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闽清县医院美容整形科福建福州激光祛胎记多少钱【视频讲解】South Korea#39;s giant disbands its controversial strategy unit.韩国巨头解散了它名下富有争议的战略部门。Disband解散The conference declaration called for Iraq to disband all militias and work to speed up the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the country.这份会议宣言呼吁伊拉克解散所有的民兵部队,努力加速撤走所有驻伊拉克的外国军队。“THE de facto dismantlement of the Samsung Group” was how South Korea#39;s semi-official news agency, Yonhap, spun the news on February 28th that the sprawling conglomerate would scrap its Future Strategy Office, a management organisation of some 200 senior staff, and devolve power to individual affiliates as part of broad reforms.韩国半官方性质的新闻社韩联社在2月28日发布消息称“三星集团真正意义上已解散”,这一庞大的联合大企业将会使未来战略室(是一个约200位高级职员组成的管理机构)岌岌可危,此外作为董事会改革的一部分,它还将权利移交给个人分公司。de facto 实际上存在地They will be de facto in a state of war. 他们将会处于一场战争状态之中。Dismantlement1. 拆除He asked for immediate help from the ed States to dismantle the warheads.他向美国请求即时援助,拆除弹头。2. 逐步废除Public services of all kinds are being dismantled. 各种公共务正被逐步废除。spun 》 spin 诠释与宣传He interpreted the vote as support for the constitution and that is the spin his supporters are putting on the results today.他把这次投票结果解释为对宪法的持,这也是他的持者们对今天的结果所做的诠释与宣传。Conglomerate 企业集团 ...the world#39;s second-largest media conglomerate. …世界第二大传媒集团。Scrap 取消; 放弃President Hussein called on all countries in the Middle East to scrap nuclear or chemical weapons. 侯赛因总统呼吁中东各国放弃核武器或化学武器。affiliates 分机构; 成员组织The World Chess Federation has affiliates in around 100 countries. 世界象棋联盟在大约一百个国家内设有分机构。The office had become for many South Koreans a vexing symbol of Samsung#39;s secretive goings-on. Longtime Samsung-watchers were less impressed.对于许多韩国人来说,战略室成了三星继续遮遮掩掩的烦人象征。长久以来,三星的观察家一直不太引人注目。Vex使烦恼; 使迷惑; 使沮丧It vexed me to think of others gossiping behind my back.想到别人在我背后说闲话让我很恼火。goings-on诡异活动 ( If you describe events or activities as goings-on, you mean that they are strange, interesting, amusing, or dishonest. )The Mexican girl had found out about the goings-on in the factory.那个墨西哥女孩已发现了工厂里的诡异活动。The parallels with an earlier disbanding of the same office in 2008, when it was known as the Strategy and Planning Office, were striking.早在2008年同一个公司解散的相似情况在当时就引人注目,这个公司当时还是战略企划室。Parallel 类似的事情Readers familiar with military conflict will find a vague parallel to the Vietnam War.熟悉军事冲突的读者们会发现一个和越南战争大致相似的事件。Striking 显著的; 不同寻常的He bears a striking resemblance to Lenin.他与列宁有着不同寻常的相似之处。Then, Lee Kun-hee, Samsung#39;s chairman, had been indicted for his involvement in a multi-trillion-won slush-fund scandal. Then, too, the group closed down the office to show it was serious about reform.当时三星主席李健熙被指控涉嫌数亿韩元贿赂基金丑闻。也在那时该集团关闭了这个战略企划室以表明其对改革的认真态度。Slush 雪泥Front-drive cars work better in the snow and slush.前轮驱动的汽车在雪中和雪泥中开得更好。slush-fund 行贿基金Scandal 丑闻:带来不光或触犯社会道德标准的公开事件a drug scandal that forced the mayor#39;s resignation.导致市长辞职的毒品丑闻But by 2010 it was reborn as the Future Strategy Office. Lee Kun-hee#39;s son and presumed heir to the Samsung empire, Lee Jae-yong, is the one now behind bars.但是到2010年它就以未来战略室重现了。李健熙的儿子,也是被认为是三星帝国继承者的李在镕现在在监狱里。Heir 继承人...the heir to the throne.…王位继承人behind bars 坐牢;刑Fisher was behind bars last night, charged with attempted murder.费希尔被控谋杀未遂,昨晚入狱。This week he was indicted by a special prosecution team on charges of bribery and embezzlement.