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特别声明:该节目由未经可可许可When Tess arrived home the following afternoon第二天下午,没等苔丝回到家, a letter had aly been received by her mother.她母亲就先收到了一封信It appeared to come from Mrs d’Urberville,信像是德伯夫人写来的,and offered Tess work looking after chickens.她给苔丝提供了一份养鸡的差事Joan Durbeyfield was delighted.琼·德北非常高兴‘It just a way of getting you there without raising your hopes.“这是让你去他们那里,同时不要抱太大希望She going to recognize you as family,Im sure of it.’我相信她一定会把你当做一家人看待的”‘I would rather stay here with father and you,’“我宁愿留在家里跟你和爸爸在一起”said Tess,looking out of the window.苔丝看着窗外说‘But why?’“那又为什么?”‘Id rather not tell you, mother, I dont really know.’“还是别对你说的好,妈妈,我也不太清楚” 19Tea is then symbolic of earthly purity, requiring the most fastidious cleanliness in its preparation,from picking,frying and preserving to its final infusion and drinking, easily upset or spoiled by the slightest contamination of oily hands or oily cups.Consequently, its enjoyment is appropriate in an atmosphere where all ostentation or suggestion of luxury is banished from one eyes and one thoughts. After all, one enjoys sing-song girls with wine and not with tea, and when sing-song girls are fit to drink tea with, they are aly in the class that Chinese poets and scholars favor. Su Tungpo once compared tea to a sweet maiden, but a later critic, Tien Yiheng, author of Chuchuan Hsiaop,in immediately qualified it by adding that tea could be compared, if it must be compared to women at all,only to the Fairy Maku, and that,as beauties with peach-colored faces and willow waists, they should be shut up in curtained beds, and not be allowed to contaminate the rocks and springs. the same author says, One drinks tea to get the world noise;it is not those who eat rich food and dress in silk pyjamas.,茶是凡间纯洁的象征,在采制烹煮的手续中,都须十分清洁采摘烘焙,烹煮取饮之时,手上或壶中略有油腻不洁,便会使它丧失美味所以也只有在眼前和心中毫无富丽繁华的景象和念头时,方能真正地享受它和作乐时,当 然用酒而不用茶但一个如有了品茶的资格,则她便可以跻于诗人文士所欢迎的妙人儿之列了苏东坡曾以美女喻茶, 但后来,另一个持论家,煮泉小品的作者田艺恒即补充说, 如果定要以茶去拟女人,则唯有麻姑仙子可做比拟至于必若桃脸柳腰,宜亟屏之销金慢中,无俗我泉石又说:;啜茶忘喧,谓非膏梁纨绮可语It must be remembered that, according to Chalu,the essence of the enjoyment of tea lies in appreciation of its color, fragrance and flavor, and the principles of preparation are refinement, dryness and cleanliness.据《茶录所说其旨归于色香味,其道归于精燥洁 31

Thou art the sky and thou art the nest as well.你是天空,你也是窝巢O thou beautiful, there in the nest is thy love that encloses the soul with colours and sounds and odours.呵,美丽的你,在窝巢里就是你的爱,用颜色、声音和香气来围拥住灵魂There comes the morning with the golden basket in her right hand bearing the wreath of beauty, silently to crown the earth.在那里,清晨来了,右手提着金筐,带着美的花环,静静地替大地加冕And there comes the evening over the lonely meadows deserted by herds, through trackless paths, carrying cool draughts of peace in her golden pitcher from the western ocean of rest.在那里,黄昏来了,越过无人畜牧的荒林,穿过车马绝迹的小径,在她的金瓶里带着安靖的西方海上和平的凉飙But there, where sps the infinite sky the soul to take her flight in, reigns the stainless white radiance. There is no day nor night, nor m nor colour, and never, never a word.但是在那里,纯白的光辉,统治着伸展着的为灵魂翱翔的无际的天空在那里无昼无夜,无形无色,而且永远,永远无有言说 7

