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Gaokao from foreigners#39; perspective外国人眼中的高考Allegedly the world#39;s largest high-stakes test featuring cramming and intense exam preparation, the gaokao has been attracting foreign media attention. Curious reporters found some typical gaokao scenes such as the following.由于被称为全球最大高风险考试;,并以;死记硬背;著称,中国高考也引起了外媒关注。好奇的外国记者记录下了这样一些典型镜头:One yaer,before the gaokao高考前1年…For the past year, Liu Qichao has focused on one thing, and only one thing: the gaokao. Fourteen to 16 hours a day, he studied for the college entrance examination. He took one day off every 3 weeks. (The New York Times, Jun 13, 2009)整整一年,刘奇超所有的心思都放在一件事情上,这唯一的一件事便是:高考。他每天学习14到16个小时,每3个星期休息一天。(《纽约时报》,2009年6月13日)Three month,before the gaokao高考前3个月…Ma Li, 18, fits the profile of a final-year student toiling on the exam tmill. She regularly puts in an extra 6 hours at home at the end of a 10-hour school day. (B, Jun 8, 2012)18岁的马丽是在高考机器上挥汗如雨的典型学生形象。她每天在学校学习10小时之外,还要在家再多复习6小时。(英国广播公司,2012年6月8日)One week,before the gaokao高考前1周…Families pull out all the stops to optimize their children#39;s scores. In Sichuan Province in southwestern China, students studied in a hospital, hooked up to oxygen containers, in the hope of improving their concentration. Some girls take contraceptives so they will not get their periods during the exam. (The New York Times, Jun 13, 2009)每家每户都想尽办法帮助自己的孩子考试中取得高分。在中国西南地区的四川省,学生一边在医院吸氧一边复习,以期提高注意力。一些女孩子则用避药物以防止月经周期在考试期间到来。(《纽约时报》,2009年6月13日)The day of gaokao高考当天Outside the exam sites, parents keep vigil for hours, as anxiously as husbands waiting for their wives to give birth. A tardy arrival is disastrous. One student who arrived 4 minutes late in 2007 was turned away, even though she and her mother knelt before the exam proctor, begging for leniency. (The New York Times, Jun 13, 2009)考场外,家长们持续几个小时地等待,就像等待妻子临产的丈夫一样焦虑。迟到则是毁灭性的,2007年就有一名学生迟到了4分钟,她和她的母亲在监考官面前跪下了,仍然未能参加考试。(《纽约时报》,2009年6月13日)Tough reality理想与现实Following the end of the ;cultural revolution; (1966-76), China#39;s universities were reopened and the entrance exam was launched in 1977. The vision behind it was utopian. The gaokao was expected to ensure that a peasant#39;s son from Gansu has the same doors open as a Shanghai official - to make high test scores, not political patronage or guanxi (relationships), the ticket to a university education.1977年,;文革;后的中国重开大学,恢复了高考,其背后的想法是理想化的:让一个来自甘肃的农家子弟与一个来自上海官员家庭的孩子拥有同等的机会;让分数,而不是政治恩惠或关系,成为大学教育的通行。But lower-income Chinese parents now endure too heavy a financial burden as they push their children to obtain as much education as possible.但是现在,中国的低收入父母正在为让孩子尽可能接受高等教育而承受过于沉重的负担。For a rural parent in China, each year of higher education costs 6 to 15 months#39; labor. A year at an average private university in the US equals almost a year#39;s income for the average wage earner, while an in-state public university costs about 6 months#39; pay. Moreover, an American family that spends half its income helping a child through college has more spending power with the other half of its income than a rural Chinese family earning less than ,000 a year.对于中国的农村父母来说,每一年的高等教育要花费6到15个月的劳动所得。在美国,中等私立大学每年所需费用,基本等同于美国平均收入者1年的工资,而本州的公立大学开销则约等于6个月收入。此外,一个每年拿出一半收入供孩子上大学的美国家庭,其另一半收入的购买力要强于一个年收入少于5000美元的中国农村家庭。Yet a college degree no longer ensures a well-paying job, because the number of graduates in China has quadrupled in the last decade.然而,大学学位已经不能再保一份高薪工作——中国大学毕业生人数已经在过去10年里翻了两番。 /201506/379069

