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Wolves. Packs of them, eight to ten strong, shadow the migration. And they are hungry.狼。8~10只狼组成的小股部队,悄悄地尾随着迁徙的大军。它们已是饥肠辘辘Its the newly born calves that they are after.它们的目标就是新生的小鹿Running directly at the herd is a ploy to generate panic.直冲向鹿群是一种制造恐慌的战术The herd breaks up and now its easier to target an individual.鹿群奔散开来,狼群便更容易锁定单个目标In the chaos a calf is separated from its mother.混乱中一只小鹿与它的母亲失散了The calf is young, but it can outrun the wolf if only it manages to keep its footing.小鹿虽然很小,但如果全速奔跑起来,它仍可以比狼跑得更快At this stage the odds are even -这种情况下一般有两种可能either the caribou will make a mistake or after a mile the wolf will give up.一是驯鹿自己犯下错误,否则就是狼追出1英里之后选择放弃201612/485610TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463914There are two Harolds depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry,贝叶挂毯上描绘了两位哈罗德but which was the real one,the confident king who issued coins bearing the optimistic slogan ;Pax;,但哪一位才符合现实 是发行了印着拉丁字;和平;的硬币的the Latin for peace,or the guilty, twisted usurper,stricken by omens, haunted by a vision of ships?信心满满的国王 还是愧疚而扭曲 受凶兆折磨 被船只幻象困扰的篡夺者The phantom fleet which the embroiderers set in a border of the tapestry suggests Harold could all too well imagine the reaction across the Channel to his coronation.绣女们绣在挂毯边缘的幻影船队 暗示哈罗德可能把穿越海峡进行加冕的过程 想象得太容易了A Norman historian has William hearing the news while out hunting.一位诺曼的历史学家 告知了外出打猎的威廉When the Duke heard the news, he became as a man outraged.公爵听闻这消息之后 他变得狂躁暴怒Of he tied his mantle, of he untied it again and spoke to no man.他系上斗篷 复又解开 不和任何人说话Neither dared any man speak to him.也没人敢和他说话For ten years, William had confidently let it be known throughout Europe十年来 威廉一直信心满满地 向整个欧洲宣称that hed soon add England to his territories.自己马上就会将英格兰据为己有He was now in a lethally dangerous position of looking ridiculous.但此时 却极可能成为他人嘲讽哂笑的对象He consulted his feudal magnates in a series of assemblies他数次集合自己的封建财主进行商议and by no means all of them were particularly thrilled with the idea of an invasion of England.而他们都被进攻英格兰的想法 吓得不轻The risks seemed a lot more daunting than the enticement of new lands and wealth.田地和财富的诱惑 并不能打消对危险的恐惧 /201608/457793

This is a snow leopard. Even though its an endangered species, a new report says as many as 450 of them have been killed each year going all the way back to 2008.这是一只雪豹。尽管这是一种濒危物种,新的报告显示每年多达450只雪豹被杀害,回归到2008年数据。This is not good news because its believed as few as 4,000 snow leopards are living in the wild. They can be found in the mountains of Central Asia.这不是一个好消息,因为如今只有4,000只雪豹生活在野外。可以在中亚的山上找到它们。Interestingly, a wildlife trade monitoring network called Traffic found the animals pelts arent the main reason theyre poached.有趣的是,野生动物贸易监控网络称动物皮毛不是它们遭偷猎的主要原因。Instead, more than half the killings are from herders getting revenge against the leopards for killing their livestock.相反,超过一半的杀戮来自牧民报复雪豹猎杀它们的牲畜。To curb this, the report suggests governments do more to compensate farmers who lose their animals and give them the means to build better enclosures for their livestock.为了抑制这一点,该报告建议政府更多的补偿丢失家畜的农民,并为它们提供方法,建造更好的牲畜围栏。More than 90 percent of snow leopards are killed in the countries of China, Mongolia, Pakistan, India and Tajikistan.超过百分之90的雪豹在中国、蒙古、巴基斯坦、印度和塔吉克斯坦被杀害。Theres at least one country trying to protect its small snow leopard population. The Kyrgyzstan government partnered with the Snow Leopard Trust in 2015 to create a wildlife sanctuary for the big cats.至少有一个国家在试图保护雪豹种群。2015年吉尔吉斯斯坦政府与国际雪豹基金会合作,为这种大型猫科动物创造野生动物保护区。译文属。201610/473397

