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37  Beauty Tips from Supermodel Cindy Crawd  When I met supermodel Cindy Crawd, I was amazed that her skin was so perfectly smooth that she appeared not to have pores. She sits in one of the Hilton best rooms and there are no light tricks used to make a photographic subject more beautiful than humanly possible. This is Crawd without any makeup. Her full brows are arched with what seems to be military precision, the teeth are toothpaste-ad white, the eyes are melted-chocolate brown and the newly washed hair is ever so shining.  It is really only the beauty tips that matter when you are in a room with a woman who is constantly honored as one of the world most beautiful. Certainly she is one of the world best-paid women whose job it is to look good.  So how does she look so good?  ;I take care of myself. I drink a lot of water, I make sure I get enough sleep, I dont smoke, Im not really a party girl, I exercise...; she says. ;I work out three times a week. I think that is effective me maintenance.;  Water, exercise and sleep aside, her secret is far more basic. ;Ive got good genes. Im lucky, my mum looks great, my three sisters look good.; The genes would her lack of crow feet or any other visible fine line. It is hard to believe her to be a mother of two kids. ;After my second child, my belly is flat. But if I bend over to pick something up, Ive got extra skin here.; She bends over to demonstrate, but there is nothing to see.  ;Im lucky to be successful. You work with good photographers, and make good money. The way you do that is by appearing on magazine covers, so I guess being what you call a supermodel helped to get my Revlon contract, which I had years, so that was job security.;  While the Revlon job finished two years ago, Crawd is still busy. Aside from being an Omega ambassador, she is working on her own skincare product with the help of plastic surgeon. As she is turning 0, the workout and good genes appear to be doing amazing things.  ;Now you see so many people who have had plastic surgery and it scares me. My mum has never had any work done and Id like to think that the way Id go.; The plastic surgeon she is working with on her skincare products assures her that new skin technology means you dont have to go under the surgeon knife in any case.  When her skincare gets to the market, Ill be queuing, having gotten she was born with perfect skin, and hoping Crawd complexion does come in a jar. 18玉林//市第二人民医院在哪里A Top Gun the Environmental Movement环境运动的勇士Wilma Subra had no intention of becoming a public speaker. After graduating from college with degress in chemistry and microbiology, she went to work at Gulf South Research Institute in Louisiana.威尔玛·苏夫拉原来没有想过要成为一名公共演说家她大学毕业拿到了化学和微生物学学位后,就职于路易斯安那州南海湾研究所As part of her job, she conducted field research on toxic substances in the environment, often in minority commies located near large industrial pollutrs. She found many families were being exposed to high, sometimes deadly levels of chemicals and other toxic substances. But she was not allowed to make her inmation public.作为工作职责的一部分,她从事环境有害物质方面的土地研究,调研地区经常是大型工业污染源附近的少数族裔社区她发现许多家庭暴露于高度的,甚至是致命的化学物和其他有害物质中但是她无权将她的信息公之于众Frustrated by these restrictions, Subra left her job in 1981, created her own company and has devoted the past two decades to helping people fight back against giant industrial polluters. She works with families and commy groups to conduct environmental tests and hybrid test results, and organize change.