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Research is now suggesting something dog-lovers have long suspected - man best friend can tell the difference between our happy and angry faces.“奴”们一直怀疑对汪星人——人类最好的朋友——能够分辨我们快乐和生气的表情,日前一项研究认同了这一点Scientists at the Messerli Research Institute Clever Dog Lab in Vienna trained dogs to associate pictures of happy or angry faces with a reward.维也纳梅瑟利研究所“聪明”实验室(Messerli Research Institute Clever Dog Lab)的科学家们,训练将笑脸或怒容的图片与奖励联系在一起In a subsequent test, the scientists showed the dogs images of human faces they had not seen in their training.在接下来的测试中,科学家们给展示了一组它们在训练中从未见过的人脸图像This suggested that dogs could spot the difference between the expressions.测试表明可以分辨出表情的不同;The main focus [of our research] is the big question of communication,; lead researcher Prof Ludwig Huber said.“(我们研究的)重点在于“交流”这个重大问题,”研究小组负责人路德维格·胡贝尔(Ludwig Huber)教授说;How is it that dogs are so adapted to humans, and what happened during the process of domestication?;“是如何适应与人类亲密相处的?在驯养过程中发生了什么?”The scientists repeatedly showed dogs half pictures - either the lower mouth region or the upper eye area - of happy or angry human faces.科学家反复向只展示半张人类的笑脸或怒容图片——要么是只有嘴的下半部分,要么是只有眼睛的上半部分Half the dogs received a treat when they touched an angry face with their nose. The other half were rewarded touching happy faces.其中一半的用鼻子触碰生气表情的图片时,就会得到奖励另一半则在触碰笑脸时获得奖励Just over half the dogs learned the task well enough to be tested, and there were then a number of different tests to find out if they could tell the difference solely on the basis of facial expression.仅有超过一半的较好地理解了这一任务,从而有能力接受测试随后研究人员又进行了系列不同的测试,来明它们是否能够仅靠面部表情分辨出其中的不同;[In one test condition], we showed them new faces - faces theyve never seen bee,; Prof Huber told B News.“(在其中一项测试条件下),我们给展示新面孔,它们之前从未见过这些人脸,”胡贝尔教授接受英国广播公司采访时说;In another, we showed them different parts of the faces.;“另一项测试中,我们给它们看面部的不同部分”Showing dogs the opposite half of the face to the half they had learned to recognise in their training, showed they could ;transfer their knowledge; of human facial expressions.研究人员给们展示它们在训练中所辨认的半张面部图片的另一半,结果表明它们对人类面部表情的知识可以“活学活用”;So, example, in the training, they see the mouth region of the happy face,; said Prof Huber, ;and they associate that with what the eyes would look like.;“比如,举个例子,在训练中,它们看到了笑脸的嘴部区域,”胡贝尔教授说,“然后它们能将其与看上去对应的眼睛联系起来”This study, published in the journal Current Biology, is part of a larger project studying how humans and their canine companions interact.这项研究发表在《当代生物(Current Biology)杂志上,是一项关于人类与如何互动的大型研究课题的一部分Dr Kun Guo, a psychologist and expert in human-animal interaction from the University of Lincoln, said: ;Showing dogs only half of the face and then the other half separately means they cant rely on the shape of the eyes or the mouth - they must have some sort of template in their mind.林肯大学(University of Lincoln)心理学家及人与动物相互关系专家昆·郭(Kun Guo)士表示:“先让看半张脸部图片,然后再看另半张,这就意味着它们不能依靠眼睛或嘴巴的形状来辨别表情——它们的脑海中一定有某种样板”;So it looks like they can really discriminate between happy and angry.;“如此看来,确实能区分人是高兴还是生气”But, he added, this did not show that dogs understood the meaning of those emotional expressions.但是,他补充说,这并不能够说明懂得那些情绪表情的含义Prof Huber agreed but added that the dogs that had had to touch the angry face to be rewarded, in the training, had taken three times as long to learn the task.胡贝尔教授赞成这一点但又补充说,那些在训练中需触碰生气表情来获得奖励的要经过三次尝试才能成功完成任务;It seems as if they dont like to touch an angry face,; he said.“看起来就像是它们不喜欢触碰带着怒容的脸一样,”他说;So here we have some suggestive evidence that they interpret those pictures, and maybe they really understand an angry face to be something they dont like.;“所以我们这里有一些提示性的据显示它们能解读这些图片,或许它们确实懂得一张生气的脸是它们不喜欢的事物” 3685。