本周他被特检组以贪污贿赂罪指控。Prosecution 起诉Yesterday the head of government called for the prosecution of those responsible for the deaths.政府首脑昨日要求对那些造成死亡的责任人进行起诉。Bribery 贿赂行为He was jailed on charges of bribery. 他因贿赂指控被监禁。Embezzlement 《 embezzle挪用 (钱款) 贪污One former director embezzled million in company funds. 一位前任主管挪用了100万美元的公司资金。Prosecutors have accused him of paying 43bn won (m) to “cultural organisations” closely tied to Choi Soon-sil, a former confidante of South Korea#39;s president, Park Geun-hye.检察官控告他给一个与崔顺实紧密相关的“文化组织”430亿韩元,而崔顺实是韩国前任总统朴槿惠的闺蜜。Confidante 红颜知己Female participants and those who were educated were the least likely to report no names on their confidante list.女性参与者和那些受过教育的参与者在密友这一项没有列出任何名字的可能性最低。In return he allegedly received state support for an important merger in July 2015 between two Samsung affiliates.据称作为回报,他会得到国家对2015年7月份两个三星子公司的重要合并的持。Allege 指称 (但还未被实)She alleged that there was rampant drug use among the male members of the group.她指称该组织中有大量的男性成员吸毒。In return 作为回报In return, they are themselves accused of furthering their own ( leftist) political interests作为回应,他们自己也被指责推动自己的(左翼)政治利益。The tie-up was viewed as essential to the smooth transfer of power between the 75-year-old Mr Lee, who has been in hospital since 2014, and his son.这次联合被看作75岁的李和儿子权利交接顺利的关键一步,李健熙自2014年就一直在医院里。tie-up 1. 经济关系; 贸易往来 ...joint ventures and tie-ups for mutual benefit. ...合资企业及互利型经济往来。2. 堵塞Your one station, traffic tie-up!你的一站,交通瘫痪!The family controls Samsung through a complex knot of cross-shareholdings between its 26 affiliates, which operate in businesses ranging from life insurance to smartphones. The younger Mr Lee has said he provided the funds, but denies any bribery.李氏家族通过一个在26家子公司复杂的交叉持股结构来控制三星,这26家子公司的业务遍及生活保险到智能机。李在镕说他提供了基金,但是否认任何贿赂。Knot1. 把…打成结He knotted the laces securely together.他把带子牢牢地系在一起。2. 群:人或物的紧密集合a knot of onlookers.一群旁观者Cross 相交...the intersection where Main and Centre streets cross. …主干街和中心街相交的十字路口。 Article/201707/516065福州双眼皮手术一般要多少钱 新英语900句视频版 第47课:揭幕礼 推荐口语专题:··新英语900句·英语口语900句··新东方英语900句 /200809/48169福州激光祛斑贵吗

福建省人民医院去痣多少钱Information is a funny sort of power.信息是一种很有趣的力量The way a government can use it to keep control of its citizens政府通过它来掌控市民is insidious and sneaky, nasty in some cases.这种做法有时是阴险狡诈见不得人的We have to all learn more about it我们要更多的去了解它and we have to in a way rethink, rebase a lot of our philosophy.需要反复思考 重新定位我们的伦理Part of changing that philosophy is to understand that而这种伦理的改变首先要理解our lives are not analysed in the first instance by people,我们的生活信息并不是由人类来分析的but by computer programmes.而是由计算机程序来分析的Some people just don#39;t have an understanding有些人就是不理解about what#39;s possible.什么是可能的I#39;ve heard people say,我听人说过;Well, we know nobody#39;s ing our e-mails;;没人会看我们的电子邮件;;Because they don#39;t have enough people.;;因为他们没有那么多人手;Actually, hello, it#39;s not...事实上 拜托 不是说...These e-mails are not being by people.这些电子邮件并不是由人来阅读的They#39;re being by machines.而是由机器阅读的They#39;re being by machines which can do the sorts of things that search engines do进行阅读的机器会像搜索引擎一样and can look at all the e-mails阅读所有的邮件and at all the social connections and can watch.所有的社会关系并进行监视重点解释:1.sort of 有几分,近似,有那么点儿例句:That would sort of ruin the point.那会有几分破坏的意图。2.keep control of 控制;掌握例句:She manage to keep control of her car on the ice.她在冰上开车时,尽力控制住了汽车。3.in some cases 有时候例句:In some cases output has increased more than fourfold.在有些情况下,产量增加了3倍多。 Article/201612/482143福州做双眼皮哪家医院好 TED演讲视频:由漫画引出的假设网页漫画家兰德尔·门罗常运用数理、逻辑和冷面幽默来回答一些简单的假设性问题(例如:假设你击中一颗速度高达光速的棒球将会发生什么事?)在他引人入胜的演说中分享了一位读者提出的谷歌数据库问题,引发门罗从迂回的逻辑路径思考出令人捧腹大笑且过于细节的——别错过,你或许会有所收获。 Article/201704/504973福州c6光子嫩肤祛斑哪家医院好