If you noticed that Chanel took its handbag prices off its website earlier this week, we now know why: yesterday, Women#39;s Wear Daily reported that the brand will begin “harmonizing” its global prices on April 8. That means some markets will see significant increases in handbag prices, while others will see big drops.如果你注意到了,在本周的早些时候,网站上香奈儿的手提包降价了,那么我们现在也就明白了为什么昨天的女装日报报道该品牌将于4月8日开始“调和”其全球价格。这意味着一些市场上手提包价格大幅上涨的同时,其他手提包的价格会降低。For shoppers in the US, the impact of the policy change will be somewhat subdued, but those who frequently buy in Europe and Asia are probably aly aware of the issue Chanel#39;s trying to resolve with its new policy. Because of currency fluctuations and the decreasing power of the euro, a Chanel bag bought in France can cost as little as half of what it costs in China.策略的变化对于美国购物者影响较小,但是那些亚欧地区的消费者可能已经明白了,香奈儿是想用这个新的策略来消解一些问题。由于汇率波动和欧元的贬值,一个香奈儿包在法国的价格几乎没有中国的一半。Naturally, that leads to enterprising resellers who scoop up as many bags as they can in the European market to sell in Asian countries, where prices are steep. The reseller charges a bit of a markup and makes a profit, the buyer saves some money and still gets the bag and, ultimately, Chanel loses control of its supply chain and all the valuable market data that goes with it. It also muddies the waters when consumers are trying to sort out what#39;s real and what#39;s counterfeit.当然,这引起了那些有魄力的分销商尽可能多的在欧洲市场抢购皮包,然后再将这些低成本的包销售到价格较高的亚洲。分销商会在成本的基础上有所加价,从而获取利润。并且,(与原来相比)买家在省钱的同时依旧拥有了包。最终,香奈儿失去了对其供应链的控制和所有伴随它的有价值的市场数据,这也使消费者在努力鉴别真假的时候变得糊涂。The first three pieces of Chanel inventory to get this treatment are three popular handbags: the Boy Bag, 11.12 Flap Bag and Classic Flap Bag. According to WWD, the price of Boy (the size isn#39;t stipulated) in Europe will rise from Euro 3,100 to Euro3,720, while in China, it will fall from ¥32,700 to ¥26,000. For the 11.12, the European prices will rise from Euro3,550 to Euro4,260 and the Chinese prices will fall from ¥38,200 to ¥30,000. Even if you#39;re not familiar with the exchange rates, you can tell these are large changes–the Boy Bag will increase by almost 0 in Europe, which is a far larger increase on a ,300 bag than the usual 10%. The changes for the Classic Flap weren#39;t released, but because the previous prices were the same for it and the new 11.12 bags, shoppers can likely expect similar prices in the new structure.香奈儿存货中的前三个得到这样处理的是三种受欢迎的手提包,它们分别是:Boy Bag,11.12 Flap Bag和 Classic Flap Bag。根据女装日报报道,Boy系列(型号未规定)在欧洲市场上的价格将从3,100欧元升至3,720欧元,然而在中国,此皮包的价格将从32,700人民币跌至26,000人民币。至于11.12皮包在欧洲地区的价格将从3,550欧元升至4,260欧元,与此同时,此皮包在中国的价格将从38,200人民币跌至30,000人民币。即使你不熟悉汇率,你可以辨识出其间发生的重大变化—Boy皮包的价格在欧洲增加了将近650美元,这与通常的在3,300美元的包上增加10%相比,是一个大的增长。Classic Flap皮包的变化没有被释放,但对于该皮包来说,以前新式的和旧式的价格是相同的,顾客可能会预料出在新的结构中,此皮包也会保持类似的价格。As previously mentioned, American shoppers don#39;t have quite as much to worry about; Chanel says that prices in the US, Canada and Japan are aly pretty well aligned, so changes will be much more subtle than they will be in Europe and the rest of Asia. When we have information on what the changes will be and when they#39;ll take effect, we#39;ll pass it on to you.正如前面提到的,美国顾客没有太多的担心;香奈儿表示,美国,加拿大和日本的价格已经很好的保持了一致,所以比起欧洲和亚洲其他地区,他们的价格变化相对微妙。当我们得知会有什么变化或者何时会产生影响时,我们会告诉你们。There#39;s another element to this story that goes beyond in-boutique sales, though. The Chanel representative who spoke with WWD indicated that these changes were “about the future” of the brand, and, when pressed, admitted that wouldn#39;t just be in brick-and-mortar stores. There#39;s no date for when Chanel will embrace e-commerce for its bags, of course, but keeping prices roughly equal (the goal is to vary less than 10%) across global markets is an enormous step toward making online sales possible.然而,香奈儿在精品销售方面在努力实现超越,这是与这件事情相关的另一个因素。香奈儿的代表在女装日报上说到这些变化对于品牌来说是“关乎未来的”。并且,在被报道时,此代表承认这不仅仅只在实体商店。至于何时香奈儿皮包会与电子商务紧紧相拥,我们不得而知。