  • She is hardly ever seen without her high heels, and now it is clear why. When Victoria Beckham went on a recent family outing with her four children, she found herself looking up to -year-old Brooklyn. She had been sporting a stylish pair of buckled flats a shopping trip in Los Angeles.几乎没见过她不穿高跟鞋,现在大家都很清楚为什么了当维多利亚#86;贝克汉姆就在最近和她的四个孩子进行的一次全家出游时,她发现自己要抬头看岁的布鲁克林她曾在洛杉矶的购物之旅为一个运动时尚秀了一双平底鞋Victoria was also seen showing off her youthful side as she sipped on a blue Slushy drink during the day out. Meanwhile, it was Romeo, ten, who took charge of little -month-old Harper and was spotted pushing her stroller. Brooklyn and Cruz, seven, led the way as the famous family browsed stores around sunny Los Angeles.维多利亚也被见过炫耀她年轻的一面,当她外出时抿着一杯蓝色冰沙喝时与此同时,这是十岁的罗密欧负责个月的Harper,被看到推着婴儿车走着当这著名的一家人在阳光明媚的洛杉矶逛着商店时,布鲁克林和七岁的克鲁兹领着路As usual, fashion designer and mer Spice Girl Victoria was looking chic. The 38-year-old was sporting a two-tone navy and blue shift dress along with her flats square-framed sunglasses. The male members of the clan were all dressed down in T-shirts and casual trousers.像往常一样,时装设计师和前辣组合成员维多利亚看起来很精致这个38岁的女人体育穿着海军色和蓝色的两色连衣裙,戴着平方框太阳镜家里的男性成员都打扮低调,t恤和休闲裤As Victoria cooled down with her electric blue iced drink, Harper was seen sipping on apple juice. The family appeared to be making the most of Calinia following reports they are set to move to New York.维多利亚很酷地拿着她的铁蓝色冰饮料,Harper被看到吸着苹果汁这家人似乎占据了接下来加州报道他们将搬到纽约的大部分A source told the Mail On Sunday: ‘Talks have begun about the next step the family and New York is one of the options being talked about seriously.一位消息人士周日向《邮报透露:“关于家庭的下一步的谈话已经开始,纽约是其中一个严肃讨论的选项LA has given the family the outdoors lifestyle that they’ve loved five years. But now the children are getting older and the couple both look to the future in their careers.’“洛杉矶给了这个家庭5年他们喜爱的户外生活方式但是现在孩子们正在长大,这两口子都在展望着他们事业的未来” 6。
  • . Jessica Pearson. 杰西卡皮尔逊 Title:Managing partner at Pearson Darby Specter头衔:皮尔逊达比斯佩克特律师事务所执行合伙人Show:Suits电视剧:《金装律师Played by:Gina Torres扮演者:吉娜托雷斯Jessica navigates the cutthroat legal world with both grace and guile, which is why her firm clients include some of the world largest and most influential companies. Jessica relationship savvy rarely fails, though the firm faced serious challenges in the past two years -- and continues to wobble as it regains its bearings. With star attorney Harvey Specter by her side, she should be able to trump the multi-layered issues threatening Pearson Darby Specter.杰西卡身处残酷无情的律师行业,那里既有翩翩风度的一面,也处处隐藏着尔虞我诈,全世界最大、最有权势的公司都位于杰西卡公司的客户名单上杰西卡有着超强的社交天赋,很少失准,尽管在过去两年中,她的律所面临着种种严峻挑战,而且仍旧处于动荡不安的时期在金牌律师哈维斯佩克特的协助下,她想必能够带领皮尔逊达比斯佩克特律师事务所度过重重危机5. Leona Lansing5. 丽安娜兰辛 Title:CEO of the Atlantis World Media头衔:亚特兰蒂斯世界传媒集团首席执行官Show: The Newsroom电视剧:《新闻编辑室Played by: Jane Fonda扮演者:简方达The sharp-tongued exec fights fiercely the Atlantis Cable Network news team and its vision, despite the ACN financial woes. A doctored interview and a wrongful termination suit sway ACN director Charlie Skinner, anchor Will McAvoy, and executive producer MacKenzie McHale to resign -- they feel theyve lost the public trust -- but Leona refuses to accept their white flags. She puts the decision in the hands of ACN president (and her son) Reese: A leadership challenge him, and a trust case study her company top talent.尽管亚特兰蒂斯有线电视台陷入财政危机,但这位言辞犀利的首席执行官还是为这个电视台的新闻团队及他们所秉持的新闻理想激烈地斗争着在他们遭遇一个被篡改的访谈以及一个不正当的解雇官司时,亚特兰蒂斯有线电视台新闻总监查理斯金纳、新闻主播威尔麦卡沃伊以及执行制片人麦肯齐麦克黑尔不得不选择辞职,他们自感已经失去了公众的信任,但兰辛却拒绝接受他们的屈她把决定权交由亚特兰蒂斯有线电视台总裁(同时也是她的儿子)里斯:这对他来说是一个领导力的挑战;而且对公司的顶尖人才来说,这也是一个关乎信任的案例6. Fiona Goode6. 费欧娜古德Title: Supreme Witch in the Coven头衔:女巫集会中的至高者女巫Show: American Horror Story电视剧:《美国恐怖故事Played by: Jessica Lange扮演者:杰西卡兰芝Murder, manipulation, mayhem. Fiona Goode will stop at nothing to maintain her power and position as the head-witch-in-charge of New Orleans. While on a quest anti-aging potion, she digs up 0-year old Madame LaLaurie (Kathy Bates) and wages war with voodoo nemesis Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett). Often called upon to clean up messes caused by the younger generation in the coven (Fiona has the power to bring the dead back to life), she will also selfishly kill anyone threatening to get in her way -- all while delivering campy bon mots: ;Dont make me drop a house on you.;谋杀、操控、残害费欧娜古德无所不用其极地去维护自己的权力及新奥尔良“女巫之首”的地位为了找到长生不老药,她不惜挖出了0岁的劳拉夫人(凯西贝茨饰),还向死敌、伏都教的玛丽利维(安吉拉贝塞特饰)宣战女巫集会中的年轻女巫闯祸之后,她常常会帮助她们弥补过失(费欧娜拥有令人起死回生的权力),但她也会冷血地杀死任何觊觎她的地位的人动手之前,她总是会十分做作地说一句:“不要逼我动手” 67389。
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