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许昌中山医院盆腔炎许昌治疗前列腺癌多少钱许昌市第五人民医院好不好 China says it supports resolving the issue of Irans nuclear program through dialogue, echoing comments made this week by U.S. President Barack Obama. But Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi told reporters in Beijing Tuesday that countries should be able to have and use nuclear technology for non-weapons purposes. He said China is opposed to anyone in the Middle East developing nuclear weapons.中国发表了与美国总统奥巴马本周讲话类似的观点,表示持通过对话解决伊朗核项目问题。但是中国外交部长杨洁篪星期二对记者说,如果不以核武器为目的,各国应该可以拥有并使用核技术。杨洁篪说,中国反对中东地区任何国家发展核武器。The comments come a day after the U.N.s nuclear agency chief said there are ;serious concerns; about a possible military element to Irans nuclear program. A team of inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency visited Iran last month, but was denied access to the Parchin military complex near Tehran. Irans ISNA news agency said Tuesday that Tehran will allow inspectors to visit the site. The IAEA chief, Yukiya Amano, said Monday the agency is aware of ;some activities; at the site, and that they believe ;going there sooner is better than later.; Israel and Western powers accuse Iran of trying to develop nuclear weapons under the cover of a civilian energy program, a charge Tehran denies. 在杨洁篪发表上述讲话的前一天,联合国国际原子能机构总干事天野之弥说,对伊朗核项目中可能包含军事内容感到;严重关切;。国际原子能机构的一批检查员上个月访问了伊朗,但是被拒绝进入德黑兰附近的帕琴军事基地。伊朗学生通讯社星期二报道说,德黑兰将允许检查员访问这个地点。国际原子能机构总干事天野之弥星期一说,国际原子能机构知道该基地;一些活;,该机构认为应该尽早进入基地为好。以色列和西方国家指责伊朗假借民用核能项目之名企图发展核武器。伊朗否认这个指控。来 /201203/173619许昌有做阴茎短小的医院吗