When Bears on camera and hes peeling off a leech,dont forget that当镜头里的贝尔剥离水蛭时 别忘了behind that camera is another person with a probably equal amount of leeches on him.在镜头后面 另一个人的身上也有同样多的水蛭Oh, look, you see, this one is just full of blood.瞧瞧这一条 充满了 血液You can just see how much they take out.看看它们能 挤出多少血On location, the plants and the insects can be difficult enough,在拍摄时 植物和昆虫已经让我们难以对付but its the temperature that can be the biggest challenge.但其实温度才是我们的最大挑战The environments I prefer are the extreme cold.我宁愿选极度冰冷的环境I probably would prefer extreme heat.For me, Id go with the cold any day.我可能会选极度的高温 对我来说 我当然喜欢冷天In the Arctic Circle, the plan was to cross a near-freezing river.在北极圈里 我们计划渡过冰河You know, I cant say enough just how careful you got to be with water this cold.我要说的是 通过如此寒冷的冰水要特别地谨小慎微You know, it can be such a killer.可能会葬身于此The technique is, you dont want to do that with your clothes on.So we stripped off.技巧是不能穿衣过去 我们得脱掉衣I think it was about minus -30 degrees,and, you know, it was absolutely freezing.温度大约有零下30华氏度 绝对的冰冷刺骨whoa! Snow down the back.Okay, lets get into it.脊梁发冷 好了 要下水了Before he even managed to do the swim, he had to break the ice,to get into the deeper water.在他准备下水之前 得先敲碎冰面 才能进入水中You know, Ive got a full dry suit on.And just the thought of doing that-- it was hard enough doing that,you know, in a dry suit.我穿了一套潜水 想着即使穿着潜水 进入冰河也太不可思议了I think, once you take the plunge, so to speak,and youre committed,then theres no turning back.一旦你迈出了这一步 可以说 你就做出了承诺 无法再回头了201610/475232

Please welcome back Violet Spataro. And look what it says.欢迎维奥莱特· 斯巴托的再次到来 看他说了些什么Yes, it says, what does it say? You tell me what it says.嗯 它说 它说了什么?你告诉我它说了什么?I speak whale. It does. Yeah. Do you speak whale? I dont know.我说鲸鱼 它确实是 是 你说鲸鱼么?我 不 知 道Well, it sounds like you do. Yes, I do. Yes, you do.哦 听起来你知道啊 是 我知道 是 你知道Okay, so I heard youre doing a lot of learning about animals?好的 听说你学习了很多关于动物的东西Yes. I sure did. Yeah. Yeah. Which animal do you like the best? Sloths.是的 我确实是学了很多对 好 你最喜欢什么动物 树 懒What made you like sloths? How did you learn about sloths? Mom teach me in school.是什么让你喜欢树懒的 你怎么了解树懒的呢 妈妈在学校教我的Wow. So tell me about the sloth, Id like to learn about the sloth.哇 那么 告诉我一些关于树懒的事情 我想学习一些关于它的事情Okay. You want to tell you some facts about them?好的 你想要我告诉你一些关于他们的真相么Okay. They can turn their neck all the way around.好的 他们可以把它们的脖子转一圈They turn their necks all the way around?他们可以让他们的脖子转一圈?Yeah, other than the owl theyre the only animals in the world,是啊 他们是这个世界上除了猫头鹰以外 唯一可以这么做的动物other than the owl, that can turn it all the way around. Did not know that.除了猫头鹰 他们也可以把脖子转一圈 我都不知道这些I just thought it was the owl that did that. Yeah. But the sloth, too.我只知道猫头鹰可以这么做啊 是的 但是树懒也可以Look, theres a sloth. Yeah, there it is. Yeah. Sloths live in a sanctuary, right? Yes.看 那有一只树懒 是的 是有一只 是啊 树懒住在避难所里 是吧?是 的And I know theres one named Violet there, right? Yeah. Tell me about that.我知道其中有一只叫做 维奥莱特 是么?是的 跟我说说这个Well, her name is Violet.嗯 她的名字叫做维奥莱特When you sit down, did you know that she cant see out of one eye just like me.当你坐下来 你知道吗 她像我一样不能用一只眼看She has one eye just like you?她有一只眼睛像你么?Yeah. Thats why they named her Violet or is that a coincidence?是的 这是它叫维奥莱特的原因吗? 还是说只是个巧合?I dont really know about that.我并不太清楚Yeah, I dont either.哦 我也不知道But thats really amazing, and thats so但是这真的很神奇good that someone has a sanctuary to take care of those little sloths. Yeah.有人用避难所来照顾小树懒们 这样真的很好啊 是啊Theyre funny looking arent they? Yeah. They have a lot of hair on them and stuff.他们看起来很有趣 不是么?是啊 他们有很多头发之类的I didnt tell you all the facts yet, so just onto the next one.我还没有告诉你所有的真相呢 那么就到下一个Tell me the next one then.那就告诉我下一个真相吧Well did you know that sloths eat hibiscus flowers, because it tastes like chocolate to them?