept through the town’s historic downtown, at least two people were missing.此外,洪水席卷史悠久的小镇中心后,至少两人失踪。Officials said, Ellicott City was pounded by almost 6 inch of rain in two hours late on Saturday Sending the Patapsco river out of its banks.官员表示,周六晚些时候,埃利科特城两小时的降雨量达近6英寸,使帕塔普斯科河水溢出堤坝。The Howard County executive, Allan Kittleman, said the flooding in Ellicott City, about 35 miles north-east of Washington DC, was worse than that from Hurricane Agnes in 1972.霍华德县执行官艾伦称,位于华盛顿东北部约35英里的埃利科特城洪水比1972年艾格尼丝飓风更糟糕。The executive said the body of one woman was found in the Patapsco river overnight.这位执行官表示,夜间在帕塔普斯科河发现一名妇女的尸体。译文属。201608/458069。

  • But those are not Columbia legs!Not definately但是那绝对不是哥伦比亚人的腿 绝对不是That was one of that What are you talking about,I mean your version那也是其中之一 你在说什么呢 我的意思是你的版本Can I have some?Yeah, would u like...How do you take it?我能尝一尝吗 是的 你想要 你想要什么样的I take black,Black?There you go.Alright, it really is fresh blue?我喜欢黑咖啡 纯的 给你 还得 这是新鲜的why you are not drinking?Is there something in this?为什么你不喝 难道这里面有什么东西吗No.I would never sleep tonight if i drink that right now不是 如果我现在喝了 那我晚上就要失眠了Prontofie Columbia?Yes Now we can talk.Good!Alright,See whatever you wantProntofie Columbia? 是的 现在我们可以聊了 很好 好的 看看你还有什么想要的See, you are on top of SELF here.We will talk about that.看 你现在已经当上了悦己的封面人物 我们就谈谈那个吧;yourself oneself;You look fantastic, by the way.Look at you thank you你就是独一无二 顺便说一句 你看起来太美了 看看你 谢谢What you do to work out?Do you work out?Yeah, do I have to?你平时都怎么运动 你平时运动吗 是 我必须这样做吗You know, in that age, everything is starting to shift.So I do have to, I mean i dont like it到了这个年纪 所以我必须要这样做 我不喜欢I dont enjoy it, I am about looking for..I was before.But why am I woking out?我不喜欢运动 我一直在寻找我以前 但是我为什么要运动呢But then I feel like, you know, better.After you work out.what do you do?what kind of work out?但是我感觉身体状况好多了 运动过后 你都做什么 你都做什么运动I tried to do Latin dancing,Because I feel like thats my card我曾经尝试过拉丁舞 因为我觉得这是我的特长 I can not get in the track or a bicycle I cant do any of that,so I do Latin dancing我不能去跑步或者骑单车 这些我都做不来 所以我跳拉丁舞I also do some physic...Its like some type of ballet positions and sometimes I do pilates Good我有时候会做一些 这个有点像芭蕾的舞资 有时候我会去做普拉提 挺好的 /201603/433075。
  • State Rep. Todd Courser, R-Lapeer, is attempting to head same-sex marriage off at the pass with a new package of bills that would take secular elected officials out of the marriage business altogether.Only clergy would legally be allowed to marry people in Michigan.Meanwhile, Rep. Gary Glenn, R-Midland, is asking for legislation that would protect pastors from being forced to marry same-sex couples.Robert Sedler teaches courses in constitutional law and conflict of laws at Wayne State University Law School, and he tells us that the legislation introduced by Courser is unconstitutional.;Thats a clear violation of the Establishment Clause,; Sedler says.Sedler explains that marriage is a legal relationship established by the state, and to require religious marriage would be unconstitutional.;This idea is absolutely ridiculous,; he says. ;Lets move on.;He goes on to tell us that the protections Glenn is asking for are aly granted by the Free Exercise Clause, and that theres no real reason for state legislation to confront an issue aly taken care of by the U.S. Constitution.The Supreme Courts decisions on a number of cases regarding same-sex marriage are expected to be handed down this week or early next week.201506/382653。