受困于这些制约,苏夫拉在1981年离开了她的工作,创立了自己的公司,并且在过去的年中帮助人们与大型工业污染源抗争她与居民家庭和社区团体一起努力进行环境测试,混合测试结果,组织活动以改变环境Because of her efts, dozens of toxic sites across the counry have been cleaned up. And one chemical industry spokesperson calls her ;a top gun; the environmental movement.因为她的努力,遍及全国的大量有害地区被清理干净了一家化工企业的发言人称她是环境运动的“勇士”How has Subra achieved all this? Partly through her scientific training, partly through her commitment to environmental justice. But just as important is her ability to communicate with people through public speaking. ;Public speaking,; she says, ;is the primary vehicle I use reaching people.;苏夫拉是怎样做到这一切的呢?部分原因是她科学的训练,部分是因为她追求环境公平的奉献精神但是,同样重要的原因还有她借助公共演说与他人交流的能力“公共演说,”她谈到,“是我与人们沟通的主要工具”If you had asked Subra bee 1981, do you see yourself as a major public speaker? She would have laughed at the idea. Yet today she gives more than one hundred presentations a year. Along the way, she lectured at Harvard, testified bee congress, and addressed audiences in 0 states, as well as in Mexico, Canada, and Japan.如果在1981年之前,我问苏夫拉,你认为自己是一位重要的公共演说家吗?她可能会对此一笑置之然而,在今天,她每年要进行0多场演讲她一直坚持这条路,她在哈佛大学发表演说,在国会发表声明,向来自于美国0个州,以及墨西哥、加拿大和日本的观众进行演说 3969玉林//治疗宫颈糜烂到哪家医院听笑话学英语:night shift 值夜班遇到的怪事 一个寒冷的月的夜晚,一个地方警察刚结束了夜班回到家和妻子说:“你简直无法相信今天晚上发生了什么事!我当了这么多年差都没见过这样的事” “怎么了?” “我在运河边遇到两个家伙,他们一个在喝电池酸液,另一个在吃烟火” “喝电池酸液?吃烟火?那你是怎么做的呢?” “哦,那很简单,我抓了一个放了一个”玉林//人流那家医院好

广西玉林//红十字人民医院看产科需要多少钱玉林//做无痛人流要花多少费用Jennifer: Look! There even a built-in handle to carry it with.Billy: But it so thin. There no way that it comes with a CD-ROM.Jennifer: Oh, yes, it does. Look, here it says that the CD-ROM is built-in!Billy: What other features are listed?Jennifer: It says that it comes in teal and tangerine.Billy: Totally cool colors!Jennifer: And it says that it sleeps.参考译文:詹妮弗:你看!甚至还附把手让你提着走呢!比 利:可是这台那么薄一定不可能有光驱詹妮弗:噢,有的你看,这里写着光驱是内建的!比 利:上面还写了哪些特点?詹妮弗:上面说它有蓝绿色和橘色的比 利:超酷的颜色!詹妮弗:而且上面说它还会睡觉喔重点词汇:built-in (a.)  内建的A: Do you have any phones with a built-in answering machine? 你们有卖内建录音机的电话吗?B: Im sorry, but we dont. 很抱歉,我们没有CD-ROM  为compact disc -only memory的缩写,即「只读光驱」feature (n.)  特点teal (a.) 蓝绿色;tangerine (a.) 橘色 18这位面包师傅还真是百年难得一见的勤快...让他休息他不要,弄到最后被罚款...我们来看看到底是怎么一回事Sick man fined going to work 生病未休假遭扣钱A sick Canadian bakery worker has been fined C,000 ignoring an order to stay at home until he recovered from symptoms of salmonella poisoning. Health inspectors had told the baker to stay at home until tests showed he had recovered. But he failed to have himself tested and went back to work. He appeared in court afterwards. In addition, the bakery was fined C,500 and the owner C,000. The medical officer at the local health authority said the case was highly unusual. He said they almost never have people who disobey the order to stay off work. There was no evidence that any customers fell ill following the bakery’s return. 78895博白县b超哪家医院最好的Sitting around the coffee tableAnn: I know why Mr. Fro didnt like our ad idea! He doesnt know the first thing about coffee.James:True. I always see him drinking instant.Ann: Let take him some of Kitty best and make the pitch again.James:Do you think that will be enough to make him have a change of heart?Ann: It worth a shot.参考译文:围着咖啡桌坐下小 安:我知道法洛先生为什么不喜欢我们广告的点子了!他根本完全不懂咖啡詹姆士:对,我老是看他喝即溶咖啡小 安:我们带些凯蒂咖啡里最好的咖啡给他,再做一次提案詹姆士:你认为这样能够让他回心转意吗?小 安:值得一试重点词汇:instant (n.)即溶咖啡,也可以说instant coffeeA: Do you have any coffee?你喝咖啡吗?B: Yes, but only instant.喝,但只喝即溶咖啡change of heart改变心意I dont know the first thing about Chinese culture.我对中国文化一窍不通It worth a shot.值得一试因为shot同时指「尝试」及「一份的浓缩咖啡」,所以这句话语带双关,表示「值得用咖啡一试」A:I have no money. Let rob a bank!我没钱咱们去抢吧!B: Sure. It worth a shot!好啊值得一试dont know the first thing about对…一窍不通I dont know the first thing about Chinese culture.我对中国文化一窍不通 3589陆川县中医院人流收费标准

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