那么你知道么 树懒吃芙蓉花 是因为它尝起来像巧克力I did not know that, they eat the hibiscus flowers,我不知道这个 他们吃芙蓉花because it tastes like chocolate. Would it taste like chocolate to me if I ate it?是因为尝起来像巧克力 如果我吃的话是不是尝起来也像巧克力?I dont know about that. Okay. Yeah. Then I wont try it.我也不知道啊 好吧 是的 我不会去尝试的I dont think so. Okay. I think it just tastes like flowers to you. Yeah.我不这么认为 好吧 我觉得 对你来说它尝起来就像是花 是的Yeah. Probably so. Are there any more facts? Yes. Okay.是啊 可能吧 还有关于他们更多的真相么?有啊 好的Do you know that Bugs who live in there fur like moths and beetles.你知道么 住在那里的臭虫像 飞蛾和甲壳虫一样用毛皮覆盖自己Its like a sloth hotel. Its a sloth hotel. Yeah, for the little bugs that come there. Right.它就像一个树懒酒店 它是一个树懒酒店 是的 对于去那里的小臭虫而言 好吧Have you been to the sloth sanctuary?你去过树懒避难所么?No, theyre all like in Costa Rica and I never went to Costa Rica, and so I never went there.没有 他们好像都在哥斯达黎加 我没有去过哥斯达黎加 所以我没有去过树懒避难所Well, okay. Yeah. Maybe youll go to Costa Rica someday, right? Yeah.哦 好吧 嗯 啊 可能有一天你就会去哥斯达黎加 对么?是的Yeah. Maybe your mom will take you to Costa Rica. Yeah.嗯 可能你妈妈会带你去哥斯达黎加 是的Maybe she can send me on a flight there. Yeah.可能她会让我坐飞机去那里 是啊Not by yourself though, youd go with somebody, right? Yeah.即使不是你自己去 有一天你也会和别人一起去 是吧 是的Is that okay, mom? Yeah. Youre adorable. Do you know that? Thank you. Youre adorable.这样好么 妈妈? 嗯 你真可爱 你知道么 谢谢 你真可爱And I know that you love Dory, and youre looking forward to Finding Dory coming out this summer.我知道你喜欢多里 我知道你想去看将在今年夏天上映的Finding DoryYes. Yes. I sure am. Yeah, well I think youre gonna like it a whole lot. Its a really funny movie.是的 嗯 好 我确实是 好的 那么我认为你会很喜欢它 这是一个很有趣的电影Its really good, and I want you go to go so它很棒 所以我想要你去Im gonna give you tickets to go see Finding Dory okay?我会给你一张票去看Finding Dory 好么?Thank you! Youre welcome. I will see you at the premiere!谢谢你 不用谢 首映上再见201707/516957

My name is Matt, I am 23 years old. I did two years in prison for grand larceny and burglary我叫马特,今年23岁。我因为重窃和入室盗窃做了两年牢My name is Joey, I am 38 years old. I did twelve years in prison for armed robbery我叫乔伊,今年38岁。我因持械抢劫坐了12年牢When I got out, I didnt really know what to do with myself当我出狱时,我不知道自己该做什么I felt really lonely walking around the city and didnt really talk to anyone. Its really strange to me我自己走在城市中,觉得很孤单,也没人和我说话。感觉真的很奇怪。At first when I got out, I couldnt even deal with the reality of being outside我刚出狱时,完全无法适应外界,Everything had changed. Things that didnt exist had now existed所有的事物都改变了。有很多东西是之前没有的。My mom and grandmother died on the same day and other than that, I dont have any other family我的母亲和外婆在同一天去世,除了它们之外,我就没有亲人了。When I got home to the empty house, I realized that I was truly alone and that I was pretty scared for my future当我回到空荡荡的家,我发现我真的很孤独,我对未来感到很恐惧。My dad told me I should get my act together before I can come home我爸爸告诉我,在回家之前要振作起来So I went to this motel. Thats all I can do at the moment所以我去了一家汽车旅馆。我当时只能这么做。I wasnt sure if I can deal with the life out there我不知道我是否能在这里找到动力。I went down to the animal shelter我去了动物收容所,and when I walked in there, there were so many different dogs that I kinda wish I could take all of them home with me当我走进去的时候,我看到了里面有各种各样的,真希望我能把它们带回家。they all look kind of sad and lonely just like I was caged in他们看起来都很伤心和孤单,跟我一样被关了起来,When I went to the shelter, I know that everyone of these dogs will die eventually if someone doesnt adopt them当我来到收容所的时候,我知道如果这些没有被收养,最后会被安乐死。I made a decision to adopt at least one of them and then I came up on Sadie所以我决定至少收养一只,然后我就遇到了沙迪。When I saw Jeanie, I fell in love with her. She is just an awesome dog. She is great. You cutie!当我看到珍妮的时候,我就爱上了它。它是一只很棒的。你好可爱。