  • Some cities in China are deploying cannons — mist cannons to fight off growing air pollution problems in the nation. 中国一些城市正在部署雾炮应对日益严重的空气污染问题。The smog-filled air of many Chinese cities have long since passed the “good” and “moderate” ranges, which top out at 50 and 100, respectively. 许多中国城市烟雾弥漫,早就超过了“好”和“中度”的范围,分别达到最高的50和100。The machines work by nebulizing water into small particles and spraying it into the air.该机器通过将水雾化成细小颗粒,喷射到空气中。The water sticks to the particles and pulls them out of the air. 水吸附颗粒,将其从空气中分离开来。This technology is used to keep coal dust and other industrial particulates from getting into workers’ lungs, but it works equally well on smog.这项技术是用来防止煤炭粉尘和其他工业微粒进入工人的肺部,但对烟雾也有良好的效果。译文属。201512/417942。
  • Before dawn on Monday a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit Indias remote northeast region. 周一黎明前,印度东北部偏远地区遭6.7级地震。The quake caused damage to some buildings and there were reports of damage to a popular market in Imphal. 地震造成一些建筑物损坏,有报道称英帕尔一流行市场遭到破坏。The city is the capital of Manipur state. The tremor left large cracks in several walls and a portion of the building collapsed. 城市是曼尼普尔邦首都。地震造成几面墙上出现大裂缝,一些建筑物倒塌。It struck before dawn on Monday at a depth of 17 kilometers or about 10 miles in the India-Myanmar border region.地震发生在周一凌晨印度与缅甸边境地区,震源深度17公里,或约10英里。As residents felt massive shaking at least twice within 60 seconds, many panicked and rushed out of their homes in Gauhati, the capital of neighboring Assam state.60秒内市民至少两次感到强烈震感,在邻近的阿萨姆邦首都高哈蒂,人们慌忙冲出家门。Photos out of the area show damage to buildings and other structures.从流出的照片显示,房屋和其它建筑物遭到损坏。译文属。201601/419644。
  • And you can do that in so many different ways.所以你可以用不同的方式来实现Politics is one important form to do it,政治是一种重要方式And Im glad that people were willing to roll up their sleeves.我也很高兴 有人愿意在政治上挺身而出But I leave it to those folks and you know,I find other ways to...不过我把自己的精力放在大众身上 我找别的方式来...Yeah, theres a lot of ways to help people,and youre helping people.是的 帮助他人的方法有很多 你正在帮助他们And so 22 years of marriage, right? 22? 22 years of marriage and...Theres got to be...话说你结婚了二十二年 是吧 二十二年 二十二年的婚姻加上...肯定有一些.You cant say too much about him that would be bad or nasty.你不能爆料太多他的坏话或者糗事But there has to be something that...bug you.Like...Does he have a habit thats annoying?You know...但肯定有些事情让你困扰 比如...一些让人不愉快的习惯 你懂的...Let me say this about the two decades of marriage plus.二十多年的婚姻生活Its that what Ive come to find out is...That you dont sweat the small stuff.You know.让我领悟到 不要关注鸡毛蒜皮 你知道The journey that weve taken together.The fun weve had,The challenges that we face,我们在一起的日子 有过欢乐 也面临过挑战The two beautiful girls we were raised,I kinda...gave him a pass now when he leaves his socks on the floor.一起养育两个美丽的女儿 所以我不会计较他把袜子丢地板上Or...Tells that story for The 100th times and want us like...to laugh.或者 给我们讲 说过一百遍的老段子 想让我们At it like we first heard it...He has to have good stories though, whatever his 100th story.像第一次听到似得大笑 不管老段子是什么 他肯定还有一些精的故事100 times. You know, its good as a story,100 times, its a lot. I see.I understand.一百遍 你知道吗 再好的段子 讲一百遍也够头疼的 我知道 我理解 /201602/425746。
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