Cesar: Hurry up! Well miss the tour bus if we dont leave right now.凯撒:快点!再不离开的话我们就要错过旅游巴士了Matilda: Im just getting some footage of this area bee we leave. “This area is known its...”玛蒂尔达:我只是想在离开前拍下一些这里的画面“这个地区闻名遐迩...”Cesar: Now what are you doing?凯撒:你现在在做什么?Matilda: Im doing a voice-over this segment. Voice-overs are very important in good travel s.玛蒂尔达:我在为这段视频录画外音优秀的旅行视频里画外音扮演着很重要的角色Cesar: You can add the voice-over when you edit it. Let go!凯撒:你可以在编辑的时候添加画外音我们出发吧!Matilda: Just give me five more minutes. Hmm, this footage is turning out to be too shaky. Hold on while I set up the tripod. 玛蒂尔达:再多给我五分钟嗯,这段视频拍出来画面太摇晃再等等吧,我来调整一下三脚架Cesar: We dont have time that. Grab your camcorder, and let go.凯撒:没时间了拿着你的摄像机走吧Matilda: Too much motion will ruin any travel . Wait! I want to get a close-up of that building and a wide-angle shot of this entire area. Hey, where are you going with my gear?玛蒂尔达:动作太多会毁掉所有旅行视频的等等!我想给那个建筑来个特写,还要给这一整片区域拍个全景嘿,你拿着我的设备去哪?Cesar: I, and your gear, are going to the tour bus. Im not going to get left behind – again!凯撒:我要带着你的设备去赶旅行巴士我不想再一次被撂下!原文译文属! 5Jennifer: Maybe. That's how some guys get girls. Billy: But I don't think any guy will be stupid enough to... Jennifer: Put it on me! Billy: OK, but this doesn't mean... Jennifer: It's a perfect fit! Billy: OK, now take it off and let's go! Jennifer: Oh, no! I can't get it off! Billy: Don't tell me we're still cursed!put...on   穿戴(衣饰)fit (n.)   合身、合穿戴的衣饰get something off   脱下…,摆脱…curse (v.,n.)   诅咒 A: What happened after you hit the taxi? 你撞到出租车之后怎么了? B: The driver of the taxi jumped out and cursed me. 出租车司机跳出车外对我骂脏话珍妮花:或许吧有些男人就是这样钓女孩的 比 利:不过我想没有男人会笨到…… 珍妮花:来帮我戴上! 比 利:好,但这可不表示…… 珍妮花:正合呢! 比 利:好了啦,把戒指脱掉,我们走! 珍妮花:完了!戒指拿不下来! 比 利:别跟我说这诅咒还没完! 5Ode to the West Wind 西风颂雪莱III 第三节Thou who didst waken from his summer dreamsThe blue Mediterranean, where he lay,Lulld by the coil of his crystalline streams,Beside a pumice isle in Baiae bay,And saw in sleep old palaces and towersQuivering within the wave intenser day,All overgrown with azure moss and flowersSo sweet, the sense faints picturing them! Thou whose path the Atlantic level powersCleave themselves into chasms, while far belowThe sea-blooms and the oozy woods which wearThe sapless foliage of the ocean, knowThy voice, and suddenly grow gray with fear,And tremble and despoil themselves oh hear!是你,你将蓝色的地中海唤醒而它曾经昏睡了一整个夏天,被澄澈水流的回旋催眠入梦,就在巴亚海湾的一个浮石岛边,它梦见了古老的宫殿和楼阁在水天辉映的波影里抖颤,而且都生满青苔、开满花朵,那芬芳真迷人欲醉!呵,为了给你让一条路,大西洋的汹涌的浪波把自己向两边劈开,而深在渊底那海洋中的花草和泥污的森林虽然枝叶扶疏,却没有精力听到你的声音,它们已吓得发青,一边颤栗,一边自动萎缩:哦,你听!IV 第四节If I were a dead leaf thou mightest bear;If I were a swift cloud to fly with thee;A wave to pant beneath thy power, and shareThe impulse of thy strength, only less freeThan thou, O uncontrollable! If evenI were as in my boyhood, and could beThe comrade of thy wanderings over Heaven,As then, when to outstrip thy skiey speedScarce seemd a vision; I would neer have strivenAs thus with thee in prayer in my sore need.Oh, lift me as a wave, a leaf, a cloud!I fall upon the thorns of life! I bleed!A heavy weight of hours has chaind and bowdOne too like thee tameless, and swift, and proud.