福州紧肤祛皱价格第五册 六、 Things That Might Have Happened 可能发生的事 676. I would have had a much better holiday if I had stayed at home. 我要是呆在家里的话,假期会好过的多。 677. What have you been doing since I saw you last time? 自从我上次见到你以后你都在干什么? 678. If I had got enough money yesterday, I would have bought that tape. 如果我昨天钱够的话,我就买了那盒磁带了。 679. Looking back on it, I think I shouldn't have given up the contest so easily. 回过头来看,我想我不应该如此轻易的放弃那次比赛。 680. Had I taken a taxi, I wouldn't have been late. 如果我打的去的话就不会迟到了。 681. Even if you take the exam again, you won't pass it. 就算再考一次你也通不过。 682. Even if you had given him much more money, he might not have paid off the debt. 就算你给了他更多的钱,他也还不清债务。 683. What would you have done if you hadn't gone out for a picnic yesterday? 如果你昨天没有出去野餐的话。你会干什么? 684. I wish I had told him the truth. 我真希望我把真相告诉了他。 685. I wish you hadn't cheated me. 我希望你没有欺骗我。 686. If it had been fine, we would have gone to the park. 如果天气好的话,我们就去公园了。 687. Would he have seen you if you hadn't waved to him? 如果你没有朝他挥手,他能看见你吗? 688. You should have studied much harder. 你本应该更努力的学习。 689. I had thought about arguing with the teacher about that, but I didn't have enough courage. 我本想和老师争论那个问题,但我没有足够的勇气。 690. I had thought about living with my grandparents when my parents went abroad last year.当我的父母去年出国的时候,我本想和我的祖父母住在一起。 七、 Talking About Likes And Dislikes 询问喜欢和不喜欢的事 691. What's your favorite sport? 你最喜欢什么运动? 692. I like football best. 我最喜欢足球。 693. Football is my favorite. 足球是我最喜欢的。 694. Which do you prefer, fishing or mountain-climbing? 钓鱼和登山,你更喜欢哪一个? 695. Neither. 一个都不喜欢。 696. What do you like best, apples, pears, or bananas? 苹果,梨,香蕉,你最喜欢哪个? 697. He's crazy about Michael Jordan. 他疯狂喜爱迈克·乔丹。 698. She hates boxing. 她讨厌拳击。 699. She is sick of watching boxing. 她厌恶观看拳击。 700. She has good taste in clothes. 她对装很有鉴赏力。 701. What do you like to do in your spare time? 空闲时你喜欢干什么? 702. I like collecting stamps. 我喜欢收集邮票。 703. I prefer tea to coffee. 和咖啡相比,我更喜欢茶。 704. What do you dislike most about this movie? 这部电影你最不喜欢什么? 705. I would rather sleep than watch this movie. 我情愿睡觉也不看这部电影。 八、 Putting Forward Your Own Opinions 提出自己的想法。 706. You should take the advice of your teacher. 你应该听老师的话? 707. That's just what I was looking for. 那正是我所期待的。 708. It might be, I suppose. 我想可能是这样。 709. Good try, but not quite right. 是个很好的尝试,但并不完全正确。 710. That's rather disappointing. 真是让人失望。 711. In my opinion, your new coat is not worth so much money. 我认为你的外套不值得这么多钱。 712. Would you mind not spitting everywhere? 不要随地吐痰行吗? 713. It's only a suggestion, you don't have to take it. 这只是一个建议,你可以不听。 714. If you really want my advice I don't think you should quit school. 如果你真想听我的意见,我想你不应该退学。 715. Thanks for your advice but I have to consider it myself. 谢谢你的建议,但我得自己想想。 716. He does not pay attention to anybody. You are wasting your time in persuading him. 他谁的话也不听,你劝他是在浪费时间。 717. I am old enough to make up my own mind. 我已经长大了,可以自己拿主意了。 718. Your work seems not satisfactory. 你的工作看起来并不令人满意。 719. What about your opinion? 你怎么想? 720. I generally agree with you. 我大体上同意你的看法。 九、 Asking For Help 请别人帮忙 721. Would you open the door for me, please? 