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玉林//治疗妇科好的医院玉林//哪里可以做人流TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201510/404733玉林//无痛人工流产要花多少钱 Have you ever noticed that meat or vegetables or ice cream left too long in the freezer,develop a layer of frosty ice on their surface?And when eaten,they#39;re kind of dry and icky?This is freezer burn,and it happens because ice in the frozen food sublimates-that is,the water changes directly from a solid to a gas rather than first melting and then evaporating.你是否注意到过,当肉,蔬菜或冰淇淋在冰箱中长时间放置后,它的表面上会形成一层冰霜 这些食物吃起来口感有甘有粘?这就是冻灼 它是由冷冻食物中的冰升华造成的 也就是说,水分直接从固态变成气态 而非冰晶先融化成水后再蒸发。Unlike regular frost(also called;hoar frost;),which forms when water vapor that#39;s aly in the air freezs into crystals on top of something cold,the frost in freezer burn comes from frozen water in the food itself.That#39;s why freezer burn happens less to flour and nuts than to vegetables and meat and ice cream,which contain more water,And the ultimate effect is that water is transferred from inside the food to outside the food,leaving it dry and frosty,but still safe to eat.You#39;re basically freeze-drying it,although the food might also oxidize and turn brown.和平常的霜(又名“白霜”)不同,白霜由空气中的水蒸气凝固成冰晶,附着在较冷物体表面 而冻灼中的霜 来源于食物中冻住的水 这就是冻灼在面粉或是坚果中发生 频率少于蔬菜,肉类和冰淇淋中,这些食物中所含水分更多,最终,食物中的水分从食物的内部转移到外表面,使得内部,又干又硬 但是还能吃,你仅仅是把它冻干了而已。虽然食物,也可能会氧化变黄。Of course,ice by itself can also sublimate,which is why ice cubes shrink in their trays over time,And the frost on the walls of a freezer comes partly from water that was once in ice cubes and food in the freezer.当然,冻本身也能升华 这就是为什么冰块在冰盒中也会渐渐缩小,冰箱内壁上的冰霜部分来源于曾经在 冰箱内冰块和食物中的水分。Sublimation happens more easily when the air is dry and when the ice is close to the melting point of water,so you can avoid having your food get freezer burn by keeping your freezer consistently cold and preventing air from contacting the food in it-for example,by sealing food in plastic freezer bags without any air pockets.当空气干燥,冰块温度临近熔点时,冰更易升华。因此,你可以以此防止食物发生冻灼 可以使冰箱内保持 较低温度 或防止食物和空气接触 比如 可以将食物 密封在没有空气囊的塑料食品袋中。What#39;s more,freezer burn ISN#39;T just limited to freezers-it happens in nature,too.Forst-flowers on sea ice,for example,form when water vapor sublimates from warm ice into air too cold to hold it.Homeless,the vapor deposits back onto the surface as icy lilies-sublime sublimation.同时 冻灼并不只发生在冰箱里,自然界中也会发生 比如 海洋上的 冰花是因温度较高的冰块水蒸气升华 周围空气过冷 无法保持其 原先形态 无处可去的水蒸气聚集在冰表面形成冰百合---绝美的升华。 Article/201503/361980玉林//什么医院打胎比较好

玉林//医院查怀孕多少钱玉林//正规妇产科医院 玉州区最好的妇科医院

贵港市治疗妇科疾病多少钱I think you always start with kind of a thought experiment首先你当然会想…what would it be like to go to the moon?去月球Or what would it be like to live on the moon.或住在月球上会是什么感觉?What would it be like to li, work on the moon.在月球上工作会是什么感觉?And then you take it to paper, then you start making drawings,接下来把你的想法变成白纸黑字and then you take it to the next step,再来就是画成草图,一步步地做下去and eventually you get to a life sized prototype最后就是制造实物大小的原型and you try to make things more and more realistic as time goes on,随着计划的进展,情境会越来越逼真that, so you can flesh out the problems好实质呈现登月时that you need to address in order to get there.可能出现的问题So the more realism you can introduce the more of your homework所以营造的情境越逼真you can do ahead of time to make sure就越可能做好充分的准备that the mission is successful.以确保任务成功And as they trundle around practicing being on the moon,他们在沙漠模拟登月时they can#39;t help but dream.忍不住放任想像力驰骋Well people on the moon would be involved in using resources er人类上了月球后to start manufacturing,要就地取材从事生产first of all they want to manufacture他们首先要制造的是as much of their own raw,建材和其他必需品er building materials and other things that they need.建材和其他必需品Anything they manufacture there would be cheaper任何东西在月球生产than it is to bring up from earth#39;s surface.都比从地球带去便宜They could also if, you know,要是人类if Mars were to start a settlement on Mars,在火星上定居the moon and Mars could trade and可以和月球互通有无they#39;d be much more viabletogether than either one separately.这样绝对比各自为政实际But there#39;s a problem.但是有个问题They don#39;t actually have a spaceship.他们并没有太空船Or any money.也没有钱But their optimism is unquenchable.但他们还是很乐观It#39;s when people move to the moon.人类终将要搬到月球去住It#39;s not, it#39;s an eventuality.这不是可能会发生的事,而是一定会发生It#39;s not something that going, probably going to happen,但也有些人or might happen it#39;s will, it will happen.不像月球协会Others are less ambitious than the Moon Society.那么有企图心For some, the moon represents对某些人而言a straightforward commercial opportunity.月球代表了商机We started off as a group of engineers and space enthusiasts,我们是一群因网路而结缘的got together online and posed ourselves the challenge of工程师和太空爱好者what is the lowest cost but commercially viable lunar mission我们想构思成本最低that we could come up with.但仍具有商业可行性的登月计划We came up with the Trailblazer mission.于是提出了“先锋任务”Unlike the Moon Society,不同于月球协会Trailblazer have at least found a rocket to take them to the moon.先锋任务至少找到了一具带他们去月球的火箭Although not an entirely conventional one.不过这具火箭有点离经叛道The er launch vehicle is a converted SS 18 Satan ICBM.我们的发射载具是改装过的SS18撒旦洲际飞弹That#39;s a cold war nuclear missile.那是冷战时期的核子飞弹They essentially take the missile out of the launch silo,他们把飞弹拿出来remove the warhead,移除弹头recondition the payload bay to accommodate commercial payloads.改装酬载舱,以容纳商业酬载But those commercial payloads do not include people.但这些商业酬载不包括人类Instead the converted missile will deliver much cheaper改装过的飞弹要把较廉价、轻便的东西and lighter items to the surface of the moon.运到月球表面This is a line of cosmetics this is actually a lipstick这是一套妆品,是一口红you can see the obvious space theme.其太空主题一望即知 Article/201505/374697 玉林//做药流要多少钱玉林//妇科医院一览表




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