我若是一片落叶随你飘腾;我若是一朵流云伴你飞行;或是一个浪头在你的威力下翻滚如果我能有你的锐势和冲劲即使比不上你那不羁的奔放我若能像在少年时,凌风而舞便成了你的伴侣,悠游天空(因为呵,那时候,要想追你上云霄,似乎并非梦幻),又何至沦落到这等颓丧祈求你来救我之急哦,举起我吧,当我是水波、树叶、浮云!我跌在人生的荆棘上,我在流血!这被岁月的重轭所制的生命原是和你一样:骄傲、轻捷而不驯V 第五节Make me thy lyre, even as the est isWhat if my leaves are falling like its own!The tumult of thy mighty harmoniesWill take from both a deep, autumnal tone,Sweet though in sadness. Be thou, Spirit fierce,My spirit! Be thou me, impetuous one!Drive my dead thoughts over the universeLike witherd leaves to quicken a new birth!And, by the incantation of this verse,Scatter, as from an unextinguishd hearthAshes and sparks, my words among mankind!Be through my lips to unawakend earthThe trumpet of a prophecy! Oh Wind,If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?把我当作你的竖琴,当作那树丛:尽管我的叶落了,那有什么关系!你那非凡和谐的慷慨激越之情定能从森林和我同奏出深沉的秋韵,甜美而带苍凉给我你迅猛的劲头,狂暴的精灵!化成我吧,借你的锋芒!请把我尘封的思想散落在宇宙让它像枯叶一样促成新的生命!哦,请听从这一篇符咒似的诗歌,就把我的心声,像是灰烬和火星从还未熄灭的炉火向人间播散!让预言的喇叭通过我的嘴巴把昏睡的大地唤醒吧!哦,西风啊,如果冬天来了,春天还会远吗?收听更多双语节目,请关注微信公众号;奇喵课堂; 6881

Im one of those people who doesnt have much of a fashion sense. I mean, I know that you shouldnt wear a pink shirt with green pants, but beyond that Im pretty much a basket case when it comes to picking my wardrobe. I have plenty of short- sleeve and long-sleeve dress shirts, some have a button-down collar, and some have a shirt pocket in them. I also own some more casual shirts with a collar, and a ton of t-shirts with just about every logo you can think of. I have a couple of good pairs of black slacks mal occasions, along with khakis and jeans more inmal events. Naturally, I have one nice suit to wear to weddings, funerals, and job interviews, with a suit coat, tie, a belt with a nice-looking buckle, and pants. I also own a sports coat, but I dont use it much. Well, I better stop talking and start dressing. Im late work!我是一个对时尚没有什么感觉的人我的意思是我知道粉色短袖不能搭配绿色裤子,但是在从衣柜里选衣穿的时候,我是个白痴我有很多短袖和长袖衬衫,有的是立领带扣衬衫,有些有口袋我也有很多带领的休闲衬衫,还有超级多的T恤我有能在正式场合穿的长裤,也有卡其裤和牛仔裤应付非正式场合我有一套西,包括上衣和西裤,领带以及腰带,用来参加婚礼,葬礼,工作面试等我也有一件运动外套,不过不经常穿好吧,我最好闭嘴穿衣了,快迟到了有没有! 8Jennifer: Oh. I just wanted you to shut up. You were off-key anyway. Let me see that! [Grabs the earphone] Billy: OK...just grab it right out of my hands... Jennifer: What a cool see-through blue! How do you wear this thing? Billy: That piece fits on to your ear. It hooks right on. And you just put the other one in your other ear. Jennifer: How do I turn it on?off key (a.)   走音的grab (v.)   抓取,强夺see-through (a.)   透明的fit (v.)   合(穿、戴)珍妮花:我只是要你闭嘴反正你也唱走音了让我看!(抢走了耳机) 比 利:好……你就这样把我耳机抢走…… 珍妮花:透明的蓝色,真酷!这玩意儿要怎么戴啊? 比 利:这个部份是设计戴在耳朵上的,用勾的固定住再把另一边放进另一只耳朵就行 珍妮花:我要怎么打开? 18

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