你能替我开门吗? 722. With pleasure. 乐意帮忙。 723. Would you mind opening the window? 你介意开窗吗? 724. Not at all. 一点儿也不。 725. I wondered if you could buy me some pencils? 我不知道你是否能替我买铅笔? 726. Sure. 当然。 727. Would you be so kind as to lend me some money? 你能借我一点儿钱吗? 728. No problem. How much? 没问题,你要多少? 729. I hope I'm not bothering you. 我希望我没有打扰你。 730. I hope that will not cause you too much trouble. 我希望那不会给你添太多麻烦。 731. I really appreciate your help. 我非常感谢你的帮助。 732. I don't want to put you to any trouble. 我不想麻烦你。 733. Excuse me, would you give me a hand? 对不起,你能帮我个忙吗? 734. I'd be glad to help. 我乐意帮忙。 735. Would you mind mailing this letter for me? 你能替我寄这封信吗? 十、 Getting Ready For A Journey 准备旅行 736. I have so many things to do before I leave. 我走之前还有很多事情要做。 737. I have to drop by the bank to get some money. 我得到去取一下钱。 738. Traveler's check's are very convenient for long-distance travel. 旅行票对于长途旅行很方便。 739. Do you have anything to declare? 你有什么东西要向海关申报的吗? 740. You have to apply for a passport in advance. 你必须提前申请护照。 741. You don't have to pay any duty on personal belongings. 个人物品不需要关税。 742. Make it an hour and a half. We have to get more food. 等一个半小时吧,我们还得多准备些事物。 743. Shall we ask Betty to join us? 我们应该叫贝蒂一起去吗? 744. I put myself entirely in your hands. 我按你说的办。 745. Can you tell me the phone number of the inquiry office? 您能告诉我问讯处的电话号码吗? 746. Do you like to take a local train or an express? 你想坐普通车还是特快? 747. I have bought a ticket for a sleeper. 我买了张卧铺票。 748. Have you reserved your ticket? 你订票了吗? 749. I would never have thought of it if you hadn't mentioned it. 如果不是你提起的话,我肯定想不到。 750. I will see you off at the railway station. 我会去机场送你。 /200701/9858 Cumberland gave a taste of what he was capable of at Carlisle.坎伯兰公爵在卡莱尔展示了他杰出的才能The garrison had been captured by Jacobites on their march south,尽管詹姆斯二世党人在南下的时候 端掉了这里的驻军but they were unable to hold out against Cumberland#39;s advance.但他们仍无法抵抗坎伯兰公爵的进攻Into this tiny space were crammed hundreds of Jacobite soldiers,在这个狭窄的空间里 挤着几百名詹姆斯二世党军队的士兵locked up without any air or any water.关在这里没有空气 也没有水源What they did have were these shiny stones.有的只是这些发光的石头Smooth, damp, slimy a terrible memento of their distress.光滑 潮湿又黏滑的石头 这些都是他们永久的梦魇To this day, they#39;re called ;Licking stones;直到今天 他们都被称为;舔石;because the prisoners were brought to such horrible extremities因为有很多囚犯被送到 这个可怕的绝境that they were forced and reduced to sliding their tongues被迫沦落到把他们的舌头in these cavities to try and collect the pathetic amount of moisture gathered on the rock.伸到这些洞穴里来收集 岩石里少的可怜的水分This really was Hanoverian Britain#39;s Black Hole of Calcutta.这里就是汉诺威王朝时代英国 在加尔各答城的小地牢By the time winter turned into spring in the Highlands,待到苏格兰高地上冬去春来之时it was unmistakably clear that,whatever its temporary successes,the Jacobite war was lost.形势毫无疑问地表明 尽管取得过短暂性的胜利 詹姆斯二世党人还是战败了With every passing week,the Hanoverian advantage in men,money and guns told.随着时间的推移 汉诺威王朝在人力 财力和军力方面的优势逐渐显露出来The two armies eventually faced each other at Culloden,near Inverness.最终两军队在因弗内斯附近的 卡洛登相遇了Cumberland#39;s force was only a third as big again as the prince#39;s,坎伯兰公爵的兵力只有美王子的三分之一but it was lethally better equipped.但装备更为精良A new verse of the National Anthem proved to be prophetic as the big guns began to fire.随着炮声响起 国歌当中的一段歌词 也得到了实 /201706/512867福州美贝尔整形打美白针多少钱福州美贝尔整形美容医院整形美容中心



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