许昌市妇科疾病哪家医院最好的such a big sum, we should attach importance to it.数目如此之大,我们将予以重视 such a big sum, we shouldnt be frightened by this trouble.这么大款项,我们不能怕麻烦They always buy in large quantities.他们总是大量购买Useful quantities have changed hands.较大的数量已经转手Quantities of Black Tea have been exported.已经有大批红茶出口This is the maximum quantity we can supply at present.这是目前我们所能提供的最大数量This is the minimum quantity we require.这是我们所需要的最小数量A small order this year is also welcome.小批订货今年也受欢迎They are not interested in small quantities.他们对小数量不感兴趣 such a big quantity, you should give us a discount.这么大的订单,贵公司可否给我们折扣?The quantity of rice imported this year is approximately the same as that last year.今年进口小麦的数量与去年大体相同Were prepared to purchase a shipment quantity of this material.我们准备买足够一次装运数量的这种商品If you cant arrange the entire quantity, please offer us at least half.如果你们办不到全数的话,请至少给我们半数You sent us only a quarter of our requirements.您只送给我们所需量的四分之一Words and Phrases外贸口语词汇to attach importance to sth.对……引起重视trouble麻烦in large quantities大量to change hands转手discount折扣quantities of sth.大批……huge quantityenormous quantity巨大的数量maximum quantity最大数量minimum quantity最小数量small quantity小量entire quantity整个数量total quantity总量further quantity更多的数量sufficient quantity足够的数量liberal quantity充足的数量shipment quantity够装运的数量equal quantity等量reasonable quantity相当的数量corresponding quantity相应的数量large quantity大数量considerable quantity大数量(可观的数量)substantial quantity大数量useful quantity较大数量average quantity平均数量moderate quantity中等数量additional quantity追加数量 371许昌市中山医院治疗慢性肠炎多少钱 The US Justice Department reached a secretive, backroom deal when it agreed to a landmark bn settlement with JPMorgan Chase to resolve allegations that the bank mis-sold mortgage securities, according to a lawsuit filed yesterday.昨天的一份诉状称,美国司法部(US Department of Justice)在与根大JPMorgan Chase)以创纪录30亿美元达成和解、以了结该行受到的不当销售抵押贷款券的指控时,同时与后者达成了一项秘密的幕后协议。Better Markets, a non-profit group that promotes the public interest in financial markets, is asking a court to declare the deal unlawful and issue an injunction to prevent the DoJ from enforcing it until it has been approved by a judge.一家名为Better Markets的非营利组织已提请一家法庭宣布该幕后协议非法、并颁布禁止司法部在获得法官批准前执行该协议的禁令。Better Markets的宗旨是维护公众在金融市场上的权益。Better Markets said that the DoJ violated the US Constitution and laws by using a contract agreement to settle with JPMorgan without subjecting it to independent judicial review. Better Markets added that the agency cannot act as “investigator, prosecutor, judge, jury, sentencer and collector, without any checks on its authorityBetter Markets表示,司法部在未经独立司法审查的情况下使用合同协议与根大通达成和解,违反了美国宪法和法律。Better Markets补充称,司法部不能“在权力不受任何制约的情况下,既当调查员,又当检察官、法官、陪审团、审判者和罚款收款者”。The chances of Better Marketslawsuit succeeding are unclear given the DoJ has broad discretion in civil matters and is not legally required to obtain a judge’s approval for settlements.考虑到司法部对民事案件拥有宽泛的自由裁量权,并且在法律上不须就和解事先取得法官批准,眼下Better Markets的胜诉前景不明。The record deal reached in November between JPMorgan, the DoJ and state authorities let the bank put the civil government inquiries emanating from the financial crisis behind it.根大通与美国司法部和一些州当局之间达成这笔创纪录协议后,根大通可以摆脱有关其金融危机期间行为的所有政府民事调查。The DoJ could not be reached for comment. JPMorgan declined to comment.目前尚无法联系到美国司法部置评。根大通拒绝置评。The group alleges that the DoJ may have entered into the deal to hide more than to reveal, saying that the agency disclosed no meaningful facts about what JPMorgan did and who it hurt. As part of the judicial review, Better Markets said that the court could ask for more details about JPMorgan’s violations.Better Markets声称,司法部之所以诉诸于和解,可能更多是为了隐瞒真相,而不是揭露真相;关于根大通做了错什么事、伤害了谁,司法部没有披露任何有价值的事实。Better Markets表示,法庭可以在司法审查中,要求获知有关根大通违规行为的更多细节。“The Wall Street bailouts were bad enough, but now taxpayers are being forced to accept a secretive backroom deal that may well have been another sweetheart deal,said Dennis Kelleher, president of Better Markets.Better Markets总裁丹尼#8226;凯莱Dennis Kelleher)表示:“当初对华尔街的纾困已经足够糟糕了,但如今纳税人还要被迫接受一笔秘密的幕后协议,它很有可能又是一笔见不得人的‘私下交易sweetheart deal)。”Mr Kelleher said that his group was not disputing the DoJ’s authority to settle civil matters in general, but given the scope and ramifications of the JPMorgan case, he argues that it should have been reviewed by the courts.凯莱赫表示,Better Markets并不是整个质疑司法部就民事案件达成和解的权力,但他认为,考虑到根大通案的影响范围和严重后果,关于此案的和解协议本应受到司法审查。As part of the deal, JPMorgan did not admit that any law had been broken. The deal with the DoJ and other regulators caused the bank to report a loss for the first time since Jamie Dimon became chief executive.作为协议的一部分,根大通无需承认自己有任何违法行为。与司法部和其他监管机构的和解协议,导致该行出现杰米#8226;戴蒙(Jamie Dimon)任首席执行官以来的首次亏损。But not all of the bn represents a direct hit to the bank’s legal reserves. The majority is tax deductible and about bn will be in the form of consumer relief to help struggling homeowners. The rest will be divided between the DoJ, attorneys-general from states including New York and California, the National Credit Union Administration and the Federal Housing Finance Authority.但这130亿美元不完全从该行的法定准备金中付。其中大部分金额将以减免税款的形式实现,0亿美元将以消费者救助金的形式用来帮助陷入困境的房屋所有者。司法部、纽约和加利福尼亚等州的检察总长、美国国家信用合作社(NCUA)和联邦住房金融(FHFA)将分享余下金额。In January, US senators Elizabeth Warren and Tom Coburn introduced a bipartisan bill that would force government agencies to reveal the details of deals reached with banks and other groups accused of wrongdoing.今年1月,美国参议员伊丽莎#8226;沃伦(Elizabeth Warren)和汤#8226;科伯Tom Coburn)推出了一项两党议案,该议案将强制性要求政府机构详细披露与涉嫌违规的等企业达成的和解协议的具体内容。来 /201402/275471许昌治疗尖锐湿疣大概多少钱

许昌卵巢囊肿治疗费用必背句型:A:Courts often look to legislative intent.法院经常注意到立法意图B:They are guidance in interpreting and applying a law.这是为作为解释或适用法律的指南Courts often pay attention to legislative intent.法院经常注意到立法意图Courts foten take note to legislative intent.法院经常注意到立法意图They often look to check equipment.他们经常注意检查设备延伸阅读:A:It is the business of the judiciary to interpret the laws.法官的事物是解释法律B:What about scanning the authority of the lawgiver?那审查立法者的权威呢?It is the business of the paralegal to help him.帮助他是律师助理的事务It is none of your business.不关你的事What is the business of the manager?经理的事务是什么? 5355 邀请人数有多少人参加?A: How many people will be attending? 有多少人参加?B: About 60. 大约60人同类问句:What size of party are you going to order and how many people will attend the birthday party in our restaurant? 您想在我们餐厅办一个多大规模的生日会呢?大概有多少人参加?I want to reserve a room two hundred people to hold a dinner party 我想预定—间能容钠0人的宴会厅举行晚宴宴会厅那么宴会的场地呢,先生?A:Mm, from :00 p.m.to 6:00 p.m. 嗯大概从下午点到6点B:What about the venue the function sir? Were you thinking of an indoor or outdoor function.那么宴会的场地呢,先生?您是要室内的还是室外的?同类问句:Indoor, I think, in one of your function room but which one I don’t know. What do you recommend? 我想要室内的吧在厅里举行但我不知道该选哪个宴会厅你能推荐一个吗?Well, our Raffles Room can accommodate approximately 300 people. However, Ill send you details of our various function rooms and you can choose 行,我们的尔厅可以容纳300人左右不过我会把我们宴会厅的详细资料传给您,供您选择 35襄城县人民医院做产检多少钱许昌有哪几家妇科医院



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