但是,在全球市场内保持价格的大致相同(目标变化少于10%)对于在线销售的这种可能是一大步。 /201507/387711The Legoland hotel in Florida has finally opened and eveything really is awesome。美国佛罗里达的lego主题酒店终于开业了,这对lego迷来说,简直棒呆!It looks like it has been built with actual lego bricks and there is a dragon at the front of the hotel which blows steam out of its nose。用lego积木搭建的房子,还有一只龙在宾馆前面的,好像鼻子在吹气。There are 152 rooms divided into four different themes including Pirate, Kingdom, Adventure and Lego Friends。有152间客房分为四个不同的主题包括海盗王国,冒险,lego的朋友。Each room sleeps five people and is separated into adult and kids#39; sleeping areas filled with Lego bricks to play with during your stay。每个房间可以住五个人,分别用不同的积木为青少年以及儿童设计了不同的住处。All guests have access to a Master Builder Lego workshop and there are also treasure chests in the room unlocked only by completing the hotel#39;s scavenger hunt。所有的客人可以访问监工lego工厂,还有可以打开房间里的宝箱,完成酒店的寻宝游戏。It is like a giant playground。它就像一个巨大的游乐场。And yes, we know there is a Lego hotel at Legoland Windsor but being 20 minutes from Heathrow isn#39;t quite the same as lying by the pool in the Florida sun, is it?是的,我们知道,英国也有一个乐lego酒店,在温莎,从希思罗机场到那大约只要20分钟。但它跟美国的不太一样,因为你可以躺在佛罗里达的太阳池沐浴,不是吗?Oh, the pool also has Lego-style sunbeds and Lego floats too。哦,游泳池也有像日光浴浴床,还有一些lego的漂浮积木。 /201507/384728

A warning for you if your partner is a Megan or a Nathan - apparently they#39;re the most likely to cheat.如果你的伴侣叫“梅根”或者“南森”,我不得不警告你了——似乎他们是最有可能欺骗感情的人。That#39;s according to an online company which matches married people who want secret flings.这是一家网络公司对想拥有地下情的已婚人士进行调查得出的结果。Gleeden.com asked a sample 4,000 members for their name to find out who#39;s most likely to stray.Gleeden.com询问了4000名用户的名字来弄清谁非常有可能出轨。A spokeswoman said, ;We have been able to analyse the names that are the most represented on the site.一位女发言人说:“我们已经能够分析出在网络上最具代表性的名字;。;With women, Megan appears to be the most unfaithful, followed by Jessica, Amy, Olivia and Rebecca. ;“在女性中,梅根这个名字看起来是最不忠诚的,其次是杰西卡、艾米、奥利维亚和丽贝卡。”;The top name for men is Nathan, followed by Christopher, Charles, Anthony and Eric.;“男性中最不忠诚的名字是南森,紧随其后的是克里斯多夫、查尔斯、安东尼和埃里克。”The company, with 2.5 million members across the world, questioned 2,003 female and 2,019 male subscribers in the UK who had been unfaithful during the past 12 months.这家在全世界共有250万用户的公司,询问了英国2003名女性用户和2019名男性用户,这些人在过去12个月里都曾出过轨。 /201505/376755

The most popular private jet route in the world is a flight from Moscow to Nice/Cote d’Azur in France, according to a new report.最新公布的一份报告显示,从莫斯科到法国尼斯蔚蓝海岸是全球最热门的私人飞机航线。Rounding out the top five, according to the so-called “Wealth Report,” an annual survey produced by the real estate consultancy Knight Frank, are Miami to New York, New York to Los Angeles, New York to West Palm Beach and London to New York. The frequency of flights are based on data from 2013.国际性物业顾问公司莱坊根据年度调查发布了全球最热门的五条私人飞机航线。调查,除了第一条之外,另外四条分别为迈阿密到纽约、纽约到洛杉矶、纽约到佛罗里达西棕榈滩以及伦敦到纽约。该报告根据2013年数据估算航线的航班飞行频率。While the Russia-France route is the most popular for the world’s richest, the U.S. “remains the world’s most important private jet market,” Knight Frank says. That’s because 60% of the world’s private jet traffic starts and ends in the ed States.莱坊上述报告指出,虽然世界上身家最高的那些富豪最喜欢飞俄罗斯到法国的航线,但美国“仍是全球最重要的私人飞机市场”,因为全球60%的私人飞机航线始发与终点站都在美国境内。There’s also a gender divide among travelers who use private planes: More than 80% of private jet passengers are men, the report says. And the most common travelers are in the 40-55 age range, with private entrepreneurs being the most frequent flyers.该报告还指出,男性和女性使用私人飞机的差异很大。80%以上的私人飞机乘客都是男性。私人飞机的乘客大多年龄在40-55岁,私人企业家使用私人飞机的频率最高。 /201504/368003As 2014 draws to a close, it’s time to look back and see which words have been significant throughout the past twelve months, and to announce the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year. Without further ado, we can exclusively reveal that the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2014 is….站在2014的尾巴上,是时候回顾一下在过去的12个月里最有影响力的单词,宣布其为年度牛津词典词王。我们可以当即宣布2014年度牛津词典单词仅属于……Vape吸电子烟Although there is a shortlist of strong contenders, it was vape that emerged victorious as Word of the Year.虽然有力的竞争者有一大单,年度单词的胜利还是归属于‘vape(吸电子烟)’。What does vape mean?Vape是什么意思?So, what does vape mean? It originated as an abbreviation of vapour or vaporize. The OxfordDictionaries.com definition was added in August 2014: the verb means ‘to inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device’, while both the device and the action can also be known as a vape. The associated noun vaping is also listed.那么,vape是啥意思呢?它源于vapour(蒸汽)或vaporizer(蒸发)的缩写。其释义于2014年8月录入牛津词典网:动词的意思为“吸入或呼出电子烟亦或相似装置的蒸汽”,且装置和吸呼的动作也可被称作“vape”。相关名词vaping也被提名了。Why was vape chosen?为什么选择vape?As e-cigarettes (or e-cigs) have become much more common, so vape has grown significantly in popularity. You are thirty times more likely to come across the word vape than you were two years ago, and usage has more than doubled in the past year.随着电子烟(简写为e-cigs)越来越普及,吸电子烟也被变得越来越大众。你发现vape这个单词出现的频率比两年前高出30倍,也比去年用的频率翻了一倍。Usage of vape peaked in April 2014 – as the graph below indicates – around the time that the UK’s first ‘vape café’ (The Vape Lab in Shoreditch, London) opened its doors, and protests were held in response to New York City banning indoor vaping. In the same month, the issue of vaping was debated by The Washington Post, the B, and the British newspaper The Telegraph, amongst others.如下图显示,Vape的使用频率到2014年4月到达顶峰。英国的第一家”吸电子烟咖啡厅”(位于伦敦肖迪奇的“吸电子烟实验室”)在此时开张,针对纽约禁止室内抽电子烟的抗议也被发起。在同月,吸电子烟的问题被华盛顿邮报、B和英国电讯报及其他媒体争相讨论。The language of vapingvaping的语言Vape is also the modifier for other nouns, creating new compound nouns which are growing in popularity. The most common of these are vape pen and vape shop, and there is also recent evidence for vape lounge, vape fluid, vape juice, and others. Related coinages include e-juice, carto, and vaporium – as well as the retronym tobacco cigarette for traditional cigarettes. (A retronym is a new term created from an existing word in order to distinguish the original word from a later development – for example, acoustic guitar developing after the advent of the electric guitar.)Vape也是其他名词的修饰语,创建了越来越多的新流行的复合名词。其中最常见的是vape pen(钢笔改装的电子烟)和vape shop(电子烟商店),也有最近流行的vape lounge, vape fluid, vape juice等等。相关的新词汇包括e-juice, carto,和vaporium,还有传统香烟的返璞词烟草香烟。(返璞词就是从一个已有的词中创出一个新词,这是为了将原始词和随后的变形区分开来——举个例子,电子吉他出现后有了原声吉他。)Vape before vaping在vaping前的vapeYou may be surprised to learn that the word vaping existed before the phenomenon. Although e-cigarettes weren’t commercially available until the 21st century, a 1983 article in New Society entitled ‘Why do People Smoke?’ contains the first known usage of the term. The author, Rob Stepney, described what was then a hypothetical device:你会惊奇的发现单词vaping在此现象出现前已经存在了。虽然直到21世纪电子烟才能在市场上买到,在1983年,《新社会》上一篇题为“人们为何抽烟?”的文章第一次用到了这个单词。作者罗伯·斯特普尼解释了这个假想装置:“an inhaler or ‘non-combustible’ cigarette, looking much like the real thing, but…delivering a metered dose of nicotine vapour. (The new habit, if it catches on, would be known as vaping.)”“一只吸入器或者说“不可燃烟”看上去和真货没差,但是……输出了一定剂量的尼古丁蒸汽。(这个新嗜好,如果流行起来,就会被称为vaping。)”However, despite these early beginnings, Oxford Dictionaries research shows that it wasn’t until 2009 that this sense of vape (and vaping) started to appear regularly in mainstream sources.然而,尽管这个嗜好很早就有了,牛津词典调查研究显示直到2009年vape(和vaping)这个词才固定的出现在主流媒体中。 /201411/343964

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