There was a moment that I knew Sadie is the one I need to get or what I need to have to get my life in order.在某个瞬间,我知道自己需要沙迪,才能让我振作起来。I filled out paper work, and I adopted Jeanie. I took her back to the motel with me.我填好了文件,领养了珍妮。我把它带回了我的汽车旅馆。I gave her a bath. Its funny to see her reactions.我帮它洗了澡,它的反应真的很有趣。I adopted Sadie and took her home. We played ball and ran around, trained a little bit. I took her to the lake.我领养了沙迪,把它带回了家。我们一起玩儿球,跑来跑去,稍微训练一下它。我带它去了湖边。I took her to a couple parks. She is super friendly.我带它去了一些公园,它非常友善。And its funny cause people started coming up and talking to me because of Jeanie.说来有趣,有些人会因为珍妮而过来和我说话。She is gorgeous. Cause she is so cute and such a great dog.它很漂亮。因为它很可爱,又是只很棒的。Having a dog with me in this house was so much better no more lonely or being alone anymore. Sadie and I became a family.能有只在家陪我真是好极了,不再孤单,再也不会一个人。我们成了一家人。Things start looking up. So I decided to get cleaned up and look for a job我的状况开始有了起色。所以我决定开始找工作,got a haircut, and got some new clothes and started walking around and filling out job applications, trying to find some work我剪了头发,买了新衣,到处填求职申请,试着找工作。I got a phone call from Alexis.我接到阿丽克西斯的电话。She runs the canil and told me she has a job for me that I can start training dogs for a few weeks a time她是动物之家的经营者,说有工作要找我做,我要每星期训练许多次And thats exactly what I need to be doing这个工作非常适合我And that wouldnt have happened if I wouldnt have been in a dog program in prison要不是因为我在狱中参加了计划,这就不会发生。And once she dropped Lacie off, Sadie got along with her immediately. Our family was growing.她把蕾西带来的时候,沙迪马上就和它相处得很好。我们的家庭正在壮大I called my dad and asked him to come meet me.我给我爸打了电话,让他来和我见面。You got a new friend? Yep, this is Jeanie.你交到了一个新朋友?是的,这是珍妮。Hi, Jeanie. I adopted her. She is a good girl! Yeah, she is.嗨,珍妮。我养了它。它很乖啊。是的。You look good, buddy. Thank you. All cleaned up and got a hair cut.你气色不错,小子。谢谢。特别打扮了一下,还理了头发。Yep, I had a job interview today. Hows that going?是啊,我今天有个面试。怎么样?At the motorcycle shop, it went good, I think.是在机车行,我觉得还算顺利。You y to come home? Yeah, I love to come back home. Yeah? Come here, buddy.你准备好要回家了吗?是,我很想回家。是吗?过来,小子。I feel like my future is bright again with Jeanie there with me. I love her. She is my best friend.有珍妮陪伴,我觉得我的未来又充满了希望。我爱它。它是我最好的朋友。201703/497893

We have a fun show tonight.我们今天的节目很好玩。In the blue room, you know him from Saturday Night Live, Horrible Bosses and Were the Millers.今天的嘉宾现在就在我们的后台。他的成名作有《周六夜现场》,《可恶的老板》,《冒牌家庭》。The brilliant, the hilarious Jason Sudeikis is here, tonight!他就是才华横溢,幽默风趣的杰森·苏戴奇斯!Hi! Hi, Jason. Are you OK?嗨!嗨,杰森。你好吗?Oh, yeah. Im just hosting a talk show.挺好的。我在主持脱口秀。Right. I figured the late night landscape needs another white man talking to people.哦……我觉得我们节目需要再找一个白人来主持。I got Michael OBrien here, Julia in London. And there is my bandleader Wenny Jones over there.于是我邀请了迈克尔·奥布莱恩,来自伦敦的朱莉,还有我的乐队指挥温妮·琼斯在那边。Right. OK. That is also what were doing. Is anyone film your talk show?好的,我们也是这么干的。有人在帮你们录节目吗?Well, yeah, you guys are.有啊,你们就是。Also if the talk show happens in the woods and no one is filming it, does it still happen?如果一场脱口秀是在一片不为人知的森林里,也没有人拍下来?那么这场脱口秀存在吗?I would argue yes.如果问我的话,我会说存在We have been just following NCIS: New Orleans. We know exactly how that feels. Hang on. 我们都在追《海军罪案调查处:新奥尔良》,我们知道那是什么感觉。等一下。Youre Jewish, yeah? Thats great.你是犹太人,是吧?好的James Irks forgot to tell you youre our musical guest later.詹姆斯,忘了告诉你,你是我们今晚的音乐嘉宾。I am? Yeah, so learn to play an instrument or something.我吗?对,所以你得学点儿乐器或者是别的东西。OK. Im going to work on that. Ill get back to you. Jason Sudeikis, everybody.我会去学的。待会儿再聊。各位,今天的嘉宾是杰森·苏戴奇斯。201706/512304

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